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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  December 5, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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that is why he armed himself. today the white house reacted to the fake news stories, the type of information put out online that allegedly motivated welch to take action yesterday. listen up. >> how people understand what is happening in the world is important to the functioning of our democracy. it is something that the next administration will have to spend time thinking about and working on as well. stephen: one of the pop yesterday said he was in the rear of comet ping pong. he heard three loud bangs and went back inside the restaurant. he confronted welch. welch space shuttle and waved the gun -- welch spun around an wavered the assault rifle at him. he called 911. it's because of this incident that welch faces the assault and the weapon charges. he was held without bond. he will be back in court this week. we will find out more about
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time we expect. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. alison: thank goodness no one was hurt. thank you so much. we are covering metro for you tonight. and a big milestone for underground cell service. today metro announced it launched wireness service on the blue, silver and the orange line between potomac avenue and the stadium armory station. this happened wednesday. so this only adds up to a pile of track but the -- up to a mile of first section with any service at all. at&t, t-mobile, sprint, verizon are all part of the initiative that has taken years to put in place. the redline between glen mont and silver spring is the next section scheduled to get the service. that should be in april. larry: another piece of puzzlele in the trump transition. president-elect naming ben carson as his choice to lead department of housing and urban development.
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hesitancy when he was talked about for the health and human services department. but no pick for secretary of state yet. steady stream of the nominee and the transition team members are coming and going at trump tower. tomorrow a local politician is set to walk through the lobby. abc7's sam ford tells us why mayor bowser requested a meeting with the president-elect. sam: hours after the upset win for the white house, muriel bose audience at the wilson building saying the d.c. residents were anxious, angry and hurting. the mayor's office requested and received a message with trump. in a statement, "tomorrow i will speak with the president-elect on how we can work together to continue washington, d.c.'s growth, saying d.c. statehood, infrastructure and public safety are among the topics she would like to discuss. told the news, some d.c. residents' faces registered what looked like surprise.
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percept of -- percept -- percent of the vote. >> i can't imagine he cares about anything in the district would say including the mayor. sam: bowser called some of trump's statement idiotic. she skipped the opening of the hotel last month. saying it was a campaign vent. at her news conference. >> i don't but i do hope and i said this previously and i do -- we have to take him at his word. he said he wants to bring nonsupporters in. sam: bowser says his call to fix infrastructure could benefit d.c. the meeting is scheduled for 11:00 tomorrow in new york. reporting from northwest washington, i'm sam ford, abc7
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interesting conversation. and to be continued. i'm just going to leave it at that. larry: that is former vice president al gore talking today as he departmented trump tower. initial reports he met with the president-elect daughter ivanka. as he left he said he spent most of time speaking with donald trump instead. alison: after more than five months of protests, and look at that, blizzard conditions in the last week. tonight protesters are celebrating a big victory in access pipeline. q mccray is in the newsroom now and he is monitoring the developing story. q, this decision came hours before the deadline, right, for the protesters to have to leave? q: that is exactly right, alison. time was of the essence in this case. this is a map from the builder's website showing the pipeline going through north dakota. it's 95% complete. that last 5% is right here in this area called "trenton." this is where the pipeline is
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missouri river and to the other side. yesterday's decision tells the builder it has to find another route. that started the celebration. the good news came sunday from the army corps of engineers. so did the cheers. construction of the controversial dakota access pipeline stopped. >> i guess we made it. [applause] q: for months, the sioux nation asked that the $3.7 billion project be sc support grew. as did the makeshift city. even celebrities slept in the cold to show solidarity. >> we have never known a time when nonnative american allies from around the country, around the world have come here in the dead of winter to stand with us. q: they are convinced the pipeline carrying crude oil under the missouri river would
