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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  December 19, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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hour about this possibly being investigated as a possible act of terror. >> keep in mind that this is in line with the threats that we have seen that were essentially ordered or encouraged by online magazines of isis that has said use cars and use knives. they are more readily accessible than guns and they can make a big statement. brianne: right now we do know that facebook currently added to its system the check-in availability so those who are there or visiting or live in that area are able to check in online and show people they are safe. now we continue to monitor the developments there. we have more coming up throughout the hour. reporting live, brianne carter, abc7 news. alison: thank you. breaking today, right now the hunt is on for a gunman. who opened fire outside an islamic center in switzerland. it happened in zurich. that country's largest city. police there say at least three people have been hurt. it's unclear right now what
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crime. attacks by gunman are very rare in switzerland. jonathan: developing now. russian president vladimir putin says the goal of the assassination of the emmitsburg to turkey was to disrupt -- assassination of the ambassador to turkey was to disrupt negotiations between the countries. that was the scene. that is the assassin. with renot showing you the shooting that took place but moments before this, the ambassador was standing at microphone talking to a crowd. this guy in the suit was behind him, pulled a gun and opened fire and started yelling "don't forget about aleppo." turkish special forces entered the building and they shot and killed this man. this all happened at the opening of a photo exhibit as the ambassador andrei karlov was giving a speech. earlier in the day, the united nations security council to call for monitors from
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france says international observers are necessary to prevent the additional killing of civilians by the government. more than 20,000 people have been evacuated from the besieged city in just the past week. alison: back at home, we have a health alert to tell you about as the doctors along the east coast are seeing a spike in cases of r.s.v. this year. even for kids who don't have the respiratory illness, this year's outbreak is putting stress on pediatric intenseive care units across our area. richard reeve is live outside shady grove medical center to explain. rich? richard the r.s.v. infection is an issue every year but it is a real problem for a lot of the pediatric i.c.u.'s in the area. there is not room for the young patients. this is at the pediatric e.r. they have 18 beds he
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it does not rise to i.c.u. one of the doctors here decided a patient needed intenseive care. he called children hospital, inova fairfax hospital, georgetown university. all of them he said were full up completely. the respiratory syncytial virus, or r.s.v. for short is not usually a problem for patients under 2 years old. for some at-risk patients it can cause serious problems. pneumonia. he tried suburbans but they have no pediatric i.c.u. he found one bed left at the children's i.c.u. at the johns hopkins center in baltimore. >> i would love to have more resources available to send my patients. we have an excellent relationship with the primary transfer. medical centers. very rare that we can't get a patient to them. richard: the doctor says he hasn't seen anything likehi
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the lack of the i.c.u. beds. call your pediatrician. richard reeve, abc7 news. jonathan: this is live from the fedex field. those are cheerleaders running on the field. if you are heading out, bundlal up. it will be chilly in the stands at fedex. stormwatch7's meteorologist steve rudin live with the game time forecast. hey, steve! steve: it's cold out here but a lot of fun. you look at the parking lot behind me. you think it would be more crowded. i think the cold may be keeping people home longer. but they will be out here. the game doesn't start for a few hours. look what is going on down here. a lot of tailgaters are enjoying themselves. it doesn't malter if it's in the 30's. you have a fire burning. the forecast for game time if you are co
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temperatures will fall in the upper 20's to 30 degrees. winds will be out of the north at around 5 to 10 miles per hour. at least it will be dry tonight. you don't have to worry about snow or sleet. but make sure frau have gloves and scarves and the works, because you will need it. coming up in eight minutes or so, chief meteorologist doug hill will be in here to take us through the forecast the christmas weekend. jonathan: we are over the stadium right now. some people are in there to get their seat. parking lot at fedex field opened up a half hour ago and it's a cool picture. i mean that literally. alison: cold. scott abraham knows that firsthand. he is live at one of the lots with the fans braving the cold to tailgate.
