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tv   World News Now  ABC  January 4, 2017 2:37am-3:00am EST

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maximum security ward in rhode island new year's eve. >> he has the potential to be dangerous and could be armed. >> reporter: he has a large tattoo of an eagle on his neck and faces charges for sexual assault of a child and stealing 16 guns from an army reserve center. he climbed a basketball hoop to get to a rooftop and climbed through razor wire. a k-9 unit tracked his scent where police found prison clothing. they found a stolen car on monday in framing him where he knocked on a door looking for an ex-girlfriend. >> i have children of my own. i heard his charges so i was scared for me and my children. >> two officers are now on paid leave as authorities investigate how morales managed to escape. linsey davi
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york. major credit reports are being charged for false. they sold credit scores to consumers that were not the same ones they provided to lenders. the agencies will pay about $23 million in fines. both companies denied wrong doing but said they would improve their services. northern california is experiencing the first of three rainstorms this week, and it's causing erosion along the coast as well as some flash flooding. the region may see as much as 10 inches of rain this week. the good news is this all but ends the drought for the northern third of the golden state. and severe storms that swept through the south are being blamed for six deaths. officials say at least 12 tornadoes were spawned by the storms causing damage to buildings and knocking down trees and power lines. four people died in alabama. one in georgia and one in florida. air pollution is a problem
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they are extending the orange alert for haze for a large area, and for the first time issued a red alert for fog in the northern and eastern regions of the country. visibility may fall below 50 yards at times. look at that weather there. the smog is also a health hazard especially for the old and young. >> can't see very well in it. >> forget about going for a jog in most parts of china right now. and a very special overdue family reunion is taking place in the kansas city area. two sisters, star la and genie, waiting for this ree union for dec decades. >> we were born in thailand and separated from their mother when they were two and three. they were able to mind their mom after posting a picture online. >> she said it was the only thing she had of us girls and carried it in her purse for the last 4
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that waiting came to an end. they were finally reunited with their mother. >> and their mom now lives in colorado. her separation happened because the dad won custody and moved the girls to the united states. the family reunited and that photo blown up. >> even though he got custody, surprising they went that long without seeing each other. what an emotional reunion. >> a bond that was there. coming up, the hall doed princess who loomed large over her siblings. what carrie fisher's sisters are saying about her fame and the love she had with her mother. >> and hear how joe biden did not hold back during his final ceremonial swearing in of the newly elected members of the u.s. senate. it comes as we kick off our three-day celebration of 25 years of "world news now." hear how we made history, next.
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thought we'd see who has been lurking. our vast audience. we have the lurkers and participants. there's a maximum number we can get here, but we see these are the names of people watching us this morning from all over the world. a couple from canada. people have been dropping in and out all morning, and we'd like to welcome them to what we think was the first live broadcast of
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>> wow. who knew our viewers were around back then. >> did -- was that aol instant messengers? >> i think it was. >> i like the dial up. i wonder how long it took to load that. >> that was history making. back in 1995 with the first live internet broadcast of a tv news show. we'll have more from our 25 years later in this half hour and all this week. i think they're still dialing up to try to get a response. >> the computer screen comes to here. >> it was huge. it's great looking back at the memories, and so many memories, carrie fisher and debbie reynolds family members have. >> fisher shared a father with her half sisters. and this morning the fisher sisters are opening up about the bond that carrie shared with her mother. here's matt gutman. >> reporter: carry fisher's fame spanned galaxies.
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debbie and princess leia, and we lost our hero. we lost our mirror. >> reporter: she even loomed large to her half sisters. they were opening up to our chris connelly. >> i do remember seeing her in a 40 foot closeup and going wow, that's my sister. >> we had the coolest big sister in the world. she was a bad ass body gun toting princess. who has that? >> i think that she was more sensitive. >> she was secretly soft. >> reporter: and aware of her mortality. hours before that fatal heart attack on this flight, texting the sisters she shared with their father. >> we talked about age. because she was floored that she had just turned 60. we talked about our children. we talked about our frail mothers. >> reporter: carrie fisher's mother was debbie reynolds who
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>> i knew that if carrie wasn't going to survive this that debbie would not. you knew it. >> reporter: in those final moments, carrie's sisters promising her they'd take care of her beloved daughter, billy. >> i remember just holding her hand and telling her that we were there, that we would make sure that her daughter was whole, which she will be. >> she definitely adored billy as the most amazing accomplishment of her life. >> reporter: matt gutman, abc news, los angeles. zblen >> the family is still working on funeral details. it will be a joint funeral. coming up. vice president joe biden marks the end of an era with his good humor. >> we have some of the surprises from his final
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the newly elected senators coming up next.
