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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  December 15, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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10 in fredericksburg. temperatures this evening will hold in the 20's. single digit wind will hold in e 20's. at the wind is still gusting 10 to 20 miles per hour out of the north and west. temperatures will be cold enough, ranging from 12 to 18 degrees across the region. the wind will still be gusting enough to put the chills in the single-digit. of the wind will diminish. of the attention shifts off to the west. in it kind of comes up a little bit to the day tomorrow. no big deal. watch goesnter storm into effect for parts of west virginia and maybe quarter to a half inch of ice. impacts for a brief
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period. when you step outside, it hits you. the wind and cold air. there is no escape unless you duck inside. jeff goldberg has been around town today. is this a preview of winter? allison. very popular, we really wanted to get the brunt of the wind so we came out here to the key bridge between virginia and d.c.. we got exactly what we asked for. the wind whipping down the potomac river. we sayeth not the heat it's the humidity and today we say it's not the cold, it's the wind. winds are serious. it is considered the happiest time of the year. >> it's a bit nippy out here. but an old town
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>> you can feel the wind swaying you so you have to be careful. it is no match for a wind whipping up why caps on the potomac. across and down the river, windy, cold, beautiful, baron. if there was ever a day you wanted the national mall to yourself, today is that day. >> we've got to keep moving. even santa is struggling to keep his balance through all this mighty wind. >> not just one big coat. jeff:
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for the weather and for a few grumpy employees. >> they don't like it at all. this guys killing me. jeff: also, 10 of those workers were sent home today because they are the individuals that put up the glass high up in the skyscraper. toowith this wind, it was dangerous to keep them on the job. nothing too serious. alison: thank you for your hard work and the photographer, brian. it could be worse. he ended up having to leave their cars. they had theirs out west.
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impossible to travel by road. all of these cars just left overnight. oregon does not use salt on this road. bundling up in the twin cities, it might be balmy here to there. the wenzhou about 20 below. you see the piles up in their last snow. it is possible tomorrow. despite the frigid temps, star wars fans are lining up coast-to-coast. would you wait in these conditions? and yes, the force is strong in me. at the town theater in northwest, camping out right now. >> you know when you see your own breath, it is
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outside. >> it has been slippery out here in these subzero temperatures. how are you holding up? >> wit -- just ready to get in. >> is it worth it? >> we have been camping out to every star wars movie going back to 99. the last 20 years, this is john snyder. i will ask you, one of the issues is the wind. >> what are you doing to try to keep warm?
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>> one last question for you. stille plenty of tickets available for the 7:00 showing. >> i want the best seat in the house. worth it and tradition going back years. that is the latest year. back to you guys. larry: stay with the stormwatch 7 weather team to matter where you go. you can download it from google play and the app store. theon: accountability after church derailment. some employees fired over that incident. >> we are learning what is to brame -- to blame. all.en has it
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>> a lot of passengers are talking about this station. closing at midnight on weekends last may. years,least the next two these gates will be shutting down earlier every night of the week. >> it means more time for repair work, less for writers. as of july 1, monday through thursday, 5 a.m. to 1 a.m.. and sunday 8 a.m. to 11 a.m.. no more 3:00 a.m. trips. little back and play a -- pay a little extra. >> it came with more troubling things about metro safety. and an investigation into the
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falsified inspection reports. this profit the firing of track inspectors. >> they did not follow proper protocol. >> power to the third rail is still on. >> what happened at twinbrook this week. it was the uncoupling of a train. it stems from improper manual operation. them talking about half of the inspectors, 16 others are facing possible termination or disciplinary actions.
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the falsification of reports, that was handed off to prosecutors for review. today, relatively quiet. he did announce his pick for secretary of the interior. donald trump's response to multiple reports of russian hacking leading up to the election. scott is live at the capitol bureau where it is a political issue between the outgoing and incoming administration. >> no love lost between these two sides. doubling downe saying that donald trump had some sort of knowledge of what was taking place. and wasrmation went out damaging to hillary clinton. donald trump tweeted out his response.