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scott: it's very cold outside! my goodness! i tell you what. fedex field is the place to be tonight. monday night football invades washington. we are still three and a half hours away until opening kickoff. take a look at the scene in the parking lot. the fans slowly trickling in. but i will tell you what. the grills are fired up. a lot of great food. trust me, the beverages are flowing already. it was christmas right around the corner, redskins fans all they want is victory tonight against the panthers. how with refeeling? >> i feel great. i think we can do it. it will be tough. defense has to stand up and take care of business. scott: what do you think will happen tonight? >> we walk out with a win. scott: why are you confident? >> this is special. >> we have been excited for a long time.
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>> hopefully the redskins will take the win and show the panner ins -- panthers up. we are really excited about it. scott: don't forget, my friends. we have a pre-game special starting at 7:30 right here on abc7. we will get you ready for the game with analysis and party interviews. the party is starting already in the parking lot. redskins-panthers tonight. a big-time showdown. remember, the redskins control their playoff destiny. win out and they are going to the nfl second season. back to you in the nice, warm and cozy studio. alison: i know. thank you. try to stay warm. i know it is tough. the coverage of the game tonight means if you want to watch "jeopardy," you need to head to the sister station. that is newschannel8 at 7:30. if you are excited about the "great christmas light fight" finale, you have
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d.v.r. for 1:30 a.m. on abc7. jonathan: the results of vote 2016 on the way to becoming official tonight. but opponents of president-elect donald trump are not going quietly. protests interrupting the electoral vote this morning. one of several protests around the country. the instapoll is asking if the u.s. still needs the electoral college. you can go to to cast your vote. maryland bureau chief brad bell is live in annapolis where some protests turned out as well. this was the most exciting electoral vote you have ever seen. brad: i have been covering the maryland statehouse since 13985. this is the
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covered the electoral vote. but this is no normal election. it was filled with protesters. >> the protesters arrived early today. brad: some want the electoral college abolished in favor of a straight popular vote. >> it's the true vote. brad: others want electors to ignore the will of the people altogether. >> vote for a reasonable republican compromise candidate. that is the best chance we have to save the republic from donald trump. brad: the group crowds in the governor's outer lobby. singing. >> ♪ america ♪ america brad: once the electoral college meeting began there was a formal meeting from larry hogan. >> all across the country today, electors are gathering to cast the vote. >> then a roll call vote. hillary clinton won maryland's general election. the electors
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the democratic party to vote for her. there were no vogue rotes. >> i -- no rogue votes. >> i'm pleased and proud to cast my vote for hillary rodham clinton. >> i vote for hillary rodham clinton. brad: it was certified and sealed for delivery to be read in congress and recorded in a state ledger that begins with george washington's election in 1789. today, electors themselves are divided over whether the practice should continue. >> i'm a guy that says play by the rules you came with. >> i am torn on this right now about it. brad: a pile of the signs that the protesters left when they took off. they weren't the only ones making noise. a number of people also came by yelling back at them saying you lost. the peak voted as they were supposed to. in maryland, the general election was won by
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she won the electoral vote. at the statehouse, brad bell, abc7 news. >> no trump. no k.k.k. jonathan: protesters in richmond for the virginia electoral college vote. they cast their ballot to hillary clinton because she won virginia. we have a closer look at the meeting tonight at 6:00. this would be a live picture from texas where the state electors are casting the vote right now. president-elect trump has 268 as we speak. obviously the magic number is 270. if texas comes back as they voted in the election, it should be a matter of done. we will let you know when it 457s. -- when it happens. alison: what may have contributed to a crash in baltimore over the weekend. jonathan: later, it would make anybody
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this was typical working in d.c., the nation's capital. jonathan: riding along with the investigators uncovering the filthiest crimes in the city. jonathan: how much is too much when it comes to your kids and the time they spend staring at screens? cheryl: i'm cheryl conner where members of the district yacht club will rebuild following an overnight fire. coming up, you will hear from them and get the latest
