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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  November 24, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> now, abc news at noon on your side. >> good afternoon, thank you for joining us on this thanksgiving day. from the raids and meals -- her raids and meals to holiday deals, we have team coverage. hundreds of volunteers are serving up and giving carter has more from the knights of columbus. brianne: it is an assembly line offer a good cause. for this 30 -- 32nd year the knights of columbus are preparing meals for those who may otherwise might not have a meal. >> almost 400 turkeys donated and they are going out about 1700 on meals on wheels.
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volunteers have worked around-the-clock to make sure the pies are sliced and the potatoes with. it is down to exact measurements to make sure you get 3000 meals out and this year the knights of columbus are saying the need is even greater. >> we're a very affluent area but there is a need for people who are failing to thrive. that is why we are coming in and helping. brianne: for john in as a family tradition. >> i am a third-generation night at the club. brianne: his son was up filling cups with cranberries. in arlington, brianne carter. >> taking a live look at our nation's capital on this thanksgiving thursday. eileen whelan is here with a look at our forecast.
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warming up nicely. 50 in gaithersburg in ashburn. hagerstown checking in at 49. we had light showers move through this morning and for the most part it is out of here. i will zoom into one location where i am tracking a few light showers along the i-81 corridor moving through woodstock and approaching front royal and washington. i think skies might continue to brighten a little temperatures climbing into the mid-to upper 50's. the sun going down at 4:49 and the clouds overnight it will not be terribly cold so we will be lower 40's in the city, a burts 30's in dutch upper 30's in the suburbs. -- upper 30's in the suburbs. tomorrow looks like it will be another mild day with highs in the upper 50's and a good bit of
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and bigger changes heading our way next week. let's get over to see how things are looking on the road. jamie: it is such a nice treat because the road is completely clear in most. we are not going to see any issues. a live look at 270 on germantown road. no problems. it is clear without any issues. let's talk about your travel times. outbound on 66 we look good for arlington continuing closer toward the capital beltway. you can see behind me, completely in the green. waze has broken things down. today is a great day and traffic will be light as well as tomorrow. sunday, get ready for hectic
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but it is a gorgeous day and easy to drive in this weather. autria: it is thanksgiving, but the black friday rush is already on. thousands of holiday shoppers across the country are hitting open stores or waiting in line for when they do open. john gonzalez has the latest on the line forming out the best i in germantown -- best buy in germantown. john: even though stores are starting to get into the trend of not opening on thanksgiving, and doing all of their stuff online, take a look. you still have the diehards. we are at the germantown best buy which does not open until 5:00 last night. this guy arrived and set up his tent at 8:00 last night. what is the deal? >> we are just trying to be first in line to get the tickets. john: you are definitely first
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>> some tvs, probably a few tablet, a few computers. john: we got here just before 5:00 this morning and we saw some of the tent. we could not tell if you were sleeping. we saw you wake up and you have been here the entire morning. how was the night? >> it was warm. i do not have a jacket or anything. john: and you are ready to do shopping? >> yes. john: we have been here. this young lady does not need a tent, she just has her scarf, gloves, and a chair. this store opens at 5:00 tonight and will stay open until 1:00 in the morning and will reopen at 8:00 on black friday. a lot of big sales including something different this time around. stores are actually giving a rebate in a gift card form, if
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a gift card if you buy a samsung were iphone seven. reporting in germantown, happy shopping and happy thanksgiving. autria: seven is on your side helping you shop smart to avoid the duds. be aware of markdowns advised as super sales. you can buy objects like jackets and coats up to 50% off and make sure they are up to your standards. if you are l you are better off waiting for later in the season. the best things to buy on black friday, tvs and electronics. head over to for which stores are open today and what time. in this week's address, president obama wishes the american people a happy thanksgiving from the white house for the last time.
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obama: on behalf of the obama family i went to wish you a very happy thanksgiving. we will spend the day with friends and family, turkey and touchdowns. we will give thanks her each other and all that god has given us, and we will reflect on what truly binds us as americans. that has never been more important. as a country we have just emerged from a noisy, passionate, and sometimes divisive campaign season -- the incoming first family is spending the holiday at mar a la go. he called for unity after a bruising election. mr. trump: it is my prayer on this thanksgiving that we heal our divisions and move forward as one country strengthened by shared purpose and very common resolve.
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will use the holiday to consider donald trump's offer to be secretary of housing and urban development. the president-elect nominated nikki haley to be u.n. ambassador and betsy davis to be education secretary. coming up on abc 7 news at noon, there's a lot to be thankful for. how folks are giving back to those in need.
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autria: video all too common this time of year. 7 on your side with a warning.
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turkey fires burned more than 1000 people and homes every year and that demonstration is part of the consumer product safety commission's safety message. it takes just a second for things to turn deadly so do not rush. plan out your cooking time and recruit an extra pair of hands. >> the number one takeaway is keep your eye on whatever you are cooking. always have somebody in the ki you have a safe holiday season. autria: it really takes just a split second for things to turn deadly in the kitchen and that is why experts recommend to plan out extra time. turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce come in just a few hours those will be on people's tables but not everyone is ready to cook yet. sam sweeney takes a look.
