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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  January 25, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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travelers from predominantly muslim countries. the prove the president made today drawn the sharp rebukes from the immigration and the muslim advocates alike. amy aubert spoke with those on all sides of the issue as they prepared for protests. amy: a crowd of people gathering near the white house wednesday afternoon. a last minute effort a group says to have voices heard. >> we are putting a stop to it on the day it happened. we are voicing our opinions. and say we are not going to be quiet when our immigrant community is under attack. >> casa teamed up with the refugee advocacy community to kick off the 4:00 rally. >> we want to say we are here to stay. we contribute the country. >> the immigrants love the country. we appreciate more than anyone can imagine. we know what it is like in the other countries. >> earlier in the day another group cair, council on
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holding a news conference ahead of the orders assigned today. >> when you ban people from america based on their religion and the ethnicity, it sends a negative message to the rest of the world. amy: the group code pink holding signs in the event today reading "we are all muslim." when you kind of understand this is reality. >> it's horrifying. amy: this came out before the annoyance. of the orders being signed. >> president trump wants investigation in the election. he insists there were
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voting, one focus of people that registered in more than one state. there are reports that enough enough enough, his daughter -- steven mnuchin, his daughter tiffany and stephen bannon were all registered to vote in multiple states. >> before the election, chris papst showed us what happened when he went to three different states he lived in over the past few years, pennsylvania, virginia, maryland. even after he followed election laws his name was not removed from roles. he went to the polls and he found he could have easily voted in all three states. >> i would doubt this is widespread. is there are people voting in multiple states. but the fact you can do it should never happen. michelle: he only voted once. election officials stress it's a felony to vote multiple times and can carry up to a five-year prison sentence and a $10,000 fine. more on what chris encountered
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"newschannel8 at 10:00." maureen: the message cowell be seen for miles -- message could be seen for miles. greenpeace activists crimed a crane to unfurl a 70 x 35-foot banner and the activists are still on the crane. stephen tschida is following the story tonight. bring us up to date. >> they are still there. check out the landing on the stairway up to that. they have been waiting there for hours and they hand cuffed themselves to the stairway to bar the passage. you can make out what is left of the banner. there are five activists still up there. we have yesterday o'of what have it looked like what it looked lake hanging over the white house with the "resist" sign. it looked like they were rolling it up and about to descend but that was hours ago.
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the ground. ready to move in and ready to apprehend them and make arrests if they come back to the ground. we understand they are looking at a slew of the possible charges that continues here. latest. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. today, david muir spoke one-on-one about a range of issues, among them torture. >> you said you would bring back waterboarding. >> i want to keep our country safe. >> shooting and chopping off the head of our people and other people, chopping off the heads of people because they are christian in the middle east, when isis is doing things that nobody heard of since medieval times would i feel strongly about waterboarding? as far as i am concerned we have to fight fire with fire. michelle: watch the entire inter
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special tonight at 10:00 on abc7. maureen: new information at a school bus stop in oxon hill this week. the police say rolnad simms turned himself in. he is unit ised of shooting a woman in front of a group of children tuesday morning. tonight there is no update on the woman's condition. michelle: tomorrow, work will begin on an effort to improve the drive around tysons. the project focus will be building a road to connect to part of the busy area across the beltway. abc7 transportation reporter brianne carter shows us what that will entail. brianne: it's designed to be a key new transportation link in tysons. to use growing congestion along route 123. >> 123 is horrendous in the morning. >> thursday, officials will break ground on the jones branch connector to create a
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branch drive. and create additional access to 495. >> so once that construction gets underway. this road will look different. soon this road will go up and over. drivers will be able to drive over the beltway. >> officials say the road is expected to carry 21,000 vehicles by 2020. the volume raises traffic concerns for the residents living nearby. >> traffic is a concern. this is supposed to be a walking area. i think it will make it dangerous. >> however, the $58 million project also calls for upgrades for pedestrians and cyclists. new bike lane will be put in. down the road is median to accommodate future buses. one lane in each direction should be open to traffic in 2018. the project expected to be complete in 2019. in mclane, brianne carter, abc7
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milwaukee still ahead at 6:00, a big surprise for a local server after she had a conversation with a customer in town for the inauguration. michelle: plus looking back at the life of a woman whose work on television became a symbol for changing times in the united states. maureen: a deadly crash moments after a motorcade rolled through. doug: a cold front moves through overnight with the scattered showers. we will tell you what to expect in the next ten days coming up at "abc7 news at 6:00".
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michelle: one person is dead after a chain reaction crash involving an survivor and three dump trucks. a motorcade was transporting a congressional delegation at the time three. vehicles on the highway stopped to let the motorcade pass. one of the dump trucks slam intoed the stopped vehicles killing the driver of the survivor. capitol police and the motorcade went to help. two dump truck workers were hurt. maureen: jose flores was arrested after he used an arm ornament of very gin mary to
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open a home. an off-duty police officer lives in the home and she held him at gunpoint until the police arrived. florida was armed with a knife. no one was hurt. michelle: a woman who helped embody the cultural move in the the 1960's has died. actress mary tyler moore died today after a it bahal with umoan -- after a battle with pneumonia. "mary tyler moore show" was one of the first to feature 30-something single career woman. it turned her in america's sweetheart. she won seven emmy awards and made a name for herself as a powerful advocate for diabetes research and the animal rights in the later years. she was 80.
