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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  January 30, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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i stuck to the ground. this morning and in the afternoon we were seeing snow squalls across the area. there is an alert out for tomorrow morning's commute. stormwatch7's chief meteorologist doug hill is joining us with who could be affected by this. doug: there is no winter weather advisory posted. it could happen later tonight. but we want to alert you north of the city there are issues in the morning rush because the area of snow and the colder temperatures. right now we are ranging through the area in the low to mid-30's in many areas. chilly afternoon. no doubt about that. later tonight it will drop in the 20's. the skies are clear for the moment. that will change later on. i think overnight we will drop in 20's everywhere. probably lower to middle 20's far north and west of washington. upper 20's in the immediate metro area. with the skies clear now the next batch of clouds later tonight ahead of the next system that is a warm front moving in from the lower lakes. there are bands of snow. the area in purpose are the winter weather advisories posted downstream from the
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question part of our area could be under an advisory early tomorrow. if that happens steve rudin will have it at 11:00 tonight. that is what we are watching. cold temperature and snow in the future cast means there could be slick spot. this morning most of the action south of the washington metro area. the way it is shaping up we think the best chance of action snow wise is north of the metro area in the morning. we will explain more and check the next ten days for you coming up in 15 minutes. maureen: thank you, doug. international travelers arrived at dulles airport today to more cheers and songs. protesters gathered for a third day in response to president trump's travel ban on citizens from seven countries. ryan hughes is live at dulles with who else is on standby there at the airport. ryan? ryan: good evening. this crowd is not as large as it was over the weekend but today they were joined by virginia senator tim kaine. once landed here, he met with the immigration attorneys that have been here all weekend long, helping the families.
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protesters. as you mentioned, they have been here for three days welcoming travelers to the international airport. kaine called this the most disturbing weekend after trump's immigration ban from seven majority muslim countries and said there are so many things wrong with the executive order especially how the president thought very little about the consequences. he says this is a religious test, pure and simple. and the president went the wrong way in his fight against terrorism. >> you don't single people out based where they come from or their religion. you make it about security. ryan: back live, you can hear the cheers and see the people with the signs. senator kaine also telling us he had a conference call around 1:00 with the custom border and protection. officials telling him as of 1:00, as of yesterday morning, rather, that no one
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detained at dulles. kaine telling us his office is working to verify the information. ryan hughes, abc7 news. jonathan: thank you. protests are happening at international airports all across the country. the white house says this is a matter of danger, not religion. chief political correspondent scott thuman has new information about this and what is happening with the impact of what the president has done here. scott? scot: you are right. we were at the white house today. they spent a lot of time talking about it, defending this particular move. claiming they say it's not a religious test but it's about preventing another attack. president trump: we actually had a very good day yesterday in terms of homeland security. scott: despite the upbeat outlook from president trump, it was a manic monday in politics over the temporary travel ban. >> illegal. unconstitutional. un-american. >> it absolutely is making us less
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>> i worry that this temporary ban may become a permanent ban. scott: while the words of frustration are widespread, if based only on religion there would be perhaps a different list. the countries banned are not those with the largest muslim populations. in fact, none of the top six countries with the biggest number of muslim citizens is named by the white house. what is your level of concern about any kickback from some of the countries that are on the list of seven? >> the president's number one goal is the protection and the safety of the united states is people. they want to act in a way consistent with the concerns and it's up to them with the sovereign nations. scott: it's not just muslims. a much smaller groups, christians and others are affected. from a country like syria that can be only 10%. white house telegraphed religious minority from the banned countries may get
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resumes. and on the flipside places where terror has existed like saudi arabia after 9/11 and the refugee from last month's pime bomb attacks from new york and new jersey are not singled out. despite the criticism and the loud protests, multiple people at the white house saying do not expect them to back down. they do say however changes could take place in this review process. that could mean adding other countries. at this moment it does not appear that any revision or additions are likely to take place. live on capitol hill, scott thuman, abc7 news. maureen: thank you, scott. lawmakers and immigrants are gathering outside with a message for trump. they want him to reverse the executive orderren immigration -- executive order on immigration. tom roussey has more. tom? tom: we have tight quarters here outside the supreme court. a lot of protesters out here who are going to agree wth