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claims, saying why is this now such big news? adding that this is really only coming to the surface because hillary clinton lost. at the same time, intelligence agencies believe this is something that was approved at the highest levels. alleging that vladimir putin himself may have directed some of this process. we have not heard from him but he's on the road in japan right now. the foreign minister has spoken out and calls these accusations silly, saying that russia was dumbstruck by this. looking for a way out, is there a way out. >> there may still be a
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>. >> in light of these refreshed allegations regarding russia, the ties that may be, at least people in his circle. they cast their ballots next week and officially make donald trump the president. the briefings are providing on this hack and if there is some sort of connection, perhaps it would allow them to vote their conscience. is that going to happen? >>
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right now, the critics are marching to the beat of this particular drum. >> several protesters alison: announcing his plan to present -- prevent conflicts of interest . larry: breaking news at a south carolina were a jury has found dylan roof guilty on all counts. the jury will reconvene next month to determine if the 22-year-old will get the death penalty. was in hopes of starting a race war. kathryn fuller was murdered more than 30 years ago. eight men were convicted and locked up. now the supreme court will hear their argumen
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>> we are far beyond labor day. people weren't too happy. that story, coming up. hacked.ahoo! accounts it
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larry: breaking news, the family of tarrant sterling has filed a lawsuit against the metropolitan police department over his death. a police officer shot and killed sterling in northwest washington. on as driving erratically motorcycle and shot after he rammed a police car. the officer violated a number of procedures and sterling caused no threat. the family is seeking $5 million in damages. >> part of cherry lane was underwater. courtesy of break the fluctuating and frigid temperatures. this is one of 11 in prince george's county alone.
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roads and ice rinks. >> those repairs took about seven hours to complete? this stretch mostly dry and covered in salt. it was wet only a few hours ago. a pool of murky and bitter, cold water cap to half closed for the better part of thursday. is an eight inch water main that burst, likely due to the air tent. says that she has literally been down this road before. ande kind of cut through came all the way back around again. >> the only customer impacted was laurel high school which had class today. across the
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grid, they repaired 15 water main breaks alone. on the most frigid of days, the water company says it responded to nearly 60 ruptures. meant asewer drains front loader had to force this standing water down cherry lane. a noticeably time-consuming task. they stayed home today and hopeful that local water companies are fixed for the month. >> we know winter comes every year, so make sure we are prepared for it so it doesn't happen again. some water companies are using iron and concrete lined pipes which are more durable to prevent erosion and ruptures like we saw today. alison:
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unfortunately, it's probably just the beginning. a two day cold snap. doug: winter doesn't begin until wednesday morning. the colder temperatures will be tonight. and we will slowly come out of it. here is the way it is outside right now. it 21 degrees. 22 at reagan international airport. it feels colder than that. seven in washington. near 10 degrees now and annapolis. air temperatures will continue to slide. between eight be and 18 degrees and shave another six to 10 degrees off for the windchill. wake
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skies, still breezy, single-digit wind chills in the metro area. that is good news. the national weather service has issued a winter storm watch for the maryland counties in parts of west virginia that are adjacent to garrett county. freezing rainand enough to accumulate some and have an impact driving. metro area goes, we have a chance through 3:00 or 4:00 and have areas of freezing rain. it will take a while before it gets buffering. we have seen these before were the models get the cold air out of here too soon to stays colder longer. this computer model shows freezing reciprocation -- precipitation. it continues
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warmer air moves in, changes it to rain, and it comes to an end as we push into the mid-50's. as we get into sunday, a different system moves in. as far as the deal saturday morning, a winter mix possible. impact, highest impact would be north of the metro area. it would be drier with rising temperatures saturday night. a little freezing and messy stuff early and it will become rain as we head through midday and into the 50's afterwards. i high of 54. 60 for a high sunday. the rain will and sunday afternoon and turn much colder after that. the temperatures dramatically rising over the weekend. seasonably cold and sunny monday, tuesday, and wednesday.