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>> too much of a risk for the sacred sites all along the route in area. too much of a risk to us as a planet. q: energy partners responded saying it's a political move by the obama administration that won't stop the pipeline from going under the river. adding the latest decision changes nothing. with that, the celebrations could be short-lived. here is why it will be short-lived. the building, the builders are under the impression that trump's administration takes over, that yesterday's decision will be overturned, which mean the people that live in this camp are not going anywhere soon. we also found out that in the past, trump has invested with this builder. it is unclear if he still owns the shares. back to you. larry: thank you. tomorrow the city's police department is only going to let vehicles with even numbered license plates on the
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up around the city to try and stop any odd numbers that try to get through. public transportation will be free all day. the goal is to cut ein addition half and therefore cut down on pollution. alison: a new study in today's "journal nature climate change" wants to know if you are ready for rain, and a lot of it one day? the authors say extreme downpours like the ones that caused flooding in louisiana, houston, west virginia and locally in ellicott city this year will become by the end of the century. warmer air holds more moisture that could translate to more frequent downpours by the end of the century. and here and in the near future we have a chance for rain in the area tomorrow. larry: doug hill has the forecast. doug: chance of rain tomorrow is 100%. it is heavy at times but it will be rain. early in northerning when it starts north of west of
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brief period of sleet will fall with the rain. the surface temperatures are warm enough i don't think it will have any impact. the metro area has rain and rain rained. -- rain and rain. it will end tomorrow night. the clouds will increase. 45 by 9:00. on radar and satellite the rain is moving in our direction. the question is the timing. we think the temperatures will range from the 30's to 40 but the computer models suggest the leading edges of the rain will move in at the tail end of rush hour or slightly thereafter. quite a bit of rain is expected. up to an inch before it pulls out of here later tomorrow night. we will look ahead to the cold jolt coming toward the end of the week and the next ten days in about nine minutes. larry? larry: we'll talk to you then. new developments after a deadly fire at a california warehouse last friday. today crews started searching
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stop because -- an hour and a half ago after stopped because the building wasn't stable. we'll have a live report with the latest on the investigation 5:30. alison: the man accused of hitting a mother and baby in leesburg killing the 5 -month-old trial heads to trial next october. witnesses reported seeing miller on his cell phone before the crash. the jury trial is expected to larry: the man accused of visually killing a store clerk in spotsylvania county was arraigned in court today. the gas station is still closed. we are hearing from the clerk's family. his wife spoke to the colleague ryan hughes. >> he was an honor man. >> his wife struggling to understand why someone would viciously attack her husband and leave him for dead on the
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station. >> i don't know what to do with myself. i don't know. sometimes i just cry. i don't know. i don't know. i can't explain it. >> a memorial is growing outside the gas station in spotsylvania county. customers like dottie fox dropping off flowers today. the clerk was killed saturday morning after being attacked with a 2 x 2 piece of wood. stunned me. why would someone do that to him? he was a great person. >> 50-year-old david washington is charged with first-degree murder. he was arrested over the weekend after tips came pouring in when the police released this surveillance photo. police say the cameras show washington beating the clerk to death. the motive was robbery. >> i hope he gets the electric chair. i don't feel sorry for nobody like that. i hope gets the death penalty. >> geraldine angry after she
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for no reason. >> just thank god i have good neighbor and support. people calling me on the phone. >> he leaves behind three grown sons. the couple was set to celebrate its 12th wedding anniversary next week. now geraldine is forced to plan a funeral. ryan news, abc7 news. larry: well, you can track crime in your neighborhood using a spot crime map. you can find them at alison: still to come here at no one called 911 but it didn't take long for emergency crews to show up at this fire. find out how they found out. >> back at home, progress report on bei bei after the panda house reopened. >> you may have seen the outside of the new m.g.m. national harbor. coming up, for the first time, we will take you inside. alison: as we head to break, maybe grab yourself a glass of
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look what larry brought us. larry: thin mint for you.