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more than 151 million people will head to supermarkets this week alone and this is the section. most people have all of their shopping done except for a few last edit items and this is the section they are coming to, to get another box of stuffing, another thing of gravy. people want to come in and get out the supermarket. a lot of people do not want to talk to us. you can see down the aisles, lots of men out here this morning. them out or why they waited until the last minute but we have seen lots of men. the good news is, take a look at the checkout lines. you can see there is not many people in line, except for one man. there he is waving at us. what did you get? >> a couple extra items for my seafood stuffing. i needed scallops and then you safely would have them.
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out here, why? >> if you did not get it before now, your wife told you to go get it and you did. sam: that is the exact notion. this is the 395th thanksgiving. the first one was in 1621 in plymouth, massachusetts. autria: the food and friends tradition of feeding people who otherwise would not get a thanksgiving dinner continues today, and suz suzanne: we are here at food and friends where so many people are choosing to start the thanksgiving. they will serve about 3500 meals throughout the washington metropolitan area. i am joined by craig schneiderman, the executive director, and all of these people have showed up to help others. what a great experience. >> that's true. i think we have all lived
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what we have at food and friends is people who step away and commit themselves to serving their neighbors. it is a great salve for living in the troubled world we have. we will have 850 people here, 450 today making sure that people who are in the district and counties of northern virginia and maryland have a wonderful thanksgiving. suzanne: great food that will go out the doors in the next few hours. >> have 675 turkeys, 1200 pies, 1000 roles, 94 gallons of gravy, 4000 pounds of fresh vegetables, and on and on. suzanne: and you had a successful pie sale this year. >> we sold a record numbers,
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because we do not do this work just on thanksgiving. we do this six days a week, 52 weeks a year. we need 9000 volunteers that it takes money to run this place so it is wonderful that we did so well. the volunteers are the heart. suzanne: it is so great to be here. i am here with my family volunteering today. it is a give back to the community and start this thanksgiving on the right foot. suzanne kennedy, back to you. autria: a shout out to suzanne's son who got up to help her serve . getting ready for some football, the redskins are hoping to feast on the cowboys quarterback. josh norman knows his plate will be full for this thanksgiving showdown.
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things when we played them. he was not having it. it let me know that this guy is pretty good. autria: the skins have a pretty good quarterback of their own, a little guy called kirk cousins. he is off play of the week honors for his blistering performance against the packers. kickoff is set for 4:30. the turkey bowl is underway as we speak now, in its 47th year. the riv and woods high schools, the winner gets that dci a a -- we will have the results tonight. tokyo is experiencing its first november snowfall in 54 years. the surprise snowfall cut most of the people offguard. the last time it snowed before december was in 1962 and unlike
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accumulated on the ground in november since records began in 1875. that is wild. snowing in tokyo. eileen: fortunately it is not snowing in d.c. autria: we will take drizzle over that any day. eileen: the skies have been brightening and it is turning out to be a really nice day. let's get to the rest of your thanksgiving planner. temperatures in the low 50's right now. we will make it into the mid-50's later this afternoon but overall, aside from a sprinkle we will be pretty dry. have fun, enjoy, and be safe. i show you this overnight forecast because i know some of -- some of you will be out shopping. cloudy at 8:00, 47. 56 degrees by 12:00.
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, a nice friday on the milder side. the weekend, temperatures will be a little below average, about 52 degrees saturday and sunday. saturday will be a little gusty at times. the wind gusting around 20 to 25 miles per hour, and it will still be breezy saturday night. with temperatures falling into the 40's we will have windchill values in the 30's so keep this in mind. travel day and unfortunately across much of the eastern half of the united states it will be looking dry. even into the midwest, columbus and cincinnati will be dry as well. our next storm system will be starting to take shape in the four corners region, and the storm will march eastward heading into next week. we are going to start off the workweek monday 55.
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up tuesday and wednesday into the 60's. tuesday i think will be mainly dry. most of what i am seeing looks like it will be raining on wednesday with that system, it will be warm and breezy. he high net front it will be dry -- behind that front it will be dry, overnight lows in the 30's. we have a little bit of a roller coaster ride until next week. a little cool this pretty typical for the end of november. this is our last november weekend before december. autria: it is creeping up, and then it is january. coming up on abc 7 news at noon, the holiday box office is heating up.
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autria: more than 3 million people lined new york city streets this morning as charlie brown led a cast of characters in the 90th annual macy's thanksgiving day parade. security was tight as people lined the parade route 10 it featured 26 the linens and more than 1000 clowns. none of them creeped anyone out. disney's latest animated over venture -- adventure moana has broken box office records already. >> i got your back. it is now a time. >> moana set sail and broke a record along the way.
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open to $2.6 million, doubling the tuesday before thanksgiving record. variety and the hollywood reporter project the movie will finish at number one of the box office with $75 million. >> being good at this kind of work is not very beautiful. >> the world war ii film allied heads to theaters this weekend. it is pegged to open million. >> i traveled across the country to rob a charity? >> you got a problem with it? >> damn right. >> billy bob fortin is back in the red suit and joined by oscar winner kathy bates in bad santa two. >> have you heard from people that i am crazy? >> rounding out the new releases
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howard hughes in rules do not apply. autria: eileen whelan is back with a look at your thanksgiving
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does look like outside, and it was really nice with sunshine peeking through, upper 50's for the rest of the afternoon, dry through the overnight hours. what are you doing for thanksgiving? autria: i am heading to visit my boyfriend's family. what about you? eileen: going to silver spring. it should be fun, it should be a great time, and we want to see what you guys are doing so connect with us on social media. i think is what it is. autria: i will join you back tomorrow morning for "good morning washington." have a
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