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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  November 24, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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kimberly: first, incredible and terrifying video from just across the mason-dixon line in pennsylvania. this is the aftermath from an overturned tanker truck exploding into flames on i-81 near chambersburg. we are told that all liens of the highway are shut down near mile marker 18 and will be for
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condition or what caused the fiery crash. horace: people out the door tonight for the newest thanksgiving tradition, holiday shopping. kimberly: stores nationwide opening their doors for the early birds. we will get a first look with anna-lysa gayle, but first tom roussey joins us from the best buy in potomac yards. tom, how is it going? you have been there for a few at 5:00. i have never seen so many tvs in my life. the people have come out throughout the late afternoon, now into the evening. we have seen not as heavy crowds as in the past, but definitely a good crowd overall. a lot of folks say this is pretty much a thanksgiving tradition for them. 5:00 p.m. opening, best buy, we were alive as they threw open
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shoppers went straight for the items they had scattered out. do you do this every year or first time? >> this is my first time. tom: for others, this has become every bit the tradition that turkey is. >> it's fun to wait outside. tom: the main reason people came out, the prices. in some cases, hundreds of dollars below regular price. how much are you saving? >> a lot. tom: thursday was such a draw that it led a diehard redskins fan to head out during the game. >> i've been doing this for years for me and my sons. tom: unfortunately, any redskins fans who came here were probably happier with what they bought than the way the game ended. as we speak, this lady is checking out a camera.
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things, it is moderate but not crazy. best buy has been open more than six hours. it will be open for two more hours, then reopen in the morning. some stores in the area will be open all night. live in alexandria at the best buy, tom roussey, abc 7 news. horace: shoppers also lined up at the clarksburg premium outlets for its first-ever holiday shopping rush. anna-lysa gayle has be t she joins us with what is popular so far. anna-lysa? anna-lysa: horace, just take a look at this line outside of the stores here at the clarksburg premium outlets. this is just the beginning of the line. it continues over here. we are told the parking lot is
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lots of people trying to take advantage of these deals. first they gave thanks. >> my family is healthy and we are together. anna-lysa: then they started spending. >> longsleeve shirts, ties, and my wife got a wedding dress for a friends wedding. anna-lysa: about 100 people were in line even before the toy store opened. teresa and her the store about an hour early. >> this year it happens at my mother's in-laws house in germantown, so we are very close. anna-lysa: lines also formed at the uggs store and a few others. as much as pat enjoyed shopping for shoes with his wife, he felt a little guilty. >> i wish they would not have a thursday evening because then the employees have to come in
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long as the store is going to be open, we are here. anna-lysa: the general managers expecting thousands to enjoy this through the weekend. >> they have responded well to the past month or so we have been open. anna-lysa: right now, i'm standing at the back of the line , kind of. it will take about an hour or three hours even for folks to get to the front of the line time because the outlet mall stays open until 10 p.m. anna-lysa gayle, abc 7 news. horace: wow. kimberly: yeah. horace: if you are thinking about hitting the stores, abc 7 can help. we have all of the hours for world the major stores in our area at molly: happy thanksgiving, and here is a look at the
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you will need the heavier coat if you're heading out late tonight. planning the day tomorrow, cloudy, but the temperatures in the lower 60's by about 3 p.m. some of us can anticipate an isolated shower. the weekend looks nice, dry saturday and sunday, the temperatures right around average. more coming up. back to you. kimberly: one of the best rivalries in football lived up to the hype tonight. it just horace: a narrow loss for the redskins in dallas. scott: a lot of problems, coaching problems, defense problems. this was not the result redskins fans were hoping for tonight, but plenty more football to be played this season. it was a tremendous football game in dallas, just not what