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moment. maureen: the big surprise for the server after she waited on and started a conversation for a man in town for the inauguration. michelle: it felt like spring across the area. when will the reality return? doug hill has timing of a cold snap
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y290ey yi0y mons the dow soared past 20,000 mark for the first time today and ended up around 155 points at 20,068. the other major indexes closed at the record highs. the dow has been on a record-setting run since bottoming out march 2009 in the financial crisis. michelle: proof kindness can go a long way even when two people don't agree on much. maureen: a great story. server at busboy and poets in downtown washington says she got a huge surprise when she waited on a man in town for the inauguration. tim barber joins us live to tell us what was the
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>> the server has a personality that draws you in and an amazing smile here. so it seemed to work on a texas chap in town for the inauguration. the tab was only $72 but he felt compelled to leave a $450 tip. to show his thanks for good service and to show how people with different beliefs and backgrounds can still love. >> it was the note he wrote. the tip was mind blowing part of it. i did not. mcso we he came from as a earn. >> showed us the check. and she told us what she will do with the mitch. we are putting
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for 11:00. michelle: thank you. former president george h.w. bush could be home this weekend. he still has a lingering cough but he is regaining strength. he has spent 11 days hospitalized in houston battling pneumonia. maureen: a fight is underway in annapolis for the funding over the regional medical center. ground is scheduled to be broken next fall but larry hogan's proposed budget cut put the project in critical condition. >> we need the governor to follow the law. >> the cuts were discussed with the hospital officials before the budget was announced.
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dodd unin georgia over the weekend. 15 people died and a toddler is still missing. in all 20 people died in the outbreak. >> a beautiful day today. >> gorgeous out there. >> this is as good as it gets. >> break records? doug: no. but we were above average. up 50's to near 60 everywhere. >> we are running two months ahead of time. this is a good preview. look at our numbers at 6:00. 55 in washington and fredericksburg. 50 in baltimore. the temperatures will only drop a few degrees. that will be harolded
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over6:00. if there are now showers leftover it will be well north and east. behind the front the takes take a while to cool down. that is classic. the cold air is lagging behind. in the nurture cast at-future cast at 3:00, the showers will jump eastward. then by 5 erz it's out of the city and to the south and the east. the temperatures start to the drop and by 1:00 in the afternoon they are down to 43 in cumberland. chilly air will spread eastward. so tomorrow everything in the 40's. then it will continue to drop. the winds are gusty. wind chills are a feature as well. there are some clouds. south and east of the city. partly sunny and breezy. 55 around noon. we drop in the afternoon to
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winds could gust 28 to 29 miles per hour. not high winds but breezy enough. we look ahead to friday. high of 43. that is average for this time of the year in january. we will start sunday with colder air. the clouds increase in the afternoon. we will take a money to talk about this. then computer models suggest there could be a chance of snow flurries or the snowshowers over the area in the morning in the east of town. we will warm up in the mid-40's on tuesday. wednesday is 44. turning colder thursday. we will get to friday and average sunshine and 44. then next saturday we are going to see the temperatures at 46 on saturday. keep an eye on things and especially thursday because th
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groundhog tells us whether we will see an early spring or six more weeks of winter. michelle: your favorite day, doug. erin: if the wenter is like this, i will take it. it doesn't feel like winter at all. michelle: a lot of folks wondering will he is stay or go? erin: the $1 million question. will kirk cousins be with the redskins next season? team president bruce allen shared his thoughts. we haven't heard from hip. that is aft i mess around in the garage. i want to pay more to file my taxes. i want my tax software to charge me at the last second. paying $60 to file my taxes was the highlight of my day. and you just saw footage of me flipping burgers. want to charge me extra to itemize my deductions? no problem. i literally have too much money. said no one ever. file for free with credit karma tax. free to start, free to finish. a big tax company needs that $50 way more than me.
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announcer: now the toyota sports desk brought to you by the local toyota dealer. erin: kirk cousins is in orlando for the pro bowl where he will replace aaron rodgers in sunday's game and of course he was asked where he will play next season. cousins told he doesn't know and ultimately it's not in his hands. however, he may be pleased to hear from redskins president bruise allen is a big fan. he was on syria xm nfl radio and he had this to say. >> 1 to 10, can i put 10 on him being redskin next year? >> i think a 10. kirk is our quarterback. he played
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doesn't come from the redskins. erin: you like that? kirk is probably thinking that. hoyas hosting creighton. this is a tough test for them coming off a loss to xavier. they are 10-10 on the season but only 1-6 in the big east. tip-off is at 7:00. if you can't make it to that game. the revolutionary rivalry will be renewed tonight as george mason hosts g.w. the colonials carry a six-game winning streak in the match-up. g.w. has won each of the six meetings since patriots joined the atlantic 10. so you know george mason is eager to get a win. >> i think it makes it a good rivalry. hopefully the thing to make it better is we are better. he's a rivalry when we can win. >> our players look forward to it. >> i think our fans and the university look forward to the bragging rights of competing in the games.
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are so close by. it adds more intensity to the matchup. >> looking forward to that one. >> then the cleveland cavaliers are not interested in a kevin love for carmelo anthony swap. the nba deadline is february 23. there will be rumors swirling. michelle: there always are. thank you. maureen: we are enjoying the weather. you may go home now and relax. doug: first let me say -- maureen: until winter comes. >> showers overnight. 47. nice tomorrow through the midday. cooler and breedzy in the afternoon. through the weekend is chilly and sunshine but the temperatures are at or below average. steve rudin has an eye on everything. he will time the showers and talk about the winter like weekend at 11:00. maureen: "world news tonight" with david muir coming up. michelle: join u
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tonight, the abc news exclusive. president donald trump, the first network interview. no questions off limits. this evening, the order now signed on building the wall. but we ask, who pays for it? >> the american taxpayer will payer fit at first? also the president says he lost the popular vote because of 3 million illegal votes. we ask him where's the evidence? will he launch an investigation? and the new headline tonight after our interview on torture. >> you are now the president, do you want waterboarding? >> president trump taking us into the oval office, and that letter left from president obama. also your money. the dow hitting a record. the 20,000 mark shattered.


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