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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  February 2, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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it's been called the home of the free speech movement. wednesday night, that moniker put to the test and critics say university of california berkeley failed. >> well, i'm carrying my sign. it said the first amendment is for everyone. protects all speech. even milo. scott: the scheduled appearance by the controversial trump supporter, breitbart writer incited rooting and violence. >> are you surprised? ma'am? scott: the speech by milo yiannopoulos was canceled. in may one of depaul university cut short as protesters rushed the stage. >> we are going to see more and more free speech incidents. that's been fire's experience. scott: fire is a nonpartisan group defending free speech on college campuses. last year they saw the highest number of conflicts ever at 42. ari notes in the political heated times they are increasing
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>> we have seen events where things have been shut down by protesters who stand up and disrupt but the kind of violent reaction that we saw last night is fairly unprecedented. >> with possible ramifications. president trump tweeted this morning if u.c. berkeley does not allow free speech and practices violence on innocent people with a different point of view, no federal funds. when it comes to free speech president trump has his critics, too. since when running for office he revoked the press credentials of news outlets whose coverage upset him. fire's director told us he is unaware of any law that would allow the government to strip funding from a state school over an incident like this one. live on capitol hill tonight, scott thuman, abc7 news. jonathan: thanks. windows smashed, cars and property burned, police officer hurt. remember the scene? that was the inauguration. today ten of people were charged with turning inauguration
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their attorney says that the clients now are scared but they like their odds. >> make a decision whether or not they would put felony convictions on the young people for donald trump. jonathan: some 230 people were arrested in d.c. on inauguration day. 11 were indicted on felony charges just yesterday. prosecutors say more indictments are expected as evidence in the case continues to roll in. michelle: just in tonight, a taller, stronger, fence is coming to the white house. the national capitol planning commission just gave the 11'5" fence a green light. a series of people have jumped the fence in last few years and construction begins next year. secretary of state rex tillerson called for unity in his first day on the job. he spoke with employees in foggy bottom today saying he knows the election was divisive. >> i want to us be honest with one another. we are on the same team. we
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honesty will undergurd our foreign policy. michelle: the secretary of state told state department workers when people see them, they see america. and he urged them not to let personal convictions overwhelm their ability to work as a team. defense secretary james mattis is assuring allies that america has their back. the retired general is in south korea on his first overseas trip as secretary of defense. mattis says he wants a firsthand report on tensions with south korea. he travels to japan tonight. jonathan: there is wrangling going on right now on the hill to confirm the president's cabinet. votes are planned soon for education secretary nominee betsy devos. attorney general nominee jeff sessions and h.h.s. nominee tom price. now among the considerations, experts say that senate republicans will try to vote on betsy devos first. right now, though, that appears -- that
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now to be 50/50. if sessions were confirmed first they would lose the longtime senator's vote when he moves to the cabinet. michelle: an iranian-born couple stranded over seas after the president's travel ban took effect is back in virginia. they are immigrants with visas and cleared from customs 90 minutes ago after five days stranded in amsterdam. it's unbelievable. i didn't think i could come here at all. >> i'm emotional. we made it. michelle: senators tim kaine of virginia and chris van hollen of maryland worked with several lawyers to get the couple cleared to re-enter the u.s. jonathan: a home invasion in anne arundel county ends with a homeowner shooting the intruder in self-defense. this happened overnight in lothian. that is where police say a man broke in a home, go in
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lives there. her husband a former f.b.i. agent shot the intruder with the leg first. the guy ran out of the house, grabbed a piece of metal and came back in to try to attack the couple again. that is when the homeowner shot the man again. this time in the head. he is expected to survive. michelle: a possible new lead tonight in a murder case that has gone cold. fairfax police are now asking for information for anyone who saw a dark full-sized pickup truck speeding away from the river drive area in lorton on the morning of march 11. that is when someone murdered retired world bank economist daleed. the police never pubicly named a suspect or motive. jonathan: we are getting new information now on how the zoo captured ollie the escaped bobcat. the zoo officials say some workers saw ollie prowling near the bird birdhouse flamingo exhibit. he is a cat. those are birds. it makes sense now. they put up
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michelle: the entire helicopter fleet was grounded yesterday after a mechanic spotted a problem on one chopper. the crews spent today replacing tail rotor blades. one more chopper should come back online tonight with the helicopter in salsbury back in the air tomorrow.