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jonathan: want to update you on breaking news. the driver of the truck that drove in a christmas market in berlin is under arrest. nine people were killed when he drove the bus in the crowd of people. federal prosecutors are taking over the investigation. they generally handle terrorism cases in germany. no one in an official capacity saying it's terrorism. the german police are saying they believe what took place this afternoon with this truck is an attack. nine dead, more than 40 people hurt. the driver under arrest. the passenger was killed. we'll get more to you as we get more information in the newsroom in a little bit. alison: locally, there is a new commitment t
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district yacht club that caught fire overnight. look at the flames. they were so heavy. it destroyed much of that building that was established in the 1950's. as d.c. fire tries to determine a cause, cheryl conner has more on what it means to members of the facility on water street. cheryl: dousing the district yacht club with water hours after a fire was reported around 3:15 monday morning. our abc7 news crews were close by and captured the heavy flames. >> trying to wrap my mind around what made something like this happen. cheryl: this is the shot from across the anacostia riverer. the back of the building collapsed. victor fenwick is the commodore for the yacht club. >> it was devastating to see the structure that has been here. the history for over 50 years. cheryl: it started with a mission to provide affordable boating. there are 40 boat slips. members care for the property that is now literred with
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look at how close one of the boats is to the building. no votes were damaged -- no boats were damaged. no people were injured. >> despite the intense amount of fire and the flying embers, we were able to accomplish the mission and not allow it to spread further than the building of origin. cheryl: they say the christmas party wrapped up sunday at 4:00 sunday afternoon. the a.t.f. partners with d.c. fire to determine a cause. the district yacht club is on boathouse row. members from the three other clubs have reached out. >> we have a clubhouse down there they can utilize if they need some place to go. cheryl: there is a promise that won't be the end of the club. >> we plan to rebuild. cheryl: in southeast washington, cheryl conner, abc7 news. jonathan: all right. getting ready for game night. fedex, beautiful. doug: steve is there, it's cold. thinking about game time sitting in front of my fireplace, 75
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food and drink in the bridge. alison: different experience. doug: i'd love to be there to tell you the truth. we have no major storm systems and no major cold outbreaks. alison: including christmas. doug: including christmas. let's start for monday. this is a live look from the camera at the national harbor. color left above the horizon. it will stay longer in the days ahead. we passed the shortest day to the days are getting longer and the daylight is increasing. 34 now as the sun is setting. normally winds at 7 on the reagan national airport. december 21, winter solstice. look at the time we add to daylight each day. by january 1, four minutes more. by te
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minutes. end of february, 1:52. by march 17 coming up here in a couple of days before the spring equinox, that is the first time we have more than 12 hours of daylight. if you are many and sensitive to the short days and you like the longer daylight hours it is on the way already. a slow process. but it will continue relentlessly. it's 30 in winchester, hagerstown and frederick. 32 in luray. 34 in annapolis. 32 right now at the patuxent river naval air station. through the evening, the skies stay mostly clear. temperatures through the lower 30 to the upper 20's. the winds are light. no major wind chills to deal with. but the cold itself is enough to make sure you are bundled up and layered headed out tonight. early tomorrow morning, wakeup temperatures in the zones from the upper teens to 20 degrees. it's 20 in hagerstown. 18 in frederick. 21 in ashburn. in the metro area we are looking for cold numbers. lo
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winds. we can deal with this. a real feel of winter tomorrow. downtown is closeer to 26 for -- closer to 26 for a wakeup temperature. looking ahead to the next few days we see a trend toward warmer temperatures. not a major warming trend but sunday we will hit 67. we were in the 30's, 40's, 50's, 60's, crazy weather. now settling down and a brief warming trend 40. tomorrow. 49 on wednesday. thursday, 55. can't rule out isolated shower on thursday in a spot or two. it's minor frontal system going through. we will jump ahead to friday. the big travel day. on friday, most of the eastern part of the country is fine. matter of fact, a few areas of showers and the mountain snow to the far west. look how the temperatures warm. remember how bitterly cold it is. denver is 44 on friday. 42 in seattle. things are looking up for us. the christmas weekend forecast. start you off on christmas eve. the first day of hanukkah. 50 degrees and
