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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  December 26, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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announcer: now, "abc 7 news at noon," on your side. jummy: thank you for watching. i'm jummy olabanji. we will have more on your top stories in a minute. first, a look at the weather. christmas day was mild, but what is up next? let's go to chief meteorologist doug hill. it is pretty warm out there. doug:
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low 40's now, but it will warm up considerably this afternoon and tonight, probably reaching 60 degrees by early tomorrow morning. it is kind of cloudy and dull looking now. traffic is light out there, 41 degrees. we will get a warm front and then a cold front early tomorrow morning. on the hourly forecast, temperatures will bump up but they will not drop off too much. 48 degrees. it will be warmer at 9:00 tonight than it is right now. we will get a push of warmer air ahead of the cold front, and that will be the mechanism to drive temperatures up. some strong have gusty wind in the higher elevations off to the west, so look for showers to move in. watch what happens -- we climb up through the 50's by early tomorrow morning, peaking near 60 degrees. the showers should and early to dr. showers should end early tomorrow morning.
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days coming up in about 15 minutes. arey: meantime, d.c. police reviewing body camera footage after a police involved shooting overnight. officers are on routine administrative leave, and one man is dead. authorities tell john gonzalez repeatedrefused commands to drop a knife. john: 24 hours after the shooting, detectives within the internal affairs euro and d.c. police -- the internal affairs bureau at d.c. police are trying to figure out what led up to this police involved shooting. it happened about five milestone down the road at walnut street in northeast. a doe were called for mastic disturbance at a home. police were confronted when they police i am man armed -- were called for a dough mastech disturbance at a home. police were confronted when they arrived by a man armed with a knife. the man later
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died after being shot by police. we understand all of the officers were wearing body cameras. detectives will be closely analyzing all of the footage, trying to figure out exactly what happened christmas morning. the residents tell us it is a quiet neighborhood and they hardly have any serious crime. killed who was shot and is identified as 29-year-old gerald hall. back to you inside. months ofer intermittent headaches for commuters across the region, metro will take a break from safetrack. safetrackfeld says will be suspended through the end of january. sam sweeney has more. sam: it is the season of giving, and metro is giving a break from safetrack. that means no more maintenance through the end of january. they are doing is to prepare
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the inauguration. it will be in normal schedule except for new year's eve. metro will have extended service until 3:00 a.m., unprecedented news during safetrack. the gm says it is a service to the community, and service will be free. miller lite is picking up the tab for you need to use your smartphone card to swipe and and swipe out. metro has to send the correct bill to miller lite. at 4:00ll open early a.m. and run at a nearly rush-hour schedule until 9:00 p.m. metro rail will close at midnight, and buses will run on his gun day -- on a sunday schedule. jummy: a virginia lawmaker has filed a bill with limited exception that will prohibit the use of cell phones while driving. the democratic senator filed the bill this month requiring drivers use a hands-free
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or he says he is passionate about the bill because he says a lot of time on interstate 95 watching other motorists "stare at the phone in their hands." national headlines. as you celebrate the holidays, the first family is celebrating. are in hawaii, doing their favorite things like hiking, golfing. holidayeir last vacation as first family. stephanie ramos reports. stephanie: visiting u.s. troops on christmas day is a holiday tradition for president obama, and this was his last visit as commander in chief. pres. obama: it is impossible for us to fully repay what you have done and the sacrifices that you make, but at least it is important to hear from us that what you do matters. stephanie: president obama thanking troops and their families for their service at marine corps base hawaii. on christmas eve, he
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each branch of the military stationed overseas to thank them, too. on twitter, a picture in this message. is best part of the holidays the time we share with those we love. merry christmas, everyone. the president team and up with michelle to poke fun at their first weekly address during the holidays in 2009. obama: given how the first address went, we need all the help we can get. it has been the honor of serving as your president and first lady. stephanie: this year, a historic stop for president obama. the japanese prime minister will join him at pearl harbor tuesday, the first time japanese leader has visited the site since the attack. stephanie ramos, abc news, honolulu, hawaii. jummy: coming up on "abc 7 news at noon
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white christmas for parts of the midwest. but there was slick roads and treacherous travel for those traveling by car and plane. plus, will all the weather make its way to the d.c. metro? we will check back in with doug hill for a look at the forecast. i am wishing my family a merry christmas and a happy new year. see you soon.