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are about to talk in a few minutes here. we are expecting lawmakers like senator chuck schumer of new york, also nancy pelosi, the former house speaker and even tim kaine who was at dulles airport not that long ago is expected to be here as well. expected to be a big press conference and rally outside the supreme court. as you can see we have had a lot of protesters come in support of the folks who will be speaking here. of course, this is a symbolic place they have chosen to be have this because there is a legal battle over what is going on with the orders. it could very well wind up here at the supreme court. reporting live, tom roussey, abc7 news. jonathan: the president plans to announce the nominee for the supreme court tomorrow. this one will take place in primetime at 8:00 in the evening. the court has been without a ninth justice since antonin scalia died nearly a year ago. senator republicans blocked former president obama's nominee merrick garland from receiving a hearing or a
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maureen: well, developing right now, the national zoo is asking for your help to find a missing bobcat. ollie escaped from her enclosure between 7:30 and 10:30 this morning. it's unclear if ollie is still on the zoo ground. four years ago rusty climbed out of his pen. if you see ollie, don't try to catch her. call 911 or the zoo immediately. jonathan: a new health update on george h.w. bush. that is coming up. the former president's message to his supporters. maureen: and six months since the devastating ellicott city flooding. a look at how many businesses are still in need of help. jonathan: plus, doug is tracking snow for the early morning. who could see wintry weather and when. that is straight ahead at
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maureen: a former prince george's county teacher's aide pleaded guilty to 15 counts of child pornography in federal court. deonte carraway recorded children performing sexual acts at judge sylvania elementary school and the glenarden community center where he ran a youth choir. carraway now faces up to 100 years in prison when he is sentenced in june. he also faces 270 state charges. jonathan: former president george h.w. bush is finally home after he spent a couple wee
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battling pneumonia since january 14. the spokesperson for the 41st president said mr. bush is very thankful for many prayers and the kind messages he received during his stay. maureen: maryland governor celebrating a family milestone. the birth of a grandson. the governor tweeted a picture this afternoon with himself and his life holding their new grandson cam sterling. maryland's first family already has two grand daughters. cam was born last week and is now home and doing very well. the hogans have three daughters. mike: i'm mike carter-conneen on campus at george washington university. coming up, how the travel ban is impacting studenting and scholars at the -- students and scholars at the local universities and colleges and how they are responding. jonathan: light morning snow is possible in the morning. doug will have the timing up next. maureen: first ark look at what the "good morning washington" team is working on for tomor
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>> thanks, maureen. tomorrow on "good morning washington," the secrets to making homework time for kids a stressless breeze. >> plus, the adorable superstars of animal planet's "puppy bowl." >> make sure you keep it right here for traffic and weather every ten minutes tomorrow morning starting
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dominion. depend on us for more than energy. maureen: we have breaking news from reagan national airport tonight. the airport authority police tells us an officer accidentally fired his gun. now this happened outside the airport building in the exit lane of terminal b and c at about 3:40 this afternoon. bullet hit a piece of law enforcement equipment and no one was hurt. jonathan? jonathan: well, according to state department data, more than 17,000 students from the seven travel ban countries study at american colleges last year. so now with some stranded abroad, dozens of universities across the u.s. are responding. today mike carter-conneen learned at least one george washington university student enrolled for spring semester and he is stuck in iran. >> some of the best and the most talented researchers, scientists, faculty members come from around the
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>> george washington university president is offering legal resources and warning not to leave the u.s. >> the families may not be able to come to the commencement ceremony. or a student here as a freshman suffers an illness and a death of a family but has to family home but can't for fear of not being able to finish the education. >> they have scholars from the seven banned countries and one is stuck in iran. georgetown and american universities each have 20 impacted students. none are abroad. meanwhile other universities are scrambling to understand the executive order and the impact. the president of the ath lick university said we hope they will find a way to promote good of the citizens, without departing from the great tradition of welcoming person of good will two seek to make a better life here. >> being a muslim and to see america is turning away people
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i feel ashamed. >> protests at the airport, and across washington included many college students from george washington university and other local schools. perhaps it's not surprising that most students on the liberal and the very diverse campus are opposed to the travel ban. >> it's not akin to the d.n.a. of america. >> even green card holders who the white house says is not affected are still fearful of leaving the country. >> it sparks a lot of anxiety. mike: mike carter-conneen, abc7 news. jonathan: we will continue to bring you the latest on the travel ban and the reaction to it on that is our website. don't forget president trump will announce his supreme court nominee tomorrow night at 8:00. maureen: today mark six months since a flash flood killed two people in ellicott city. damage was estimated at more than $22 million. historic main street is back in business tu the recovery is not over. of the 90 bu
