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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  December 28, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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day. there are new details in her death. michelle: the man accused of killing her making the first court appearance in court. jeff goldberg is live outside the courthouse. the unanswered question tonight remains. how did the two meet? jeff: well, that is the question that investigators are still trying to answer. because the information that duane johnson is providing to police in no way match up with the information that the investigators are finding. johnson being held without bail after the hearing today in d.c. superior court. in the hearing a friend of tricia mccauley yelling out, "he is an animal. he stole my friend from me." 29-year-old duane johnson faces first-degree murder charges in brew stall killing of tricia mccauley. but her friends are at a loss of what to do next. >> we can't get her back. that is the reality. that is where we
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>> johnson was arrested midnight on monday. he had been driving mccauley's sign sign. they later found her dead in the car. her stocking and underwear torn. >> there is no indication she knew the suspect prior to the them coming together. >> after the arrest, johnson said mccauley offered him a ride somewhere in d.c. but he couldn't remember where. he claimed the two had sex and afterwards mccauley became emotion and killed herself. johnson claims he drove around d.c. in mccauley's car for a period of time with a prostitute. making purchases on her credit card. investigators saying she had been sexually assaulted and
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murdered. >> we need to honor her and celebrate her life. do things for her. he as a history of men call illness. he recently was in jail in d.c. on misdemeanor theft charge. he was released last week. on the 21st of december he was supposed to have an ankle bracelet installed but it never happened. tricia mccauley's friends we spoke to are furious he was on the street not being honored. live in northwest washington, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. jonathan: we have updates here and online. michelle: turning to the weather, rain on the way. it might make for a messy commute. road crews with mobilize to treat icy
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needed. michelle: the farther west you go, north and the west there will be the pockets in virginia. in if valley location where there could be hours where the rain stops. by and large the areas will have a cold rain in the morning. the temperatures are dropping through the 30's. what is developing, the winds turn south. that will bring us warmer air overhead. it will be all rain. it will rain heavily enough through the morning hours i don't think the roadways are a problem. the on set areas farther west are an issue. the rain will move out in the lake morning. looking to friday a lot of sunshine and windy and cold.
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of rain in our area. by the time it comes to an end. then gusty winds are depping out west. -- are developing out west. we will feel those here on friday. back to you. michelle: thank you, doug. jonathan: john kerry defended the united states decision to sustain and not veto u.n. resolution condemning israeli settlements in the west bank. two-state solution is the only way, he said. >> two-state solution is the only way to achieve a just and a lasting peace between israelis and palestinians. it's the only way tone sure israel's future as democratic space.
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with the neighbors. jonathan: israel's prime minister calling john kerry's mideast policy speech a great disappointment. netanyahu accused kerry of focusing on the israeli settlements and paying attention to the palestinian incitement of the violence and terrorism. president-elect donald trump bashed the relationship on twitter ahead of the speech saying, "the beginning of the end was the horrible iran deal and now this. stay strong, israel. january 20 is fast approaching." the president-elect did make a brief appearance at his home in florida. hi had a steady stream of visitors at the state. he didn't only tweet about israel. he took aim at the president tweeting, "doing my best to disregard the many inflammatory president o
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statements and roadblocks. thought it was going to be a smooth transition. not." michelle: john donohoe has been missing for two weeks. we have more on how it has people perplexed. >> they handle dozens on a yearly basis. but this has suspicious undertones. 36-year-old john donohoe stayed at it his parent's home on monday december 12. he left in his black survivor and hasn't been seen or heard from since. december 22, an unknown woman and a young child seen here used donohoe's credit card to purchase $700 of items at a number of stores around