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larry: back now with something to celebrate. 83 years ago on this date in history the 21st amendment was enacted to repeal prohibition on december 5,1933. congratulations. the liquor is sure to be flowing when the new casino opens. alison: it will be soon. look at the picture that brad tweeted from the lobby. way down here are the people. next to the structures. larry: huge! alison: incredible, ri larry: he joins us outside the building to share more of what he saw inside. hey, brad. brad: an amazing interior space. there is so much about the building that is extraordinary. this is a view that a lot of people have gotten. you see the decks that look like they are a cruise ship. that is the parking garage. up there on top, the huge area is a patio looking out on the potomac, alexandria and
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it is eye catching from the moment you walk in any of the entrances. it's big, glitzy and the general manager say it may be the crown jewel of the m.g.m. empire. >> every space i go in i say "wow!" we walk around in amazement. brad: ben you enter the hotel, the first thing you see is this. they call it conservatory. it's decorated for the holidays. it's huge. to get an idea of scale, look from where they stand, the people can walk into restaurants created by celebrity chefs or enter the 3,000-seat theater to catch a show. of course; there is an entrance to the casino. as big as any in vegas and unlike any casinos, this one has views. up and down the potomac. >> we're so excited as a company to show everybody what we built. brad: it brings 3,900 new permanent jobs. executive chef jason johnston says they hired local.
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>> all of the cooks, the stewards, back of the house people, service staff. brad: the m.g.m. opens thursday night at 11:00 p.m. everybody here says they're ready. an awful lot of work still going on inside the facility and outside as well. one of the concerns is traffic. tomorrow we look at the command center they have set up to keep everybody flowing smoothly around the massive complex. at national harbor, brad bell, alison: thank you very much. check out the photo gallery from inside the casino. that is at stick with us all week. we have reports what you can expect from traffic and security in the area before it opens up on thursday night. >> we were at national harbor for the toys for to thes event.
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doug: the holiday take rations are beautiful. if the weather did not get you in the holiday spirit, you will feel that way. let's look at the view of the sky. it's 49 degrees right now. through the day, heavy cloudiness this morning broke up through the mid-morning. the sun was out. beautiful day. most areas climbing in the we have seasonal numbers. overnight the temperatures will drop more. by tomorrow morning the southern zone will see the temperatures in the 30's. manassas is 32 degrees early tomorrow morning. farther west and the colder part of viewing area, 33 in front royal. 32 in woodstock. luray at 33 in the morning. 36 in orange.
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with the temperatures in the 30's, you think could it be snow or ice? precipitation comes in tomorrow morning. what we see, go back one the show it again it will come in tomorrow morning. this is rain. it will be cloudy and dry. by recess, dismissal time, do homework time and watc highs about 44 degrees. that is it. a cold day. the cloudy skies overspread the area and we have cold air out of the northeast to combine with the approaching moisture. some of the areas of rain is moderate to heavy at times. 9:30 in the morning. by midday, everybody is in the rain. this doesn't mean that this is
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the broader system coming through there will be element of the heavier rain. the heaviest is going to shift south and east. by 7:00 tomorrow night the winds coming out of the east. it's a raw day. the skies will clear overnight to wednesday morning. wednesday looks nicer and the temperatures near 50 degrees. rainfall, we need it. we are way down in the rainfall totals since the 1st of september. it is going to whittle away a little in the deficit of washington. we are 5.88 inches below no washington dulles. we are doing better at b.w.i. thurgood marshall. 100% chance of rain tomorrow. wednesday, back to 50. 46 for the day on thursday. friday looks like we will be breezy. the temperatures are going to be just about 38 degrees on friday. with wind chills 32.
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for a holiday bonus gift for you three extra days at no extra charge. you just pave for the shipping and the handling. >> i want free shipping. doug: you got that. temperatures in the upper 40's. it's chilly. larry: this year's oscar broadcast is getting a late night boost. alison: we'll explain that. and the big impact this orange scarf is having. tour of the community health center in alexandria. and talks about the challenges facing the affordable care act. i'm cheryl conner with the story coming up. larry: but first a look at what is coming up tonight on abc7. >> hello. i'm first sergeant henry french.
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stronger is rebuilding a newborn's heart... and restoring a father's faith.
