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tv   ABC7 News at 630  ABC  December 4, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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>> now abc 7 at 6:30, on your side. >> reports of a man armed with an assault rifle at a business in northwest. police shut down part of connecticut avenue. a short suspect was arrested. we're on the scene with the latest on the story. >> right now comet ping-pong is surrounded by police tape. there is also a police crews are on the outside. officials are stressing this incident was not terrorist related. at this time, the suspect name has not been replaced -- release but we know he is in his late 20's. >> this afternoon, and adult
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the comet pizza with an assault rifle. the folks that were in the establishment at the time immediately fled. there is some evidence that the weapon was fired inside the location. >> it appears at least one shot was fired into the ground. no one was injured. the suspect was carrying a rifle. police also found a handgun. the scare started around 3:00 at comet avenue. customers and workers inside the business spotted a man with a gun and then police were called to the area. they surrounded the business and the man was taken into custody. a witness sitting across from the restaurant share this photo of the suspect that came out with his hands up. one of the workers it was inside when the man walked in with the gun had this to say about his demeanor. >> the gentleman did not say a single word. which, once again was so odd.
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i don't like the idea of any place to spend so much time being a crime scene. and hopefully, it is not huge deterrent for patrons. reporter: and the chief says he is aware that comet ping-pong received threats after a news story was released which claimed the hillary clinton and her campaign chief were running a child sex the story was fake. the motive has not been identified or released in connection to today's incident. kelly: turning now to the weather where temperatures are about to take a plunge. the district has issued a hypothermia alert at 7:00 tonight. josh knight has a first look at the forecast.
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30's. we are almost there in rockville right now at 41 degrees at montgomery college. because the cloud cover is in place, it is tough for us to watch those numbers fall too much farther. what is on the way is rain that is starting to overtake areas to our west. fortunately for us, and not if you're ready first of snow, but that is up to the northwest, not an issue for our area. one thing you will see as you look closely, some of this peachy color, pink in elevations could see a little bit of a wintry mix on the ridge tops. around the d.c. area, not a problem. that rain starts to move in later this evening. if you have plans over the next three hours you should still be dry. temperatures are cool. in the low 40's. here is when the rain most in. 5:30 things are still pretty good at 6:30. when we get closer to 10:00, we start to see a few spotty
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best part -- 5:30 monday morning, everything on the other side of the bay. the rain will be a problem for your commute or getting the kids to the bus stop. cloudy start on monday morning. more sunshine and pretty nice throughout the afternoon. we are into the mid-50's. a big blast of cold air is on the way and a few more chances for snowflakes. we'll talk about it coming up. larry: you can get up-to-the-minute information about the weather in your neighborhood with stormwatch 7 weather app. play or apple. now to the latest on the deadly fire that broke out at a party in oakland, california, at a warehouse. the number is getting gimmer -- grimmer. at least 30 people have been confirmed dead, but it is likely more victims will be found. the majority of the building has not been searched.
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continues to rise, and authorities say they only searched 20% of the building. the maze of debris hindering their efforts. as you can imagine, family and friends who have not heard from love want are on pins and needles as the investigation continues. sunday morning, the agony setting in for family and friends who are desperate to hear from their loved ones. >> she's not answering her phone, he's not answering his phone. no one can get in contact with them. i tried calling. it is not like her tno reporter: most victims became trapped on the second floor, when the only way out -- a stairwell made of wooden palace was overtaken by flames. >> within the center of the building we found four victims and within 10 feet of those four we found six more. reporter: for the second day, authorities assisted to the rubble of the warehouse known as the ghost ship. a space illegally turned into artists studios and a virtual
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else to lose their lives that way, -- reporter: last month, authorities in oakland started an investigation after numerous complaints of trash and people living illegally in the building. on councilmember saying the owner needs to take responsibility. >> he owns the facility. he knows what the permit process is. he knows the fire coat or he knows with the building code i s. he was negligent. reporter: determined a cause and say the investigation and search efforts could go on for days. kellye: that fire in oakland on the minds of many today during a special celebration for one of the oldest fire stations in d.c. engine company 28 is celebrating 100 years. ryan hughes is live in northwest with that part of the story. ryan: you can see the date on the building behind me.
