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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  February 1, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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jonathan: we begin with breaking news from the west coast. large fires, broken windows, and smoke palms have been hurled. the uc berkeley campus is all lockdown, furious protesters over a controversial plans foreign appearance from an alt- speaker. this is still a tense
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tom: a lot of images coming in from the university of california berkeley. windows,on to smashing protesters also threw smoke bombs and lit a fire. the campus was put on lockdown. telling students and everyone else to stay away from the student union, we're the event was supposed to take place. that event was canceled. to man who was scheduled speak was invited by the campus republican club as part of a tour he said is about to find political protect us. the protesters accused him of being racist, disrespectful to women, and anti-muslim. he is a conservative editor of alison: tom, thank you. also right now, there is a hostage situation
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a prison. it is now entering its 12th hour. two corrections officers are being held at the prison in smirna. three employees were released, at least one of them beaten. however, there were no life-threatening injuries. negotiations are ongoing at this hour, but no word on how this started. all prisons in delaware are currently on lockdown. jonathan: the other big top story of the evening -- >> look at the problems. jonathan: lots of problems, a laundry list of the storming problems, and some elderly people are still living in this building in southeast under conditions being described as so bad the attorney general is taking action and hoping to get them all of their rent money back. gayle joins ussa from the attorney general's office, with a story that you will see only on 7. anna-lysa? anna-lysa:
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are left living in this apartment say they are frustrated and have been looking for help for a very long time. the conditions, as we showed, are extremely heartbreaking, and they are looking forward to much-needed assistance. terrace manor the housing complex is equally disturbing is the inside. with boardedfilled up apartments, but still has a few residents despite years of persistent problems, pointed out by the city. only one woman lives inside of this unit. the 73-year-old has lived there more than 10 years. her grandson is worried about her. >> is the worst i've seen. anna-lysa: he has noticed you were safety concerns, including a broken smoke detector, mold, a broken refrigerator, clogged fence, a hole in the ceiling and walls, and an unsecure lock. >> it has been over a month.
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anna-lysa: the attorney general's office has stepped in to help residents. the owners of the building will now work with them to make sure tenants are treated fairly. the attorney general said, " protecting affordable housing in the district is a priority and this is a strong first step towards ensuring the remaining tenants at terrace manor can live in habitable homes." the plan calls for renovating two buildings on the property and relocating current residence. >> the people are still suffering here. anna-lysa: we reached out to the owners of the apartment complex. so far we have not received a response. the attorneys general office is still working to get rid money the tenet -- rent money that the tenants have been paying back.
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website, anna-lysa gayle, abc 7 news. jonathan: just into the newsroom -- new footage of a man who was wanted for kidnapping. the police say this man right here for stay georgetown student into his car last week and tried to make him withdraw cash from atm's. his car is described as a light gray or silver suv. if you recognize anything from these images, the police would like to hear from you. alison: a man is dead after being hit by a dump truck in silver spring. sky track 7 flew over the scene. the man who is not been identified was using a walker to get around. he was in the parking lot of cresthaven elementary when he was struck. the driver stayed at the scene. and in northeast, the police are investigating a double shooting that turned deadly. it happened only the 900 block of eastern avee.