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stronger is seeking answers and not giving up until you find them. because we don't just want kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger. with your support, we can find more answers faster. make a gift today at larry: "7 on your side" with health matters. today a disappointing report from c.d.c. about fighting the bissest health threat. today the agency issued a frank self-assessment on what it calls winnable battles against obesity, smoking, food poisoning and infections spread in hospital. the c.d.c. says it has made progress cutting cigarette smoking and teen pregnancy rates but the number of
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toddlers and the older children who are obese in the u.s. alison: tonight the clock is ticking on the affordable care act, of course. that's because president-elect donald trump says repealing the plan is one of his top priorities since he takes office. cheryl conner takes a look at some of the upcoming challenges for the health plan. cheryl: off the campaign trail now, virginia senator tim kaine is spending time at neighborhood health in alexandria, learning about the clinic that treats those >> no one can figure it out. cheryl: he listened to stories from patience and employees. >> they are happy that they have access to healthcare. cheryl: the access is what allows saed to show up for the first time. he works part-time and has no health insurance. >> make some money and then go to the doctors. cheryl: senator kaine is pushing to keep the affordable care act, what is also known as "obamacare" available for 20 million people who have the
5:26 pm
cheryl: president-elect donald trump said he will work with republicans in congress to amend the program or replace it. senator kaine admits obamacare needs some work. >> prices of prescription drugs, there is work to do on that. some of the premium increases, there is work to do on that. cheryl: 60% of the patients treated here at neighborhood health are uninsured. dr. khan says without the affordable care act patients may not be able to see a specialist. a cardiologist. medicine might be more expensive for them. cheryl: these are stories that senator kaine will share with the colleagues. >> we should work on fixing and improving rather than destroy with no replacement in sight. cheryl: cheryl conner, abc7 news. larry: tomorrow the d.c. council will hold the first vote on paid family leave. if it passes it would be the most generous benefit of its kind in the country to get up to 11 weeks of paid leave for
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alison: coming up at 5:00 -- well, find out why the panda won't be taking the little girl up on the offer of an animal cracker at the national zoo. larry: a bit later, it's not every day you see a massive gun on the side of the road. why this one tied up traffic on i-95 for hours this morning. alison: but first, today's setback in the investigation in the deadly fire at a party
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so, mr. harris, we have your fingerprints on the safe.
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so, what are we supposed to think? switching to geico could save you a bunch of money on car insurance. excellent point. case dismissed. geico. because saving fifteen percent or more on car insurance woo! because saving fifteen percent or more on car insurance
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larry: crews say they searched 70% of what is left of an oakland warehouse after a neir late friday night. these are a few of the 36 people who died and the recovery crews say they expect we are live from oakland with new information in the investigation. we are waiting for more information. they had to stop down the works for the safety concerns
5:31 pm
some are artists. others musicians and they all couldn't escape a deadly inferno. >> the reality is beginning to set in. >> dozens are confirmed dead. >> we are no closer to finding a cause. we believe that the number of the fire fatalities will increase. this is known as the ghost ship. there is no evidence of >> got out the building. i saw smoke and flames coming out the doors and the windows. the dance party, one of many operating without a permit men the deadly inferno engulfed the warehouse. one had to leave his friend behind. >> the fire was getting so
5:32 pm
>> it could take weeks to identify those killed. they are asking them to save tooth brushes and hair brushes to for d.n.a. comparison. >> it breaks your heart. >> the youngest victim is 17 years old. released a statement from president obama to send thoughts and prayers to the city in oakland to lament the young lives that were lost on friday. larry: it's so tragic. alison: checking our top stories, the man charged with killing a gas station attendant was arraigned. washington arraigned for murder. the 54-year-old was booten with a piece of wood -- beaten
5:33 pm
