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tv   World News Now  ABC  November 24, 2016 2:37am-3:00am EST

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help hodge are facing charges. another child died as a result of the school bus crash in tennessee bringing the total to six in this week's tragedy. the driver charged in the case was not on the normal route when the bus slammed into a tree. >> reporter: federal investigators revealing the 24-year-old driver of the crushed bus was on a road that was not part of his route. walker had no trace of alcohol or drugs in his system. vehicular manslaughter. the bus was traveling well over the 30 miles per hour speed limit when had swerved twice, flipped on the side, sliding into a tree killing young children on board. as funerals grow and memorials scheduled, they are looking at the driver and company he work for as well. durham operate the 13,000 busses and vans having 350 accidents in
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accidents they have, but the rate of accidents, in terms of accidents per bus and per driver. >> reporter: they had a satisfactory rating, meaning it was in compliance. this tennessee community still struggling with the nearly unbearable loss. abc news, chattanooga. >> north dakota's political leaders urge president obama to authorize completion of the dakota access oil pipeline. today, volunteers deliver thanksgiving meal to dakota pili demonstrators against the pipeline have become increasingly violent. this week, police officers and protesters injured in the protests, and among those feeding are jane fonda. tokyo hit with snow for the first time the city saw snow in november in more than 50 years. the snow was caused by an unusual cold front over the city, but the above freezing temperatures kept it from
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tuesday for the man who gave up baseball's shot heard from around the world. long time brooklyn dodger ralph branca died wednesday in a nursing home. he clenched the 1951 pennant for the new york giants. he was 90 years old. 24 hours from now, we'll ask, why did i eat so much? >> i did that a few minutes before the show. average american will consume 3,000 dinner alone. along with another 1500 for app. >> over consumption is a problem for your garbage disposal. >> oh. >> plumbers say it's one of the busiest times of year in large part because people overload the disposals after the big holiday dinner. >> i went in a customer's home that was cooking a smaller turkey, and the family didn't
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and stopped when smoke came out. >> oh, man. plumbers say potato peels, turkey skin, and grease do the most damage breaking down disposals. >> among the goodies doing the damage to your diet, mashed potatoes. >> oh e? >> one cup is 238 calories and eight grams of fat. >> that's not bad, actually. >> 238 calories, no big deal. >> yeah. >> there are tricks you can do to make them a little less fat ping, which i'm sure everybody only the most health department conscious recipes today. if you make it the good way, butter, heavy cream, garlic. >> it's called love. >> exactly. coming up, the dramatic high speed chase by land and by sea. it's caught onned video. suspect evaded several police units, but he jumped into the river, and we'll tell you what happened next. and the suspense unfolded on
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let 'em judge. this one's for car chases. it took place in australia. the man in the white van tried to evade capture by all means possible, runs out of road, jumps out of the van and into a small river. he goes for a swim. officers in the water after him. others were waiting on the other side, and yet the suspect was arrested. he was soaking wet, but it was a good audition and tryout for the 2020 olympics. >> not the best get away plan. >> not quite.
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start to black friday. >> bargain shoppers beware. not every deal is worth leaving the house for. here's lauren lyster. >> reporter: it's not just turkey eating that peeks on thanksgiving. so do the holiday discounts. there's store-only door busters like this 49 inch tv from best buy that's $250 off at $199, and even online door busters, has have $398, some say the lowest price ever. the gadget review site, wire cutter, found sales are not as plentiful as they seem. >> under 1% of the deals were actually worthwhile. >> reporter: tvs they say are an exception. >> you can get good discounts on great tvs and great discounts on good tvs. >> reporter: apple products rarely on sale can be discounted
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this year's hottest toy? hatchimals. they are flying off shelves. >> you don't want to be the bad parent. >> reporter: it retails $60 and found upwards of $200 online. do your homework before you shop, use websites to find lowest advertised prices and camel, camel, camel to track prices overtime. if you don't to want give u day is cyber monday. >> i don't know about you, but my parents were fine being the parents not giving the kids what they asked for. you know what we do to keep the lights on and food on the table? >> if you're going to shop, go online, amazon after you had a lot of drinks, and then it's a surprise in the mail the next
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shopping. >> how a got a second bike. >> you don't remembered you ordered them. it's a gift for yourself. >> surprise. a special edition of insomniac theater. >> hitting the screens, a world war ii thriller, and the return of "bad santa."
