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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  January 31, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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the treasury, the health and human services and the attorney general's office not decided. other candidates made progress. elaine choa confirmed as secretary of transportation. nominations advance for the president's picks for the department of education, energy, and the interior. maureen: in the 11 days since president trump took office there have been major protests around the globe aimed at his views and policies. that is in addition to a government hiring freeze. the combination is raising anxiety for many in the area. stephen tschida has been out speaking with people about the new administration and the policies. he also spoke with a historian to put fears into context. what can you tell us? stephen: there is support for president trump's actions across the country. but here in the nation's capitol, political his attorneys and -- historians and mental health experts say
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to the election are anxious. after the election, some have slipped into panic mode. the first few days of the trump administration fannedded dread. >> i don't think i'm frightened for the democracy yet. who knows? stephen: the attacks on the free press. >> there are echoes of mccarthyism. stephen: the perceived disregard for the constitution by some ethics and legal scholars have some believing we are entering a dark period. >> he is saying, you know, i don't really care about the constitution that much. i don't care if i'm in violation. i'm going to hold on to my businesses so there is a fear and i think those are legitimate. >> the early actions of president trump doing little to diminish fears for those who sought professional help even prior to the election.
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panic. stephen: psychologist mindy jacobs has practiced in d.c. for almost four decades. she has never seen a reaction among her patients like she is seeing now. >> we have had traumas. we had what happened 9/11 in washington. administrations that have come in that everyone hasn't agreed with but something this extreme. stephen: dr. jacobs say for those who feel they have lost control the best thing they can do is express themselves. if a lot of people take that advice, we could be in for more demonstrations and marches in the years ahead. here in the nation's capital. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. jonathan: almost one year after the death of supreme court justice antonin scalia president donald trump is preparing to name his pick to fill the vacant seat on the high court. after months of republicans blocking then president obama's pick, democrats now are promising a battle over whoever the president nominates.
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abc7 will carry the president's announcement live. the coverage begins tonight at 8:00. time is running out for those needing health insurance through the affordable care act. the open enrollment deadline for coverage for 2017 is midnight tonight. those who don't sign up for health insurance by tonight could face a fine. the open enrollment is independent of the efforts to repeal what is known as obamacare. jonathan: seismic shift underway at the boy scouts of america. last night the century old institutions said it will allow transgender children who identify as boys to join the boys only program. kevin lewis breaks down the changes and has reaction tonight. kevin: well, that subdued announcement came in a two-minute long video clip posted on youtube. in it, the chief executive of the boy scouts of america stated following much internal discussion leaders felt this was the wisest move. supporters say it was a long ti
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after all in 2013, the boy scouts of america started to accept gay members. in 2015, gay leaders were also welcomed. and now effective immediately, transgender boys will also be allowed to join. today the boy scouts of america's regional office in bethesda declined comment. we also reached out to a number of local troops who declined comment as well. this 12-year-old is also an eagle scouts and belongs to scouts for equality. he applauds the measure but says advocacy is not over yet. >> this is a good step forward but they have lot more to do. they have to embrace culture of inclusivety. we have policy but we need guidance on how to go about it. we need education for leaders and to embrace the movement that b.s.a. is cooperating with. kevin: the b
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2.6 million members between the ages of 7 and 21ment reporting in northwest, i'm kevin lewis. back to you. maureen: thank you, kevin. it has been 30 hours since the bobcat escaped the enclosure at the national zoo. officials still have not tracked her down. the zoo got a tip that the feline known as ollie was spotted in the cleveland park and the woodley park areas of the district but they did not find her. the bobcat was able to escape through hole in some mesh. jonathan: just ahead for us at 6:00 -- >> i felt like waited my whole life to say thank you. jonathan: saved from a fire as a child. 60 years later they finally meet. the stranger who saved their lives. doug: a quiet and a fairly mild final night of january around the area. you will enjoy this. i hope you enjoy the next ten days because there will be changes in the forecast coming up at "abc7 news at 6:00". maureen: "7 on your side" is
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>> i felt like i waited my whole lay to say thank you. maureen: two siblings
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saved their lives nearly 58 years ago. linda and michael hart were just 2 and 3 years old respectively when their home caught fire while they were napping. a prince george's county firefighter pulled them out and all these years later a newspaper clipping posted to facebook tracked down their hero, stu newman. >> i handed linda to the police officer on the ladder in the back of the house and i carried michael down. maureen: newman wasn't the only hero that day. another firefighter assisted in the rescue. but he has passed away. an off-duty police officer also responded but he was never identified. jonathan: covering metro tonight. it appears another train has run a red signal outside a metro station but it did not have passengers on board and it happened near the braddock road station. metro says it is investigating the case and the train has been taken out of service. maureen: reminder tonight, right now on "7 on your side,"
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help you solve your consumer problems. call 703-236-9220. to talk to the experts for call for action. phone lines are open until 6:30. 703-236-9220. for help dealing with the consumer questions and complaints. jonathan: a tough day for us here at wjla. this morning us in talk with bruce depuyt, he signed off after 24 years. we held a farewell for bruce in the newsroom. but we are also saying goodbye and good luck to maureen bunyan. much more on her legacy after 40 years in washington.
