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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  December 6, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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noon," on your side. melanie: we are on storm watch today. showers on and off this noon hour. doug hill has a look at when we can expect the heaviest rain. doug: the heaviest rain will come in through the rush-hour and later tonight when the system pulls away. 39 degrees, live in bethesda at congressional country club.
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low-to-mid 40's. again for the rush, 3:00 to 7:00, the heaviest impact with the rain, an inch. heavier development's to the south and west. this will to the northeast tonight, and that will fit in with our timing of heavier rain. the computer outlook uses air temperatures to indicate some icy possibilities at the higher elevations. we checked surface conditions, d some flex mixed -- some flakes mixed in with freezing rain. it is a large picture. as it moves out of the picture, the rain will in end. we will get a nice day tomorrow, but than the bottom will fall that a cold blasts on friday. melanie: thanks, doug. d.c. mayor muriel bowser just left a meeting with president-elect donald trump at trump tower. that meeting came at mayor bowser's request.
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city and has more on this meeting. sam, what do we know? sam: melanie, we are in front of trump tower. this was the theme of the that's this was the scene of the mayor pause meeting with donald trump. it started just about an hour ago. i think he came down about 11:45, so she was up there about 45 minutes. i do not know how long the meeting took place. according to her press secretary, she rode up to new york this from d.c. and arrived at trump tower with her aides and security detail at about 10 minutes before her scheduled meeting. the mayor is the one who requested the meeting and said she wanted to talk about issues such as d.c.'s growth, infrastructure, and she stated -- in d.c. statehood, although we are not sure she talked about that.
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president knows we are not a federal agency, that we are not dependent on the federal government for funds, that we have a $13 billion budget that we do not get any more from the federal government than any state, only the things that support our activities to support all goals of protecting the president and the like. sam: she welcome donald trump to washington, d.c., because that is what they do for all presidents. he did not exactly get a lot of votes in d.c., about 4% of the vote going to trump. more than 90% went to hillary clinton. nevertheless, in the democratic city, there have been a number of republican presidents, and they seem to enjoy it quite well. she said specifically -- we asked her, did she talk about statehood? she said she talked about d.c.
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making d.c. the 51st state. we will have an interview with her this afternoon and we will have more of that coming up for you on abc 7 news at four clock, 5:00, at at 4:00, 5:00, and 6:00. melanie: president-elect trump tweeted this morning that the boeing connection to air force one should be canceled because of the high price tag. mr. trump: it is totally out of control. it is going to the air force one program. i think it is ridiculous. boeing is doing a little bit of a number. melanie: boeing was selected as the manufacturer in january 2015. the boeing 747 8 was the only plane made in the u.s. that could meet the requirements for the presidential aircraft while being consistent with the national public interest, according to deborah lee james.
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shows total trump's ratings significantly improving since he won the election. 1000 voters were surveyed last week nationwide. 45% have a favorable opinion of the president-elect. in the last poll, taken october, only 36% had a favorable view, 61% with a negative opinion. the margin of error for the poll is 3.1%. what roads make we will see how traffic is moving with jamie sullivan. jamie: of course you can see that just behind me. you are exactly right. it is going to be a wet commute this afternoon as well as this evening. this is 95 through dale city. you are in great shape. turn your headlights on. not all of these cars have that. we need that when it is raining. no cruise control throughout the day.
