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tv   ABC7 News at 630  ABC  February 5, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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>> denied. president trump reacts after the appeals court denies the request to reinstate the travel ban. know what will happen. >> the immigration attorneys are working hard as the rush to get back leads to an emotional reunion. plus, being a pest. the immedie future for students being kept out of school for rats and bedbugs. side.your >> good evening. a legal fight over the travel .an is far from over the appeals court
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justice department's motion to reinstate the travel ban. we will explain what happened next. >> we will accomplish this and win the case on the merits. >> the vice president seems adamant to the travel ban will resume, despite the court denying the request for the emergency reinstatement. james robillard of washington state issued a temporary restraining order on the immigration ban. president trump took to twitter. outsideere protesting of the white house. after midnight on sunday, the justice department filed an appeal to the temporary halt and says that it second guesses the national security. was -- est mike pence is
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>> we are confident that the president is operating within his authority, under the constitution and statutory law. >> trumps suspended immigration from seven muslim majority countries and indefinitely halted syrian refugees from states. the united hundreds of travelers were detained or prevented from boarding their flights. both sides have until monday to file a legal brief before the courts make their decisions. i am david daniels. judge and the courts are to blame, if something happens, says the president. itsays it is making difficult for homeland security to do their job. he sent out half a dozen tweets on saturday.
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filing deadlines. they are not the only ones who are scrambling. people with these is are unsure what tomorrow will bring. we continue the coverage. from a group of locals, smiles of relief, and tears of joy. >> i was a trump voter who was not allowed into the country. >> she flew to dubai to visit her mother and she got caught in the travel ban. >> i lost everything, my home, my job, my family. >> her trip to saudi arabia caused emotional stress. she realized she might not be able to return. everything is going to be easy. >> for now, those who are caught up in the travel ban
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advantage of the window of opportunity. >> we have been getting in. we do not know what will happen after the hearing. withr now, those we spoke said that they are getting through customs without problems. my kids, my husband. >> both sides are poised for a intense fight and they know that this time of warm welcome could be brief. killer.mir putin is a >> there are a lot of killers. do you think the country is so innocent? anchor: a comment during a pre-super bowl interview. others are explaining what the president meant. >> what you are hearing is a determination by the president
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of the united states to not let semantics or the arguments of the past get in the way of exploring the work together. >> the russians invaded the ukraine and i don't think there is an equivalency between the way the russians conduct themselves and the way the united states does. o congressional committees are looking into russian interference, including the possibility of ties between russian hackers, the kremlin, and the trump campaign. the cold was not sticking around. we have warmer temperatures. will it be warm tonight? >> things are not too bad for us. it will be a chilly start for tomorrow. it will be in the 50's across the area. , it willropping and not be too long before the chill
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thenotice that most of cloud cover will break down. the 30's and to temperatures will start off in the mid 30's. most of this will be above the freezing mark. it will be close to 70 in the forecast. the forecast in a few minutes. run over a police officer last night.
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they say that it knocked out power to thousands. 400-500 customers will not get power restored until 8:00 tonight. new tonight, the elementary school will be closed tomorrow and tuesday because of a bedbug and rat problem. we told you about this on friday. has control spent the weekend cleaning the school. tonight, public school says they will provide meals for the students at the recreational center. the d cps plans to provid
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about that. fires and what is
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after thee progress waste-to-recycles facility was on fire there. remained and a majority of the fire has been extinguished. you can see heavy smoke in a huge flames billowing from the building. the smoke flowing from the building, officials said it would not cause air quality or health issues.
