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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  November 29, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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these towns to make it all the more challenging. in total 14,000 people evacuated their homes but we are learning that some not soon enough. >> this is crazy. >> the great smokey mountains. assuming the literal name. the smoke so thick the planes can't fly. the arduous fight. >> there were times we had wind gust in excess of 87-mile-per-hour. that is hurricane force. >> three are dead. >> local mayor affected. >> i lost my house but things can be rebuilt. >> on the street, smoke so thick people walk with the makeshift masks.
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in orange armageddon. one town issued mandatory evacuation. some people couldn't escape in time. this man trapped at hotel. >> we were suffocating on the ground. >> a sioux chef posted this video to facebook. flames surrounded the building as the smoke f 12 people have been hurt. an inch of rainfall is expected over the next 24 hours. out will be helpful but won't extinguish the flames. michelle: they are trying to
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drought but we are getting help. steve rudin is tracking us tonight and joins us with the latest. steve: there is a little rain helping things a bit. clearing will come tonight. look at the capital beltway. wet roadways from old town alexandria to oxon hill cheverly, it's light at this time but it's enough to keep the roadways wet. a few spotty showers remain tonight. but then cloudy and damp. we are going to look for another round of rain come early tomorrow morning. we will lack at the highs for 70 but for how strong more in
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>> on 7. >> he came, he must have been down there. >> that video tonight showing the moment a laurel police officer shot an unarmed suspect in the back. the officers were responding to a burglary call. the man the officer shot survived but now his attorney says he is dealt an injustice. maryland bureau chief brad bell joins us live to we first reported on this last airport. the police officers were looking for a pair of reported burglars. they found them here. one was hiding in the rear of the international market. as you just saw, was shot by a police officer. the officer said it was unintentional. two developments. a program jury agreed with the
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wrongdoing. and we have that video. we have the video so you can see for yourself. >> the video is dramatic. last april, a group of the laurel city police officers hunting for a pair of burglary suspects. two of them wear body cameras. there is a foot chase when one appears. >> i ran out as the guys coming up. >> that teenager is brought down by a taser and then the officer surround this building. one of them shines the gun-mounted light in the door an then it blink of an eye. watch again in slow motion. the officer opens the door and fires the gun in the left hand. the unarmed suspect is hit in the back. the officers render aid to the wounded man. the officer whose name hasn't been released explains he didn't mean to shoot it was unintentional. in real life it doesn't happen in slow motion. he was startled. we learned after months of investigation the officer has been cleared by a grand jury.
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victim/defendant. >> the burglary suspect was hit in the back but has recovered. the lawyer says the officer shouldn't get off so easy. >> it's a suspect but if you look at the video that is not what happened. >> tonight you hear what the police says about this. and the man who is shot is facing legal troubles for his actions that night. brad bell, abc7 news. larry: thank you. just in from fairfax county police are asking for help fighting this man -- finding this man. he raped and repeatedly
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falls church. ronald contreras is accused of raping her and leaving her in the woods in july. they believe he is in hiding. if you know where he is, call the police. michelle: the latest in the ohio state attack. students returned to class today as we learn more about the suspect's motives. isis is claiming that abdul razak ali artan was one of its soldiers. minutes before the attack artan took to facebook sa are being treated. a recently released video talked about his attempt to get away. >> it seemed so fast. it seemed to me in 15 to 30 seconds i heard the shots. >> isis is claiming artan, it
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out the attack by himself. ja we have been taking a look at the simple methods in the attack. the method is alarming and difficult to stop as indicated in report by scott thuman. scott: the attack that played out monday shocking and not up heard of. in fact, what 18-year-old abdul what a 20-year-old radical went on a stabbing spree in a minnesota mall in september and parallels when a 31-year-old tunisian ran a truck in a crowd in france this summer. killing 86. in this video purportedly released by the islamic state as well as the online magazine.
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and give tutorials. he says, "you will see attack moves in this." cars an knives are more accessible than guns. >> he did accomplish it. >> a somali refugee who had been described as kind as acquaintances but facebook force that law enforcement believed to be his paint picture of frustrated young man. if there isn't peace there could be more lone wolf attack. this post from an organization am raising the terror group show the picture heralded for the murderous action. more on the facebook post believe to be his says america
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the famed now dead terrorist anwar al-awlaki a hero. scott thuman, abc7 news. michelle: ohio state's campus reopened today just one day after that attack. in our next half hour, we will take you there live to find out how the community is coping after a terrifying or deal. larry: new developments in the presidential transition as donald trump picks two more cabinet members. he nominated elaine choa to be the transportation secretary. she spent eight y secretary under george w. bush and is the wife of senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. the president-elect picking georgia congressman tom price to lead department of health and human services. >> the member of the ways and means every cycle for several cycle introduced solid replacement healthcare option bill and that is something he will lead the charge on as far as secretary of h.s.s.