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piled inside to mark this milestone. the fire chief taking a moment to reflect and honor the lives that were lost in that horrific fire in oakland, california. ? bagpipes kicking off a centennial celebration. 100 years of continuous service for d.c. fire engine company 28. >> we were known as the wa back then. ryan: community members filling the firehouse and cleveland park on connecticut avenue. >> it is a beautiful house. hopefully it will last another 100 years. ryans: kids climbing aboard firetrucks and snapping photos but the fire chief taking a moment during the celebration to reflect on the horrifying recovery effort after that massive inferno in oakland, california. >> i think it is important to mention the events that happened in oakland and in cambridge over
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ryan: the death toll climbing after flames gutted a converted warehouse during a dance party friday. captain daniel dugan speaking on how to prevent something like this in d.c. >> it is all about inspections. you have got to get out and walk your buildings to find stuff like that. ryan: the chief says inspectors routinely check the clubs in the city and other buildings making sure they have the right permits and a hope never happens. >> everybody wants to have a good time, but at the end of the day, we want to make sure everybody goes back to their families. ryan: and a fire chief also offering up so that the to the families of the victims and the first responders. d.c. fire and ems sending thoughts and prayers to everyone involved. live in northwest, i'm ryan
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store clerk in spotsylvania county. david washington is being held without bond. investigators say surveillance video shows washington talking to a 54-year-old inside a sun oco on jefferson davis highway on saturday. washington attacks the clerk with a piece of wood. the clerk was pronounced dead at the scene. breaking news in the dispute over the dakota excess oil pipeline. engineers denied permits needed to build the pipeline under a reservoir connected to the missouri river. the interior secretary says the decision guarantees an in-depth evaluation of alternative routes. the standing rock tribe argues the pipeline threatens its water supply and cultural sites. a funeral was held today for former cuban leader fidel castro. his ashes were placed in a tomb
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mourning. after the government decided to ban coverage of the ceremony. coming up on abc 7, another sunday, another twitter attack from donald trump. we've got details of his latest
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diplomatic fallout from a call between the president-elect and the president of taiwan. till friday no u.s. leader has spoken with taiwan's president since 1979. the administration insists the call was innocent. >> i would say to our counterparts in china that this was, this was a moment of court esy. the president-elect talk to the
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same manner was not a discussion about policy. kellye: the president-elect is expected to name the remaining members of his cabinet this week. and mr. trump took to twitter this morning to make more threats against u.s. companies that move their operations out of the country. trump promise to lower taxes and a few or regulations on businesses for companies to stay. but he said the companies that move jobs outside the u.s. will not get the same benefit. the president-elect said he wants a 35% tax o n companies that fire employees and build factories in foreign countries. then sell products back to the u.s. take a break from hearing this sermon and be the sermon. that is the message from one arlington church to its members and the community. grace community church packed the job -- the thomas jefferson community center to put together 150,000 meals. it is called hunger to hope. >> these will go to kid somewhere in the world where
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maybe is an ongoing need are at unnatural disaster. kellye: about 10000 volunteers worked in two waves to get the meals completed. the church partnered with arlington county police to make the meals happen. coming up, get ready for a drop in the temperature tonight. how cold will it go?
