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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  January 27, 2017 6:00pm-6:28pm EST

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the five-bedroom home isknow isy the house at 12:30 this afternoon and discovered three bodies inside. we don't know how the people died or who they are yet. but homici detectives are on the death suspicious. the fairfax county police department says it will be out here for several hours so as soon as we get any new details we will bring them to you live. reporting live in fairfax county, tim barber, abc news. maureen: thank you, tim. we are also following breaking news from the white house tonight. president trump just signed an executive order to create new vetting measures to keep terrorists out of the u.s. chief political correspondent scott thuman is joining us live now with the details. scott? scott: yeah, maureen, this is something president trump did in the visit to the pentagon in the past 90 minutes. he went over there to sign two executive actions or orders. first saying he was going to rebuild and strengthen the
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controversial one. something following up a little b of a campaign promise. you will recall on the trail at times he has called for complete ban of any muslim coming in the united states. people call it a religious test. there is a lot of controversy and criticism. we don't know exactly what this order includes. we haven't seen a copy of it. the white house hasn't issued it yet. but we know it will be for extreme vetting and in the past has indicated perhaps it would exclude any more immigrants from particular countries where terrorism has been prevalent. some of those we are waiting to see if they are on paper in this particular order. all of this on top of more of a busy day. prior to that at the pentagon, he and vice president pence had the official ceremonial swearing in for general james mattis to become the secretary of defense. one that donald trump says he has extreme confidence in. and moving forward in
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against terror. says he has complete confidence. we will continue to keep an eye on the executive actions and bring you details once we get them from the white house, indicating exactly what extreme vetting measures they are now taking. maureen: thank you so much, scott. one week after taking office, president trump held his first meeting with a world leader. mr. trump met with british prime minister theresa may. the pair discussed a wide range of international issues addressing brexit. mr. trump said he thinks britain's exit from the european union will be as he put it a fantastic thing for the united kingdom. both reaffirmed commitment to nato alliance. but on the eve of a phone call with russian president vladimir putin the president seems to take a different tone on the topic of sanctions against russia. president trump: has far as
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will be talking about that. we look to have a great retionsith all countries ideally. that won't necessarily happen. maureen: also today mr. trump had what he said was a very friendly phone call with mexico's president enrique peña nieto. this is video from when the two men met last year in mexico city. yesterday, nieto canceled a visit to washington after president trump threatened to impose a tax on mexican imports to pay for a board wall. the two have reportedly agreed not to speak publicly about the border wall issue. alison: well, a major march on washington today for antiabortion activists. the an the annual rally gettinga big boost in the speakers. vice president mike pence. vice president pence: because of all of you and the many thousands that stand with us in marches like this all across the nation, life s
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winning again in america. [applause] alison: the march is held every year to mark the anniversary of the 1973 supreme court decision that legalized abortion. maureen: in addition to vice president pence as a speaker, top presidential adviser kellyanne conway spoke to the march for life crowd this afternoon. the new political climate is adding momentum to the movement. and cheryl conner is live now with how that is going to affect the move in the future. cheryl: many people told us there is reason to believe there can be change and that the march for life that started here at the national mall will actually make a difference in the book of law. [chanting ] >> i believe that we love life. cheryl: there is a change in the air for antiabortion advocates who think the march for life will make a difference this year. stephanie is a senior at catholic university of america. this is their eighth
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pro-life movement as a modern thing anymore. there is so much energy here at the march. cheryl: and this woman starting her 16-month-old daughter out early. >> i want her to start her life knowing this is the first thing yt life. cheryl: americans united for life formed to fight roe v. wade in the early 1970's. vienna wallace said this year could be the change. >> there is a president that agrees with us, a president that promised to sign legislation to uphold divinity of morns and the unborn infants -- mothers and the unborn infants. cheryl: the pro-abortion group is ready to fight for women's rights. >> it's an economic and private and personal decision that we believe is inherently part of their freedom. cheryl: the mission for so many here to overturn the supreme court ruling that legalized abortion and send
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states. >> what it dhat abortion could e in the country as president donald trump gets set to name his pick for the supreme court. we are live at the national mall, cheryl conner, abc7 news. maureen: former president george h.w. bush is expected to leave the hospital any day now. his spokesperson says the 92-year-old will go home by monday at the latest. although possibly this weekend. president bush has been recovering from pneumonia. doctors say he has a lingering cough but his lungs are clearing up. former first lady barbara bush was released on monday after being treated for bronchitis. alison: still ahead at "abc7 news at 6:00" -- a beloved grand mother laid to rest in d.c. this as police try to track down who shot her. maureen: a possible plea in
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what is next for former teacher's aide deonte carraway. doug: is clouds are mostly cloudy in the area. upper 30's to 40 degrees. as we head through the everything hours we will see a slow but steady drop in the temperatures. snowflake possibilities over the weekend. we have that and the next ten days coming up at "abc7 news at 6:00".
