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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  November 22, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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thanksgiving, which means the rush for travel is on. you probably noticed the traffic tonight. and everyone is watching the forecast tonight. michelle: tom roussey is tracking the traffic and mobile track 7. we begin with steve rudin. a hop i thoroughly alert --a hypothermia will or? steve: yes, a wide temperature spread, 39, 40 the further west and not too far to the south and west, middle 20's culpeper and manassas. the temperatures tomorrow eventually warm with a good deal of sunshine early in the morning. lower 50's the daytime highs. clouds increase late afternoon, and we are tracking showers late tomorrow night into the first half of thanksgiving day. i will give you the timing coming up in just a minute. michelle: this cold weather a
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tonight, and today marked the start of what will be a really busy few travel days. as tom razr reports, it might be worse than last year. tom: aaa expects more travelers than in nearly a decade, and the worst time to travel is expected to be tuesday night rush-hour. traffic all but basically stopped, giving the photographer and i fellow suffererers. >> i've gone 10 miles in 45 minutes. tom: wednesday used to be the worst travel day, but around here it is tuesday. you have regular commuters mixed with folks like this georgia man. where you going for thanks gimmick? >> -- where you going for thanksgiving? >> maryland.
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91% will go by car. that said, in light of all this traffic, some will happily celebrate at home. right now, you are looking at traffic, still bad on 295 north, a little south of 50. still traffic backups a little after 11:00 tonight. roadways that we were on earlier have cleared out. reporting live in mobile track seven, tom roussey, abc 7 news. jonathan: there is a new stumbling block for metro's proposed purple line. the federal judge says the plan cannot move forward until federal officials reevaluate the environmental impact of the line. it would connect communities
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investigating a serious crash involving two buses on park lawn drive and wilkens avenue. several cars were involved, including two buses full of people. mitra said the vehicles were not involved in this. their reports of injuries, but no report on their condition. stay with us for updates. jonathan: president-elect donald trump strongly condemning hate groups today while in a wake of him being praised by a white nationalist group in d.c. the fallout is not quite over yet. >> hail trump, hail victory. tim: the anti-defamation league is speaking out against these hitler's salutes that were recorded his past weekend. >> these are people who are full of hatred and bigotry and anti-semites.
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nationalists are using social media to legitimize their cause. >> we monitor such groups and we know they exist. what has changed its the sense of legitimacy they feel they have gotten over the campaign. tim: today donald trump disavow the white nationalists. he also said it is not a group i want to energize, and if they >> i don't believe what they stand for truly represents this, but if we don't stand up against it, it will expand and become much more serious. tim: tim barber, abc 7 news. michelle: new developments in the deadly school bus crash in chattanooga monday. then i, a gathering to pray -- tonight, a gathering to pray and
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killed. the bus driver is accused of speeding and faces several charges. one of the boys on the bus said the driver did not help but walked away from the scene. the ntsb is still investigating what happened. walker was involved in another crash two months ago, but nobody was hurt. jonathan: a ten-year veteran shares deputy charged with having child pornography. he has been suspended without pay. the sheriff's office said the result trace from the national center for missing and exploited children. the case remains under investigation. a star-studded gathering at the white house today as president obama was awarded the presidential medal of freedom. among the recipients, robert de niro, tom hanks, michael jordan, and bruce springsteen.
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ceremony. ellen degeneres was delayed getting to the white house. they would not let her in because she forgot her i.d. she was eventually allowed into receiver metal. michelle: a heartwarming story on this cold night. catholic charities welcomed more than 250 homeless men, women, and children for a thanksgiving dinner featuring a beautiful table s etting and all of the traditional trimmings. they will also given brand-new coats and a gift card to cvs. it is a holiday reminder as we give thanks, this is also the season to give back. jonathan: wonderful, and so many groups doing the same kinds of things. michelle: so nice on a day like this they have somewhere to celebrate the holidays. we are counting down to black friday and we have a good old-fashioned holiday showdown. jonathan: who gives the best deals --amazon, costco, sam's club?
