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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  November 21, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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people, hail victory. jonathan: disturbing new video showing not see salutes at the reagan building over the weekend of a white nationalist group. alison: also, a photo snapped at a popular d.c. restaurant, opening the floodgates of reaction, too. the holocaust museum is speaking out and we want to warn you that many people will find this offensive. tom roussey reports. this video from the atlantic shows people giving nazi salutes during the national policy institute conference in d.c. group president used hit ler era references.
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incendiary to us. by the closing speech, most of the press had gone. the group has visit met at maggiano's little italy restaurant to apologize. this salute picture was taken of former mtv star tia tequila. she is a vietnamese descent but calls herself a maggiano's said the group used a false name to book the room. they posted on the facebook that it was extremely offensive and will donate to the antidefamation league, which tries to counter messages of groups like this. we reached out to the donald trump transition team for response to what happened at the conference at the reagan
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kind and he was elected because he will be a leader to every american. to think otherwise is a complete misrepresentation of the movement from all backgrounds." tom roussey, abc 7 news. jonathan: montgomery county police are investigating a swastika painted on a home in the four corners area of silver spring. the homeowner said somebody painted the sign of hatred on his door and stole his american flag. last month, trump sign and egged his house. two men are dead after a crash on airpark road in gaithersburg. it remains closed in both directions between muncaster mill road and woodfield roads. the police say that a vehicle crossed the centerline and hit three oncoming vehicles. several people involved in the crash were injured as well.
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tonight from chattanooga, tennessee, six children killed in a school bus crash. the school bus was full of elementary age schoolchildren when it slammed into a tree. jay korff joins us from the satellite center. this is so hard working. jay: indeed, alison. the authorities revealed they are taking a close look at speed is being a possible factor in this heartbreaking crash, and the ntsb is sendin out what went horribly wrong. you're the images from chattanooga. a school bus was taking children home from would more elementary school. the school bus lost control, hitting utility pole, and came to rest around a tree. out of 35 students on board, 23 were rushed to the hospital, six passed away.
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carrying children from kindergarten to fifth-grade. the bus driver survived and is reportedly cooperating with the police. the community is coming together as best as possible under the circumstances, counselors on hand. in donors what the way local blood bank after hearing about the crash. school will be open tomorrow with additional grief counselors on hand. live in the satellite center, jay korff, abc 7 news. jonathan: that is horrible, jay, warning in japan has been lifted after a powerful earthquake, magnitude 6.9. people were sent running to higher ground. they were told to evacuate along the coast. this is the same area that was hit by devastating earthquake in march 2011. there are no reports right now of injuries or damage. stay with us for more updates. and the state department has
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people to be cautious at holiday events in europe this season. this is because of the potential for terror attacks abroad. yesterday, french authorities arrested seven people in anti-terrorism rates across the country, saying they foiled an attack in strasburg. alison: high alert after a string of police shootings across the country yesterday. four officers were shot in florida, missouri, and san antonio, texas, where the of captured. investigators believe that three of these cases, the police were specifically targeted. jonathan: a chain of popular gyms accused of the locking in members even when they wanted to close the club. the parent coveney required customers to cancel memberships in writing, but workers told people they could cancel in person if they wanted to.
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billing people. now they are being fined $25,000 and must pay back customers who were misled. alison: the redskins celebrating a victory this week by giving back to those in need. pierre garcon and chris baker were at highs on oh -- paisano's pizzeria in springfield. we will have much more on the redskins win coming up in sports. jonathan: hard way that kids are an increasing target of identity theft. how you can protect your family and a special 7 on your side report. steve: and the wind is finally beginning to ease a little bit. nighttime lows eventually fall into the 20's and 30's.
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steve: the wind is finally beginning to ease a little bit. tomorrow will be warmer, upper 40's, near 50.