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verma nominated for the administrator for the center for medicare and medicaid services. all three require senate confirmation. michelle: still ahead at 5:00, the south carolina police officer caught on video killing an unarmed man who was running away takes the stand at his own trial. how he is justifying his actions. larry: booming business of inauguration and seeing 80% jump in business. michelle: plus, why the d.c. paid family leave time could be benefiting the wealthy instead of those in need. larry: first, though, the act of compassion amidst tragedy after a plane carrying a brazilian soccer team crashes killing all but six people on
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larry: 71 of the 77 people on board a plane were killed with a british aerospace plane that cerbed en route to coalmost byia. chapecoense team was going to play for the south american championship. the colombian team is offering the title to the three players who survived the crash and the others who did not make the
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failure before the crash. michelle: bowser will allow shelters to turn people away if the last place of the residents isn't the capital. the city can't verify residency for 12% of the people seeking shalter but is spending $80,000 a night on hotel room for homeless families. caution on a push for the d.c. council to provide paid family leave for workers in the district. sam ford was there as they debated the measure eight days before it goes to vote. >> two out of the three beneficiaries live in fairfax or loudoun or montgomery county. some of the richest counties
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sam: mayor bowser does not support the family counsel leave bill. it had a lot of support when introduced with the moms and babes coming to be seen is as the supporters believe on the brink of passage. but not as generous as originally proposed. not 11 weeks but eight weeks' leave. not personal leave but for maternity, paternity and family leave to save money. we think as of a mayor news conference the the mayor jumped on that, too. >> i would be concerned about anybody saying they support something that cost $250 million without reading the legislation. sam: yet sponsors seam confident of what the bill contained and the chance of the passage. >> the chances are great. there is support for the bill on the counsel and 80% of the residents support pay family leave in the city.
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>> the mayor doesn't want the tax on the d.c. employers. >> my job is make sure that any d.c. revenues are spent on the d.c. families. sam: as the first vote approaches there is a clear split. the question who will prevail? the mayor or the counsel supporters -- council supporters. i'm sam ford, abc7 news. michelle: w situation to get over. larry: yeah. >> we need the rain. we will take every drop we will get. a look at the national wheel. we will be there for toys for tots. join us from 11:00 to 3:00 p.m. bring us the toys and meet your abc7 and the newschannel8 team. a lot of fun. in the meantime talk about
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storm watch 7. showers remain. this lifting off to the north and the east. that is the case moving through the overnight hours. we will head in closer. northeast d.c. anacostia now drying out. seat pleasant. wet weather. but only going to last for ten to 15 minutes. fairfax county drying out nicely. the roadways are still wet. leave extra time. if you are expecting anyone to come home from work on time, wet roadways. there are spotty shower here and there. you won't need the sunglasses. it's wet enough for issues tomorrow. julie wright will be in bright and early to get you through the traffic problems.
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street. for the last day of november. upper 60's to the lower 70's. there is a possibility of the rumble of thunder. cold front from the north and west. the future cast. the further west you go could see brakes in the tomorrow the showers will arrive 6:00 to 7:00. later in the afternoon the showers will redevelop. a chance for thunderstorms.