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them, early on. a cool start wednesday, clouds in the afternoon, highs in the lower 50's. tracking showers thanksgiving morning. we have the you turkey trot in delrey and most of the showers will end by the midday and afternoon hours. thanksgiving day, high temperatures of 50 to 55, the day. the 10-day outlook, cool thursday and friday for shoppers, breezy this weekend. and look at that, instead of things cooling down next week, we warm up. tuesday through thursday, at or above 60 degrees. >> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. erin: redskins rookie running
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a name for himself. after a pair of solid games, kelley exploded on the scene with a three-touchdown performance in prime time against the packers. now he is getting ready for his first action against washington's biggest rival, the dallas cowboys. if he was not on their radar before today, pretty sure he is now. >> redskins-cowboys, a big robbery. >> i know th likes the dallas cowgirls. erin: oh, so far, no response from cowboys country. their fans have weighed in, but they have availability tomorrow, so hopefully there will be more bulletin board material. jonathan: the skins will win that game. thanks for joining us.
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special report.
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>> alert, protect, investigate, this is a 7 on your side special report. michelle: have you been the victim of a contracting scam or
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searching for the best deals on hot ticket items? 7 on your side is here to help. jonathan: 7 on your side looks at wrongdoing and misunderstanding that puts you added this advantage and work tirelessly to get results. michelle: and the team help you become a better consumer. as we close in on black friday, there is a new contender in the big-box store wars. many are turning to amazon prime to buy every day amazon really offer better deals than cost go and sam's club? scott taylor has the answer, plus some special black friday shopping advice. scott: what's your favorite? this person says she will not buy a household items anywhere but cosco. >> i love cost go. >> for the amount of things that you get for the price, i like sam's club.
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>> there is nothing you cannot order. scott: 7 on your side cooking up with the crazy coupon lady, who compared prices on 170 popular items at costco, sam's club, and amazon. the winner, costco. >> i think the reason they were 12% the war across the board is the membership fee and the relationships they have. scott: sam's club is followed by amazon. she also crunch the numbers for black friday deals and says that amazon is the clear winner. >> amazon will have a new deal every five minutes, including a 55-inch 4k tv for under $400. scott: costco has an xbox bundle and a build a bear gift card. sam's club is third with a vizio
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old-school and closing on thanksgiving. >> we are seeing a decline in retailers open for business on thursday and we are seeing more traffic shift to the web on thursday and into black friday, which i think is a good change. scott: sign up for an amazon prime 30-day trial this week and you will get free two day shipping throughout the holidays. have a costco card and shop without a membership. they allow nonmembers to shop as long as you pay with cash cards. michelle: walmart is kicking off cyber monday early. typically the monday after thanksgiving is the busiest day for online shopping, but this year walmart will offer cyber monday deals beginning at 12:01 a.m. friday.
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sunday evening. the world's largest retailer is hoping to grab customers ahead of time. jonathan: most of us do not plan on sending the kitchen on fire while cooking thanksgiving dinner -- but if you do that, you will start a fire. every year, more than 1,400 people start a fire in their kitchen. kimberly suiters reports on how to keep your family safe from cooking mishaps. kimberly: turkey fryer's account for millions and property damage. kitchen fires are three times more common on thanksgiving day than any other day of the year. even if you have a well ventilated porch, look at the damage that a cold turkey in a hot fryer can do. turkey fryers burned more than 1000 people and homes every year. this demonstration is part of the consumer product safety
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>> it is by far the number one most dangerous day of the year for fires. >> all the way up to my shoulders. kimberly: this person found out how dangerous while cooking turkey a year ago. >> it caused a lot of damage to me just in between the burners. it was the worst pain that you can never feel. kimberly: aerosol cans exploding,lc fires, and items around the stove catching fire are the common cooking hazards. the chef of the sweet home caf? inside of the museum of african american history. >> it just takes a fraction of a second. that split-second that you are not thinking or not there, it's chaos. kimberly: he recommends not to rush, plan cooking time, and recruit extra hands to always be
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fire, she is still recovering and lucky to be alive. >> attend your cooking. never step away from your cooking. you don't know what could happen. kimberly: some deep fryers without temperature controls can eat up -- can heat up to combustion without even the turkey. kitchen when they are cooking. at least have timers. jonathan: an important alert for toyota owners, the automaker issued a major recall, recalling more than 700,000 sienna minivans made between 2011 and 2016. there is a problem with the latch and the vehicle sliding doors can open while the vehicle
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deaths. toyota is working on a fix and plan to notify owners of the problem this january. michelle: if you need 7 on your side, reach out to us, 1-866-23 6-3401, or email and don't forget that you can call into one of our phone banks. we regularly bring in experts to help come including mechanics, insurance agents, doctors, and weeks away from christmas and hanukkah. if you order things online and have them delivered on your doorstep, beware, packages can be snatched.