station. larry: the man who fired shots at a northwest d.c. pizzeria appeared in court and will be held without bond until thursday. edgar welch told officers he was investigating the conspiracy theory that hillary clinton ran child sex trafficking operation out of "pizza gate." no one was hurt. alison: d.c. mayor muriel bowser will meet with president-elect donald trump tomorrow in new york. bowser requested the meeting to discuss d.c. statehood, infrastructure, and education. the mayor has not spoken to ceremonial ground breaking of the trump hotel at the post office in 2014. sam ford will head to new york city tomorrow to tell us more about the meeting. larry: new developments from the national zoo. panda cub bei bei is back in front of his fans. this is the first time he has been on display since the surgery last month to remove massive bamboo from the intestine. he is still recovering and will be monitored 24/7 and
5:34 pm
that is soy biscuits, apples and sweet potatoes. alison: safety and fashion? looking out for a deer. alison: take a look. someone put an orange scarf or the four-legged friend. the hunter recognized sign for don't shoot. it worked. a deer hunter said no matter how close he got, he couldn't pull the trigger. >> i don't know how anyone could have shot the deer. >> keep your h make sure people see the orange. alison: the young deer was friendly and comfortable around people. has an angel watching over him. larry: absolutely. he looked good, too. it's his color. alison: very stylish. larry: great story. we still want to take a moment to thank all of you who came out saturday to donate to the toys for tots drive at the national harbor. it was such a big success. thanks to you. you helped make a lot of
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if you didn't make it, that's okay. you can still drop off a new unwrapped toy at the studio in arlington or you can order online and have it shipped to us. all the information you need is on the website at again, thank you. alison: we had a great time out there. a little cold. but a lot of fun. a lot of toys. all right. still ahead at 5:00 -- >> a local county is handing out yellow brace eths -- bracelets. i'm kevi q: have you seen this man? he wanted for scamming people out of their prize possessions. next. larry: ahead at 6:00, a bizarre sight.
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steve: all right. it is only monday we are always looking forward to the upcoming weekend.
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weekend. i will be cold out there. christmas parade, leesburg, 6:00 on saturday. you will want to bundle up. hats and gloves and scarves. the temperatures will start off in the middle 30's. by the time everything winds on down, just below that freezing mark, so definitely cold, cold air on the way for the weekend. saturday's high makes it to the upper 30's. a little warmer on sunday. 42 degrees with added clouds. take you out to look at the ten-day stormwatch7. 50 tomorrow, middle 50's on thursday. coder on friday and saturday -- colder on friday and saturday. back to lower 50's monday and tuesday next week and then we drop back to 40's for the middle of next week. "abc7 news at 5:00" continues
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q: welcome to "7 on your side" fighting back wall of justice. i'm q mccray. we have five fugitives on the wall. one is accused of swipeddalling people who trusted him -- swindling people who trusted him. george duped people out of their jewelry. george khedid led them to believe he would sell it for them and never dead. he is wanted for fraud. the prince george's county police want westfield for
5:40 pm
and perez for aggravated sexual battery and indecent liberties. the metropolitan police department is looking for daws and daniel daws for burglary one. let's put the wall of justice in motion. it's on jojo dawes. they say he burst into the home of an acquaintance and stole money and jewelry. >> they forced entry in residence. he introduced a handgun and pistol whipped the victim. q: he is 38, 6'2'' and 205 pounds and wanted burglary one. if you have any information, contact the metropolitan police department. remember ford from last week? he was arrested.
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crime newsletter at larry: time to panic, redskins fans? erin hawksworth has the latest on the loss to the cardinals. alison: but first, a rude awakening in a neighborhood.
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larry: a terrifying wakeup call. nine people including two young girls runs out of the home after the house next to theirs went up in frames. we look at why the unlikely way that 911 found out about it. >> heavy fire in basement, the first floor, the second floor. >> look at the flames shooting out of the row house. the home was under renovation and recently gutted which is why fire officials believe the structure acted like a chimney flue. >> it smelled like something was burning. i jumped up. i turned on the light and i saw a spot of smoke. >> they were forced to fight
5:45 pm
where nine people in three units were sleeping. >> my first reaction was to get my family out. especially my granddaughters. my wife and my two dogs as well. >> the home next door has been vacant for years. this neighborhood said the smoke alarms chirp but her home down the street was already filled with smoke. >> i just saw gray and orange. we got up, got the kids up. >> the deputy chief on the scene says it wasn't a 911 call from a neighbor that notified them about the massive fire. it was an ambulance that happened to be driving by at the very moment. >> it's very rare that the fire would engulf that much before it was noticedded. john: a firefighter suffered minor burns. the cause of the early morning fire is still under investigation. in northwest washington, john gonzalez, abc7 news.
