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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  January 12, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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investigation would re-examine e-mails before closing the case in the two peeks before the election. the inspector general wants to know whether the f.b.i. policies were followed in this case and in comeys public actions. maureen: that news comes at three more of president-elect donald trump's cabinet nominees face questions on the hill. amy aubert has been following all three hearings today and joins us with the latest on the presidential transition. amy? amy: well, general james mattis, dr. ben carson and congressman mike pompeo were in the hot seat as part of the confirmation hearings. the senate busy on thursday with three more confirmations hearings for president-elect trump's cabinet nominees. >> i see each individual as human cab tall that can -- capital that can be developed to become part of the engine that drives our nation, or if not developed becomes part of the load. amy: dr. ben carson,m in knee for secretary of housing and urban developments says he
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approach. he wants to go on a listening tour. >> i want to see what works and what does not work. i want to analyze why it works and why it doesn't work. >> general james mattis no, ma'am 1990 for secretary of state take -- nominee for secretary of defense takes question about russia. >> the important thing is to recognize the reality of what we deal with, with mr. putin and that he is trying to break the north atlantic alliance. amy: he also spoke about the intelligence community and women in the military congressman and central intelligence agency director no, ma'am 1990 mike pompeo appear -- nominee mike pompeo appeared thursday. >> i'm going to make sure we have a clear authority and the analytic product is true and clear and real. amy: seven more nominees will have confirmation hearings next week. amy aubert, abc7 news. maureen: the fate of donald trump's pick for secretary of
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the campaign rivals. marco rubio does not appear to support rex tillerson after fierce questioning yesterday. rubio is the deciding vote on the senate foreign affairs committee. it's not clear when the committee will vote. jonathan: the process of repealing affordable care act, known as obamacare is underway. overnight the senators approved a budget resolution to start the repeal process. that allows the lawmakers to spell out the plans to repeal the law. many analysts think congress will come one a replacement bill first and then repeal obamacare. otherwiseos would result in millions of americans suddenly become uninsured. maureen: breaking news on the u.s. relationship with cuba. the bam obama administration ending the so-called wet foot, dry foot policy. that is a rule that for more than 20 years granted residency to cubans to flee to the united states. the change is affected immediately and a source tells
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comes after months of negotiations. jonathan: absolute heartbreak and devastation in baltimore after a house fire claimed the lives of six children. tonight we are learning if not for the quick actions of an 2-year-old the scene could be worse. we are learning that the mother of the children had been a long-time worker and friend of elijah cummings. brad: yeah. that is right. she is. she is a staff member of congressman elijah cummings and handles issues like immigration and appointment to the military academy. what we can tell this is a woman whose family meant far more than her work. this shows seven of the nine malone children, six of whom perished in the overnight fire. >> this is tough. >> baltimore mayor struggling to find
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face of tragedy. >> to know that so many children will not be with us is painful. brad: while her husband worked a night job kate was home with the nine kids. though critically injured she somehow escaped the fire and thanks to the heroic effort of the 8-year-old daughter, two sons 4 and 5 years old also got out. malone is a long-time staffer for congressman elijah cummings. >> i have talked to her family at length this morning. her mother and father. her mother and husband, i mean. they are still trying to wrap their arms around this. >> it has been a long day in the northeast baltimore community. neighbors watching as the firefighters behind a huge blue tarp work to recover the small victims from the rubble of a collapsed home. >> it's sad. i don't know. it's six kids.
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>> crumbling my heart right now. it's too many lives involved. >> so many lives involved. a few hours ago they finally found the last of the six bodies of the children in the debris. we are told that child is just 9 months old. in northeast baltimore, brad bell, abc7 news. maureen: just heartbreaking. a seat pleasant church was seriously damaged after a fire broke out in the basement and quickly spread. it took firefighters half an hour to knock down the flames at the new mount olivet apostolic church. no one was hurt. jonathan: montgomery county prosecutors now want life without parole for the man accused of a deadly shooting spree that locked down two counties last spring. eulalio tordil now accused of killing his estranged wife and shooting another man before going on a shooting sprees the next day that left two people dead and two others wounded. the trial is set to begin in ri
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surprise at the white house that brought the vice president to tears. jonathan: plus, d.c. makes good on a promise to help find homes for veterans. the new affordable option with view of the capitol. maureen: first, the timetable for the final month of safetrack. the next surge that will cut the train service to part of the blue line. doug: it may be hard to believe but with temperatures in the 70's today by saturday morning we will deal with the snow, freezing rain and sleet. yep. a lot to talk about tonight. plus the next ten days on "abc7 news at 6:00".
