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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  January 10, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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15 minutes. john? jonathan: see you then. thanks. fireworks on capitol hill. jonathan: the confirmation hearings have begun and you can see protests. the man they dragged away not sessions. the confirmation hearing for jeff sessions is underway. it is going in the ninth hour. q mccray is at the "live desk" with big issues so far. this is a long day for sessions. q: he is first of president elect trump cabinet nominees to begin the senate confirmation hearings today. and one of the most controversial. the first thing that jeff sessions was required to do is take the oath before beginning
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the protesters have already spoken up. >> thank you for being here for the people. >> those dressed at the k.k.k. members were first to disrupt the crowd. the outbursts continued throughout the hearing. many protesters removed from the room. sessions grilled with questions and complimented by the peers who had the final say on whether he will be the next u.s. attorney general. >> did you chant "lock her up"? q: sessions told the committee he would recuse himself from prosecution of hillary clinton. >> i like a lot of people made comments about the issues in that campaign. with regard to secretary clinton and some of the comments i made i do believe that could place my objectivity in question. he also tackled immigration.
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amnesty for the law you undermind respect for law. q: but the protesters weren't done. cameras were rolling when they were taken away in a van by the police. several students arrested outside capitol hill. from the "live desk," q mccray, abc7 news. jonathan: we should tell you this. after the democratic pressure for more time to vet cabinet nominees they have delayed two hearing. the hearing for mike pompeo, his choice to lead c.i.a. has been moved to thursday. betsy devos' hearing for education secretary is postponed until next week. maureen: now to breaking news. two people were hurt and one cit lick after a stabbing outside a store at the westfield wheaton mall. richard reeve is following this. have the police made an arrest
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yet? richard: the police are still briefing reporters. we are told one of the people involved this has died and another person is in critical condition. this is called a stabbing incident. this unfolded at 3:17 this afternoon. we have video to show you. this came out as assault call outside the hollinger store. we don't know what led to this. whether it's an altercation or attack on a specific person. police telling us they believe one person is still at large. authorities saying this is a fluid situation. they are trying to figure out a motive. we'll bring the latest to you tonight at 11:00. maure
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the president elect named anti-vaccine kennedy. kennedy claimed that the vaccines cause autism despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. in 2012 trump questionedded the safety and the ben hit the of vaccines. jonathan: president obama leaving marine one a short time ago and is boarding air force one for a final trip as commander in chief. in three hours he will deliver a farewell speech in chicago. in a facebook message he told reporters the work will always be unfinished. we will carry the address live tonight at 9:00. maureen: two years ago this coming thursday smoke filled a yellow line train at l'enfant plaza killing a mother of two and sickening dozens of people. today we learned metro is responding to a lawsuit over the womans death saying d.c. fire is to blame for the botched response. abc7 transportation reporter
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brianne carter spoke to the leaders. she is joining us from l'enfant plaza. brianne: the mayor and the d.c. fire chief saying that firefighters here in the district are trained and ready to respond to any incident on metro. this comes as the new claims from metro's lawyers. >> new allegation where the blame lies when it comes to the yellow line smoke incident that injured dozens of riders and killed carol glover. they are asking the judge to throw out the lawsuit filed against the transit authority. metro denies that it has a duty to assist, rescue or evacuate passengers on the metro rail train in the event of a fire emergency situation. they claim the responsibility fires on d.c. fire and e.m.s. under a contract between the metro and the local fire departments. in court documents they argue that the first
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to do their job including failing to establish unified command structure and coordinate with the other agencies on scene and delaying response for passengers trapped on train 302 thereby causing, contributing or exacerbating the injury to the passengers. the d.c. fire chiefs wouldn't directly respond to claims. they instead had this to say. >> i know we responded to an incident and we managed it. brianne: mayor bowser says they will defend themselves and said she knows firefighters ran into harm's day to save people on the january day. >> but for the actions we don't know what the severity of the incident could have been. >> after that a spokesperson saying that the riders are safer today as a result of the effort since the incident to improve training, t