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skies. christmas day 53 with partly cloudy skies. we go through the late christmas night and maybe early monday. a possible sprinkle or a shower is possible. look at the temperatures. lower 50's to monday. the day after christmas. we warm to 63. another front will cool us off. but by wednesday, thursday, leaning to the end of next week still expect above-average temperatures. so was the recent cold a fluke? or taking a break from winter? that is a legit question. i don't know. jonathan: i know what i'm hoping. doug: hoping it this is the way it will stay. but we'll see. alison: thanks. you probably heard women talk about it when they are pregnant. jonathan: but when we come back, find out why science says mommy brain may be a real thing. alison: plus, making it official. find out how long this couple dated before finally deciding to tie the knot. jonathan: but fir, here is a preview of tomorrow's "good morning washington." >> thank you, jonathan. tomorrow on "good morning
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finish your last-minute holiday shopping. we will tell you about the hottest items you can score the biggest deals on if you wait until after christmas. >> plus, michael winters is here to talk about the star role in a new play. >> stay with us for traffic and weather every ten minutes
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alison: "7 on your side" in health matters. new concerns about how much time your kids are spending staring at the screens. it's just one doctor right now raising the flag but it is getting attention online. his name is nicholas carderas who says any screen time for the young kids is dangerous including smartphone, video games and even educational programming. >> you really think it's that serious? >> i think that it affects the reward sensors. alison: he says it can lead to problems like anxiety and depression. however, the american academy of pediatrics disagrees and says some screen time is okay for younger kids and educational programming can be beneficial. scientists say that mommy brain may really be a thing. researchers compared brain scans of women before and after they were pregnant and they found some differences in
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so it looks like hormones may spark the changes that may help the brain work more efficiently and help the women prepare to be mothers. but while that is happening, you may get a little forgetful. the results appear in today's issue of "the journal nature neuroscience." jonathan: another interesting study to pass along to you tonight from the your mall of american medical association internal medicine journal. the gender of the doctor could play a role if you have to go to the hospital for common illness. researchers studied older americans and found people treated by women were more likely to leave the hospital alive than those being treated by men. in fact, the all male research team that did this estimated there would be 32,000 fewer deaths each year if male physicians performed at the same level at the female peers. that is it. i'm getting a female doctor. alison: that is remarkable.
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that is a lot. alison: all the researchers were male and they came up with that finding. jonathan: what does that say? female doctors were more conscientious? alison: i don't know. read between the lines. jonathan: chat at home about that. alison: coming up at 5:00 -- >> dictionary is online now so now we know what you are looking up. we know what words are being looked up in the dictionary by the hour, by the minute. but also by the month and the year. alison: so what word were people looking up the most in 2016? miriam webster's answer coming up. jonathan: later, cleaning up crime in a literal way. alison: but first, getting to the bottom of the deadly crash that closed i-95 in baltimore over the weekend. jonathan: during the holidays, memories are made at the dinner table. help us set a place at the table for those who sacrificedded so much by nominating a veteran to win a dining room set valued at
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to nominate a deserving veteran t
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jonathan: he was making his last delivery when he crashed off the side of the interstate in baltimore. tonight we are learning
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crash. our sister station is joining us live with the new information. that video just takes your breath away. >> it does. while investigators at this hour are not releasing the name of the drivers, anyone who hauls fuel in this baltimore area knows who he is. he is a driver who worked for the company by the name that is as much a part of the investigation as the driver is. they are looking in the driver fatigue, and condition of the roadways as they try to determine what caused the tanker truck that caused it to haul into a wall and explode early saturday morning. based on what business insiders are telling me, the driver was on the last run of the shift when the acci