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hyattsville. he works as a web designer and he lives alone in a bethesda apartment. his family tells us he lives a simple life and he never disappeared before. >> what is not normal is his credit card has been used. we haven't seen him since the 13th. the credit card has been used. michelle: his black survivor have maryland tags read out 2ak8853. if you have any information you are urged to contact the police. michelle: the places in the d.c. area with the most ride-share dropoff throughout the year. jonathan: also next, what you need to have to get in the m
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year's eve. and this -- q: remember this scene? it's dry but what is done to prevent the flooding from
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jonathan: breaking news from hollywood. we told you yesterday carrie fisher died. tonight tmz is reporting her mother debbie reynolds might have had a stroke and was rushed to the hospital. we don't know her condition as we speak. but in the meantime, tributes are pouring in remembering the life and the work of carrie fisher. the funeral arrangements are being planned and her daughter is planning that. they are planning a celebration because people say she always liked a good party. >> she would say buck up, have a coke. she would know that life is going on without her. jonathan: the disney bosses are debating what to do with her character in the upcoming "star wars" films. they are considering using c.g.i. technology to keep her character alive. she was working on a sequel to the one-woman show "wishful
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"wishful drinking strikes back." coming up next at 6:00, a fix to this mess we saw in june. what metro is doing to make sure that one metro stop does not flood again. erin: i'm erin hawksworth with sports. after they loss to the pacers last week the wizards will try to redeem themselves at home. plus, why tomorrow night is the biggest game of the season so far for the maryland women's
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michelle: remember this from june? this is the cleveland park metro station getting flooded during a storm. riders had to wade through ankle-deep water getting in and out of the station. metro is now doing something about it. we sent q mccray to the station to find out what the agency is doing to prevent flooding from happening again. q: rain water raging down the escalator to and the stairs at cleveland park metro station. the video speaks for itself. it was a wet mess. >> what i did was just walk to dupont circle, which is two miles from here. q: this was back in june. now a
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sure this roaring riverer doesn't flow again. d.c.'s department of of transportation is digging deep for answers. boring for soil samples. it wants to know just how much water the ground can handle in a heavy downpour. it's also checking for underground utilities. the drilling isn't affecting metro service. parking is another story. parking could be off-limits between 9:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. until january 6 on connecticut avenue between mccomb and quebec. a small inconvenience to pay. as far as the metro riders are concerned. >> i travel almost entirely by metro. so i just kind of want it to work. >> just because work is going on now, don't expect a quick fix to this problem. as a matter of fact speaking with the d.c. department of transportation, they say the station won't be redesigned for another couple of years at the
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at cleveland park, i'm q mccray, back to you. jonathan: newspapers across the country are laying people off left and right. the "washington post" is adding people. yeah, they are planning to hire 60 people in the new year to bring the staff to 750 people. huge! the post is going to add rapid response investigateive team, expand video journalism and breaking news staff and make additional investments in podcast and photography. post online traffic had increase of 50% in the last year. the new subscriptions have grown by 75%. wow! good for them. well, lyft named the most visited places in the d.c. area of 2016. this is part of the second annual lyfty awards. the most visited transit stop in the nation union station. here are some of the others for you. the most visited restaurant founding farmers. visited bar, don titos. the most visited event space is john f. kennedy
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the performing arts. there you go. michelle: if you are planning to go to the m.g.m. casino at national harbor for the new year, there are things you need to know. you need a ticket to the duran duran concert, room reservation or a special pass to get in. the special passes are $75 and you have to get them in advance on ticket master. they also have a dress code for the new year's women. visitors are asked to wear upscale or semi-formal dress suitable for the occasion. jonathan: duran duran will be great to see, too. michelle: or dinner. either one. jonathan: hi, doug. big plans, are you going to see duran duran? doug: a quiet weekend. michelle: watching the ball drop. jonathan: getting over the cold. doug: if i stay awake that long. rainy start tomorrow. it will be chilly. temperatures in the upper 30's to 40's. i don't think they will drop that much in the metro area.
