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tv   Good Morning Washington 430am  ABC  November 24, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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president-elect donald trump. in it, he called for unity after a "bruising" election. the video was recorded over the weekend at trump's golf course in new jersey. it's the start of the holiday season, and for many, that means drinking. but mix that with the road... and it's a deadly combination. in fact, over the holidays, about 45 people in the u-s are killed each day by drivers who have been drinking. and it's statistics like that, that have montgomery county police out in full along for the ride. trt=1:22 oc=soc
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thankful for what
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there are dozens of volunteer groups busy in the kitchen. right now - food and friends is cooking up more than three-thousand meals for dc area residents living with cancer and other illnesses. central union mission is providing a holiday meal for the homeless in the district this afternoon. and the salvation army and it's volulnteers are feeding thousands with feasts across the region today. if you want to see a bunch of procrastinators.. it's easy to find them this time of year. just look inside any supermarket or grocery store. last night we found a lot of people who waited until the last minute to buy thanksgiving day. but many of them had a good excuse. many supermarkets are so crowded.. pushing your cart many supermarkets are so crowded.. pushing your cart around is just as tough as picking the right turkey. another thanksgiving tradition just hours
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course! a sneak peek of this year's best balloons - still ahead. and drizzly start to your turkey day, but it won't be a wash out. meteorologist eileen whelan tells
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your thanksgiving meal? happening today - it's the 41st annual alexandria turkey trot 5-k. and if you haven't registered there is still time! you can sign up until six this morning in-person at george washington middle school in the race starts at nine this morning. road closures in the area begin at seven this morning, and will last until noon today. toss to eileen it's xx and time for a check of the weather. - a few morning showers - dry weekend ahead - warm-up next week with more rain coming
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highs: 53-58 winds: s 5 to calm tonight: mostly cloudy and chilly. lows: 37-43 winds: light black friday: mostly cloudy. stray shower. highs: 54-60 winds: s to nw 5 mph ad lib mogo parade
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one to three p-m, and five to seven
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newschannel 8. toss to break a warning for donald trump from some of his closest a warning for donald trump from some of his closest allies. coming up - the one potential cabinet member they don't want the president elect to hire. and what goes better with turkey than a little football down to the skins big game in dallas,
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dozens are dead and others are buried in rubble after a scaffolding tower collapsed at a power plant in the eastern chinese province of jiangxi this morning. rescue operations are now underway. you can see the debris here -- iron pipes and wooden planks strewn concrete cooling tower. china's official news agency reports the death toll has climbed to at least 40. officials say that number could rise as workers continue searching for survivors. take a look at this - it looks like a fire cracker going off.. but it's actually an e-cigarette exploding in a man's pocket! it happened inside a wine store at grand central station. police say the man was admitted to the hospital's burn unit... and will need to have surgery. the e-cigarette did have a high-voltage battery - but police
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now to the presidential transition. donald trump has added two women to his list of cabinet nominees. as we first told you as breaking news yesterday morning - the president-elect nominated south carolina governor nikki haley to be u-n ambassador trump has also nominated republican donor and school voucher advocate betsy devos to be education secretary. the president-elect has also asked doctor ben carson to be the secretary of housing and urban development. carson hast decision. meanwhile some of trump's closest allies are speaking out against one of the president elect's possible picks for secretary of state, mitt romney. mike huckabee told fox news that hiring mitt romney would be an insult to trump supporters. newt gingrich expressed doubts about romney's ability to represent trump's qoute "tough-minded" policies. an explanation this morning, for a phone call that has left many in our local muslim community - in fear. monday night, many
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that robo call. the caller is never identified, the reason for that intrusive question - never given. many local muslims told us, with the spike in hate crimes since the election, and talk of a muslim registry, they feared the worst. it turns out - that was a legitimate poll by "emerge that's a pro-muslim non-profit, that was trying to understand how people of that faith are dealing with the election. a tragic update this morning.. a 6th child has died in that horrific school bus crash in chattanooga. bus driver johnthony walker faces charges. it's believed he was speeding- but investigators are still piecing together exactly what happened. toxicology reports show he was not drinking or using drugs.
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not a part of his usual route. a wayne state university police officer has died- after he was shot in the line of duty tuesday. collin rose was 29 years old. he was shot in the head while on patrol - but the circumstances are still under investigation. police say they've arrested his killer but he has not been officially charged at this time. happening now.. a major effort is underway to keep everyone safe at today's macy's thanksgiving day parade in new york city. isis propaganda has as a target.. so police are on high alert. isis has urged followers to use speeding vehicles to attack. so for the first time in the parade's 90-year history, no vehicles will be permitted to cross the route. more than three-thousand heavily armed police officers will patrol the area. the macy's parade will feature some new balloons and floats. and people are working at this hour.. to get them ready. one big attraction: a replica of the "felix the cat" balloon that originally appeared
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in the parade this year.. including an updated "charlie brown." the three-hour parade begins at nine this morning. the redskins are hoping to feast on more than turkey today. they're hoping to gobble up cowboys quarterback dak prescott. the rookie has been on fire -- snatching the starting job from tony romo and leading dallas to the best record in the n-f-l. cornerback josh norman knows his plate will be full for this thanksgiving showdo but let's not forget we have a pretty good quarterback of our own. kirk cousins is fresh off n-f-c offensive player of the week honors for his blistering performance against the packers. kickoff from jerry world is set for 4:30. and closer to home - another big game on the gridiron today. it's the 47th annual turkey bowl in the district.
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woodson in the d.c. interscholastic athletic association stars division title game. this is a rematch of last year - when woodson game out victorious. kick off is at 11 this morning. at xx time for weather. toss to eileen - dry weekend ahead - warm-up next week with more rain coming today: mostly cloudy. a few morning showers. highs: 53-58 winds: s 5 to calm tonight: mostly cloudy and chilly. lows: 37-43 winds: light black friday: mostly cloudy. stray shower. highs: 54-60
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a water main break
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later - still no heat! coming up - seven on your side investigates why d-c water isn't paying up. pl a call from billy joel. why the piano man is apologizing to the
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you love all-day breakfast. but you don't love that you can't get all your favorites. but now you can get more of what you love. so you can find something else to not love. like hearing the sound of your own voice. (softly) like hearing the sound of your own voice.
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with sewage, pouring into homes. happened to dozens of families in morning in northeast d-c, after a water main broke last friday. and now - nearly a week later - some are still living without heat and hot water. anna-lysa gayle went looking for answers. 1:24-1:28 trt=1:33 oc=soc
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season -- we want you to think about giving back with toys for tots. join us for a toy drive at national harbor next saturday -- december third. we'll be out there collecting toys between eleven a-m and three p-m. an update on a story ago about bruce springsteen.. the musician's motorcycle broke down on veterans day, in wall township, new jersey. and some fellow bikers stopped to help him. it now turns out.. springsteen's motorcycle was built by musician billy joel! the bike was from joel's custom motorcycle shop on long island, new york. when joel heard about the breakdown, he called springsteen and apologized. the bike was an italian-made "moto guzzi." coming up on good
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- giving thanks, by giving back.. brianne?
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this morning - starting to cookup a big feast - some for their families - others are spending the morning as volunteers. but not everyone is in the kitchen! some people are camped out - ready to be among the first to grab those black friday deals. good morning i'm larry smith. happy thanksgiving! good morning washington. toss to eileen - a few morning showers - dry weekend ahead - warm-up next week with more rain coming today: mostly cloudy. a few morning showers. highs: 53-58


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