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tv   World News Now  ABC  November 29, 2016 2:37am-3:00am EST

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could. >> reporter: a a campus officer confronting him. >> the guy charged the cop. the cop was forced to shoot him. >> reporter: one minute after the attack begins, the cop firing the fatal shot that takes down the suspect seen here on the ground surrounded by officers. authorities identifying the suspect as a student at osu. the school newspaper said this is his photo. >> everybody was running in any direction they possibly could. i ran into luckily, it was just a single stall and was able to lock myself in there. >> reporter: campus on edge as they hunt for a possible second suspect, university tweeting, run, hide, fight to watts hall, and sending text alerts. >> texts a shooter was on campus, locked the building down, up to the third floor. >> reporter: some barricading themselves inside classrooms, piling up chairs against the doors as ambulances and fire
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wounded. >> i need medic as soon as possible. we severe bleeding out of some of them. >> reporter: severe patients rushed to the hospital with stab wounds and injuries for being hit from the car, one in critical condition. >> police cars, the most seen in my entire life. >> reporter: fbi with tactical units, a swat team, and a bomb squad, and law enforcement said parents should not call students their loved ones could be in hiding, and a ringing phone could give them away. in late morning, the all-clear. >> try to keep everybody calm, they did a good job. >> reporter: as authorities continue to investigate the crime scene, they now believe the sole perpetrator at the scene was the student behind the wheel of this car and are praising that campus officer, now identified as officer allen who took him down. >> our officer was on scene in
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this situation in less than a minute. he engaged the suspect, and he eliminated the threat. >> reporter: and that officer is 28 years old and has been with the campus police force for less than two years. authorities say his quick action may have saved lives. abc news, columbus, ohio. >> one more note, investigators are paying particular attention to the suspect's facebook post before the attack saying here, quoting, i can't take it anymore, america, stop countries, especially the muslim uma. that refers to the people. he comets by saying, we are not weak, we are not weakm mebb. remember that. his neighbors say he was polite and attended daily prayer services at a mosque. overseaing where syria government forces are making major gains on the rebel-held city of aleppo. government troops control nearly
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collapse. thousands of residents have been evacuated as the fighting intensifies. a rebel defeat in aleppo would be a turning point in the syria civil war. back at home, health officials in northern california are trying to figure out whether a community thanksgiving dinner led to three deaths and eight illnesses. all the victims lived in the same assisted living facility and ate the free thanksgiving meal at the american legion hall. it's not death and illnesses. >> that's sad. a teenager who climbed more than a hundred stories to the top of one world trade center is at it again, this time, he's posting escapades on youtube. oh, this makes me nervous watching. dangerously dangling from skysc skyscrapers, and he makes his way through construction sites to get to secured buildings. law enforcement experts are
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know, thousands of feet in the air, and you can't tempt gravity that many times and expect to survive. >> he was arrested when he scaled one world trade center two years ago, but he's just turned 18 so he could face more serious charges. where are his parents? >> i'm not sure that's right at any age. >> where's mom and dad? wow. >> remember the case of boaty m it was a boat the british public named. >> suggesting boaty mcboatface, and is received support because it's funny. take two. >> uh-huh. so this is a salt spreader in a town near manchester, england. officials seeking suggestions for names. early contenders? >> are you okay?
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speers and gritty mcgritface, taking suggestions until tomorrow. >> they have to keep coming. >> would you name it? >> the gridmeister. the zamboni, call it -- >> that's for ice. >> the gritboni. i don't know. trying to merge the words. >> any ways -- >> coming up, i ap jogging trail. this is serious. frightens stories of abductions making headlines recently, what every woman needs to know before heading out on a solo run. >> how millions of americans shopping from the safety of their homes broke sales records for this year's cyber monday, and sales are not over yet as cyber monday stretches into cyber week.