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it is just volume. a little bit of midday roadwork we have, the third street tunnel, that may slow you down a little bit. as we take a live look in silver spring, right near wayne avenue and fenton street, you get a good idea of some of those puddles in the road. please be careful. melanie: thank you so much, jamie. the mgm casino at national harbor opens its doors in just don't code days -- in just two expected to go in and out every day, creating a lot more traffic in the area. sam sweeney is live with an exclusive look inside the national harbor traffic control center. sam: mgm spent about a billion dollars to grab your attention, and now they have to get you into the casino and back home. it all starts right here. this is the traffic command center, the nerve center, where
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all of these monitors monitor more than 1000 cameras all across the property. this computer right over here actually changes the traffic lights with a simple click. the prince george's county police chief has been planning for this time for about two years. he has even gone out to las vegas to study how they work the casinos, and the traffic on the crime out there. he has brought it back home, and now he says it is showtime. >> improvements are complete. but as long as traffic continues to move, we do not have congestion, we have to avoid backups on the major highways. sam: in total, they spend more than $10 million to help mitigate this traffic nightmare, expanding lanes, making more exits. but don't be full, there will still be more than 180,000 cars coming in every single week, so
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water taxi from alexandria, it would help everybody out. group from inside the traffic command center at national harbor, i am sam sweeney. melanie: comet ping pong pizza will reopen tonight at 5:00 after a north carolina man went into the place with a gun after reading a fake news article. john gonzalez has the latest on this bizarre story. john: pizza -- comet ping pong pizza is scheduled to reopen amid an fbi investigation, but take a look at all the love and support folks are showing, with his very the pizzeria. you got a lot of flowers and signs. the north carolina man who allegedly fired an assault rifle inside this restaurant is being held without bond. 28-year-old edgar welch faced a
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intense standoff with police on sunday. police say they found two guns at the scene and a third inside welch's car in what has been dubbed pizza gate -- as a result of what has been dubbed pizza gate, an online story about hillary clinton and an online child sex trafficking ring. he believed the illicit run was being run out of comet ping pong pizza. calls fake news online. no one was injured, but welch has been charged with assault with a dangerous weapon, possession of an unregistered firearm, and distraction of property. the community is now banding together behind comet ping pong pizza, taking to social media, asking everyone to come wine and dying here on friday and to tip well. in northwest washington, john gonzalez. back to you inside.
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there is increased security in los angeles this afternoon after the fbi received a test that a terror attack was planned for that city's rail system here the threat came from overseas. although it has not been confirmed, authorities say they are taking no chances. one station was mentioned in the threat, adjacent with restaurants, clubs, and other entertainment. the ellie mae or is urging people to stick security in the city. around here there was a brief scare at an elementary school in northwest d.c. when raccoons ran wild inside. the humane rescue alliance said three raccoons ran through shepherd elementary school through an open window. two were captured. the third got out through a window, which is how they also probably got in. the two that were captured were
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the school kids. coming up on abc 7 news at noon -- a vre train slams into an suv in stafford county. it delayed commuters for hours. we will get a look at what caused that crash. and then the search for answers continues in california and one of oakland's deadliest building fires on record. we will have the latest on the investigation. we are in for a chilly, rainy day.
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?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? announcer: you are watching "abc 7 news at noon," on your side. melanie: virginia railway
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road and arkendale road in stafford county. suzanne kennedy has details. suzanne: we are in stafford county this morning, where at arkendale road and brent point road -- as you see behind me, you can see that the virginia railway express train 304 is stop on the tracks. it was at this crossing when a truck stalled on the track. were able to get out, but the train was unable to miss hitting the vehicle. >> we found that they got lost leaving the ark and ill area, made a wrong -- making that leaving the arkendale road area. they were able to leave the vehicle and were subsequently struck. suzanne: the train has been here until about 6:00 this morning. they will offload all the
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where they boarded. the train is about to head off. these people have been on this train for about 2, 2 point five hours. they are heading back to the station so they can get off of it. no injuries in the situation in stafford county. back to you. melanie: we can see suzanne has an umbrella up, so that is what you need today, doug. doug: definitely. it is chilly rain, but no ice or after 3:00. melanie: difficult for the afternoon commute. doug: let's look at conditions around the area. a couple of rainfall reports so far. a quarter of an inch reported in haymarket, where it is 37 degrees. 38 degrees is the current report out of ashburn. manassas, two inches.