5:46 pm
into what caused a crash involving a military truck and a tractor trailer. this is year quantico. this was 6:00 a.m. on 95 southbound. you can see right there the military vehicle flipped over. it was fuel that had to be cleaned up. the road was closed for several hours. there is no word on a causing or extent of the injuries from the crash. larry: in 45 minutes, virginia department of transportation will hold another public meeting on plans to wie i-66 inside beltway. it starts at 6:30 at washington lee high school in the cafeteria in school on north stafford street. now if you are more the two-wheel kind of person, ddot opened a 3-dot capital pike share station in the district today. it's at intersection of 22nd and constitution avenue in northwest. more than 400 bike share stations all across the d.m.v. alison: whether you are biking or driving, let's see how the
5:47 pm
watch. jamie: 66 is a rough ride. of course, we heard 66. planning inside the beltway. look here and get a good idea. there is a crash at route 29 in centreville. this is just before the point. this just shows you how jammed we are with the crash. other than that accident, we just have slowing. capital beltway not bad through prince george's county. the heaviest area outer loop to alexandria. inner loop north from tysons to maryland. outer lo heavy heading south toward tysons as well. 395. so leaving the city in just under 30 minutes from the 14th street bridge to the mixing bowl. and then heading inbound take a look at the volume we have here raz we continue across the case bridge to get on the southeast/southwest freeway. the northwest corner single digits heading inbound. north closer to the g.w. parkway. you can see how much volume we have here. this continues to wrap around near bradley boulevard.
5:48 pm
this evening. that is a look at traffic. back to you. larry: thanks. the first result from the recount effort underway in the presidential election. peck,s long agree that lore speeds make for safer -- lower speeds make for safer roads so why are police opposing a plan to lower the speed limit? also who is now house hunting in the area and what it could mean for the incoming trump administration? that's coming up at 6:00. alison: a little more than two months away and the s jimmy kimmel will emcee the 89th annual academy awards. this comes after two successful years hosting the emmys. you can see the oscars february 26 right here on abc7. larry: well, kimmel is well-known for the late night show here on abc7. this friday night he will host the cast from "rogue one: a star wars story." you can be one of the first to
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for free. watch us all morning long, "good morning washington" for your chance to win a ticket to screening on wednesday. at the silver spring regal. we have more tickets tomorrow. i'll be awake. why don't you be awake? alison: are they taking you as a guest to the movie? larry: i'm waiting for the call. 14th, my calendar is clear. alison: let's find out how the weather is shaping up. it sounds like sleet larry: yeah. doug: if you are well north and west of washington, the future in the metro area, not so much. we have rain, cold rain coming our way. but tomorrow, hagerstown area, frederick, north and west of there. maybe sleet briefly. a rainy tuesday all across the region. 49 in aspen hill. 47 in herndon. largo is 47. same in waldorf. 51 in the nation's capital. through the overnight hours the clouds will continue to
5:50 pm
northeasterly winds at 5 miles per hour. the latest image of the satellite and the radar shows push and the leading edge of rain over north carolina to the metro charlotte. northwest to asheville, moving in overnight. it looks as though the leading edge of the rain will get in the metro area, most of the viewing area in the mid-morning hours tomorrow. if you look above the word "rain" you can see purple areas. that is where the computer model says the best chance of sleet pelts couldb all rain in the viewing area. it will be heavy at times and it will move out. 7:30 to 8:30 tomorrow night. clearing will follow tomorrow night and overnight to wednesday morning. wednesday is bright and sunny near 50. wait. another strong cold front comes in. the coldest of the season. strongest one that will lead to a different weather pattern here by the end of the weak. with the front, a few showers are possible thursday and 46. sunny, breezy. 38. with the wind chills lower than that friday.