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start the relief. ditch the misery. let's end this. we're back with a happy holiday tradition from sweden. the burning goat. a large straw goat is constructed for every christmas in the center of the town there, but it never lasts too long. of course, it's become somewhat of an unwelcomed tradition that someone burns a large to the ground before it is dismanltled. this year it lasted less than a day. merry christmas. an american holiday tradition now this year is now one for the record books. >> after record breaking cyber monday sales, the deep discounts at retailers are being extended, you guessed it, into cyber week because they had to give you another deal. here's abc's rebecca jarvis. >> reporter: a cyber monday for
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racing online. overall, saled expected to top $3 billion, and amazon experiencing its best cyber monday in history. >> this is the day you see site-wide sales. >> reporter: still going 60-7% off at children's place, and 50% off at gap and old navy with more sales ahead. >> it's better to wait to buy things like toys, tools, hardware, gift cards until the middle of december. if you can wait, prices are christmas. >> reporter: and clearing interpret history to ensure you get the best deals, plus, double-check promo codes like retailmenot to get discounts on top of the specials it's a time to shop for travel deals, vacation packages can be as much as 70% off. >> so tempting. wow. coming up, staying safe
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>> before and after work hours now dark, what every woman needs to know before the solo run.
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welcome back, the case of the california mother and other cases allegedly abducted while jogging alone has many women thinking twice about lacing up and hitting the pavement.
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yourself safe. >> she was just out for an afternoon jog. >> chp is advising heavily battered. >> reporter: she was snapped by two attackers while running near her home. the mother of two missing for three weeks before finally escaping. >> she's saying that she jumped from the vehicle. >> reporter: when you run, you are vulnerable. this summer, strangled on a trail she another murdered on the path behind her mother's house, and another shot and killed in broad daylight. all three women simply out for a jog when they were attacked. >> it's just you, and you don't have any protection. >> reporter: founder of tough cookies, a group founded on the theory of trails and roads, there's safety in numbers. >> no one's going to attempt with a group.
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>> reporter: what happens if you can't run with a partner in we talked with a safety expert with tips on how to protect yourself on the path. >> first, ditch the head phones. >> the earlier i can hear somebody approaching me or see somebody approaching me, then i can respond in a way that's going to give me a better chance of getting away to someplace safe. >> reporter: avoid baggy clothes and ponytails. >> opt for clothing that's form fitting without a hood, a poe yi that's tucked under the cap, makes it difficult for them to hold you and drag you down to the ground. >> reporter: be prepared to fight back. taking one self-defense class can seriously increase your safety. you learn how to be better prepared, pay attention to the surroundings, and listen to your gut, and you learn how to fight back effectively in a worst case scenario. >> great reminders.
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delivers mega support. a tuesday morning, you look at the time lapse video of a giant banner being unfurled, a larger than life likeness of castro, ahead of the funeral on sunday. >> many are looking forward with a fresh hope, and david muir was there this weekend witnessing winds of change. >> reporter: images coming from havana, cuban people lining to pay respects for fidel castro. so many of the cubans we met are looking to the future too. we asked this man what he heard
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he says no one knows. we have to wait to find out. so many wondering if mr. trump continues the thaw that began with president obama. the teenagers -- they say the relationship with the u.s. right now is very good. they, too, are now waiting. we witnessed that thaw already our journey back beginning at the havana airport where we learn we would board the first commercial flight in decades. >> this is the inaugural certificate. >> first flight to miami out of havana. >> am i the first to get one? >> a first. >> a pen for every passenger. >> american flag and cuban flag. >> the first flight from cuba to miami.
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in the terminal all taking photographs and videos because it's a historic moment for cuba. at the door of the plane, the cuban flag on the american airlines jet. the flags are just outside the pi pilot's window there. the entire crew extremely excited to be part of the flight. >> reporter: as well as passengers back in the terminal capturing it all. >> other airlines are doing the same, >> it is interesting to see the memorial of castro there in cuba. here in this country, celebrations of his death. it's a contrasting picture. we'll continue to share it with you, of course. that's the news for this half hour.
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breaking news on "world news now." >> mandatory evacuations in tennessee, wildfires growing out of control, taking over one tennessee town near a popular resort. some are trapped in a hotel. we'll talk to them next. the search for answers after an ohio state student rammed fellow students with a car and knife. authorities trying to determine if terrorism was the motive. tracking down the truth behind the lines, what's behind the fake news websites that critics say had a major impact on the presidential election. the unlikely breeding ground feeding the websites. it's tuesday, november 2 9th. from abc news, this is "world news now." good tuesday morning,


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