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announcer: you are watching "abc 7 news at noon," on your side. cmmy: blowing snow
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much of the great plains today. the storm made for a picturesque holiday weekend but also made for hazardous travel conditions for arizona and north dakota. it is the gift that keeps on giving. >> i love this white christmas. >> winter weather making for a white christmas and tough travel the day after. >> we are happy and making silly faces and singing christmas songs to get the time going. arizona, snow brought two major roadways to a standstill. trucks, and buses stranded outside flagstaff. getting home or to the mall to be tricky across the country. in the northern plains, it is a slippery mess where freezing rain turned to snow. transportation officials in the dakotas shutting down more than 600 miles of roadway along interstate 90,
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highway 83 because of drifting snow and near zero visibility. some of those same areas are under a blizzard warning and could get more than two feet of snow. couldnd possible storms move through nebraska, kansas, missouri, oklahoma, and texas. >> i hope i can get home. >> the winter weather was not just packed with snow and freezing rain, but also high win. in nebraska, about 800 people lost power, and there were reports of a possible tornado. arey: obviously if you around here for the holidays, it will be a different story at home. the key was it is sunny. friday we were talking about how it would be really nice, soft and the clouds on sunday because we were not sure which way the wind would go. it cleared out sunday morning. . little fog christmas eve it worked out
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side of this equation. back in the clouds, but it is very active weather. the temperatures will go up and down, maybe even late in the week a few snow showers. let's get started here. winter isreality that here. 44 degrees in washington, 43 in gaithersburg. 45 in ashburn. hagerstown at 43. dale city is missing. we are going to send a crew out and look for dale city. i-95ll find it along somewhere. every now and then an observation is missed. no rain now, but showers early in the morning. the forecast today, we will push to 50 degrees later in the afternoon. even without any sunshine, it will be due to southerly and southwesterly wind, bringing warmer temperatures. the average child the summer 26 is 44 degrees. we will do better
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tomorrow. the forecast as we head to the overnight, rising temperatures, cloudy skies and showers possible by sunrise as the wind turns to the southwest. that pushes warm air and the area behind the warm front, quickly followed by the cold front. as often happens, the cold air behind a cold front lingers behind a while. early futurecast, i tomorrow morning, some showers coming through in the morning. the we get to 930, -- 9:30, rain is gone and we are seeing clearing skies to the north and west. the wind will be picking up as well, he coming breezy. becoming breezy. temperatures will be fairly mild because the cold air is lingering. trailing a cold front by several hours. the forecast tomorrow -- maybe 62 degrees. 64 at base andrews. 68 in fredericksburg. 61 in baltimore, 62 in annapolis. to go with
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advisory in effect for 8:00 tonight until 10:00 tomorrow morning. it is in the higher elevations, catoctin and also the blue ridge . the high elevations, especially the ridge tops, wind gusting 45 to 50 miles per hour late tonight as the front rolls through. 46 degrees on wednesday. torsday, clouds, we warm up 52. another cold front late at night could give us some rain and snow showers even at the high elevations. then it could turn a bit colder with highs near 40 degrees. keep the umbrella ready later in the week. new year's weekend forecast calls for partly cloudy skies on saturday. new year's eve, 44. late at night into new year's day, a chance of showers on the , 47 degrees.2017 lots of ups and downs in the forecast. maybe we will share that
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coming up. there it is. jummy: is that it? was, all i said to center give me new bed -- all i said to santa was give me new batteries for my clicker. only about 39 by next wednesday. it is december. january is time. jummy: not like last january. doug: not yet. we will see. jummy: coming up on abc 7 news at noon -- >> ♪ freedom ♪ freedom freedom freedom ♪
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jummy: british pop superstar george michael died early yesterday morning. wham!ched early fame with and ran onto a solo career, dying at 53. the cause of death is heart failure. his death continues a year of grief for the music industry. david bowie also died before 70. >> it is the song that had the world tapping their toes. , "wake me upitty before you go-go," it was 1984 and they were the british duo known as waham! it was george michael with that