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warmed to 51. it looks pretty good for christmas eve and christmas day. morning, the meteorologist was out in the district at the public charter school to talk to kindergartners and second graders about the weather. we have these little assemblies for them. kids are full of questions and curiosity for how it works. morning, thesty chilly wind doesn't seem to bother them a bit. >> especially if they go out and that cold. larry: still ahead, the massive yahoo! data break. alison: what it has for the users, just ahead. larry: and a 30-year-old murder case reaches the supreme court. eight men convict
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teenagers proclaim their innocence. andon:
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ larry: >> metropolitan police officers are now equipped with body cameras. they have
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deployed with the cameras in the country. >> i want to be here to say thank you. officers on a big day for the metropolitan police department. all ofark the time when the patrol officers will have access to body cameras. >> it does improve our legitimacy. >> 26 hundred patrol officers now assigned to body warned cameras. >> we make sure as we roll out this technology that officers are turning on the cameras when they need to. >> they are required to turn on the cameras when they are dispatched to a scene and during a self initiated call. >> they will be on all the time with this technology. we are going to do everything we can. >> this is the largest deployment in the
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be leading in the nation and making the investment necessary to have excellent community and police relations. >> hundreds of homeless families , costing $80,000 tonight. >> the murder of catherine fuller in this alley.
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you may not have noticed, but temperatures have been slowly falling during the afternoon. the air temperature down to 18. the forecast tonight is going to be clear, cold, and kind of easy. dropping a little more late tonight and the wind still gusting enough to continue to hold or drive down the windchill. it feels like one above and winchester.
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in annapolis. the future windchill will be in the low single numbers, the way it feels outside. as the wind diminishes, we will do better in the afternoon. temperatures at the bus stop. clouds increase to 29. definitely a cold start. a warming trend over the weekend. a wintry mix of sleet and freezing rain will be my weather story when i join you in 19 minutes. the supreme court is taking up the d.c. murder case that closed more than 30 years ago. catherine fuller was brutally sexually assaulted and murdered. six of the eight men convicted are still in prison. one died and the other was let out early for good behavior. they talked to that defendant out of
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supreme court will hear their case. >> there are no winners even though i am excited because it gives the opportunity to clear my name. >> they will review a d.c. murder case who weighed 99 pounds and him christopher turner, along with seven other teenagers, were convicted of abusing her. taking her to this alley, beating her and sodomizing her with a metal pipe, killing her. >> i spent 26 years in prison in my life that i didn't commit and had no knowledge of. i have several friends that remain incarcerated because of this conviction. >> a judge reviewed the case and let the conviction stand. the men has always
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appease ato community. the supreme court is going to hear arguments that in 1984 and 1985, prosecutors and police withheld evidence from defense attorneys that pointed at other suspects and evidence that could have exonerated the defendants. one suspect was later convicted of killing another woman. the witnesses recanted their testimony saying the police beat or otherwise coerced them. defendant died in prison and the others will be released soon. their hope is with the high court. >> getting a chance to clear your name. people know that you went to jail wrongfully.
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>> bruce wayne is in driving it. test is usedcohol at surprise he checkpoints across tomorrow night and a montgomery county. andcers can perform tests without leaving the streets. consumer alert and an update on the massive yahoo! data breach. that is the data breach earlier this year. a massive cyber attack. >> security questions and answers.
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potentially affected users and have taken steps to secure their account. it is not the only step they can take. up with some sort of secondary authentication. >> brad garrett says it makes it harder for the bad guy to get into your emailed. it is the second time this year the company has announced a significant breach. the company disclosing a separate incident involving 500 million user accounts. >> after a more recent breach, do you need to do anything in reaction to this older breach? data, they have at
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also says to change the password and security information on any other account. >> still ahead, separate but together. once conjoined twins out of the after 20 hours of surgery and more than two months of recovery. >> a burger king shop has an idea of what to do with the gifts you don't want after christmas. what happens to those? change. learning about fake news articles and how you can help. >> michael robinson, happy holidays.
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and family. love you.