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in previous administrations the swearing in of the newly elected senators was as exciting as the newly released
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to turn it into his most watched d.c. event. >> reporter: the vice president joe biden in full uncle joe mode. >> probing of other players here. i'll be darned. what a beautiful family. >> reporter: in his final swearing in of the 115th congress. kissing the ladies. >> i hope this doesn't get you in trouble with the family. >> how are you? >> reporter: charming the kids. >> i love your dress. younger brothers are harder to raise. >> i will. >> she's not so sure. >> reporter: well, most of the kids. this time rejected by the baby granddaughter of richard burr. >> we're having a conversation.
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his canned lines. >> my dad said you have one job. i have a beautiful sister like you guys, he used to say you have one job, keep the guys away from your sister. keep the boys away from your sister. that's your job. keep the guys away from our sisters. he has a tough job. >> reporter: you're a pro at this. giving selfie lessons. >> anybody else want to be sworn? >> reporter: but mostly providing smiles and bridging this political divided landscape. >> i'm going to miss joe biden. always good for a laugh. >> no matter what your political event. >> he's just a lovable character. >> he is, and that has been the must see tv event, and i love that young girl just kind of like, no, i'll pass. >> even republicans in the h
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p? nailed it. we all picked. we're a nation of pickerings, but are you like dad get out of there or are you looking for gold? >> if no one's looking, i'm making sure it's clean. >> late news confessions on "world news now" from our own diana perez. >> these are the kinds of things we share in the middle of night. >> no, we don't. she's since moved to philadelphia where her husband worked for wpvi action news 6. >> and recently met up with tim edwards who is now the week day morning co-anchor, and they brought us this special greeting. >> hello. look who i found. diana perez. i'm back but not
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i'm actually still home with my boys having the time of my life with them, but she was wonderful to let me come in and tape this quick congratulations and hello to you in new york. we're so excited for you. this is a big year. congratulations, 25. >> they skasked us to think abo what we remember. i remember the people. i remember singing in the makeup room. and thank you for everything that i learned. getting things as they came in. learning how to do a food segment. i did a hoo la hoop on television. >> happy 25 th anniversary wnn. >> thank you, ladies. it's so fantastic to see them. >> and we still sing in the makeup room. >> and then some. >> who could forget her co-anchor, john muller. >> he's an anchor in new york but took time out of his busy schedu
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at "world news now" as well. >> happy 25th anniversary "world news now." remember me? yeah. i'm the overnight really, it's a secret world. people up at that hour all in the same boat for whatever reason. it's a bond that is way more intense than any bond i've ever forged at any normal hour when people are watching tv. it's the tv version of being fox hole buddies. something about being up again at that hour makes you feel like you're a little kid at the sleep over and the cats are away and the mice will play. we had a lot of fun. the crazy hours dissolve differences and we were working for the overnight tribe. a special bond. you folks know what i'm talking about out there. happy 25th anniversary, "world news now." >> tribe? >> and of all the messages, john was the longest, we think he might be talking about how much fun he was having on the show still. he's right. >> we'll be talking soon on facebook live.
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this morning on "world news now," the president-elect's strange relationship with the intelligence community. donald trump was busy on twitter overnight but one tweet in particular getting attention about the intelligence at russian cyber attack the u.s. election. trump making it clear he's still skeptical of russian involvement. and protesters from the naacp arrested at the protest of senator jeff sessions. it ended with demonstrators being led away in hundred dollar cuffs. and a dash cam shows the moment an officer is stopped during a traffic stop. the suspect firing right into the officer's leg. hear how a good samaritan may have saved his life. and it is not yet wednesday,


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