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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  November 21, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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an object of now, "abc 7 news at noon -- announcer: now, "abc 7 news at noon," on your side. jummy: we are following breaking news out of prince george's county. we have learned that one person is dead in a single vehicle collision. this is old fort road in fort washington. we are gathering information on what may have caused the crash. you can see the car is on its side. we will update you as more information becomes available.
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this noon it is a cold one out there. some places in the region are already experiencing snowfall, i hear. grab the heavy coat today. doug hill is here with a look at the forecast. doug: remember all last week we were telling you saturday afternoon, a major cold front would come through with profound effect. we saw the wind, the snow in the mountains, and it is still gusty out there, but the wind advisory has pushed the mountains. temperatures are plenty cold, unseasonably sold. 46 in warrenton, 39 in gaithersburg, 41 college park. currently 45 degrees downriver at quantico. what we will find through the western zones especially, in the western suburbs with the gusty wind, is it feels cold, like 24 in cumberland, 29 in hagerstown. we will climb into the 40's, but
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flare, driving wind chills lower. the hourly forecast puts us only in the lower 40's for most areas. chilly temperatures tonight, but the chills will feel like in the 20's and 30's through the afternoon and the nighttime hours. after today, let's look into tomorrow. warming all the way up to 50. a big travel day. wednesday evening into the predawn hours thursday. the best chance that a frontal system could bring a few showers. most of the afternoon hours on next 10 days coming your way in about 13 minutes. jummy: several states are dealing with their first snow of the year. marilyn has already seen its share,'s maryland has already seen its share. -- maryland has already seen its share. it is a much different look in new york state. parts of rochester turned into a
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the national weather service issuing a lake effect snow warning until 7:00 tonight for cities and towns along lake ontario. this was the scene over the weekend in michigan, a combination of wind and snow creating whiteout conditions in gaylord, michigan. winter storms dumping as much as 10 inches of snow in some areas of michigan since friday. glad that is not us. make sure you download the stormwatch 7 weather app before you head out the door, especially for the thanksgiving , on top of the weather when it changes. it is weather on the go. developing right now, the search for what sparked a massive house fire in prince george's county overnight. the family is now without a home him all of this right before thanksgiving. firefighters had a difficult time battling not only the flames but the extreme wind. john gonzalez has the latest. john: of course it is never a good time for a fire, but here
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family's home in prince george's county is destroyed. take a look. it is just unbelievable to see all the damage. this was a very fast-moving fire on what is a very windy but dry day here in upper marlboro. we spoke to the family. they had just enough time to get out. take a look at some of the video as we arrived. the flames were shooting out of this home off largo road, which was closed for some time because there was a lot of apparatus. over 50 firefighters were fighting this fire. it all broke out around 3:30 this morning. the family tells me they were sleeping, a husband, wife, daughter, and their dog when they heard the fire alarms are they got out just in time. jummy: right now we take you to the news conference happening
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rich. >> i got involved in this and thought of my mother 30 years ago. she used to tell me -- i went to law school, and she used to tell me that is a dangerous area, you have to be careful. d.c. had 2000-plus murders in those days, much better now. i kind of laughed when she talked about safety. when i saw the story about seth, the heartbreaking story, all i could think of was my mother getting got. i would say i have been a lawyer for 25 years and i have seen people in the face of tragedy, both in law and politics. i have never seen people with the strength and the fortitude and the courage of joel and mary rich. i have never seen anything like this. as you all get to know them, i am sure each and every one of
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would just say, we are planning in the near future to do a reenactment of this crime. as a lawyer i believe in reenactments, and they are a strong way not just to engage the community but to really break forth and attract -- to really bring forth and attract new information. >> first off, i would just like to say thank you smu was absolutely great, and, two, what makes america great is its people. he believed that any problem we ever had, if we would work together as human beings, we could solve our problems. to my family, i just have to say thank you so much. he knows nothing about us.
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a republican, and here he is stepping up to help my son, who is a democrat. seth is smiling at the bright sunshiny down on us, that this is people coming together to help solve a problem. you know, yesterday we were out in seth's neighborhood, talking about people coming together. donna brazile came down there. that is seth's boss, three levels ahead of seth. i do not know anybody at three levels that comes down to help. we had neighborhood people who knew seth, and people who did not know seth. we had people who lived in omaha . they now live here. they came out. we were going around the neighborhood, putting signs and posters up on posts and asking the business people, please, could we hang these.