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happened. >> he was not the type to rush. he took his time. he was cautious. >> the truck has the potential of carrying 8,500 to 8,700 gallons of fuel. >> what we do a lot of truck drivers won't do. nickname they give us is suicide drivers. we haul a volatile chemical. a fender bender could be the difference for us going home at night. reporter: friends asked a video of the explosion not be aired because of the pain. >> it's hard to see. we know who is in that truck. we know what he must have been thinking in the last few seconds. a feeling of helplessness. reporter: the president of the company told us he is cooperating with the investigators in this case. but beyond
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further comment. reporting live in south baltimore, abc7 news. jonathan: thank you. coming up, checking the top stories. nine people are dead and dozens more are hurt after a truck slams in a busy christmas market in berlin. the suspect is in custody. a passenger in the truck was killed at the scene. authorities now are investigating this as a possible act of terror. alison: doctors are seeing an unusual spike in a relatively common respiratory virus this holiday season. but the increase in the r.s.v. cases has pediatric intensive care units around the region packed with kids. that is forcing some of the units to close to other patients. jonathan: despite protests of hacking by russians the electoral college is working to finalize the election. and texas put him over the top with 270. that is the official number he needed so he officially now is the winner of the presidency. alison: the
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webster say the election played a big role in the choice for the 2016 word of the year. it's "surreal." which means marked by the intense, irrational reality of a dream. >> it's something that is interesting about the word "surreal" we have long watched this particular word that is associated with tragedy in american english. i was the most looked up word after 9/11. it was looked up after the newtown shootings, after the boston marathon bombing and after robin williams' suicide. alison: they also saw spikes after the brussel attack, bastille day massacre in nice and two days after the u.s. presidential election. the dictionary says online searches make it easy to track what words are looked up most often. jonathan: in the last hour, outgoing north carolina governor patrick mccrory called a special session to
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repeal what many saw as to him losing the seat. today, the charlotte city council rescinded the lgbt protection ordinance that prompted the state law. alison: a couple in texas making the phrase "love at first sight" seem ridiculous. bill and linda finally tied the knot. i only took them 41 years of dating. that is all. jonathan: couldn't commit. alison: taking it slow. they have been together so long when they told the families about the marriage, the families were shocked. his 90-year-old mother kay has been waiting for this for a long time. >> i knew they were meant for each other. they got along so beautifully. finally, we got them together. >> we have a personal love. we care about each other first i think. that makes a difference. jonathan: 41 years? put
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as he said and trying to make them happy kept them together so long. maybe they will honeymoon in another decade. jonathan: 41 years. at some point they -- i'm not sure who was holding back but seriously. 41 years. congratulations. alison: coming up at 50:00 -- mike: i'm mike carter-conneen. today district leaders recognize the 2017 b.c. teacher of the year. what makes her so special? d have you seen this man? he sells and steals cars. jonathan: the sentencing for the christian rapper convicted of killing his own producer. the argument that led to the
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steve: i'm abc7's steve rudin live at fedex field. this
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side. but at least it is not super windy. take a look at the forecast for the big game tonight. the temperatures temperatures wo the lower 30's, eventually in the upper 20's. under mainly clear skies. winds out of the north at 5 to 10 miles per hour. skip ahead and talk about the upcoming weekend. boy, what a weekend it will be. christmas eve looking at a chance for a few showers. temperatures in the 50's. we see the clouds diminish moving through the day on christmas. the daytime highs then lower to the middle 50's. so there you have it for the weekend. not so bad. at this point, we can guarantee that it is going to be a green christmas around the d.m.v. abc7 news at 5:00 continues af
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casino welcome back to the wall of justice. we have five from law enforcement. three are new and one befriends people before he steals from them. the police allege that charbib sells cars and ships them back to sell overseas. they are also looking for brown for robbery and grand larceny. george for fraud. and kate moreno for forger
5:41 pm
and larceny by false pretense. they are also searching for luis perez for aggravated sexual battery and indecent liberties. today the spotlight is on sernea brown. two of the four suspects in a september robbery has been arrested. >> she is wanted for grand larceny. and robbery. she was taking her child in the vehicle that is when the suspect took their chance and robbed victim. q: police say brown is 238 years old 5. '1" -- 28 yearers old, 51'1 and 130 pounds. if you have information contact the arlington county police department. last week we showed you hill, wanted for armed robbery. prince william county police department arrested him. "7 on your side" fighting back against crime. i'm q mccray. alison: signup for the "7 on your side" fighting back against crime newsletter