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the low 40's. the key will be the developing rain around 3:00. we have live doppler. a steady area of rain across the area. there is, however, across southwestern virginia, a much larger area. it is not even that far southwest. it is moving out of the area of charlottesville, fredericksburg. we will see more of these elements of heavier downpours coming this afternoon. by the time the rain ends late tonight, little bit more in some spots. this is time lapse to 5:30. areas of yellow and orange show heavier downpours, from richmond to fredericksburg, to washington, to baltimore at the height of rush hour. we do see some signs that later this evening, most of the range of talk to the ease by 9:00 to 10:00 tonight. clearer skies developing tomorrow, already showing up in
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50 degrees or so. rainfall totals, somewhere between six to an inch of rain -- between six inches -- between the inches to an age of rain. we look out to the next 10 days, a little bit cooler on thursday with a cold front. friday and saturday, very cold with the arctic air moving through. by sunday we hit early next week it looks as though we will have temperatures kind of do a roller coaster monday, tuesday, and wednesday. by the end of next week, we could see a colder air mass, or want equally as cold as the one moving in this weekend. so a little reminder that winter is on the way. melanie: you are so right about the temperatures up and down one day to the next. but we are not in the 60's anymore. doug: we will take it.
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with the checkout lines. sounds like a dream come true, right?
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>> my name is sergeant major jimmy nugent. i just want to wish my family and friends merry christmas and happy new year. i hope to see you also in. -- i hope to see you all soon. melanie: the search continues in oakland, california, as agencies sift through the wreckage of one of the deadliest building fires
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people. abc's lauren lyster has more from oakland. lauren today investigators combed this charred warehouse of what sparked the friday night blaze. >> we are going to continue to process until absolutely every piece of debris is removed from this building, every area has been searched. lauren: with three dozen bodies recovered, most of the victims in their 20's and 30's, district attorney is working on a criminal probe. >> when you look inside the warehouse, there is no question something was not right. lauren: investigators are piecing together how several dozen people are living as this colony known as the ghost ship. >> it was a death trap. lauren: they lacked the proper permit for residential living.
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one person said he never felt unsafe, spending $750 to live there. >> we did not have a sprinkle or system. lauren: now the landlord of the building is coming under scrutiny. speaking at abc station kgo. >> they are my friends, my family. lauren: we are hearing concerns in the bay area about more places like this o c least 200 other warehouses in this city that are not up to code. lauren lister, abc news, oakland. melanie: the police officer accused of killing a black man is free today. the jury could not agree after four days of deliberation. the video of the officer shooting walter scott as he was running away when viral, and his
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fighting. >> i don't care what the man says. i don't care how it looks. it is not over. you all hear me? it is not over. until god says it is over. melanie: in a statement, the prosecutor says they will try's slager again. a grocery store with no checkout lines? sounds like a dream. amazon brick-and-mortar store where it sells groceries and premade meals. shoppers can grab whatever they want after going to an app, and then exiting the store when they are done. it tracks purchases using computer vision and advanced sensor technology. the first store is in seattle, now open to only amazon employees. but the public can stop that can start shopping at amazon go stores next year.
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?? ?? ?? melanie: a viral video that is circulating the internet gives new meaning to having a dog fight. have you seen this yet? it happened in australia during a hunting trip. amen saw that his dog was caught in a headlock by -- a man saw that his dog was caught in a
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and punches him right in the face. that video has caused mix reactions. dr. the kangaroo. kangaroos are beautiful. >> i don't think he heard the kangaroo. >> it turns out he needed to protect his dog. melanie: the zoo is reviewing the incident and will consider any appropriate actions. what do you think, doug acca if he had your dog, would you be punching him ith i am not a kangaroo expert. but that kangaroo could have killed him. in australia -- -- next time in australia -- rain today and more this afternoon. the rush-hour, heavy downpours. we wil see sunshine this afternoon. melanie: have a great day,
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>> this show has had a lot of amazing moments over the past 15 years. will today be another one for the highlight reel? let's find out. this is "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ? ? welcome to the show. are you guys ready to play "millionaire" today? our returning contestant started reading dictionaries and encyclopedias when he was only two years old. what took him so long? and he is in the middle of a great game right now. from newark, california, please welcome back michael rankins. [cheers and applause] michael. good to see you, buddy. [cheers and applause] ? ? [applause] come on. come on. two years old, you're reading?


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