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kellye: chilly temperatures and rain to contend with chilly. josh: the good news is a lesser commute starts around for the clock in the morning, we know -- we know that pretty well. for most folks the rain going to be long gone for the summer hit the roads. when you might have to deal with it will be tonight if you get
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to 11:00. let's run through what today looks like him aside from a little bit of sunshine in the morning, cloud for the rule for today. that rain finally starting to get a bit closer. still not coming down. temperatures around 45 degrees. with our light breeze, six miles an hour. it does feel a little bit cooler. once again, until 10:00, is when we expect the rai richmond, raining and roanoke and starting to work its way up the shenandoah new valley. -- the shenandoah valley. dry for the dmv. you can see a few showers and penalty county and west virginia and down farther to the south. still not an issue for us, once again, about four more hours. we put your futurecast into motion into pennsylvania a few snowflakes not out of the question. even into frederick county in
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outlay, going to be rain. here we are early tomorrow morning, 5:30, it is out of your for most folks getting to work, getting the kids to school, rain will not be a problem. by the afternoon, check this out. this is 3:00, sunshine for the majority of the area. overall, a nice afternoon tomorrow. we get into tuesday morning, here we are 7 a.m., starts out dry. it is the same thing farther off to the west and at the higher elevations, could see wintry problem but dealing with rain throughout the majority of the day. some of it on the heavier side, especially for that drive home tuesday. so, getting to work, getting to school tuesday is dry. but it is on the way home you're dealing with showers. for tomorrow, was again the rain is out of here early. cloudy skies for the morning rush, 39 degrees. we get the sunshine for lunchtime. partly cloudy, looking nicer, and all right to get out and about. make sure you have that jacket.
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be a fine evening, around 50. still, partly cloudy skies, sunset 4:46. your highs, about 48 in hagerstown but down towards fredericksburg, almost 60. the farther side you live, nicer afternoon. as the sun sets, the temperatures fall quickly. here is rain over the next few days. tonight is when the rain moves in. dry monday and monday night. your next chance is tuesday and it does look like we can pick up pp friday into saturday, highs in the 30's. here is how it looks. 60% chance for rain on tuesday. a few showers thursday. that is with the cold front that takes us into the 30's. as we head into next week, that is when we see our chance for a few snowflakes mixed in with rain as we get into monday and tuesday. a lot of uncertainty there. that is your early heads-up for some wet weather. kellye: a slow start for the redskins but they are pulling it out.
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john: excuse me. we will have an update on the redskins-cardinal farrell. plus, we are going to the zoo. ravens and dolphins. reaction from baltimore next in
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>> now toyota sports desk brought to you by your local toyota dealers. the redskins leave the cardinals 20-17. we will have highlights and postgame reaction at 11:00. meanwhile, the ravens play their best game of the season's against the miami dolphins. joe flacco on fire, throwing for four touchdowns. he connected twice with his favorite target who hasn't caught a touchdown passes 2013.
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>> december football is ravens football from start to finish, this was baltimore most complete performance of the season. remember coming in the dolphins were one of the hottest teams in the nfl, winner of half six straight games -- of six straight game. the ravens deliver a statement with the 38-6 victory. >> our leadership taking charge of the steam from a preparation standpoint. and just a focused and that's the result is i think the way we played. >> joe flacco went back to his elite status, completing a franchise record 36 passes for 381 yards. >> he was playing like out. we go as he goes. and so, when he does a great job, we all look better. >> i think the guys played really well together today. like i said, it was not super hard for me to sit back and find
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day. two touchdown. his first time visiting the end zone since december 8, 2013. >> you always want to get in the end zone. you go into every game thinking i want to score touchdown and help win. >> for the victory the ravens improved to 7-5, maintaining their spot atop the afc north. a big test awaits next week traveling to foxboro to face tom brady and the patriots on monday night football. robert: in college hoops, georgetown with the win over elon. it might have been too close to comfort. second half, hoyas up five. drains the three. 7.4 seconds to go, hoyas up three. elon actually has a chance to
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a shot. just dribble. georgetown survives. 77-74. and the college football playoffs is set. alabama will play washington in the peach bowl. and ohio state will play clemson in the fiesta bowl. it is hard to believe we are already talking about the final four in college football. i know.
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josh: rain moves in tonight. tomorrow afternoon is nice but keep the umbrella handy for
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kellye: we will be back here at
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