5:42 pm jonathan: in a few hours the redskins will fight for a spot in the playoffs. erin: i'm erin hawksworth live at fedex field where we are getting ready for the redskins-panthers. right now you can see the oxon hill marching band. they are just rushing off the field as we speak. but it's pretty cool to watch them get ready to perform. we'll have a live report next. >> if you don't think illegal dumping in washington, d.c. isn't a huge problem, i'm about to shock you. take a look at this. i'm scott taylor coming up. an exclusive investigation with the environmental crime unit of the d.c. police department. ♪ ♪ season's greetings, everybody. i'm cart smith from afghanistan -- carl smith from afghanistan. i want to
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strand restoring ading a father's faith.... stronger is being a typical kid... despite a rare disorder. stronger is seeking answers and not giving up until you find them. because we don't just want kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger. with your support, we can find more answers faster. make a gift today at
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jonathan: a new team of investigators are uncovering the filthiest product of the
5:46 pm
report. scott: the i-team taking you into the rotting underbelly of washington, d.c. >> it's bad. it's bad. everywhere you go. >> the illegal dumping is a major issue. >> d.c. police department environmental crime unit is fighting back. >> it's a special task force laser focused in cleaning up the district. one illegal dump at a time. >> it's still relatively early. >> illegal dumping of used tires. >> this would be a felony arrest if we caught up with the people. >> it's helping to contain the heroin users at night and needles all over the ground. >> all the camera are on motion system. day and knight cameras. >> police work with d.c. public work investigators using high-tech surveillance to catch suspects breaking the
5:47 pm
>> a no dumping sign here. >> but they pay little attention. if cost fines could reach $40,000. the environmental crime unit has been busy this week. it's not just their job to locate where the dumps are happening but it's also their job to track down the people who are doing it. so far this week, five arrests. they spot a vehicle suspected of being used in connection with illegal dumping. >> you are not under arrest yet. i am going to make iou don't have any warrants, all that good stuff and we'll go on from there. >> the driver is arrested for not having a valid driver's license. >> that is evidence. scott: minutes later they discover a huge pile of trash dumped in an unsuspecting homeowner's driveway. connected with a second illegal dump blocks away. >> not only did the cameras capture the dumping but we found mail matter. >> they tell me many of the
5:48 pm
and the suspects live in the same neighborhood. a single piece of trash could lead to an arrest. >> it would make anyone angry. >> here is how you can help. call 211 if you find spot not in a proper container. this is an illegal dump. if it's in a vacant lot or on public property. scott taylor, abc7 news. alison: all right. let's get a check on the readways. jamie sullivan on traffic watch. jamie: it is a little slow out there. look behind me near 7 locks road. we are moving but at a slow pace. the volume we have in the northwest corner but we are seeing it down to 9 miles per hour. the top of the beltway. it's clearing stages in maryland. we had two lanes
5:49 pm
to the avenue. top side of the beltway, very slow. it's only averaging to to the parkway. you want to take the b.w. parkway if you are heading south to get closer to route 202. make heading to fedex field for the big game tonight. of course the gates are already open. the kickoff is at 8:30. but route 202, arena drive, central avenue. expect delays. another thing to expect, doug, chilly temps. doug: chilly temperatures. but the winds will not be real strong. that is a little bit of good news in december. take you to fedex to give you the forecast here. look for clear skies. and the temperatures through the gate to drop from 31-32 in the upper 20's. extra layers needed if you are still headed in that direction. the key thing for me is the light winds. that is important. light winds at the
5:50 pm
hour. tomorrow plenty of sunshine. 40 degrees. close to 50 on sunday. then a frontal system will come through. 550 degrees. can't rule out isolated sprinkle or a shower. steady warming this week. looking ahead to friday, the travel weather. the eastern two-third of the nation should be just fine. plenty of high pressure and comfortable temperatures. notice minneapolis, rapid city, chicago and denver are all above freezing. far west maybe a few showers over northern california and the pacific northwest but generally a favorable pattern. we will let you go with the final graphic. the christmas weekend outlook and the first night of hanukkah on saturday. sunshine with a few clouds. maybe isolated shower passing through. christmas night monday morning a chance of a lingering shower.