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gone. >> there are engineers on the sites and doing assessments. when it is determined that it is safe enough to get inside, we will work with the facility on-site here. when they remove it, we will get in and extinguish hot spots. >> the timeline of how long it is under assessment. >> the investigation is underway after this car slammed into this house. half of the car is lodged in the house. two people had to be taken to the hospital, as a precaution. the neighbor said that the sound of the crash scared and his kids. >> this is where we went into the building. if my car was there, that is where we
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it does have to stay somewhere else for the time being. assessment is being done to see when and if anyone can return home. a super bowl message from the pope and why he is reaching out to america. that is next. a warm up to start the week. the
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>> new developments in the brutal murder of a new york city jogger. the investigators say the dna found under his fingernails matched a cheek
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police. on a jog.rangled her body was found by her own father. switching gears now, excitement in houston. a message to america from the pope, who called on americans to peacehis sunday a sign of , friendship, and solidarity to the world. in a recorded message, he said int for'tis a painting sports helps us grow beyond self-interest and learn to sacrifice and respect the rules. >> pretty cool. a patriotic moment when the super bowl happens. everybody is doing the same thing. if you're not watching
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>> we are at 51 degrees at reagan national with wind out of the west-southwest and pretty light across the area. take a look. it is 14 degrees warmer in washington and we are going to cool off a little bit tonight. it is a bump up from where we were. we will see temperatures range and it will stay quiet for us. we do not have to worry about anything getting in your way until about monday. we have relatively clear skies and a lot of sunshine for tomorrow. closeplaces are getting to 60 degrees. watch the clouds start to build. it will get a little bit heavier around 9:00. this is trying to get into the swing of the morning and i
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you will get mild temperatures moving in it it will go into the 60's for tuesday and wednesday it will have temperatures in the mid-to-upper 60's. the only downside is that it will be windy. out forant to get lunch, keep in mind that wendy weather will be a rule for us. have a cold front coming through and temperatures are going to drop on tuesday and wednesday. to, it would not amount anything. still, something to watch. it will be a great afternoon and tuesday, we will deal with the rain and showers will develop. we take a look at the extended forecast, it will be in the 60's on tuesday and wednesday and we have an 80% chance of rain.
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this brings a chance for rain see somend you may collect on the grass. that, we will bring in a few showers. it is a six point shot in maryland. >> it is a little too much fun. >>
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>> now, the toyota sports desk. >> trying toak
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row. a special moment. 1000th point last month. on the board. he finds him in front of the net. and they turn 2-0 it over again. the lamp is lit. scott abraham has more. homestand is a a success for the capitals with a big win today. day where fans received one of these cutouts and they often, tallying four goals in the first two.
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i think we have been really we have tried to play fast to get everyone involved. we understand that getting everybody involved early makes us a better team. >> 38 saves in the shutout. >> so, you have to be prepared guys arenk a lot of going. >> they continue to widen the gap in the metropolitan division. they returned to action on tuesday and host carolina. scott abraham, abc 7 sports. >> what can you say about the right now? they did not slow down in indiana. maryland
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and it got worse for the hoosiers. that was part of a 9-0 run and it got better. the closing seconds of this quarter and there you go. just on another level right now. 23-1 for the best start in school history. hosting george mason. the patriots ran into a buzz saw . she was 4-8 from three point range. mason had no answers and they went on to lose. one last note, the super bowl is underway. no score yet. we will break it all down here on abc
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quacks when i say rocky, i mean the movie. i came out here to punch you. i don't talk so well. i want to begin by apologizing on behalf of you to meet her how you have treated me these last two weeks. is melissa mccarthy taking on the role of sean trendingstop she began on twitter within minutes of the sketch. so far, no reaction. baldwin andes alec his version of the president a run for his money. >> it
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good to left. >> yes. it is funny. >> our forecast is crazy. >> we are all over the place. it is the mid-30's for the overnight lows. we will not be down to freezing in most places. mid-50's and the it will not be too breezy. that will be a thing that changes, along with the rain in the 60's. it will be on the windy side. it will be 66 for wednesday and a cold front will come through and we will go from the mid-60's and get a few snowflakes mixing in. nothing is going to stick and it will not be a problem, but there is something we will monitor and it will warm up for next weekend. if you are trying to pick a day, saturday looks drier. >> it sounds good.
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especially for tomorrow. thank you for joining us.
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