5:51 pm
with a chance of showers on monday and cool weather through the middle of next week. that is the latest. back to you. alison: okay. doug, thank you. larry: well -- robert: take a deep breath. alison: are people panicking? robert: four games left. winnable games. jay gruden was upset. we'll talk about that later. a loss to cardinals last night. it hurt. but there is still hope for the playoffs. now on the redskins will make the playoffs? go to so far no has the lead. erin hawksworth got reaction to last night's loss. erin: welcome to misery monday. >> who are you calling in the office for the q&a the day after the worst loss of the season. erin: the phone lines were
5:52 pm
send it to triple-a. erin: redskins fans needed to vent. >> think it's ridiculous that joe barry seems to unable to dial up blitzes or mask deficiencies in the defense. >> they got hot. they had a nice stretch. that's over. erin: danny puts his perspective on it. >> some of the stuff apt the fan overreacting, i'm one of them. i'm over here. like it's about me. like i feel sor erin: but losing to arizona the way they did makes it hurt. >> it felt like we turned a corner, talking about the redskins and then the rug pulled from underneath us. a lot of fans are disappointing. erin: while the redskins have made progress, they are not quite there yet. >> when you need a stop, you can't get them. you are the worst in the league on third down. you are worst in league on third and long. the defensive line is probably not the best. we need upgrades.
5:53 pm
sports. robert: yeah, that loss hurt. jay gruden yelling at the players after the game. we talk about that. he explains next. larry: not blown out. they were blown out in week one but in every game, both cowboys games, last night's game. robert: that is why it hurt so bad. because with were right there. larry: they could be 10-2 now. robert: they should be. the worst thing, every redskins fan now. larry: i feel your pain. alison: still to come tonight, scientists may have a new clue in the origins of dementia. >> plus, what a local county is doing to battle the
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larry: "7 on your side" with health matters. a new study showing connection
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they found reduced brain sizes in people taking the drugs for allergy relief and sleep problems. participants performed worse on the short-term memory, verbal reasoning and problem-solving tests. montgomery county says on average its residents are older than every other jurisdiction in the area. of course with age comes ail meants including dementia as well. montgomery county reporter kevin lewis explains how officials are battling the >> the montgomery county police are in this for the long haul. kevin: as life expectancy grow, montgomery county is determined to ease the effects of dementia. the world health organization reports 47.5 million people worldwide currently have the disorder. by 2050 it is expected to triple to 135 million. county executive ike leggett's own sister died from it last
5:58 pm
devastating challenges we have in the society. kevin: montgomery county provides information cards that can go on a refrigerator to help first-responders pin point dementia patient's medical history. the county offers bright yellow bracelets if a resident with dementia gets lost, passerbys know who they are and where they live. this man's late wife benefited from the bracelet numerous times. >> i think it's important from the police. we found your wife. she is at the general hospital. listed as john doe. kevin: this winter, montgomery county fair will train all 2,700 firefighters and paramedics about how to stop signs of dementia, plus treat those with it as police expand their public announcement efforts. >> quality of life for those living with dementia is at the core of the mission to protect
5:59 pm
kevin lewis. abc7 news. announcer: this has been a abc7 news breaking news alert. we now rejoin regularly scheduled programming. jonathan: we start with breaking news at 6:00. the man who opened fire inside a d.c. restaurant claimed he was on a mission to rescue child sex slaves is now being held without bond. this case surrounding edgar welch. and what happened inside comet ping pong is shining a light on fake news story and online conspiracies. stepn live from court. what happened inside the court today? stephen: well, edgar welch appeared before a judge. he was held without bond. we also learn that prosecutors maintain welch told investigators he was motivated by reading about "pizza gate." a fake news story online. 28-year-old edgar welch appeared shackled and stood
6:00 pm
speaking while facing a judge. he allegedly walked in the comet ping pong yesterday intent to rescue child sex slaves. universities say he told them -- investigators says he told them he drove to washington after reading a story online about "pizza gate." it's a fake news story circulated in the presidential campaign alleging a link between hillary clinton and child sex ring run out of comet ping pong. >> they're lying. what people are saying. you know, it's not the truth. >> a restaurant employ the restaurant when he heard three loud bangs. he ran back in to comet ping pong and saw welch. welch wavered an assault rifle at -- welch waved an assault rifle at him. prosecutors claim welch fired three times in the restaurant. everyone got out safely. the charges also state that welch told investigators he had an assault rifle and a handgun on him. now as far as the fake news


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