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morning when the precipitation begins to the shenandoah valley, there will be combination of the rain briefly. and it could be a brief wintry mix. we are not expecting for that. if the it happens -- not expecting many issue for that. the clouds and rain 2:00 to 4:00 moving in. this shows the leading edge. the winds are coming out of the southeast off the atlantic ocean across the bay. we are not concerned about the temperatures except it's uncome fortably chilly and wet through the rush hour tomorrow morning. the computer models have been persistent in taking the solid area of the rain east of washington by late morning and the early afternoon breaks in the overcast. winds pick up a bit. we will still hit 50 with the sunshine. as that is happening snow developing along the western slope of the higher mountains to the west. the winter storm watches in effect. the winter storm warning over west virginia at the highest elevation. the planner
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metro area. 47 at noon with the sun trying to break through. we will have sunshine. 50 degrees by 4:00 in the afternoon. so late week goes like this. 50 tomorrow with the morning rain. windy, cold with sunshine and 40 degrees on friday. lower wind chills. saturday is partly cloudy and 44. as we get through saturday night for new year's eve there could be shrinkals. cloudy temperatures. 389 at the stroke of midnight. we get to sunday it looks better for us. we had sunshine at times. mixing with the clouds on sunday. there will be a chance of rain. 30%. we think it's after 7:00 at night. that is good news. we will warm it up for monday, tuesday, wednesday and turn colder and dry weather looking ahead to thursday, friday, saturday of next week. the first full weekend of january. the temperatures, weather conditions where they should be for that time of year. michelle, jonathan and erin, back to you. jonathan: thanks. michelle: we need a win this sunday. erin: just win, baby. you know all about that one. jonathan: got that going for
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the giants means everything for the redskins. not so much for new york. so does it mean that head coach ben mcadoo won't pla why are you checking i want to see if it changed. credit scores don't change that much do they? really? i'll take it! sir, your credit... is great, right? when was the last time you checked? yeah, i better check my credit score. here, try credit karma. it's free. alright, no more surprises. credit karma. give yourself some credit.
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the giants and any other result than a tie between the packers and the lions to clinch the final wild card spot. new york locked up the fifth seed so a victory isn't as meaningful for the giants on sunday. however, head coach ben mcadoo said today he plans to play his starters in a game that means everything to the skins. so hey, josh norman, do you care if the giants starters like odell beckham play? >> i don't care. bring them on. bring everybody who plays, who don't play. i don't know what coach mcadoo will do but it don't affect what we do. >> i do not care. i don't care whoever plays. they could bring back jeff hosstettlesher, nobody, whoever. if they come off the bus they have to line-up. erin: the wizards host the pacers tonight at the verizon center. washington won seven of the last ten to move in a tie with indiana for that ninth place in the east. now it seems
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rolling after their disappointing start to the season. thanks in part to guys like otto porter who chipped in with 32 points in monday's victory for over the bucks. they will need that contribution to keep the good times rolling. >> i don't have a great first game or first half. i had entire game that was on fire. we have to trust each other. keep playing like we have been playing so many games. erin: moving on to the most anticipated game of the maryland women's basketball season. why is that, you ask? well, the terps will host uconn tomorrow night. who has won the last four national championships and hasn't lost a game in 25 months. now this should be a great test for brenda freeze and her squad off to a 12-0 start. >> you have to respect the fact what
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remarkable. that is where it inspires all of us to want to be better. at the same point for us it's not about the streak. it's for us coming out like we do every contest and wanting to win a game. erin: finally georgetown takes a six-game winning streak into milwaukee tonight as the hoyas begin big east play against marquette tonight. tip-off is 8:30. jonathan: it would make no sense going back to the redskins if the giants put their starters out there. if somebody gets hurt the coach will be vilified. erin: i agree. michelle: final word on weather. doug: rain in the morning. in the 30's to start. the sin should shine by the afternoon. windy and cold on friday. tonight at 11:00, molly is in for steve rudin. she will talk about the timing of the rain and how it affects the commute and the new year's eve weekend forecast. michelle: thank you. "world news tonight" with murray up next. jonathan: thank you for watching.
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tonight, breaking news. the white house ready to retaliate against russia for interfering in the election. president obama firing back after those russian hacks. and tonight, the kremlin already promising to respond. bringing back jobs? president-elect trump announcing 5,000 jobs are coming back to the u.s. how it might happen. this, as he sends a mixed message about president obama. first, accusing him of setting up transition roadblocks, then, telling the cameras a different story. and the american ally caught in the middle. also breaking tonight, hollywood legend debbie reynolds rushed to the hospital with a medical emergency, just one day after daughter carrie fisher passed away. witness to murder? the hot ne


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