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testing in d.c. other changes have been made having a firefighter in the rail operation control center 24/7. reporting live, brianne carter, abc7 news. jonathan: still ahead for us at "abc7 news at 6:00" -- vice president joe biden revealing how he will leave washington in a fitting farewell after 45 years of service. >> i was destroyed. maureen: this is the man who has announced every inaugural parade since president eisenhower. he is off the job. we meet the new announcer coming up. jonathan: first, video captures a man moments before he attacks a store clerk. why the clerk says this isn't the first time she has seen him in that
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maureen: new video of a man moments before he sexual assaulted a convenience store clerk yesterday. this video is from inside 7-eleven in fredericksburg. at 4:15 he went in the store, he followed the clerk in an office and threatened her with a weapon and sexually assaulted her. he exposed himself to the same clerk a month ago. he has a squeaky voice. jonathan: the man on video shooting a state department employee in mexico is in court today. zia zafar is charged
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assented murder of friday's shooting in christopher ashcraf, a diplomat working at the consulate in guadalajara, mexico. investigators have not commented on a motive. maureen: former maryland delegate and the prince george's county commissioner will campos has pleaded guilty to federal bribery charges. he admitted accepting money in exchange for the political favors while member of the council. the investigators say more elected officials could be charged. jonathan: coming up next, following up a historic legacy. we meet the new announcer for the inauguration in 60 years coming up. maureen: first, warmer days are ahead. but only after freezing rain. we have the complete forecast. robert: i'm robert burton. the wiza
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i was disappointed because i thought i would be the announcer. then when i read the e-mail, i thought i was going to commit suicide. it was really terrible. jonathan: that was charlie brotman the man who announced every inauguration parade since dwight d. eisenhower. after he learned he wouldn't announce this year's ain ugh ration, you heard -- inauguration, you heard his reaction. but he is giving his full support to the man taking his place. we spoke to the new announcer steve ray as he toured the parade route. >> january 20, historic handoff with a transition of power in washington, d.c. some will remain the same. like it will travel down pennsylvania avenue like it has for decades. it here in 1969. >> but steve ray will not walk from the sideline. >> i'm the
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laugh yet -- lafayette park reviewing stand across from the presidential reviewing stand where the first family will be to enjoy the parade as it goes by. >> a coverted position. >> you will have a constant flow of entertainment and military units and high school bands and college bands. reporter: ray says it is a personal lifetime achievement no matter who is honored. >> i would have said the same thing if mr. sanders won or mrs. clinton won. no matter who won this is one of those things i had targeted as a bucket list item for my career. >> but there will be a crucial announcement for him at the start. >> the job is to announce the first lady and the first family. the first time i say the 45th president of the united states and then that name -- is the first time i say it.
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i won't give it away before we get there. reporter: in washington, d.c., kathleen karens, abc news. jonathan: we are just ten days away from the inauguration. we have the extensive coverage in days leading up to the inauguration and the nonstop coverage inauguration day on abc7, the sister station newschannel8 and online as well. maureen: let's look back at history. eight years ago president obama and vice president biden arrived in d.c. by train. we learned the vice president will leave washington the same way. as a senator, mr. biden famously rode amtrak to and from his delaware home every day and he would leave d.c. on amtrak january 20. he has within a supporter of amtrak, even riding alongside whoopi goldberg three years ago. i'm sure there were other well-named people with
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jonathan: the lyles are on. i don't -- the lights are on. i don't think anybody is home but the lights are on. the picture on the right side of the screen. a big change from 24 hours ago. you wouldn't see it. dark again. the monument has gone dark twice in two weeks. last night's outage even shut down the emergency lights so they called the f.a.a. to warn them about that. >> we notified the f.a.a. of the outage and going to let them make any alterations. to the operations as necessary. >> park service spokesperson says electricians were able to find the problem to get the lights on. they are trying to figure out what caused the problem in the first place. last week they had it figured out and this week we are going with you know what? we don't know. doug: in the 1970's you would see the advertisement for the clapper. wouldn't it be cool? lights go out. you say "monument!" [clapping] jonathan: park service walks by. lits
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maureen: you won't be hired by the park service anytime soon. doug: i don't think so. we have a possibility of freezing rain north and west from the city. the farther west the better chance it happens. the pink colors there represent the jurisdictions now under freezing rain advisory until 1:00 tomorrow morning. there is six and a half hours or so. right now the temperatures there at or below freezing. martinsburg came up a degree. that is a good sign. everybody will hold steady or rise. not worried about the metro. but there are legitimate concerns farther west in colder air where the ground is colder. any rain will be brief but it's not good to be outside in the time. it is not excessive but the band swinging in ahead of the air coming in tomorrow. mid-60's here on thursday.