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doug: looking ahead to late tomorrow night and saturday morning. parts of west virginia and pennsylvania with the possibility of enough freezing rain to make for some difficult driving conditions. go beyond 40 and go to the mid-50's with cloudy skies on saturday afternoon. 62 degrees with areas of rain. temperatures will rapidly drop in the afternoon.
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the rain w
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in miami, florida, but you can take part on social media. post a picture with the gifts perexchange and you might get a surprise from burger king. nintendo launches its much-anticipated game super mario run. it users tapping the screen to make mario jump instead of using the controller. alison: this marks a shift in nintendo strategy as it moves past individual consoles. 1989 if boy came out in you want to feel old. larry: thanks for that. that's it for abc seven news at 5:00. conjoinedroup of pins. >> it'
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alison: we have an update. twins conjoined at the head. separated in now leaving the hospital. now after that 20 hour surgery. saying,th their parents see you later and not goodbye. the two are smiling and had to special rehab care. this was a remarkable surgery. they were attached at the brain. >> incredible. over the summer, discovering hundreds of homeless families. now debunking the notion that there isn't enough affordable housing. >> back inside a motel 6 in d.c. where we find two of the for homeless families we interviewed in august still living in a tiny room.
5:46 pm
us. 587 families. costing taxpayers. one of $4000 a month per family. as for thousands of homes and townhomes that are under ford brand. >> they really need them to work with us. ronnie barnes and her family. >> all iav
5:47 pm
know, work. >> the district's two years into a five-year plan of homelessness. the long-term strategy is replaced with a five-year plan. >> we can help with that today. >> it works closely with dhs. >> that is really the easy part of the process. y
5:48 pm
entire interview up on our website. >> already, they will be given out to the local d.c. kids. >> in the marines came by to visit and pick up hundreds of viewers, sent our as part of your toys for tots drive. we want to thank you so much for helping insure children in our area will get a gift this holiday season. and we think the marines for doing toys for tots. abc 7 is on traffic watch. jamie: we start off with flashing lights behind me. we have activity. we have
5:49 pm
that gets by. it is very heavy. nine miles per hour is your average. you get a little bit of a break continuing to the interchange, but we still going to be pretty heavy. you can see here, a pretty good idea how heavy we actually are. if you're going to be traveling along the beltway, passing by old dominion. the crash still on the outer loop, 95 heading up towards baltimore. larry: cracking down on illegal hotels in the district and who fought back against that push.
5:50 pm
prepare yourselves. it doug hill is in the weather center. the wind hits you so hard. >> this will be the worst of it. . the windchill in washington, it will wake up to air temperatures. we have gusting wind after sunrise. we get in the late tomorrow night or saturday morning when the combination could be a brief issue in the metro area. the county shaded in blue
5:51 pm
, maybe some accumulated ice and sleet in that area. with a wintry mix, changing from rain in the metro area. morningy, rain in the and midday. it will turn breezy and a lot colder. on deck with the very latest. people remember the greats. craig sager is one of the best in the business. he lost his long hard-fought battle with leukemia. he was first diagnosed in 2013 and underwe
5:52 pm
transplants. they were good turner sports for more than 30 years. 65 years old. redskins, getting ready for their showdown with carolina. a huge game with playoff implications. >> we show how much progress we made.
5:53 pm
>> will put among greg olson, probably. it will be a great matchup.
5:54 pm
just a huge figure in this business, definite leave -- definitely will be missed. >> we are all devastated. the issue of demented violence at the forefront today. wax the task force being created to find it.
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alison: the maryland bureau chief with what it hopes to accomplish. >> turner is part
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>> the task force is named for them. >> course need to do more to just issue orders. >> that is not in vain.
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>> fans are braving at all to get a first look at the latest star wars film. , 19 degrees in springfield. the wind chills will continue to be a feature tonight.
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about everywhere in single digits. it will be in single digits and will hold there for a while. as we get to the day and the wind slacking a bit, we will do just of it that are. 18 degrees the pickup time. dismissalrease by time in the afternoon for the kids. a winter storm watch at the i will talk about that and possible effects in our area. >> the crew is dealing with 15 breaks across this coverage area. the brakes are common in sudden temperature shifts, especially


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