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the cooler air will stick around. we are expecting an inch of rain to the immediate metro and to hagerstown. we will take every drop we can get. a daytime high tomorrow near 70 degrees. drop of the temperatures on thursday. middle 50's. the most christmas tree the temperatures around 50 degrees or so. sunday upper 40's. the daytime highs going down, they will go up. we will see the daytime highs by wednesday, thursday, friday to the lower 60's. there is no excuses not to christmas shop with the
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michelle: put up the decorations. >> and be careful doing it. larry: every day without snow i'm okay. >> this is beginning to look and feel like christmas at the white house. this afternoon, michelle obama welcomed the military families to get a first-hand look at the decorations at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. 92 volunteers worked on the displays that include 56 gingerbread houses. one for each state and territory. beautiful. larry: wow! look at that. cool. michelle: yeah. up next at 5:00 -- >> some d.c. residents are hoping to cash in. that is coming up. >> the workers across the nation join in protest. the one issue with the airline
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you love all-day breakfast. but you don't love that you can't get all your favorites. but now you can get more of what you love. so you can find something else to not love. like hearing the sound of your own voice. (softly) like hearing the sound of your own voice. th all day breakfast. michelle: airport workers for minimum wage are threatening to strike unless the changes are made. it's organized by one of the
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international union. tens of thousands of people plan to protest donald trump's inauguration in january. organizers of the women's march on washington are having problems getting necessary permits to protest on trump's first full day in office. january 21. it seems other groups filed their paperwork first. space is limited. larry: according to airbnb the books for inauguration day jumped 80%. amy aubert spoke to hopefuls planning to respect out their home for the big event -- rent out their home for the big event. amy: john called northeast d.c. home for a year and a half. >> they would have the kitchen. the living room. >> for the first time he is planning to open the door of the newly remodeled space to
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of the guard there is a lot of people with a lot of pinned up political, you know, thirst and stuff that would propel them to want to pay gouging fee. >> he listed his home on airbnb last week. >> i figure people can come back, you know, discuss the inauguration, whatever. >> we want a notion some swanky millionaire will come in and say of course i'll do $2,000 a night. >> the resident who wanted to go by ben signed up for airbnb two weeks ago and he dropped his price from $850 to $799. >> i did try this in 2008 on
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i figured, yeah, let's do it. i didn't get any bites then. i am not expecting any bites this time. >> airbnb says the top d.c. area bookings for that weekend include adam's morgan. the eighth street corridor. columbia heights and shaw. >> i only want to do it if it was big money. >> amy aubert, abc7 news. michelle: all right. good luck to them. coming up for us, this day of giving. >> t than giving. we don't close the deal until we know that the organization getting our money is the right organization. michelle: today is giving tuesday. still ahead, "7 on your side" hes you what to look for to ensure the donation gets to those who need it. larry: plus, caught on video shooting an unarmed man in the back. who was running away from him. ahead the former police officer takes the stand to defend his actions.
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claiming the student who carried out yesterday's attack at ohio state university, they are claiming that he was one of the foot soldiers. while the f.b.i. works to verify the motive, what we know for certain is that the attack that injured 11 people shook a community. brooks joins us live from outside the suspect apartment. have you had a chance to talk to the family members of the suspect or people who knew him? >> many of the family members they live in the apartments behind us. this was active last night when the federal agents came in. scoured the apartment. taking pictures and also taking evidence. specifically electronic devices. looking for any possible connections to the terrorist group isis. >> this time of attack is tough to protect students from. what is the student's response to this.
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to make the community feel safer? >> i think at this point the university community is coming out of the state of shock. trying to bind together to get everyone together on the same page. we heard from the victim's two have been released from the hospital today in a press conference. people are trying to figure out how could it happen at their community. i was outside for hours after the school building were on and they were me yandering around -- meandering around, checking on their phones to make sure they were okay. checking on the family members to make sure they are okay. a facebook page where people mark themselves as safe. now it is overcoming that to figure out how do we prevent this from happening. my sources, the federal sources are telling me that
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through what he watched that he was inspired by isis propaganda. a few days ago there was a video that came out to encourage followers go on and attack nonbelievers. michelle: that is something that is through the propaganda magazine. it's something investigators will pay close attention to. brooks is live for us thank you. larry: former patrolman that stop and killed a person in a traffic stop took the stand and told the court he shot walter scott out of fear. he said scott grabbed his taser in a struggle when slager says he shot. >> he tried to tase me with it
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i made a decision to use force. mr. scott never stopped. he is dangerous. >> they moved the cell phone taser next to the shooter but he was accounting for his weapon. >> three died and five others got sick after eating thanksgiving dinner at american legion hall in northern california. i was prepared by a church in the city of antioch an hour outside of san francisco. volunteers cooked the food and the rest restaurants. health officials say some type of food poiseing or allergic reaction is a possibility. more than 800 people ate the dinner and did not get sick. larry: d.c. police are asking for your help to find a man they say is connected to killing a 16-year-old girl. mcmillen shot to death friday afternoon. stephen tschida reports that police say she may not have been the intended victim. >> shortly before noon friday, 16-year-old mcmillan talked to
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gardens housing complex. someone opened fire for what is a drive-by shooting. mcmillan not the intended target hit repeatedly and killed. police now are looking for this man. 30-year-old saev evans. >> this is a close-knit community. we work here. try to do good. >> the police got a break from the survey lengs ca they show evans pulling a gun and shooting. >> there were a number of the people out there. evans discharged a firearm under the circumstances in my opinion is reckless. >> investigators won't say if they believe evans is the person that shot mcmillan but they say his arrest is vital to solving the case.