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it's perfect. it's beautiful. there's nothing we would change about it.
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maureen: a sad day in southeast washington. loved ones said tout. at temple church in southeast for vivian marrow, the 68-year-old grand mother was in her wheelchair on her way to the store on january 16. surveillance video shows a man with a gun chasing another man, firing at him but hitting mrs. marrow instead. >> if there was any other circumstances it wouldn't hurt so bad. but because of the way she had to lose her life, it's just not easy for any of us. maureen: now the two men seen in the surveillance video are still at large. alison: the man accused of killing a local actress and yoga teacher will remain behind bars pending his next court appearance. duane johnson went before a
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hearing. he is accused of kpolice say jon driving mccauley's car and they found her body in the trunk. maureen: new developments in a notorious case in prince george's county. deonte carraway, the ex-teacher's aide accused of using students to make child pornography, may have reached a plea deal. carraway's team is negotiating county and state charges before what could be a guilty plea next week. police say carraway sexually abusessed children and videotaped some of them engaging in sex acts. he currently faces federal charges. alison: coming up -- a traffic alert. a new inner change along i-66 opens tomorrow. what that means for your
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maureen: winter temperatures are returning this weeks coming up monds on "good morning -- monday on "good morning washington." >> monday on "good morning washington," we are keeping an eye on the slight chance for snow. the impact on the morning commute, the slippery roads and what you can expect from the afternoon. >> from child care to at-home massages. make your life easier with the top life he enhancing apps. >> stay with us for traffic and weather every ten minutes sunday morning starting at 4:25 a
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maureen: a judge in montgomery county is allowing first lady melania trump to move ahead with the libel lawsuit against a blogger. she sued the blogger and the britain's "daily mail newspaper." the blog reported rumors that melania trump once worked as a high-end escort. today a judge dismissed the motion to dismiss the case. alison: we have a traffic warning tonight. it's called a diverging diamond and a
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along route 66 in haymarket. as ri ordinary interchange. >> anything that makes the traffic flow better is fine with me. richard: it's called diverging diamond you interchange. d.d.i. for short. instead of a straight line route 15 overpass with 66 where you take a sharp left or right turn to get on the highway -- >> it's not that big of a deal. richard: drivers will loop to the left using two curving one-way bridges that smooth the traffic flow on and off the interstate. >> what this allows for us is to have an intersection that is a lot safer. and the processes the cars a lot of faster. richard: you will feel like you are going in the wrong lane. >> i was here before they put the first stoplight in. richard: one resident casey key is one of the 128,000 drivers caught in the congestion here every day. >> defin
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like i said, anything that would change the t is now, especially in haymarket is awesome. richard: planners say it will prevent t-bone crashes since cars will be moving side to side. there will be plenty of traffic lights and signs directing drivers on which way to go. >> it will need time to get used to. it will avoid traffic and it's a positive thing. richard: you can see the traffic here is very busy. the interchange will close at 8:00 friday night for final work and reopen 9:00 a.m. on saturday morning. in haymarket, richard reeve, abc7 news. maureen: the national zoo is having a friendly competition in which everyone comes out a winner. it's about cute animals. surprise! and it started with a national zoo tweeting a picture of a gray seal pup. since then the virginia aquarium, zoo atlanta and the bronx zoo all joined in the competition. id
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judge of who is cuter but i nominate doug hi cute is. alison: he's cute. doug: i'm also on loan from the baltimore zoo. we thank them for the curators to let me come down and do this. alison: very nace -- nice of them. maureen: you're cute. doug: thank you. all right. thank you. let's get started here with the weekend forecast. we will start that off with a look at the numbers and compare it to average for this time in january. 45 and 40 the actual high and low. 44 and 29 are the average high or low. nowhere near the record. if i had to pick one to beat, i'd pick that one but not anytime soon. temperatures are where they should be at the end of january at 6:00. up every -- upper 30's to 40's. there is not a lot of spread. mainly because of the cloud cover. from richard reeve's live shot you saw over his shoulder