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jonathan: 33 days until christmas, this year, millions will shop online and have their gifts delivered to their doorsteps. many of those gifts will be snatched by what they are calling porch pirates. horace holmes important information on how to protect your package and possibly catch a thief. horace: this person in his family have a problem, this guy captured on his home security
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torso and his face. horace: they are not alone. 23 million people across the country fall victim to package the. over eight years, they have lived in this georgetown neighborhood. >> one out of every six packages are stolen. horace: package theft is so bad on his block -- >> we have had a problem since we have lived here. horace: his neighbors except it is a way of life. perfect solution. even with the camera visible again place and the ability to watch his front door anywhere, thefts have not stopped. >> in a sophisticated criminal would have done some kind of surveillance work. horace: they say that moche package the use know there are cameras watching but just don't care. >> the obviously are not concerned.
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horace: brazen. and just a couple weeks ago, they fell victim again. minutes later, this man showed up. watch as he picks up the package and coldly walks off. he and his family were the living room, just on the other side of the door the whole time. >> went to the police on this one, and they asked that we try to get the word out on media and pass out flyers. horace: have a security or doorbell camera, post signs announcing that your home is under surveillance. make sure that your neighbors also have camera so there are different views. tell neighbors who might be home to look out for packages you might expect to be delivered. and here is a bigger problem they are facing -- someone somehow stole their credit card number and used it. just before we arrived to talk
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$400 wetsuit delivered to his door. >> the thought is somebody was waiting to snatch these off the porch. horace: taking online shopping and package thievery to a new high level. the last time we spoke to them, they have had four more packages stolen from their front steps. this holiday season, be extra careful. michelle: season kicks off in just a couple days. the biggest gifts this season happened to be already sold out. and here now is a look at what is coming up tomorrow on "good morning washington." >> tomorrow, we zero in on the hottest holiday gifts. >> plus, deep holiday discount coupons. 7 on your side with why you
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y26ney yi0y michelle: the hottest gifts on the market this holiday season also happen to be some of the most expensive, talking hundreds of dollars api worth the cash? tomorrow morning, we are testing out a $400 hair dryer. $350 for a cooler. and how you can possibly get your hands on the hatchimals, one of the biggest toys they share. >> i had my mom in florida and my sister in columbus look.
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tomorrow morning to see more on the hunting the hot holiday gifts and find out just what may be the best time to buy these popular items. as you make your black friday shopping plans, one department store's ad may stand out. jcpenney is promising early discount coupons as high as $500. what is your chance of snagging a coupon that big? 7 on your side consumer investigator kimberly says that you can manage your expectations. tune in tomorrow morning at 6 a.m. to find out. jonathan: do you need help? reach out to us. michelle: 866-236-3401, or send an email at jonathan: some of our best stories come from our viewers. you can call into one of our phone banks.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's ?jimmy kimmel live? red special. tonight, bono, julia roberts, channing tatum, kristen bell, dj khaled, neil patrick harris, halsey, herbie hancock, and the killers. and now, ready or not -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: hi, everybody. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. you are here on a special night, you are here and you are watching our second annual red benefit show.


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