5:35 pm
turn himself in and take responsibility for actions. >> if shooting -- the shooting and other recent crimes have some in the neighborhood in capitol hill worried about their own safety. >> he is wanted for michelle: tomorrow, the longest serving law enforcement officer in state history will call it a career. take a look. on the left is thomas. when he joined the montgomery county police department in 1955. on the right, how he looks today as a lieutenant with 61 years experience. likely the only officer on the force that served in the korean war. ceremony planned for tomorrow.
5:36 pm
congratulations and we thank him for his hard work. larry: we do. yeah. good looking officer right there. yeah. still ahead, a loving tribute to a child lost in tragedy. we speak with the people who put up a christmas tree at the spot where the young child lost his life. michelle: first, though, it isal called giving tuesday -- it's called giving tuesday. next "7 on your side" will tell you whether the donation will go to those in need. larry: new at 6:00, the mystery on the potomac. source of a chemical sheen and the precautions taken.
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steve: toys for tots. we would love to see you there. the temperatures are on the cool side early on in the middle 40's.
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don't forget the sunglasses. you will need them. the rest of the weekend is cooler for sunday. any showers will hold off. it should be a nice weekend to buy the christmas
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stronger is less pain, new hope, more fight. it's doing everything in your power, and everything in ours. because we don't just want kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger. and with your support, they will.
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larry: this is the fifth day for giving tuesday. where people are supposed to give to charities. >> with so many solicitations for money jamming your inbox how do you separate the real charities from the real scams? to help us out. lisa fletcher is here with tips. lisa: the better business bureau has a dedicated arm for charities called the wise giving alliance. they say first know the cause you believe in and decide who you want to help bef solicitation. you knew to whom you were giving. but now there are millions of charities and many of which are not brick and mortar.
5:41 pm
charities. >> art taylor is the c.e.o. of the better business bureau wise giving alliance. every year it vets thousands of charities. especially as more americans look today like giving use. >> websites can be made to look credible. how is a person who wants to give to discern between a legitimate charity and one that may not be? >> it's very difficult. one way of doing it is not to >> google the name of the charity and see whatm cops up. is there do the search yourself you are likely to get the right organization and not sent to you by a spammer. >> be cautious of asked to give on crowd funding sites. they may be legit they are not really charities and there is no way to know what is real and what is not. best bet, follow your instincts. >> don't feel pressure to make an immediate gift.
5:42 pm
see you give on the giving tuesday, if you give on wednesday the charity will appreciate it adds much. lisa: the better business bureau has vetted thousands against the credible standard so you know who is doing legitimate work. you can go to for a link and more of my conversation on how to decide whom you are giving. a little sole searching and family can be key. michelle: great advice. thank you. still ahead tonight the new restaurant in the area that claims to be theest in revolution in restaurants. >> now that the holiday season is upon us, you will see many like this. but there is a reason this is extra special. coming up after the break,
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larry: a tribute is growing at
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was killed as he and his mother tried to cross the street. northern virginia bureau chief is live with the tribute and what is behind it. jeff? jeff: well, larry, since the horrific incident took place several months ago. tristan's corner, the memorial has grown steadily. tracking the seasons. pumpkin for fall, october and november. now the holiday season is upon us. the beautiful christmas tree and memory of the life of kristen. >> they have never met the family. since they have lost the 5-year-old tristan, elizabeth has been eager to help. so last weekend they put up
5:47 pm
known as -- place known as "tristan's corner." >> we want them to know we haven't forgotten. jeff: mindy was walking in the crosswalk with trysten in a stroller are 45-year-old john miller turned his jeep grand cherokee on the road and collided in the mother and the son killing tristan and injuring mindy. miller according to witnesses was not watching the road has been chrg manslaughter and reckless driving. since that day, a memorial for tristan has gotten bigger and bigger. now tristan's tree. >> this is something that the community could come out and contribute to. >> people have added ornaments in his honor, including this one from tristan's mother mindy. dale freeman want them to show they are not alone, a feeling shared by others. >> what you want to accomplish
5:48 pm
>> these blue ribbon ornaments were made by elizabeth freeman. this one #team tristan. below the tree, they a hoping that people would place presents that could be donated to others in the name of tristan. jeff goldberg, abc7 news. michelle: a great way to remember him. thank youment type for a check of the roads. jamie sullivan is on traffic watch. jamie: a slow one. we are starting out with the capital beltway. you can see how slow we are on the beltway through the prince george's county the brake light and the headlights. there is still wetness on the road. so use caution if you are heading home. a live look at good luck road. bumper to bumper. we have everyone in the stop-and-go traffic. it's not stop-and-go at 15 miles per hour. this is stop and go closer to 5 miles per hour. we are seeing this again on the inner loop and the outer