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jonathan: they are lucky and embarrassed. firefighters in california had to rush to put out a fire in their own department. that's the fire department burning. it broke out in the truck bay as the firefighters were sleeping. they got out okay. four vehicles were destroyed and among them was a 100-foot aerial truck. maureen: loudoun county police identified the driver of a concrete truck who hit a school bus and kept going. it happened this morning at 7:30. a truck clipped a school bus headed the opposite direction on evergreen mills road
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and no word on charges. near richmond this morning, one student suffered a broken arm and two dozen bumps and bruises after their school bus overturned. police say the bus ran off the roadway. hit a patch of snow and overturned. this was the driver's second crash since 2013. jonathan: metro will resume the safetrack rebuilding in a month. today the transit agency unveiled the plans for the next six months. that is an 18-day surge on the blue line to shut down the trains between rosslyn and the pentagon. safetrack is set to end in june one year after it began. you can get alerted anytime there is a problem slowing down metro. go to to sign up. we'll send text alert to your phone about news headlines, metro or the weather. maureen: up next at 6:00, a new option to ensure veterans
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district. the homes have a view of the capitol. jonathan: i hope you got out there and enjoyed it while it lasted. from if 70's to a wintry mix. the timing of a big shift. doug hill has forecast. maureen: first, jummy olabanji has a look at what is coming up tomorrow on "good morning washington." claim, maureen. tomorrow on "good morning washington." inauguration day is one week away. with hundreds of thousands expected to attend what you need to know about road closures, metro service and heightened security. we are live at joint base andrews. see how the air force is getting ready for the big vent. now at havertys furniture, it's our new year savings event. save up to one-thousand dollars in bonus discounts to create your perfect home. plus you'll get twenty-four month, no-interest financing.
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reduced vice president joe biden to tears. president obama surprised him not once but twice. first sendoff to the friend and running mate. then another bigger surprise. for the final time as president i'm pleased to award the nation's highest civilian honor, the presidential medal of freedom. [applause] jonathan: you can see what happened there. the vice president turns around and grabs his handkerchief. he phrased biden as remarkable man and jokes that it will give t internet one last time to poke fun at their bromance. biden without a senator for 35 years before becoming vice president. maureen: a project aiming that veterans never live on the street in the district. d.c. bureau chief sam ford gives us a tour of affordable apartments and introduces s to the veterans who will call them home. sam: they call it the conway. a building shaped
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blocks 14 story high in the newest home for 60 d.c. homeless vets. >> my god. i have no words. considering where i came from this is a blessing. >> this morning the mayor, two obama cabinet secretaries and various funders of the building gathered on a rooftop terrace to celebrate something good for the vets. >> the sacrifice to preserve and protect for every american. >> aimed in honor of john conway, world war ii vet. 62-year-old michael taylor who served in vietnam went from a home with no utilities to a shelter when he found out about the efficiency apartment. >> my place. >> it has half for the homeless vets and the other half are various low and moderate income renters.
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>> we want to send message that affordable housing can be attractive and beautiful and have services needed. >> now veterans can walk out and see the capitol. and perhaps the capital people can look north and see about the veterans here. jonathan: nice to see him get the help. >> they are rejecting the report that they overpaid for snow removal. they spent money to remove the snow and it also faults them from paying contractors to remove the snow. >> we disagree with the auditor. my expectation is that we got the city up and running and we did it quicker than jurisdiction i
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we have to open schools and the d.c. government to have it open for business. >> despite responsed was shut down for days. some areas saw a week or more to clear roadways and reopen the schools. dog i could deal with wenter if we only had to deal with it for one or two days. but it's going to get cold again. let's look at the temperatures. sun has been down for an hour now. it's still temperatures in the upper 60's for most locations. baltimore tied a record in 1890 when the original record set in downtown balt
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since the 1950's it's been at b.w.e. four degrees short at reagan national. nowhere near the record in 1890. the next record event, the cold front. winds from the south and southwest. the cold front will move south. this is drying the rainfall up coming south through the evening. scattered showers late tonight around midnight or after when it comes through but the model is showing very little shower activity at all. then the temperatures will start to fall with partly sunny and breezy conditions. it won't with a southwesterly wind today. it will be chilly or northerly wind to drop temperatures.