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less than an hour ago the police confirmed the man died from his injuries. we do not know the condition of the woman. stay with abc 7 and for updates. steve: halfway through the work and school week and we have a cooler day tomorrow along with breezy conditions. highs eventually into the middle 40's. waking up early tomorrow morning, catching the school bus, upper 30's, near 40 degrees. about 46 degrees by drive home tomorrow, but the 20d gusts, upwards of 15 to miles per hour adding in next her chill to the air. talking about the weekend and a big warm-up for next week. more that coming up. alison: steve, thank you. president trump made an unscheduled trip to honor a service member today. the president went to delaware to receive the remains of a navy seals killed during a counterterrorism raid. william owens
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yemen over the weekend. president trump and his daughter joined his family for a private ceremony. thanhan: meantime, more 100 people protested the president's temporary immigration ban at reagan national airport. this is an airport that does not even have any flights to the seven countries under the 90-day ban, the activist say that is used by a lot of politicians and that is why they chose it. they claim the order discriminates people on the basis of religion. president trump says it is not about religion, but about protecting americans from countries that are terror-prone. alison: a brewing battle over trump's pic for a supreme court justice. the nomination would have an impact on the u.s. for decades. some democrats are expressing concern about him. is calling on republicans to use what is called the nuclear option, meaning changing the rules to approve the judge without any votes from democrats. jonathan:
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nomination of betsy devos to become education secretary is in doubt. senators will vote against the nomination, citing her lack of experience with public schools. a one third republican defection would likely sink the nomination. and republicans have sent the nomination to congressman tom price and steve mnuchin to the . it for a vote. they are trying to overcome a democratic boycott of the health and human services nominees. democrats have raised concerns about stock trades and steve mnuchin involvement. alison: there was success with a pick this afternoon, the senate asfirmed rex tillerson secretary of state. he is the former ceo of exxon mobil. he was sworn in this evening. inaugurationpecial day metro card. you free
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for the whole day, $10, a great deal. now it is no good because some people are just getting the cards in the mail. tim barber spoke with one man who joined the crowd. this is just another blemish on metro. how do you mess up the inauguration day cards? makethe whole idea was to this easier, less money and time at the kiosks on inauguration day. for a lot of people at work, but for others it did not. inauguration day appeared to go off without a hitch on metro. but now riders are telling a different story. >> it was definitely an annoyance. a $10e bought inauguration pass on line, but it did not show up until monday, 12 days later. >> nobody ever accused metro of having it together. tim: they were only good on inauguration day.
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roughly 400 customers are requesting refunds. >> i think it is indicative of a lot of internal difficulties they have as far as providing so,ice to their customers, again, not surprising, unfortunately. it isonight, metro said aware an extremely small percentage of the cards did not make it out of its third party processing center in time to get there before inauguration day and they will be giving refunds for anyone who had that problem. live in arlington, tim barber, abc 7 news. jonathan: people in d.c. tonight, rest easy, there is not a bobcat in your backyard. bobcat missing from national zoo was found on zoo property. she was found near the bird exhibit this afternoon. hmm. by the way there were no missing birds. she is said to be ok with only a small cut on her front paw.
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possible she may have left zoo grounds. veterinarians will perform a full exam tomorrow, but she seems to be fine. alison: you would check the bird exhibit first, don't you think? a sweet deal bringing hundreds of deals to virginia. and the breaking news this evening, live pictures from berkeley, california, violent protests. damage to the campus, fires lit. although this in reaction to an alt-right speaker scheduled to speak.
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jonathan: back to the breaking news at uc berkeley campus. damage is being done to the campus, people throwing anything -- firebombs, rocks, breaking windows. the police are inside the building, keeping a safe distance. then the crowd began burning things, all of this on campus. a group invited an
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right speaker, riots took place, and now they have at least a couple hundred kids participating in the protests. we will keep tabs on this. alison: 7 on your side with a consumer alert -- they say when companies compete, you win, right? that goes for a shipping battle between walmart and amazon. walmart is changing the game, giving free two-day shipping for all orders over $35. trying to compete with amazon, which offers subscription-based shipping deals. experts say this could turn into a price war. jonathan: there you go. rosslyn is set to welcome a sweet new company. is moving from its headquarters in california to arlington, virginia, on more street -- moore street, near the metro station. governor terry mcauliffe said it will bring
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alison: and guinness is coming to maryland. the irish beer makers say they are investing $50 million in a property they won in baltimore county. this is a rendering of what the facility could look like in the future. the plan is to brew guinness blonde there. no timeline has been released. they are the first to fly during an emergency, but abc 7 discovered several maryland state police choppers were grounded. a mechanic found cracking paint around rotor blades, prompting immediate repairs. most are back on line tonight, but choppers in cumberland and salisbury may take a few more days. jonathan: concerns in the district over relaxed marijuana laws. neighbors say they constantly notice a strong odor of marijuana and some worry that people are smoking while behind the wheel, which is public, and smoking in public.