5:49 pm
talk about the spot that looks good. 66. once you get outside the beltway, volume. 395 is slow. g.w. parkway is okay until you get further and everyone approaching the beltway is slow. that is it. everything else is heavy now. northwest corner, you can see here near old dominion the volume we have in both directions. heading northbound on 270 at montrose road, all the headlights are heading north. roads are wet. not as many accidents. use caution. a look >> thanks. some people call for a boycott of the musical "ma thinkton" but the -- "hamilton" but the opposite happens. they generated $3.3 million in eight shows in the holiday
5:50 pm
there was a call by republicans to boycott the show after they made comments to pence. michelle: the tickets are like $500. that is for a random wednesday. larry: boycott us some more. we will make more money. >> sure. check in with steve for a look at the weather. we are getting another round. steve: good news moving through the evening hours the rain is slowly coming to an end. we look at what out there now. the eastern portion over the capital beltway. we had showers a half hour ago around fairfax county. as promised those fizzled out. it's drying out. skies are clearing up a little bit. for tomorrow, rain for the early morning rush hour commute. temperatures in the lower 60's. we should rebound to 70 to 73
5:51 pm
don't be sur praised if you hear rumble of thunder. this is what it look like on the future cast. a lull for the noontime. moving in dinner tame commute, the rain overspreads the d.c. metro area. the cold front will slide through to signal change of wind directions. you are going to feel it from highs in the lower 70's to thursday. the daytime highs are in the mid-to-the upper 50's to lower 60's. well above average for this time of year. it's nothing close to snow-making temperatures.
5:52 pm
michelle: we appreciate it. especially we know the benefit -- erin: we know the benefit of playing sports. i spoke to the founder of a ward 8 youth program that helps the kids get involved with something positive after-school. the peewee team is headed to orlando to play for a national title. >> pick up the football and put down the gun. drive. drive. erin: these kids are part of the southeast tar a sports program in the ward eight of southeast d.c. what do you love the most of being part of this team? >> brothership. >> tell me about that. what is that like. >> everybody on the team now don't fight or fuss with each other. they just focus on the fable fable -- football field. erin: but the soon almost stopped before it began.
5:53 pm
supporting the football program a couple of weeks before the season. we had 100-plus kids in the program. >> this will be the first to play in the football national championship in florida this week. what is your favorite part? >> i get to score all the touchdowns. >> i like that. >> i don't even know. >> a lot? >> yes. erin: do you get to score touchdowns, too? >> yes. a lot. erin: how many do you have? >> i don't count. i have a lot. >> it's very fulfilling. out makes me get up in the morning. this right here really gets me going. i wouldn't change it for anything.
5:54 pm
>> so yeah, this is the first team of the southeast tar heel to make it to play for the national championship down in florida. an awesome opportunity that the kids will never forget. larry: a lot of touchdowns. we don't know how many. a lot. >> can't wait for the followup to hear the victory. erin: i will keep you posted. michelle: thank you. no waiters or cash registers at a new d.c. restaurant.
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q mccray has a new business model. >> welcome to the better, faster, food. but the customers call it something else. >> that was awesome. >> i couldn't believe it. >> you saw it.
5:58 pm
>> we don't want to miss the fact there is meat. >> it has vegetarian fair with the super good quinoa as the base ingredient. you slide your card. it walks you there the ordering process. three minutes later the food is ready. >> look. order up. it's personalized. that is my first name for those at home wondering what q q the whole experience. i have no idea how my food got in the cubby. >> are there humans or robots making it? >> it's a mystery. are there people back there? >> there are technology that interfaces to allow us to give you exceptional experience. >> you're not going to tell me. >> no. >> some question the business model to replace people with
5:59 pm
>> that is it at 5:00. coming up at 6:00 -- a local police officer won't be charged after shooting a robbery suspect. the footage you will see only on seven. plus airport workers threatening to strike for that could impact your holiday travel. gloomy and rainy tonight. when does it get better? the storm watch forecast as "abc7 news at 6:00" starts now. >> now "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side. jonathan: up first, a laurel police officer will not face charges for shooting a robbery suspect. maureen: a grand jury decided not to indict him. we are getting new pictures
6:00 pm
larry: our maryland pure row chief brad bell is live with details you will see only on 7. brad? brad: the whole incident took place last april around and behind the national market here in lauren. it was back here behind this construction trailer that the police caught up with the suspect. >> the officer says it was an accident. they are standing behind the claim. we have the body cam video so you can see for yourself. >> watch the body cam video carefully. an officer looking for a burglar checks an unlocked door. men he cracks it open the officer pulls the trigger. the suspect just inside is shot in the back. the juried man -- injured man identified and is pulled out and the police immediately


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