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high temperatures in the upper 40's, near 50 degrees. thanksgiving day looking at daytime highs only in the middle 50's. may have a morning shower, but should not amount to a whole lot, under mostly cloudy skies. clearing skies later in the afternoon. after noontime thanksgiving, should not run into any problems. the 10-day outlook, 52 the high wednesday, thanksgiving around 55 degrees. nice black friday, upper 50's. for the weekend, mid 50's. next week, upper 50's, near 60 degrees. >> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. erin: the redskins do not have time to celebrate, they're 42-24 victory over the packers last night. wednesday, they have to travel to dallas for a thanksgiving battle with the dallas.
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two, which featured former redskins running back alfred morris with the final blow. it is a rivalry that has come between a redskins linebacker and his mom, who was a loyal cowboy fan. >> she should be cheering for me. if we lose, i'm not talking to her, for sure. if wewin, mom, mom. erin: the cowboys have won nine in a row. jonathan: that will make a rough thanksgiving dinner. erin: it will. alison: there are so many families like that, with college and professional teams. jonathan: just stay away from politics and religion. alison: thank you very much. jonathan: thank you for joining us tonight.
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special report.
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>> from abc 7 news, this is a 7 on your side special report. jonathan: viewers turn to 7 on your side for help when they feel cheated or taken advantage
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concerns we hear about is identity theft. jonathan: all the i-team reporters got together for a major effort today calling it secure i.d. day. experts will tell you that children are vulnerable and these are looking to steal i.d. they don't have a criminal history and criminals have the entire childhood to run up credit before anybody finds out. were a kid in the person that you love the most steals your identity. this person lifted. she did not figure it out until her 30's. her mom, standing next to her at this 20 12 award ceremony, ripped off her i.d., then ruin her credit before she turned 12. >> there is a lot of money that is just gone.
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i.d. when is a 19-year-old the utility company asked for deposit because of her bad credit. >> she used my identity until it cannot be used anymore. scott: the founder of an identity protection firm identity theft 911 say that the eaves love to grab a kids identity over and adults. >> nobody looks at their credit. years or more, so they create a credit profile, build up a robust credit history, and then destroy it. scott: you are warnings that your child's i.d. is snatched. they may be turned down for government benefits. the iris alert you that your child did not pay income taxes. you get collection calls for things you did not receive. this person's mother died of
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that's when she realized that her mom had rung up $100,000 of credit card bills in her name. >> my credit report was six pages long full of fraudulent credit card entries and subsequent collection entries dating back eight years. scott: protect your kids by not giving out their social security numbers. shred documents that show your child's personal information, freeze your reports. >> as a result, for identity thieves, this is 24/7. the whole goal is to get are our information and exploit it. scott: sit down with your child and make sure they understand how important it is to keep their private information private. scott taylor, abc 7 news.
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identity stolen not once, twice, but six times, and you are not sure if and when it could happen again. that is the fear one 7 on your side is experiencing, so he shared his story with horace holmes. he has important lessons on how to keep this from happening to you. >> kohls card, macy's card, walmart card. horace: this is william cooper's >> letters from the v.a. and irs. horace: his i did a has been stolen so many times he to see she keeps checking to see if he is william cooper. it started in baltimore with emergency surgery a couple years ago. >> my information was taken from my drivers license. horace: his identity was stolen
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>> somebody filed a tax return in my name and my wife's name. horace: this is the attorney general of the state of maryland. >> if somebody can steal the identity of the attorney general, they can steal your i.d. horace: in d.c. alone, 57% of residents have had their identity stolen, your permission in cyberspace waiting for someone to exploit it. getting out of dealing drugs and going into identity fraud. horace: william cooper's identity was stolen after an organized crime gang, opening up credit accounts in new york and southern connecticut. after he filed taxes come he learned that these had filed taxes in his name and even opened a business. >> it was named cooper computers and they wrote off fraudulent
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horace: and even got a tax refund come in his name. months later, he still has to keep a close watch on his bank. >> just accept the fact it will happen periodically. horace: protecting your identity can be time-consuming. check your credit report, credit card accounts, bank accounts, and contact the irs to mature that nobody has soiled your good name. horace holmes, abc 7 news. alison: do you need help? 866-236-3401, or email us jonathan: this year, digital sales are expected to reach nearly $100 billion. how safe is your credit card from hackers? the 7 on your side continues our special report on identity
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jonathan: there is a pretty good chance your identity has been stolen. hasn't been used for fraud? experts say as war criminals get into the business of stealing identities, it's just a matter of time. chris papst explains.