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touchdowns, and it still was not enough. this was a bomb to desean jackson. that made the score 31-19. but not happening here. ezekiel elliott scores. the final score, not good for the redskins, they lose, 31-26 the final score. there is still a lot of football to be played. we will hear more from the game coming up later in sports. horace: scott: and happens. i know that redskins fans are bummed, but it's only one game. kimberly: thank you, scott. a virginia woman is in the hospital tonight after her son accidentally started a fire at their clifton home. investigators say the 15-year-old was flicking his cigarette lighter while talking on the phone. when he held up the phone come he tossed the hot lighter unto his mattress and set the
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washington hospital center. her burns are said to be non-life-threatening. horace: a sad day for one family in the district, flame shooting out of their house before sundown. it happened in the 3500 block of 24th street. smoke was billowing out of the two-story home. and residents of a silver spring neighborhood are worried they are be this after several fires reported in the last three days. fires were reported in a home under construction, another home was set on fire near sligo creek and seven oaks. >> very uncharacteristic. horace: good news in all of this is nobody has been hurt. the community recently set an alert to residents urging them to report suspicious activity. kimberly: a thanksgiving
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football game and killed two people. we have video the terrifying moment shots rang out. tim barber is following the story from our live desk. tim, what did you find out? tim: it was chaotic, it was emotional, and thanksgiving night they are still looking for the killer or killers. [gunshots] tim: so many gunshots so fast, they a you can hear nearly two dozen on this facebook blog. >> that's the park. it's time to roll. this is right now. tim: gunfire interrupted during a youth football game. four people were wounded, two people were killed. this woman was held back by a loved one. another woman ran past the crime scene.
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woman, then held her as she cried in his arms. investigators say they do not know who fired the shots during the annual youth football tournament. >> officers arrived and located two black males who were fatally wounded. tim: they also do not know who would pull out a gun in the first place. investigators say it was considering how many bullets were fired. we will let you know if they catch the person or people who did this. live in the newsroom, tim barber, abc 7 news. horace: overseas, and american servicemember's family had thanksgiving shattered when they were notified their loved one was killed while fighting in syria. the defense department say they were killed in an ied explosion. if an secretary asked carter
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while protecting us from the evil of isis." the death in syria is a harsh reminder of the dangers overseas. today, americans fighting in afghanistan got a break to share a thanksgiving meal. more than 14,000 pounds of turkey and a thousand pies were shipped in for the occasion. we are told the meal is critical for morale. kimberly: the man who january said today he is working hard to keep an american manufacturer for moving jobs overseas. apparently donald trump is not working on his intelligence briefings. in the two week since winning the elections, he has received two national security updates. that is the briefing the president receives daily, and far fewer than his predecessors had received at this point. vice president elect the mike pence, however, received the briefing daily.
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changing his address. neighbors say that mike pence moved into this home in's chevy chase view could this week. he will live in this 2500 square foot home until inauguration day, when he will move to the naval observatory. his neighbors are not exactly rolling out the red carpet. hillary clinton won 93% of the vote in the district. >> most of the people in the neighborhood would not pick him to be our neighbor, politically speaking. kimberly: neighbors admitted having the vpn like the living next-door is exciting. horace: a mother missing for weeks is found alive. she said she was kidnapped. kimberly: plus, a police officer ambushed by a normed man in a truck.
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z26nez zi0z y26ney yi0y kimberly: more heartbreak in tennessee.