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with the representtives of harley davidson. they went out to look at the motorcycles but then they went inside to talk. the president did not try to ride one. but he joked that journalists watching him would love to see him get on on and then fall off one of the bikes. inside the white house, the president told the executives and several senators he plans to redo the north american free trade agreement, nafta. he says the trade deal needs another f added to it that would stand for "fair." the president campaigned very hard on undoing that trade deal that he called unfair to u.s. workers. michelle: burned but not beaten. that is the message from eastern tennessee two months after the devastating fires. and businesses are urging people to come back. they're open. >> the fact that all the things that people come here for pretty much are here intact as they were before. michelle: the gatlinburg area typi
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tourists every year. businesses hope customers return thism coming spring. -- return this coming spring. as for the fire, the two teenagers accused of starting it could face up to 50 years in prison. coming up for us, found far from home. the special item found 100 miles from where a tornado ripped aid part a community. jonathan: he put out a book. it's called "encounters with police." a black man's guide to survival. what he is telling officers at one of biggest police departments. michelle: first, autria godfrey has a look at what the "good morning washington" team is working on for tomorrow. >> thank you, michelle. tomorrow on "good morning washington." a closer look at the impact of trump's border wall on you and could that money be spent in a better way? >> plus the dos and don'ts of etiquette for the ultimate super bowl party. >> stay with us for traffic an
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jonathan: a landmark in downtown washington is about to close for a three-year renovation. the martin luther king jr. library will close next month. today officials shared computer renderings of what it will look like when it reopens. the branch library, pi
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facilities and the library of congress will extend hours and offer other resources in the construction process. michelle: new york city. ferguson, north charleston, baton rouge, st. paul. in recent years all the cities had a deadly encounter between police and an african-american man. as northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg reports one author wants that list to stop growing. today, he brought a message of empathy and peace to police in fairfax county. >> there is a moment when you talk to people about -- >> when eric speaks to police officers about interacting with african-americans, the consistent theme is professionalism. >> in part of being a true professional is to root out unconscious bias, root out overt racism of any type. jeff: he is the author of "encounters with police: a black man's guide to survival." he met with commanders for the fairfax county police in an effort to strengthen relations with african-americans. >> our number one goal is to engage with
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and we need to break down barriers. jeff: charlotte, charleston, ferguson. just some of the cities where an african-american man has been shot and killed by police in the past few years. often followed by unrest and mistrust. incidents like these have not happened in fairfax county. broyles believes this kind of work can help maintain stability. >> everybody has to be willing to challenge their beliefs. the challenge, what sort of comes up naturally for you? jeff: he tells police officers when approaching an individual or a situation, don't just communicate. overcommunicate. that, he says, can often lead to empathy, understanding and peace. >> on a scale of 1 through 10 i'll say an 8.5. jeff: terry flowers gives fairfax county police high marks lives off route 1. >> for the most part they try. i feel safer out here than i do in other places.
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police hope to hear. in fairfax county, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. jonathan: there is a lawmaker from manassas that wants to shield police officers identities. legislation advancing in the statehouse right now that would forbid publicly named police officers involved in a shooting or accused of excessive force. this ban would be lifted after six months or when the investigation is complete. delegate jackson miller, a republican, and former police officer is the one sponsoring the bill. you may remember it. i took fairfax county police 16 months to identify the officer who shot and killed john gere in 2013. he was unarmed when he was killed and the officer who fired that fatal shot adam torres later pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter. michelle: many people lost almost everything in last month's tornadoes in mississippi. you can see what was left for many folks. but now one man has found something he never thought he'd see again.
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a message there from a woman who said she had found a drawing he made in elementary school with his name on it. what is more amazing, she found it 100 miles north of where the twister hit. he says he plans to keep the drawing and will probably have it framed. jonathan: the most critical winter forecast of the season has finally arrived. >> i clearly see a perfect clear sad doe -- shadow of me. six more weeks of winter it shall be. jonathan: really? that is punxsutawney phil. and the famous celebration at gobbler's knob. beauregard lee disagreed as did staten island. and joined by walter wally. the local weather row tent said not only six more weeks of winter but six more months
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michelle: oh, he is giving us a two-fer. jonathan: from weather to politics. the rodent should stay out of it. doug: one thing i never understood, is phil's forecast for punxsutawney or the entire area? jonathan: it's like the farmer's atmosphere. as a whole. doug: tracking back what he has done over the years, over the decades and the century. we will share. in all the times, so it's 131 years of the record here from phil. he has seen his shadow 103 times and only 18 times has he not seen his shadow. so his shadow is 85% of the time. there is six more weeks of winter. the track record works out over 379%. if -- over 39%. if you track our forecast in the last ten years he has been accurate for the last ten. not bad. not bad. when i get it wrong every now and then. we are doing okay. so that is our story. here are the numbers outside.