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the moisture is going to push in our direction and that will yield a wintery mix. cold air is forced down from the eastern part of the country. we will start as snow overnight in some areas and we will mix with sleet and freezing rain. we don't expect a lot volume wise. but with the freezing and the sub freezing temperatures on saturday it could make for dicey conditions outside. that is the story. it should be light precipitation saturday to sunday morning. but sunday we drive temperatures above freezing. 40 degrees. maybe a shower on dr. martin luther king jr. day with partly cloudy skies. 42 degrees. parade kicks off at 11:00 and fingers crossed that the rain holds off. 64 on wednesday with a chance of showers. 60 on thursday.
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a warmup over next weekend to get close again to 60. jonathan: all right. thanks. first we look for one coach and now two? erin: a busy off-season for the redskins. two coordinators to look for. the redskins lose the offensive coordinator to the l.a. rams. how does gruden feel about it? he told me today and i'll tell you when we come back. oh, how was the open house? so good! look. 800 square feet, 1 bedroom, hardwood floors, 15 minute ride to work. dude! dude! i know! your credit score muste amazing. my credit score? how do i check? credit karma. it's free. that's great! that's super easy. um hm. that's a credit score. just whip bam boom, it's done. check out credit karma today. credit karma. give yourself some credit. eyes over there, dude. this apartment's hers. mine... thank you.
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erin: the san diego chargers are not the only ones moving to l.a. former redskins offensive coordinator sean mcveigh is now the los angeles rams head coach. the 30-year-old mcveigh becomes the youngest head coach in nfl history. he first joined the redskins in 2010 as an assistant tight ends coach. he quickly moved his way up to offensive coordinator in 2014. the skins offense finished third in yards per game the past season. several players have spoken out. quarterback kirk cousins tweeted really happy for him. and head coach jay gruden sent me this statement about an hour ago saying we are happy for him. he did a fantastic job with us and i know the players and the staff will miss him. we wish him the best. wyden desean jackson texted me this. he is a young
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intangible skills. good leader. we are still awaiting official word if the nba will do anything about the near scuffle between john wall and jay crowder last night. they got in a heat exchange last night. >> crowd: put his finger on -- crowder put his finger on wall's nose for some reason and appeared to poke him. it looks like the nba will probably let it go without a penalty. alex ovechkin reminded the world he is still one of the game's great reaching 1,000 career point. standing ovation and chants rang out in front of a sold-out crowd. here is his former coach on the great 8 latest milestone. >> is he a different player now? >> he is more mature. i had him when he was single. a little difference. now that
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settled down. erin: that is so funny. mike florio of pro football talk said i would be surprised if they use the franchise tag on kirk cousins. jonathan: so they have to pay him. erin: pay the man. sign him. get a deal done. maureen: let's hear from you. doug: 70's today. beautiful. so form is in the 40's in the afternoon. over the weekend it's going to be in the low 30's with rain and sleet and snow. so for tomorrow, though, pretty nice. we have a mild day. temperatures will fall in the afternoon hours in the 40's. turning colder tomorrow night. the stage will be set with the the cold air in place and a wintery mess over the weekend. steve rudin will have the timing of that and talk about another big warmingup this week at 11:00. jonathan: go from 70 to snow. erin: it is hard to think about snow. jonathan: hold on tight. maureen: "world news tonight" with david muir is next. jonathan: thank you for watching. see you at 11:00.
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rex tillerson put exxon's interests before america's.. i'm not here to represent the us government's interest. instead, tillerson sided with putin. with billions in russian oil deals... he opposed us sanctions on russia... ...for war crimes forced to pay hundreds of millions for toxic pollution... ...putting profits ahead of our kid's health. tell your senators to reject rex tillerson. and protect american interests not corporate interests.
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tonight, the bombshell. the new investigation, the focus now on the director of the fbi. did james comey violate policy just 11 days before the election reigniting the e-mail investigation? only later to reveal there was nothing this. pierre thomas standing by. also tonight after the president-elect tames aim at the intelligence community calling those up confirmed reports a disgrace. today, a video of the spy in hiding. the showdown. mr. trump's picks for the pentagon and the cia. making it clear where they stand on russia. the family tragedy. the fast-moving fire. the six children that were lost. the major ice storm moving in tonight across several states. and the surprise at the white house that left vic


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