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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  January 2, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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weather. the rain could become heavy -- the early,ban mid morning. clouds and drizzle, then around 7:00 a.m., the rain is steady, temperature in the mid 40's. this will be rain, but unfortunately, a lot of it at .he back to work commute through the day, the rain will quickly move northeast. by 11:00 a.m., the heavy rain northeast of the metro. temperatures in the mid to upper 40's. cloudy in the afternoon, cloudy or the rush home tomorrow evening. as for how much rain, close to winning to of rain across the area by the time it tapers off later in the afternoon on tuesday. on wednesday, the nicest day of the week. we will lay that out along with our 10 day outlook in about 15 minutes. that is the latest. maureen: you can get a look at the weather conditions and
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good morning washington team. eileen giveica, and you traffic and weather every 10 minutes starting at 4:25 a.m. jonathan: a high school's return --m winter break shot shrouded in sorrow. a student killed in her bedroom, her mother was also shot at. brad joins us live. what is the latest on this case? many questions remain unanswered. first, what was the motive, and the identity of the suspect? moments ago, we got in email from the howard county police saying they will not release the information today. they say the suspect who shot himself in the head remains in the hospital, and detectives are talking to the medical professionals at shock trauma. they may release more information tomorrow morning. what we do know is, today was the first day back at scho f
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tough one. afterir first day back the holiday, howard high students heard in morning announcements that 16-year-old sophomore charlotte zaremba was murdered yesterday in her own bedroom. it would be a long, sad day, with many students dressed in black. >> most of the kids were wearing black. they showed support. it means a lot, for her and her family. >> we were offered to make cards or her family. -- for her family. it was in the back of everyone's minds, just what happened. reporter: it happened at 2:00 a.m. yesterday, in this home at the end of knoll glenn drive. charlotte zaremba's mother heard a scuffle. when she went to check, she encountered a 15-year-old boy. police say he opened fire, hitting and
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they say he then shot and killed the girl before shooting himself in the head. the suspect remains in critical condition. >> everybody was upset. everybody, whether or not you knew her, you will -- you will feel it in some kind of way. policer: how were county are not identifying the suspect. a lot of rumors around the high school today, but none of them confirmed. we will be updated tomorrow. at howard high school, brad bell, abc 7 news. maureen: a search under way for the driver who hit a pedestrian and didn't stop. the man who was hit was found dead. it happened en route four around 10:30 last night. it took place just outside the beltway. police believe the victim was crossing the street when he suffered a medical emergency and passed out, and a car hit him. it is possible
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was hit, but police are waiting on an autopsy. jonathan: a raid on an apartment -- nokey yielded no us it arrests. isis took responsibility for the attack that killed ernie nine and left 70 wounded. among those was an american from delaware. >> i feel for everybody here. in the united up states, i.e. to breakfast. you guys wake up and have to think of this. the survivor believes it was his cell phone that saved his life, because he said his cell phone stopped a bullet. days until he18 is sworn in, president-elect donald trump has two cabinet positions left to fill. veterans affairs and agriculture secretary. mr. trump tweeted chicago should ask for federal help to lower its murder rate. the president-elect said later th
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an intelligence briefing on russian interference in the u.s. election. he has repeatedly questioned russia's involvement. familiar plenty of faces on capitol hill. and new faces. congress will go to work. republicans control the house and the senate. the arrival means a farewell for barbara mccloskey. she spent 40 years representing maryland, 30 years in the senate. she is the country's longest serving female lawmaker. alison: a big -- maureen: a big shakeup of the d.c. council is complete. six new members were sworn in today. the bureau chief talked to the new members, who saw controversy during their first moments on the job. amid fears of what a republican federal government will mean to democratic d.c. and the black lives matter protest,
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they were all men. robert, and back in ward seven, vincent gray, former mayor defeated two years ago by muriel bowser, sworn in as his son held the bible. will it be difficult to come back as just a councilmember? x i don't think so. we pay a lot of attention to the needs of the people. reporter: the most enthusiasm at the ceremony were a bald around trayon white -- revolved around trayon white. >> in my wallet, i keep my former food stamp card. it reminds me of my humble beginnings. where i came from, and where god has taken me. you should never forget where you come from because you might have to go back. reporter: he started the day with this instagram, singing with his sister as she did his hair. why the enthusiasm?