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clinton, maryland, has always worked. you can imagine his surprise last year when he was charged with stealing $3400 in food stamps. >> for 2 1/2 years, somebody stole food stamps in my name. chris: he was forced to hire a lawyer to prove that his identity had been stolen. >> the address on the documents is not me. the drivers licenses not me. the date of birth is not me. number was. eventually the charges were dismissed, but the record remains. >> i now have a record for something i never did. >> that is where the money is. chris: what happened to washington has become common. this company examines identity theft trends and has found many traditional criminals like drug
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to get government money. it is a $300 billion per year heist. >> it is something that the government has to pay quickly. chris: if somebody sells drugs or steals a car, they get years in prison, but identity thieves are rarely punished. washington found out who stole his identity. the person was a convicted criminal but has not been arrested. >> that person is still walking around scot-free, nothing. is a lot of money to be made and if you get caught the penalties are not that bad. >> i would say it's the perfect crime for the next decade. chris: chris papst, abc 7 news. alison: wow. last year, more shoppers went online shopping to actual stores over the thanksgiving weekend. this year, holiday digital sales are expected to reach $95 billion. with all of that virtual money
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senior investigative reporter lisa fletcher has the answer. lisa: swipe, insert, or enter the numbers. that new high-security chip card has your back, right? >> i have no idea. >> it slows down my transactions. lisa: it is meant to put secure information into a format that is useless if hackers get a hold of it. online transactions any safe than a traditional card, and it's not as safe as it should be for in person transactions. >> we are the most sophisticated economy in the world, the largest of the world, and we have substandard card security compared with the rest of the world. lisa: he represents the largest retailers in america, like home depot, target, and walmart. for yeasrs, they have been asking banks in the card industry to require the chip and
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with credit cards, giving the customers two barriers to fraud. >> its extra security and ensures it's a legitimate card. lisa: but here is the problem -- without a pin, hackers are free to use your chip card online unfettered. they enter the information in front of them. the chip itself does not do any good because it's not being utilized online. in a hackers damage the chips of wood it is inserted, the machine instead props the user to swipe, allowing criminals to use stolen information they have put on the 1960's technology magstripe. chip and pin is common in europe and over the years has dropped fraud with brick-and-mortar retailer 70%. nearly 60% of visa cards in the u.s. still do not have chips.
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better than just the magnetic stripe. lisa fletcher, abc 7 news. jonathan: this afternoon, 7 on your side's kimberly suiters hosted a phone bank centered around protecting your information. it was full of people answering questions about protecting identities. alison: we also hosted a data destruction event, where many of you brought your electronic devices to get wiped and destroyed. were destroyed today? that number, next. jonathan: and here is a look at what is coming up on "good morning washington" tomorrow morning. >> tomorrow, three stores, three memberships. 7 on your side puts retailers to the test. >> and at 6:00 a.m., happy holiday hour. seven lucky winners get 100 oxen getaway cash for gas. >> plus traffic and weather
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y26ney yi0y alison: as part of secure i.d. day, we had yesterday dated a structured event from noon until 6:30, teaming up withe-asset solutions in falls church where people could have their personal information wiped and destroyed for free. one woman today to protect herself and her family. >> i said let me drive on up here. alison: on an average day, they collect about 1000 pounds of electronics to white and destroy. today they collected 6,500 pounds. jonathan: and they made it clear that they took the hard drive
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alison: all for free. jonathan: think you very much for joining us this evening. remember, 7 is always on your side. alison: jimmy kimmel live is
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from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, shia la buff. anna camp. music from green day. and now, here we go again, here's jimmy kimmel! ? la one of labeouf. >> jimmy: very nice. welcome. i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thanks for braving the elements to be here tonight.


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