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time now for our special edition of "insomniac theater" for thanksgiving day weekend. >> we start with the much anticipated world war ii romantic thriller, allied. brad pitt, two assassins fall in love in a mission to kill a german official, but after they are reunited in london, married with a an impossible choice. >> there's no easy way to say what we're about to say. we suspect your wife is a german spy. >> that's insane. >> if she is, you will execute her with her own hand, and if you do not comply, you'll be hanged. 72 hours we shall know for sure.
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thrilled giving it a tepid 65% on rotten tomatoes. phil writes, the director's old-school romance has moments, but lacks zip and chemistry to truly spark. our friend, peter, calls it dapper, but dead on arrival said the old fashioned tale of spies, sex, and intrigue tries to be this generation's >> here's looking at you. next to an r-rated christmas black comedy, a different twist here, 13 years after bad santa, "bad santa 2" is coming, and they are knocking off a chicago charity on christmas eve, the true christmas spirit, but could willie's heart be melted by the the charity's director? >> we all participate.
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interested, you could join us. >> you're out of your [ bleep ], i'm not dancing around a bunch of candy kaens [ bleep ] because i'm all about the birth of christmas, you know, the wise guys, kicked them out of the hotel, [ bleep ], concession, the drummer that didn't have [ bleep ], perfume, and, you know, modest, one threatened to cut the kid in half, turn him into gold. it's a heavy deal for >> ha! >> i don't think that's how they taught it in sunday school. >> not at all. >> the critics coming down heavy giving bad santa a 25% splat, and ken writes, even the profanity lost its zing in the cut-rate retread, and another says, the sequel is a lump of coal in a dirty stocking. >> they didn't like -- not even a clean stocking. did they like the original? i wonder.
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my sweethearts gone sayonara. this scarf all thats left to remem... what! she washed this like a month ago
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? ? >> if you've not heard the song, get used to it. it's originally based on portion of a sermon, and remixed with a hip hop beat. >> now taking off as the latest social media sensation challenging others to dance to the song, but let's break it down to you from the very start. going back six years ago, and this moment -- >> look! look! i got beans, greens, potatoes,
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name it! >> that is shirley caesar in a nine minute sermon naming off a number of things, some six years ago. >> amen! >> amen! preach. hall hallelujah, justify. >> just in time for thanksgiving, someone got a hole of the sermon and decided to make a song about it to the theme of what are you having on thanks giving? >> people are so excited, they get excited about it. here's chris it. ? ? >> look! ? i got greens, potatoes, tomatoes ? >> it's a dancing challenge, everyone making up their own dance versions of the song. >> many, many versions online. chris brown's is good. look at this young lady's version of it. she had fun as well with it. you can understand it.
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the hip hop version. >> it's fun. >> it's catchy. >> it's in the thanksgiving day theme. >> here's the thing, right, my take on it is i feel like everyone is making up their own dance. i think the challenge should be to actually sing the song or make up your own version of it. >> what's your version of it? >> i have. i have a "world news now" version. i wrote it especially for you, kendis. >> oh, wow, here we go. >> give me a beat. ? i got greens beans, seconds please, turkey st got -- ? >> you name it! nice job! >> that really does bring it down. >> are you -- you're going to do the dance? >> let's do it. ? green beans, lambs, hams ? >> i thought we had the song. >> there it is.
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this morning on "world news now," diversity from the president-elect. >> the president-elect harboring no hard feelings offering roles to two top women who spoke out against him. >> it's only thursday, but the charge to black friday is already on. stores across the country hunters today, but not every door buster is a deal. what you need to know before you suit up and head out. >> check out the two powerful t twisters. they appear to dance around each other over a desert there. witnesses seem to be able to do nothing else other than watch it happen. >> get ready, talk turkey. we talk with marge.


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