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reporter: these ceremonies are about change. jack evans is starting his eighth term on the council. he noted he is the only member who was not elected in this century. reporting from the d.c. convention center, sam farr, abc 7 news. jonathan: coming up, poppies swiped in manassas. the red flags. universitymerican announced a decision to remove a controversial statue. why law enforcement agencies are celebrating its removal. maureen: four months after a launchpad blast disaster, what caused a rocket to explode.
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jonathan: spacex will return to flight on sunday. this is video they would rather not see. the launch comes after destroyed explosion $100 million worth of satellites and damaged the launchpad. spacex said it worked with nasa and agencies to correct the fueling
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caused the explosion. maureen: a rough start to the new year for one driver whose car went up in flames just before sunrise in northeast d.c. the cadillac was found burning on commodore joshua barney drive. no one was hurt, and no word on the cause. jonathan: d.c. police are looking for two men who robbed and shot a man outside his home this morning. it happened just after 7:00 along 21st street in northeast d.c.. witnesses say both men came out wearing ski masks. no update on the homeowner's condition. police are canvassing the neighborhood, hoping to find any clues that might lead them toward the guys responsible. maureen: a big step in the , criticallya deputy injured in a shooting on maryland's eastern shore. the queen anne's county sheriff's office sent us this picture, showing deputy war and hogan standing up in his
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ogan standing up in his hospital room. the deputy is facing a 6-8 month recovery. condemnedhe has been to life in prison for killing two fbi agents. why is there is statue of him at a local college? weather that may bring snowflakes later this week. sports,coming up in what do the players think as they clean out their lockers?
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maureen: manassas police are searching for six stolen puppies . thieves took the six week old dogs the puppies have special diet and health needs, so time is critical in finding them. puppies., return the their safety is my number one concern right now. maureen: three puppies were
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taken, and they are ok. the thieves broke a blip -- broke the back window and ripped off a security camera. suspiciouss believed looking people raised red flags and may be responsible. jonathan: d.c. police were called to investigate a suspicious you call -- u-haul truck. they say it was filled with atms. figure outworking to where they came from. investigators say it is not unusual for thieves to steal bees in one state, swiped the cash, then dump them in the other state. neighbor inside, a called police. if you see something, say something. maureen: a university plans to remove a controversial statue after a -- after an outcry from law enforcement. it depends a native american activist serving two lif
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agents. >> supporters believe leonard peliter was wrongly convicted. others were outraged when the statue was prominently displayed on campus. at first, the university took no position on the artwork, but now, the decision to host the statue required a thorough placing the peace in a prominent public space, with the benefit of a fuller review, we have made the decision to remove the piece. the university says the subject matter and placement improperly suggested that american university assumed an advocacy position of clemency, when no such institutional position has been taken. >> we are losing our freedom of speech. and -- saysson
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will commute his 72-year-old father's sentence. >> where is the evidence that he did this? statements?ed the withheld evidence? >> the fbi agents association says in welliver dozen appeals, a dozen well over appeals, every aspect of the trial has been reviewed, adding that he has never taken responsibility for the crimes while in prison. it is clear where the statue will go. the university is working with the artist to find an organization willing to exhibit the art off-campus. as president obama and the first family return from president learned the will deliver his farewell address january 10 in chicago. he will thank the country for the past eight years and offer thoughts on the future. maureen: we are interested in our future as far as the weather is concerned. we hear something about frigid temperatures? doug:
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of the week, yes. january temperatures, crazy. jonathan: stop with the crazy talk. maureen: can we make an exception? doug: it will warm up. the big concern is tomorrow morning, people going back to work. there may be heavy rain for the morning commute. this afternoon on this monday, skies are cloudy with drizzle and fog in the area. 46 the high am a 43 the average. not a very pleasant day. this evening, we will hang onto some of this drizzle and fog. no heavy rain. 42 -- 42 inchurch, waldorf, 44 in the nation's capital. during the afternoon, there has been an outbreak of severe weather, numerous tornadoes reported, and we have seen damage in mississippi, alabama, and over the border in florida. that area is advancing to the northeast. this will be the area of precipitation that w
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the background yellow color here, that is how big the tornado watch area is. the dynamics in the atmosphere will not be together tomorrow morning like they are now. no severe weather for us, but we could have heavy rain. overnight, drizzle and patchy fog. temperatures 40-45. the steady rain moving in tomorrow morning. the futurecast shows this map image at 8:00 a.m., widespread moderate rainfall across the area. that will continue to move northeast. we think the study rain will move out of the metro around lunchtime, then through the afternoon, cloudy skies. the rain will be finished, which means a better prospect for the evening commute tomorrow. wednesday looks terrific. tomorrow, rain, and it could be heavy. west of the city, maybe a break in the overcast late in the afternoon. highs reaching 42. up extended outlook shows send down. nothing extreme. it will be colder than average. average high is
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tomorrow, 56 on wednesday with sunshine and gusty breezes. thursday, 36 with a system coming in in the evening that could give is a -- give us flurries and snow showers. saturday, the models have been all over the place, suggesting the storm over the pacific develop into a major -- could develop into a major system. if that does happen, our hunch is, it will pass south of our area saturday. we could get a flurry, but i do not think we will see more than that. cold sunday and monday, a little warm up through the middle and end of next week. what's happening, as if we don't already know? the redskins playing anyone. coming up, what the players say as they clean out their lockers. and how does jay oh, how was the open house? so good! look. 800 square feet, 1 bedroom, hardwood floors, 15 minute ride to work. dude! dude! i know! your credit score must be amazing. my credit score?
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>> and now, the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealer. robert: it's all over for now. teamome game against a with nothing to play for. you can't ask for more. instead, they lose to the giants 19-10. this was the scene at rest -- redskins park, cleaning up the lockers. back-to-back winning seasons but no playoffs. you never want to see this in week 17. jay gruden gave a self-asses
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unhappy with his own performance. and winning the division last year, losing a playoff game, we are stuck right here. we are stuck. we have been a little bit. we have not been able to get over the hump as far as winning close games consistently. we will keep working at it, so i have a lot of room for improvement, as do the majority of the people in this building. as long as we realize that and recognize that, there is room, and we can do it. going: we have a question right now. despite missing the playoffs, was 2016 a step or word for the redskins? now. >> i can't believe the season is over. i expected us to go all the way and make it to the playoffs, because we clearly have the team to do that. i always felt like if you don't do what you need to do, you don't deserve to be there.
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we didn't show up and play the right way, and we are here cleaning out lockers. >> the last week, coming up and feeling like, just myself, i didn't do enough work to put us in a better position to win. robert: congratulations to john wall, eastern conference player of the week. duke coach mike krzyzewski has taken a leave of absence for back surgery. we wish him a speedy recovery. jonathan: thanks. doug: rain tomorrow morning, give yourself extra time. rain heavy through the morning. maybe son late in the afternoon. wednesday, sunny and breezy, 56. steve is keeping his eye on that. a chance for some flakes later in the week. we will see you at 11:00. maureen: world news tonight is next. jonathan:
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tonight, as we come on the air, millions in the path of severe storms. reports of the multiple tornadoes touching down, texas slammed by heavy rain and strong winds. this gas station torn apart. 14 million in the storm zone tonight. our ginger zee standing by. breaking news, the investigation underway right now. four children killed. >> there was a strange odor in the house. >> the dangerous pesticides under their home. the killer in that deadly new year's nightclub attack, and the wounded american speaking out saying he played dead to survive. a police takedown under fire. officers plowing into him with a cruiser. questions tonight about that


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