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73 reopened. the progress was noted during a ceremony at the howard county tourism center this morning. and snow awaited some of us this morning when we woke up. in stanford it made for beautiful landscape and snow-covered trees but no accumulation on the roadways. similar story in arlington where the cameras found area landmarks covered in the white stuff. of course, we are happy to see just a tiny bit of snow. how lovely it was. now it's time for it to go. doug: most of it did during the day. most melted off even without much sunshine. tomorrow morning north of washington may have another chance for another dusting but the difference is this morning the temperatures were close to freezing. the ground was warm. tomorrow is low to mid-20's. that could be different. maybe slick pots. let's get started. no winter weather advisories but check with steve rudin tonight at 11:00 because if a new advisory will be issued in part of the area steve will have it an
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11:00. this is a time lapse from river bend country club in great falls, virginia, where it is down to 29 already. during the day with the limited sunshine and additional snowshowers, most of the snow has gone away. those are the sand traps, not snow. sand traps i can identify like that. i spent a lot of time there. skies are clear now. clouds come in later tonight. temperatures are low 20's to 30's north and west of town. it's cold and that will be the difference tomorrow. the variable here is the snow and how much of it. based on what we have been watching all day it looks like most of the chances for any accumulations, even a dusting is north of the metro area. clear skies. cold temperatures tonight. a little bit of a breeze at times. that will knock the wind chill down. the purple areas from wisconsin to western pennsylvania and garrett county, maryland, those are winter weather advisories posted in advance of the snow. it's developing ahead of a warm front. the same front that will cause snow possibly tomorrow morning is the same front when it
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will boost temperatures close to 50 degrees by tomorrow afternoon. so that is what we are looking at. trying to draw a fine line is impossible. this is what this model does on the future cast and stormwatch7 weather center. puts a band north and east of the area 2:30 in the morning. the second area ahead of the warm front they have it weakening and drifting north. again mainly north of the metro area at 6:00 a.m. that should be the end of the snow fall as the winds increase. so the best chance of a dusting that could cause slick areas are fredericks, martinsburg and north. north of the baltimore metro across pennsylvania. we will keep an eye on it. steve will have more chance to check this. tomorrow is breezy with highs near 49. the extended outlook past tomorrow goes to wednesday when a cold front could bring afternoon showers and 49 degrees. for groundhog day on thursday, i don't know what it
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robert: john wall is an all-star and the playoffs for the wizards are in the picture. scott brooks says everyone is extra focused right now. >> the guys are locked in with the game plan and how we have to compete
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the road. we're playing good basketball. whether it's here or on the road. we want to continue to focus on that everyday mentality. >> guys like the feeling. we are not trying to get comfortable. trying to get humble. keep playing the right way. knowing at some point you will lose game and go through ups and downs. if we keep playing the right way we are fine with it. robert: football. super bowl li sunday. falcons got to houston yesterday. patriots arrive tomorrow. but earlier today tom brady tried to get the crowd fired up. >> get your rest this week. rest up. hydrate. get ready for sunday. it will be a hell of a game. hopefully we'll see you back here with a win. go, pats. let's go! robert: i have never seen that side of him. last night's pro bowl, the a.f.c. would be victorious. but the play of the day comes
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the redskins quarterback throws a pick to lorenzo alexander. and a lateral to aqib talib but he comes back to prevent the touchdown. whether it's the pro bowl or the super bowl he wants a w. good for you! and a quick note, melo trimble has been named as a finalist for player award. maureen: and tonight? doug: steve will be tracking the flakes for the effects for a wild midweek. maybe chance of wintery stuff for the weekend. join steve at 11:00. no winter weather advisory posted yet but it could change. maureen: "world news tonight" with david muir up next. jonathan: thank you for be
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tonight, the backlash. president trump stands by his executive order. blocking refugees and visitors from seven predominately muslim countries. new protests tonight coast to coast. the president clashing with top republicans. and tonight, in a rare move. former president obama, just ten days after leaving office, breaking his silence. also this evening, the reality check. seven countries on that list, and we ask, where do the terrorists from 9/11 come from? the boston bombers? san bernardino? why aren't those countries on the list. the deadly terrorist attack. the gunman opening fire inside a mosque in quebec. tonight, the suspect just charged. and now, his motive.


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