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t-shirt, the alluring eyes, and super moves who really took the spotlight, sealing his fame with the chart topping ballad "careless whisper." careless whisper to the hearts and minds ♪ michael split from partner andrew ridgely in 1986 and launched a solo career, never looking back. it was 1987. george michael looking the confident rockstar now in this productive -- in this provocative video with equally provocative title -- >> ♪ i want your sex >> the song lyrics were considered by some to be raunchy. casey kase
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title on his radio show. some pop stations would not play it until after dark. michael's lyrics invoking the pleasures of sex bumped heads with not just conservatives who thought he had gone too far, but with a hollywood desperately bringing attention to the aids epidemic and the need for safe sex. michael would later say his lyrics would be misunderstood. by the late 1980's, he was a bona fide superstar, garnering awards, hanging with celebs and royalty, and delivering more hits. try -- i want to learn to hold you touch you ♪
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it can be said the 1990's were not quite as kind to george michael. fewer smash hits, and then this. april 7, 1998, michael is arrested by an undercover male police officer in charge -- and charged with engaging in a lewd act at a park in beverly hills. it took no time to become international headlines. on cnn he confirmed what had long been rumored to he was gay. >> i want people to know that i have not been exposed as a gay .an in any way i do not feel any shame. i feel stupid and i feel reckless and weak for having allowed my sexuality to be exposed this way, but i do not feel any shame whatsoever, neither do i think i should. >>
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more scuffles with the law, drug-related arrests, and a nasty car accident in 2010. michael was found to be driving under the influence of cannabis and went to jail. but there was always the music. ,t nearly age 50, symphonica his creative masterpiece with a full orchestra, a critical success. >> ♪ the first time ever i saw your face ♪ "i still believe that music is one of the greatest gifts that god gave the man," george michael once said. lucky for us, he left us plenty of it. >> ♪ freedom freedom freedom remember what you say freedom
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freedom ♪ jummy: how long can we expect freedom from the cold and snow, the wintry weather yet that we will check
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anything with a screen is a tv. stream 130 live channels. plus 40,000 on demand tv shows and movies, all on the go. you can even download from your x1 dvr and watch it offline. only xfinity gives you more to stream to any screen. download the xfinity tv app today. jummy: according to "the hollywood reporter," the force rules again at the box office. "rogue one" has taken i
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now a look ahead at some of the possible blockbusters of next year. here is your "hollywood minute." >> the bad moms will be back for the holidays. kristen bell announced via twitter that the bad moms christmas is headed to theaters next year. the hollywood reporter says she and mila kunis and kathryn hahn will be back for the sequel, hitting theaters november 3, 2017. >> here he is, my famous brother, jackie burke. dr. the film starring robert de niro as an aging standup comic will release in theaters february 3. it also stars leslie mann and dany devito. -- it was an" limited engagement to qualify for an award season.
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scott's alien covenant. the follow-up to prometheus, continuing that story as well as the alien franchise. it hits theaters may 19. doug: plenty of movie choices. jummy: it is getting cold, too. so we want to get to a movie theater. doug: today is our first day of kwanzaa, the third day of hanukkah. clouds for everybody. tonight it will be warmer with a warm push coming before tomorrow's cold front. that could create some showers tomorrow morning. clearing for the afternoon. wednesday looks nice. nice, turningo colder on friday. for the new year's weekend, it should be driver new year's eve, then showers on new year's day. turning cooler and colder by the middle of next week. jummy: thank you, thank you for joining us. have a gre
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>> 1 player, 3 lifelines, 14 questions, and $1 million up for grabs. it all starts right now on "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic music] ♪ hey, everybody, welcome to the show. are you guys ready to play "millionaire" today? [cheers and applause] at 64 years old, there are only two things left on our next contestant's bucket list, and i am hoping we can do something about at least one of those today. from pittsfield, massachusetts, please welcome rick beltaire. [cheers and applause] rick, how you doing? >> nice to meet you, chris. >> pleasure. welcome to "millionaire." >> thank you. >> first and foremost, i love the shirt. >> thank you. >> that is on it today. okay, bucket list.


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