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skies clear. 40 in reston. 39 in frederick. 45 in annapolis. 44 in woodbridge. tonight with mainly clear skies and only a few high clouds we will see a steady drop of temperatures. everybody we think by early tomorrow morning by sunrise will be below freezing in the 20's. it will be a colder day tomorrow. we are keeping an eye on a disturbance moving south. it will move offshore later tomorrow. we won't get the rain but we will get cloudiness in the day. late tomorrow afternoon or evening it will clear back out and set the stage for a sunny day on saturday. get the kids taken care of. tomorrow morning friday at the bus stop, 28 is the average metro temperature in the morning. cloudy skies and recess time is 36. in the afternoon we will see the breaks in the overcast. 40 degrees for a temperature. that is below average for early february. now the weekend gets colder. plenty of sunshine. 38 degrees on saturday. on sunday cloudy skies. 45. there could be a couple of sprinklals but i don't think enough -- couple of sprinkles but i do
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worry about. for, in ten days we continue the trend of going up and down. 38 on saturday. jump to the mid-40's on sunday. upper 50's tuesday. lower 60's wednesday. then time to slide down more as we get through the late thursday and friday. then temperatures will start to come back up again. so that is the story here. one thing we will point out to you the only precipitation we really see is coming our way here for the next few days of any measure could be on tuesday and wednesday with another frontal system to bring us warmer temperatures and could bring 60% chance of the showers around the area. that is it. we'll be right back. with abc7 news a
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announcer: now the toyota sports desk brought to you by your local toyota dealer. erin: you can't talk about the wizards' hot streak without giving credit to head coach scott brooks. he has guided wizards to one of the nba's best records in january. including going undefeated at home and marking the total win streak in history. wizards have a 15-game winning streak that earned the wizards head coach the eastern conference coach of the month. >> i think he held us accountable. i think when we got off to the slow start, you know, he really challenged us to do it on the defensive end.
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he allows us to control the game a little bit but defensively, he holds everybody accountable. erin: one of the biggest trades in wnba history went down today elena della donne traded to the mystics. her presence transforms the mystics who missed the playoffs last season into an instant contender in the eastern conference. bradley beal first got word of the trade during this morning's shootaround. >> oh, we're winning. we're winning. i seen her play. i never met her. she probably taller than me. she might be able to shoot better than me. i might intimidate her, actually. erin: that might be a good story. i may have to followup on that. four-star running back richardson may want to learn about the term "commitment issues." he committed to cle
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march, decommitted in december, was expected to choose mississippi in january, then he committed to maryland yesterday. oh, boy! then today, he signed with central florida. so my guess is the terps are probably better off without this guy. c'ya. jonathan: that guy is just not all there. when you say you committed -- erin: that is a bad look. you commit. or in this case you de-commit, re-commit. jonathan: it doesn't work that way. michelle: doug, what are you committing to? doug: clear skies tonight and fair amount of sunshine tomorrow after morning and the midday clouds. 40 degrees. sunny, cold on saturday. cloudy here sunny and 45, sprinklees. steve will keep an eye on that and the big warmup coming next week. michelle: thank you. "world news tonight" with david muir coming up next. jonathan: thank you for joining us. we will see you tonight at 11:00. have a good night.
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tonight, president trump with certain words for iran. now saying nothing is off the table. just 24 hours after the white house said we are officially putting iran on notice. what does this mean? are new sanctions coming? and tonight, iran's response. also the phone call with an american ally that ended abru abruptly. what happened between president trump and the australian prime minister? friends or foes? the campus protest erupting into violence. outrage after a controversial speaker was invited, raced out by security. that speaker once saying, i believe hate crimes aren't really a thing. the denver officer shot execution style. the army vet and muslim on convert now under arrest. was he reported to homeland


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