5:51 pm
robert: the redskins just need to win all the games out. it's not that hard! redskins and the panthers and they control the destiny. every game here on out is do or die. erin hawksworth is in and out of the locker room and she was there last week. she is at fedex now. we talk about the playoffs. the big one tonight. erin: this is an important game. thanks to the cowboys the redskins make this monday night football game more exciting.
5:52 pm
this is a chance to show the country they are the real deal. robert: so, let's talk about norman who is going up against his former team. how excited is he tonight? erin: you know josh norman had this game circled when he first came to the redskins, especially after the panthers parted ways with him. you know he has a chip on his shoulder. he handled it well. he didn't provide much bulletin board material but if you look last week you almost forgot he was in the game. nobody was throwing to him. he hopes and he thinks and he really wants cam newton to throw his way tonight. whether cam does it remains to be seen. robert: knowing cam i'm sure he will throw josh norman's way. we'll talk to you in the special. thank you. you can see the matchup on abc7. the pre-game coverage
5:53 pm
it's countdown to kickoff. expert analysis on the field and in the studio. kickoff at 8:30. back to you. jonathan: thank you, robert. alison: still to come, ending the year on a high note. jonathan: when we come back, we talk about a local teacher.
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jonathan: role -- "role -- "rogue one" at the box office was the top spot at the movies. the only bigger debut was last year, "star wars." it beat the expectation for $130 million weekend. $155 million. nintendo may want to hit the restart button on the super mario run of theirs because the highly at
5:57 pm
reviews. 2.5 stars on the apple app store. that is not good. it has sent the nintendo stock downhill. since the game launched the nintendo shares have fallen by more than 10%. maureen: put the spotlight on education tonight. alison: a teacher dedicated to student literacy was surprised recognized as the teacher of the year. as mike carter-conneen reports that title comes with a big cash prize. mike: elizabeth, a reading intervention teacher in northeast washington was completely overwhelmed monday morning when the district leaders and tv cameras stormed her classroom. >> i'm blown away. my hands are still shaking. mike: she was selected as the teacher of the year for the eighth grade reading intervention courses.
5:58 pm
student reading up for two, three, four, five years in the course of the 18 months to two years. >> they can tell you how many books they have read, how many hours and how many payments they read. >> they felt she deserved the recognition not just because of the unique curriculum in her classroom but she is working school wide to increase literacy. >> she gives up herself for three weeks every summer reading from 8:00 to noon. >> teachers like her are the reason d.c. made progress in the last few years. mike: the students say she changed the way they think about reading. >> when i get to a certain book i like, i start to read other kind of books. >> i'm happy for her to be honest. i'm very happy. she has worked so hard to get this award. mike: she will represent the district in the national teacher of the year competition and have to decide how to spend a cash prize that comes with the award. $7,500. if northeast washington, mike carter-conneen, abc7 news. alison: congratulations to her. that
5:59 pm
5:00". we are following two major breaking stories though right now at 6:00. in germany, a possible terror attack has left at least nine people dead. eerily similar to an attack that broke out less than six months ago. donald trump is officially voted in for president and the state that put him over the top. ryan: i'm ryan ryan hughes. a young patient got a special visit from the washington capitals. the team spreading cheer before the holidays. announcer: from abc7 news, this is a breaking news alert. maureen: that breaking news is from berlin where at least nine people are dead and dozens more hurt after a truck plowed into a christmas market. police call it an
6:00 pm
terror. we have more. >> we have learned in addition to the nine lives lost, another 50 people have been injured. a number of those with critical injuries. according to the reports the suspect believed to be the driver of the truck has been arrested. the passenger of the truck has now died. what we are working to find out whether or not this is an accident or deliberate act. tonight for the first time we are hearing from the folks on the ground at the christmas market at the time the truck came barreling through. >> went just past me and my girlfriend. it went on and carried on faster. >> we know this is less than a month after the u.s. state department calls for caution in european markets and other large gathering places. in the last hour the white house issuing a statement in part saying the u.s. condemns in the strongest terms what appears to have been a terrorist attack. reporting live, brianne


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