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there is a brief period of the transition time. the future cast shows the timing of this line not getting to the metro area until 11:00 tonight. it pushes through by 12:31. as the same time the rain comes down and the temperatures will be slowly rising. by 2:00 in the morning the second area will break apart. that is it with the clearing skies by morning. we don't anticipate problems for the morning rush. we just anticipate late tonight for several hours with the possibility of icy spots well north and west of the city. then we see a warm-up. the forecast overnight, temperatures are steady and rising slowly with the area of rain, freezing rain north and west of the metro area. winds pick up out of the southwest for 5 to 15 to bring in warmer air. tomorrow we break out with sunshine and head to 52 degrees. more rain coming in tomorrow night across the area. the extended outlook shows the warmest day of the next several is thursday. 64. friday is cloudy. we will hit 50 mid-to-late morning and the temperatures will drop in the 40's in the
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saturday we have a miserable day here where it will turn colder. disturbance moving south that could give us a mix of rain and snow. we should stay above freezing. cloudy and 40 on sunday. dr. martin luther king day on monday, 47 with the cloudy skies and maybe a sprinkle. for the big parade the weather will be okay. bundle up. we will bust in 50's on tuesday and wednesday and we stay in the 50's toward inauguration day next friday. that's the latest. john, maureen, robert, back to you. robert: we just figured out who is going to the super bowl. right here. jonathan: going with patriots and green bay. robert: not bad. let's talk hoops. terps have a tough one tonight to try to put a couple wins together. wizards are unstoppable at the phone booth. can they keep isjust wanna see ifa again? my score changed... you wanna check yours? scores don't change that much. i haven't changed. oh, really? ♪ it's girls' night
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robert: terps hosting indiana tonight. 2-1 in the big ten. indiana fresh off a conference win over illinois. indiana is always a tough opponent. in fact, hoosiers were ranked 25th in the last poll but they lost three of the last four including a 96-80 loss to illinois. maryland hopes to capitalize on that not overlooking a struggling indiana team. >> they are really good. they play at a pace we haven't seen. we got to adjust
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they are good. they are a heck of a team. their backs are against the wall a little bit. like ours was going to michigan. so we expect to get their best effort. robert: not sure if this comes as a surprise but clemson beat alabama last night for the national title. they arrived back if greenville, south carolina, earlier today. believe this. that game will go down in history as one of the best national title games ever. it came down to the final play. clemson trailing by three. deshaun watson making one of the easiest passes he will make in his life. renfroe for the game winner. it's the second national tile in program history. >> we knew what it took. we knew we'd face adversity and we had to overcome it. that is what we did. we had a two-minute drive at the end. the offense put their foot on gas and we went with it the resiliency we showed, we are down in the hole, we lost last year. keep believing. that
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swinney tells us. unbelievable job. robert: the wizards have a chance to get above .500. it will be tough. they are hosting the chicago bulls but they are playing great at home and going for the tenth straight win at verizon. tip-off for this one at 7:00 p.m. highlights tonight at 11:00. a final note, great eight, alex ovechkin and holtby named to the all star team. jonathan: in fairness, he called for clemson upset yesterday. robert: did i? i'm a sports nut. jonathan: clairvoyant. maureen: i'll check the tape. doug: freezed a -- advisory until 1:00 but in the morning everybody should be above freezing. steve rudin will track it later tonight and talk about the big warmup at 11:00. maureen: i like the warmup part. "world news tonight" with david muir is coming up next. jonathan: thank you for watching. see you at 11:
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tonight, breaking news. as we come on the air, dylann roof sentenced to death after murdering nine african-americans during a bible study. his final words to the jury. the showdown on capitol hill tonight. president-elect donald trump's pick for attorney general facing protesters and tough questions about his record on race, civil rights. about investigating hillary clinton, and about mr. trump's comments on women. the other bombshell on the hill tonight.p answering questions about the russian hacking, and the fbi director is asked, are you investigating any possible ties between the russians and members ofr. trump's team? president obama returning to chicago tonight. his farewell address. and the major storm on the move at this hour. several feet of snow.


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