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keonte wilson. he is the sixth child to die after the school bus crash in chattanooga. five people remained hospitalized. the driver, walker, remains hospitalized and charges are likely. horace: a dangerous week for law enforcement, five officer shot, two killed. this one shows one w pregnant woman that ended safely. the officer pulls over the car for not having a license plate, and out of the truck jumped a normed man. they say he was holding what look like a real gun, but his mother, the driver, shouted to the officer it was a toy gun. both mother and son were arrested. kimberly: a california mother who it not been seen in weeks has been found. they say the captor or captors
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able to summon help. though few details are being released about her time missing, whoever is behind her disappearance, she says, is still on the loose. 1 >> >> the investigation is far from over. we are confident with the public's help we will make an arrest on this case. kimberly: detectives think the suspects may be two women armed with a gun. horace: a tsunami alert has been lifted in el salvador and nicaragua after a powerful earthquake shook the nation. an earthquake hit just off the pacific coast of the country. so far it appears there was no significant damage or injuries. the same area shaken by the earthquake will soon feel a tropical storm force winds. today, hurricane otto crashed ashore and nicaragua is a
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it is the southernmost hurricane to hit central america. otto should weaken before emerging in the pacific sometime tomorrow. molly: yes, horace, and that is where we start to make him a look at tropical storm otto. it will make a trip into the pacific with maximum sustained winds right now of 70 miles per hour. tonight, mid 30's, low 40's in our area. you will need a heavier coat is light. the wider picture, a few showers lingering. the wet weather tapering off. we picked up just a trace, and we desperately need the rainfall because we have a moderate drought in the metro. a few clouds lingering, should not have to worry about late-night travel plans if you are traveling to visit friends or family. tomorrow, maybe a stray sprinkle
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east of hagerstown, but that is about it. high pressure building in for the weekend. beautiful weather, lots of sunshine both saturday and sunday and the early half of the work week. the temperatures will stay right around average this time of year. saturday night, the tree lighting ceremony in d.c. at 6:00 start, take the heavier jacket. we will be breezy. the temperature at 9:00 a 41 will feel 30's with the windchill. next week, dry and sunny monday, the next cold front coming tuesday. we are anticipating a warm-up, the temperatures back in the 60's. may be a brief stint with look tops. -- with flip-flops. horace: not a bad seven days. kimberly: we will take it.
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link to a famous story on thanksgiving. kimberly: what was just
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horace: just in time for thanksgiving, and incredible find in plymouth, massachusetts. archaeologists believe they have found the original settlement in plymouth, giving in ceramics, and other items. kimberly: it was almost a tale of two cities, new york, in one city and army of police bracing for the worst of times come in the other a best of times, the army of balloons, floats, high school bands for the macy's thanks giving day parade. security was intense, with more than 80 sand-filled dump trucks
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3000 police officers. there was isis propaganda that called for targeting the parade. horace: for folks who do not want to battle the crowds, there was plenty to do indoors and outdoors, tourist attractions opened in, including the smithsonian museums and nationals do, the botanical garden, and many people taking in the national monuments and landmarks. >> it's great to be together. america, what better place to be? horace: the museums will be open again tomorrow. the air and space museum, the american history museum, and natural history will be all open late, closing at 7:30 instead of their usual 5:30 closing. kimberly: so much to do, and great weather. scott: and football on a
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the cowboys. not the result we were hoping for, but it's only one game. and we talked about how it's all about football on thanksgiving day. the redskins in the national spotlight facing the cowboys.
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and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. scott: in dallas today, one of the most storied rivalries, redskins-cowboys, with the entire country watching. the redskins fault hard, but came up short against the cowboys. the redskins down, with kirk cousins going deep, connecting with desean jackson, 67 yard touchdown. washington after a failed onside kick attempt, the cowboys convert on the short field, elliott finds the end zone. 31-19. cousins and the redskins not going away. two minutes left to go, jordan reed with a second touchdown of the game. it comes down to the onside kick. the skins had a chance, but the ball goes out of bounds. dallas runs out the clock. redskins fall to the cowboys,
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fault back -- fought back, and we came up short. the cowboys are a good team. we knew that it would take an extraordinary effort today. >> once again, against a team pulling hot like that, we got the offense going. scott: next up for the skins, a trip to arizona. woodson, malachi anthony, 65 yard score. wilson down 14-13. fourth quarter, the warriors knocking on the doorstep. the warriors up, and jubilation on the sidelines, 22-20. woodson wins their fourth straight turkey bowl.
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to the ice tomorrow night hosting buffalo. face-off is set for 5:00. the caps currently three points out of first place in the metropolitan division. still early.
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kimberly: like october. molly: it really is, warm into next week, in the 60's. the next front will bring us a chance of wet weather. we desperately needed because we are in a moderate drought. horace: if you say so. [laughter] horace: thank you all for joining us tonight. happy thanksgiving. jimmy kimmel live is next.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- lin-manuel miranda. from "dr. ken," ken jeong and albert tsai. plus music from banks. and now, stay put -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: very nice. welcome. thank you. very nice, thank you. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. thank you really for everything. for those of you who served in our armed forces, happy veterans


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