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ground with the clouds. it's 6are seeing the daylight getting longer so it won't be long before you can see the sun and take advantage of it. you have to get used to it but you will see dielight -- the daylight longer as you drove home at night. that is encouraging. in the mountains, the higher elevation there is a winter weather advisory up there through the morning where a few inches of fresh snow could fall there. the ski resorts the temperatures are cold enough they can crank up snow guns as well. 25 to 32 across the region overnight. scattered clouds. still breezy. bundle up tonight. we get through the day tomorrow, plenty of sunshine. clouds in the afternoon again. i think we have more sunshine than today. temperatures about the same. the lower 40's. a little bit of a breeze to keep the wind chill lower. as we head through the day as far as the sky cover goes, most of the cl
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pop up in the maximum heating of the day. at 2:00. tape here. lower 40's. look at sunday, things start to change. we start with sunshine. we see clouds increase. we get through sunday evening and into early monday morning there is a pocket of few flurries. especially farther west. then partly cloudy skies for balance of monday and a good portion of next week. the next look at ten days, on monday, the coldest day of the stretch is calling for a high of 39. there could be a few flakes early in the morning. partly sunny, lower 40's tuesday. a warm front will bring as than of a shower -- chance of a shower. there is a chance some of the computer models looking out that far suggest a wintery mix on saturday. clearing and continued seasonally cold through next week. back to you. alison: thank you. scott is here now with a look at sports for the day.
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scott: two months ago the washington wizards were merely trying to survive. now the team is on the doorstep for first place in southeast division. a win tonight would move them only a half game out of the top spot. washington won eight of the last ten games. in large part because of the play of point guard john wall. the all-star is averaging 23 points and ten assists this season. the numbers, though, don't correlate to road wins. an area the wizards need to improve in the second half of the year. >> we have to start closing out quarters, definitely. closing out games. i can name seven or eight games where we had the lead of two or three minutes to go and let the lead slip away. keep the crowd out of it as much as possible. get a shot every time and not turn the ball over. we are learning in that aspect. scott: we'll have highlights tonight at
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under. roger federer in th open. another veteran player today, rafael nadal, trying to earn his spot in the final as well. nadal started out strong winning the first set 6-3. dimitrov won set two and four, forcing a sixth and deciding set. in the end, the 14-time major champ showed the moxie. nadal wins a thriller in four hours and 56 minutes. 6-3, 5-7, 7-6, 6-7, 6-4. a terrific match setting up the dream matchup with roger federer in the finals. to golf, the first tournament of the season for tiger woods ends after just two rounds. he missed the cut at the farmers insurance open. woods shot an even par 72 today. finishing four over for the two days. the cut line was even par. unfortunately, his efforts not enough to play the weekend. the maryland men's
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tomorrow visiting minnesota. the terps hoping to keep5. alison: all right. sounds good. thank you very much. scott: you're welcome. maureen: a little change on the way. little cooler. doug: it is definitely a change from the past couple of days. close to 60. tonight down to 235 to 32. a -- 23 to 32. scattered clouds. tomorrow is breezy and 43. sunday increasing cloudiness and 40 degrees. maybe a few late day snow flurries or snowshower late sunday night in the day on monday. steve rudin has eye on all of this and talk about the colder weekend and give you the latest computer data on possibility of a few sunday flakes. maureen: nothing -- doug: nothing to shovel. that is good. maureen: pretty to look at. "world news tonight" with david muir up next. alison: have a great night.
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it's perfect. it's beautiful. there's nothing we would change about it.
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tonight, the world stage. fresident trump and his first leader. side by side. how they both answer questions. where they differ. on torture. on russian sanctions. and tonight, the other foreign trip cancelled. president trump angering mexico. and we have new reporting here on the phone call today with mexico's president. authorities say, the school massacre averted. two teenagers allegedly planning a columbine-style attack. the chilling details. the deadly police takedown. ten officers under investigation tonight. a mentally ill man worried about his dog. your money. the news tonight about buying a car right now. where are the prices dropping? and the simple steps to saving thousands. and, carrie fisher's last wish for harrison ford.


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