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legal if you are over 21 in a private residence. the future of d.c. pot laws could hinge on congress because some lawmakers favor a more active role in d.c. government. alison: maryland governor larry hogan highlighted bipartisanship in his third state of the state address. he did not mention washington or president trump why name, instead focusing on areas of possible compromise with the democratically controlled simply. often we seen: too wedge politics and petty rhetoric to inflame partisan divisions. alison: the governor spurs lawmakers to support incentives to attract jobs, and said any agreement on paid sick leave should not hurt small businesses. governor hogan said more needs to be done to fight maryland's opioid epidemic. jonathan: the former first family on the field at the super bowl, former
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at the super bowl on sunday in houston. he just got out of the hospital after battling pneumonia. alison: there is a lawsuit brewing against the league. a group of former cheerleader say they were paid less than minimum wage as the players made billions. they say they were required to attend rehearsals and public appearances, but never paid for that time. >> so when i was on a team, we $125 per day, to the sun and that was at the end of the season, which for 10 home games would be $1,250. sometimes if you were missing practices, you could be fined $40 for that, and it all comes out of your paycheck at the end. they wante women say to speak up to set an am
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for others. the nfl said they were not aware of the lawsuit and is not interested in commenting. jonathan: game day pizza, a new way to order -- not through your phone or laptop, but through an app you might right now be using. can order anything off the menu by sending a facebook message to dominoes. all of it is done by a messenger bot, appropriately named dom. they are offering a 20% off coupon to use the new feature. steve: first day of the month, looking back at january, well above average by six degrees. seven of 31 days below average in terms of temperatures. look at the rest of the month, only six days with a little bit of snow. the total so far this season, the snow total at reagan national, 1.4 inches. 49 degrees the high temperature today at reagan national. 44 is the average, so once again above av
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we are in the 40's for most of the area. frederick maryland, 37, 42 warrenton, andrews 43. satellite and radar come a few showers not amounting to a whole lot, should not last much longer. drier conditions through the overnight. ,ive this another hour or so manassas, maybe a few drops, but not a lot more out there. we fall into the 30's tonight, partly cloudy skies. wind out of the northwest. the wind will increase tomorrow morning. wake up temperatures walking to the metro stop, walking the dog, grabbing a cup of coffee, middle 30's. then as we move through the mid day, skies begin to clear, so more sunshine on the way. don't forget the sunglasses. you will need they midday through the afternoon and early evening. sunset is now past 5:30, daylight hours getting longer
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tomorrow, groundhog day, high of 45, 46. sun later in the day. the extended outlook, the first seven days, 40 degrees friday, upper 30's saturday, cold start to the weekend. lower 40 sunday with a chance of snow flurries. not going to amount to a whole lot. get early next week, 50 monday, upper 50's tuesday, lower 60's by wednesday with a chance of showers, then a cold front moves in late wednesday that will drop temperatures by the end of next week. daytime highs only in the 30's. a little bit of something for everyone. jonathan: a unique new study about how space travel impacts the human body. what science has learned, next.
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alison: a year spacein can
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scientist had a unique chance to study this thanks to astronaut twins mark and scott kelly. chemical modifications to scott's dna increased while he was in return to normal once he was back on her. he experienced a klein in bone formation, but levels of a healing hormone that helps bone health increase, and stress hormones stayed the same. jonathan: they also say that he grew two inches. i will sign up for that. alison: there you go, go for master not to basketball player onaut from astor basketball player. erin: the capitals had a chance to get back on track tonight
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and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. ton: the capitals hoped bounce back tonight against the bruins after a disappointing loss to the islanders. closing seconds of the second, caps on the power play, alex ovechkin measures it, fires the wrister. 3-2 at the end of two. theington came on strong in third. great passing. t
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it was an exciting morning at dematha. we witnessed a couple student-athletes sign their official letters of intent to the university of maryland next fall. running back anthony mcfarland and marcus minor could not be happier to become terps. they will be playing college ball. >> it's great for me. i have my family around and they don't have to go too far. >> it feels good knowing i'm going to be playing in front of my family, friends, the people who supported me from day one. it's a blessing. erin: just a great day for the terps by all accounts. first recruiting class ranks in the top 20. we interviewed him this afternoon. log onto our website to check that out. and a basketball, virginia
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71-48. jonathan: nice to see the caps on their winning ways, too.
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alison: last night that we have to look at the ground ball? steve: in the weather center earlier, i was showing alison, it has a little nose. get close to the tv. 45 degrees the high tomorrow. saturday about 38. we may see some the lake sunday, but no travel issues. week, a loton next better, 50 monday, upper 50's tuesday, lower 60's wednesday. a cold front the tail end of next week. jonathan: jimmy kimmel is next. alison: have a good night.
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>> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- rob lowe, dave salmoni and animals. guillermo at super bowl opening night, and music from tom chaplin. and now, just like that, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: hi, hola. i'm the host. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. you picked an interesting night to be in our studio audience. for one thing rob lowe is here and he is a psychopath. [ cheers and applause ] i mean, what a beauty,ha


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