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maureen, thank you for all you have done for the u.s., for aruba, for our relationship between the u.s. and aruba and for all the young minds that you have inspired during the years. jonathan: can you believe it? that is the prime minister of aruba. one of the people sending
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well-wishes to maureen bunyan. she was born in aruba. a dutch island. she was knighted by the king of the netherlands. this is the last time she will anchor the 6:00 p.m. news. alison: hard to believe. we are sad about this. we are looking back to the 44 years maureen has been on television in washington. it has been in a word -- "ground breaking." in 1973, washington, d.c., was introduced to a beautiful, smart young reporter who happened to be a woman and african-american. maureen: i thought i might survive two or three years. in those days, first of all, women were just coming in to broadcast news. and into news in general. minorities were just coming in. we were not sort of welcomed with opened arms. so we were always on edge, we were always thinking is today the day that i am going to be leaving? alison: but she became an icon in the d.c. nw
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driven by defining moments in our history. maureen: watching how television and television news changed america and changed the world in reporting on the civil rights movement, the women's movement and the vietnam war. alison: she covered the watergate hearing, interviewed lawmakers, celebrities and news-makers. among them rosa parks and so many more. she solidified her place in d.c. news royalty alongside gordon peterson and in 1984, meteorologist doug hill joined them. >> the thing about maureen, once you understand her sense of humor, and that is developed with me and her over the years is that she is just a lot of fun to be around. she will come up and surprise people with some of the things she will say. maureen: that became my role. i always say i was the mother. i took the mother role. and keeping the kids in line. and the kids, of course, were
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alison: maureen was also a founder of the national association of black journalists and the international women's media foundation. we weren't kidding about her being royalty. in 2014, she was knighted by the netherlands for her community work and service to her native aruba. doug: i bet you couldn't have count the number of people she has helped in their careers. if they got into broadcasting or some other means. she is incredible. maureen: naturally, i do believe we have a responsibility, not only as citizens of a small community like washington, d.c., but also of the world to make a contribution. alison: she has done everything with elegance and grace. the regalness. we go back to royalty. but you have that in a humble way. we love you and we will miss you so much. >> we only worked together a short time. i've been doing this a while. met a lot of people. you are genuinely one of the nicest people i have ever come across. alison is
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are one of the -- you don't have a mean bone in your body. maureen: i hope now. it's been ground out of me. it won't be the same anymore. doug: for all the decades seeing you next to me. not good. maureen: we'll be here in spirit shall we say. alison: keep in touch with us. you have to let us know everything you are doing. maureen: i get to tell you one last time. what is going on in the weather? doug: it's mild out. it's unjanuary, january weather. we have numbers interesting here. your highness, if i can go to the wall for a minute or two. here is what we have for you. very pleasant everything. we are still in the 50's in spots with partly cloudy skies. check out the numbers. the last day of january. 56 the 28 high and low above average. the month of january, 24 days this month we have had above average temperatures. when you do the averaging for the month,
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six degrees above normal. that is a huge departure. exceptionally warm. 63 in washington. 58 in fredericksburg. 52 in frederick. 46 in hagerstown. tonight we will turn colder but 39. that is fairly close to the average high. it's very mild. mild tomorrow. we turn seasonably colder along the weekend. the frontal system to the north this morning. still there across pennsylvania with rain and snow. that won't bother us. we see temperatures in the morning. mid-to-upper 30's through the metro zone. comfortable start to the day tomorrow. we may see a glimmer of sun through the clouds. wind up being a cloudy day. temperatures to start the day. 39 in leonard-up leonardtown ant river naval air station as well. for bus stop, february 1. one day before groundhog day. 39 degrees. it's cloudy and 52 for the dismal