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we need everybody's help. i know seth knew the right thing. if anybody -- if everybody helps us, we will find these murderers and make our neighborhood a lot safer. so, please, help us find you killed him. >> i just want to echo on what jack and mary mentioned, that we need help, we need people who know what was going on, who may know we need your help from whoever can give the police some more information on what might have happened. it is old-fashioned police work. jummy: there is a family of seth rich, the dnc staffer who was shot to death in the district in july. they were in the neighborhood,
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businesses, hoping that anybody with information would come forward. we will pass along details on coming up, a disturbing act it an area walmart. coming up from the search for the suspect who exposed himself to a child. thanks giving is days away, but a strike at one of the country's busiest airport is looming. how it could affect your holiday travel. jamie: and we will take a big it does not look too bat. we have mostly green, not a lot of red popping up. midday construction is always something to keep in mind if you are going to be traveling in the d.c. area. usually we see that on the third street tunnel. on the beltway south getting from the american legion bridge closer to annandale, we will talk about an incident we had at 210, an accident investigation
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the inner loop as outer loop
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announcer: you are jummy: the search is on for the gunman who opened fire, killing a police officer in san antonio, texas, the shooting part of the series of violent attacks on police officers over the weekend, targeted in different cities. >> a manhunt intensifying, san antonio police searching for a suspect they say who killed
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a 21-year veteran of the force who was sitting in his patrol vehicle outside please headquarters. while he was writing a traffic ticket, this man pulled up in a car behind him, getting out and shooting him twice through the head. the 50-year-old father of two was rushed to the hospital, where he passed away. >> the family, during the holidays, the pd one of its own. he will be caught and brought to justice. >> authorities are developing these images of possible witnesses, asking them to come forward. another officer was shot twice in the face while still wearing his seatbelt. his weapon was holstered. >> the officer said he saw the muzzle flashes and felt the glass breaking. >> the and identified father of
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condition. the alleged shooter was killed by authorities. >> this just shows the dangers of policing not only here in st. louis but around the country. >> over the weekend, two more shootings, in florida and missouri. two police officers shot during traffic stops, both recovering. jummy: happening today, two men linked to the murder of a connecticut man are back in a courtroom. jim's rock over and lawr the victim was stabbed 15 times before being buried in a shallow grave in new jersey. neither is actually charged with murdering him. prosecutors say one or both men killed him. back here at home, the search continues in st. mary's county for a missing fisherman. 52-year-old roger grissom of hughesville, maryland. he and three others were in a
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fishing tournament. suddenly strong wind took the boat over and filled it with water. a warning for parents shopping in fairfax county. police tell us about a disturbing incident at the target at seven quarters per suzanne kennedy is there with more. suzanne: this comes at a time when so many of us will be out shopping. it does -- it is of particular concern to parents of young children. we want to show you a picture of a man authorities are looking for. you may know him. this surveillance shot is pretty good. authorities say this happened last thursday at this target store at arlington boulevard. it took place about 6:50 in the evening. two brothers, ages 8 and 6 enter the restroom when their father was waiting outside. that is when a man approached them and started talking to them. the younger boy left the
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boy use the restroom, the suspect exposed himself. the victim told his father what happened. this man is believed to be about 5'10" at the time the incident happened on november 17. he was wearing dark clothing and a baseball cap. if you know him, you are urged to call fairfax county police. in falls church, suzanne kennedy. back to you. jummy: a 7 on your side consumer alert. will travel over thanks giving by airplane, train, or car. they're good be some problems -- there could be some problems for people flying to and from chicago. there is a planned strike after thanksgiving due to low wages. more details will be announced today. travelers are hoping to avoid a repeat of the epic security
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>> we are running a daily operation that focus specifically -- that focuses specifically hour-by-hour on the top 30 airports. jummy: tsa hired 30 new officers and are devising travelers to get to the airport early and to call early if you are concerned about takeoff time. trayon white is giving turys by marion barry years ago. he will be heading out the turkeys at a temple on southern avenue in southeast until 3:00 this afternoon. those turkeys are first-come, first-served. it is already seeming like a holiday out there, so chilly, doug. doug: the summer is definitely in the rearview mirror and winter has come.
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weather that you associate with summer. there is a tropical depression right now, number 16, 175 miles to the south. what is going to happen, they believe it will come very close and may become a hurricane. it will be named otto, as it travels over the next couple of days through the west and southwest caribbean. they tend to be way south latitude here, this late in the season. in nicaragua and get out to the pacific ocean. it is hard to think about tropical weather when we have snow in spots and 20's and 30's. 41 degrees in frederick. baltimore at 43. 44 in fredericksburg, 44 in the nation's capital. the wind gusts are playing a role, gusting to 35 miles per hour. 35 mile wind gusting in baltimore. that is driving wind chills down a bit.
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it will be partly to mostly sunny and blustery, and feel like temperatures in the 30's all day with temperatures headed to the middle -- the lower to middle 40's for the highest numbers overnight. -- for the highest numbers. overnight, 20's to 30's, still enough of a breeze to knock the wind chill into the teens. this is a weather maker in the middle of the country with showers over texas. that is about it. continental u.s. here is a look at the next 10 days. on wednesday, partly sunny and 52. a cold front could bring showers late wednesday night, early thursday morning. thanksgiving afternoon we will see some clearing skies and 55, than pleasant weather for a string of days with sunshine and temperatures in the 50's. jummy: tomorrow, "good morning washington" and abc 7 are on
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jummy: 7 is on your side with an alert. more important than ever, as we head into the holiday shopping season, identity theft. our team of reporters is presenting on your side. scott has details. scott? scott: we are at e asset
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through-year-old who computers, your old hard drives, cell phones. take a look at this. they even have some like berries that people are dropping off. you can drop them off between noon and 6:30, so people are already starting to drop things off. i want to give you a behind-the-scenes look. kimberly suiters has that. kimberly: 7 on your side went to e asset solutions, where they destroy data information with a magnetic drive like a laptop. >> when you shredded, the magnetic field does not go away. it makes it much more difficult to access. but it does not destroy it. this destroys the magnetic field. >> physically destroying your hard drive is not as easy as it sounds. some folks will drill a hole 3
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>> here's a hard drive that was dropped off in the last couple of days. >> it this white to clean. >> a thumb drive is not magnetic, so degaussing does not shredded. -- does not shred it. >> cell phones need to be taken apart and then shredded. >> your junk mail, atm receipts, and old papers. after all, computers, digital cameras, cell phones -- get them white. kimberly suiters, abc 7 news. >> you have until 6:32 drop off your hard drives right here, so make sure you protect your
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jummy: it feels like winter almost. doug: we will get into the lower to middle 40's. it will feel more cold. strong gusty wind. tomorrow, near 50. clouds increase wednesday, 52. showers increase wednesday into thursday morning. jummy: be sure to watch abc 7 news starting at 4:00, and have
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