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wednesday. 52 degrees with a chance of sprinkle or shower tomorrow everything. ground hog day here will be partly cloudy. 45. partly cloudy and breezy. 42 on friday. over the weekend, turning colder. quiet a colder and chillier on saturday. sunday 40% chance of rain or snow mix. watch what happens next week. the temperatures climb to 50ed. then 60. 62 on tuesday and wednesday. then we turn colder. 49 as if that is cold. we'll head -- before we head to sports we have one more special good luck message here for maureen. >> hi, maureen. i just wanted to tell you what retirement is really like. it's hard. here is to you, mo. jonathan: it looks like day drinking is something you can do. get up at noon, day drink and do whatever you like. maureen: i wish i had a
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for you. erin: before we get to sports i want to thank you for everything you have done. as to woman in the business i knew who you were before i came to d.c. maureen: thank you, erin. erin: you have blazed a trail for us and it's an honor for me to be part of the final newscast on abc7. we will really miss you. maureen: i'm glad you are here. erin: thank you. maureen: thank you for great work you are doing and will do. erin: we'll have to stay in touch. meanwhile, the wizards are trying to make it 15 straight at home. when was the last time they did that? the answer when we come back.
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i want to win. our team has put a lot into it. we want something to show for it. erin: that was tom brady in houston earlier today. the patriots quarterback is looking for his fifth ring. we are five days away from super bowl li between the patriots and falcons. from number five to 15, the wizards going for the 15th straight home win against the knicks. the last time washington did that, 1989. can you believe it? how about this for a stat? the wizards and cavaliers are the only two teams in the east to have a winning record versus eastern and western conference teams. not only are the wizards
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also getting it done on the road. so scott brooks, what has been working so well for you guys right now? >> you just can't relax after a win. we don't. that has been a big part of our success recently. we just keep coming to work every day and bringing that hard hat mentality and the guys are buying into it. erin: the terps are also hot right now. they are undefeated on the road so far this season. each week it is getting harder to ignore what head coach mark turgeon's team is doing. look at this. he has some talent. he hit an impressive half-court shot today. his players went crazy. so fired up. the terps are at ohio state tonight. wish them luck. if you want to hear more from the wizards and the terps we have the players sound on the website. go to you can hear more. jonathan: how many times did it take him?
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i'm going to say it was one take. jonathan: way to go. erin: i got your back. jonathan: thanks. maureen: doug? doug: still mild weather left over but it will turn colder for the weekend. tonight at 11:00 steve will talk about the cold front late tomorrow night and talk about the winter temperatures in the weekend and whether there might be flakes. just maybe. maureen: keep us up to date. and i would take to take a few minutes, just a few seconds really to thank all of you. people of the washington area for allowing me to serve you these 44 years. thank you for allowing me into your homes for listening and watching and trusting many eto bring you the news of the day. thank you for your confidence in me. and for your support of my brothers and sisters who challenge every day to tell your stories. thank you for inviting me to your churches and places of worship. to your offices and places of work. and to your schools to speak to your children and to share my personal and professional experiences.
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kindnesses to me over the years. i have hope i have deserved even a small percentage of them. most of all, thank you for inspiring me to be a better journalist, a more caring member of our community. and i hope a better person. god bless you all. and "world news tonight" with david muir is coming up next. ♪ ♪
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tonight, president trump's primetime pick. about to reveal his supreme court nominee. president trump and his reality tv roots trying to build suspense, moving his decision to primetime. have finalists been summoned to washington? our terry moran at the supreme court. new pushback tonight on the immigration order. the white house press secretary now saying this is not a ban, even though the president and press secretary used that word themselves. and the acting attorney general fired, the white house saying she betrayed the department of justice. the deadly secret raid. the navy s.e.a.l. killed. new questions tonight about the american mission. did al qaeda know the americans were coming? the dangerous commute tonight. more than 200 crashes in the northeast, the storm system affecting millions.


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