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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  February 6, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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fighting back and pressing for answers. kevin lewis
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joins us at the rockville complex where this happened. kevin: imagine hearing a noise in your empty home, turning around, and saying with a stranger with his finger over his lips like this. a woman in this apartment building went through that, her alleged attacker telling the police that he needed sex. >> i was shocked. monday, a man somehow gained access to this secure building, strolling the h alls, before he tackled the woman and try to rip off her clothing.
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imagine, but i would be terrified. i don't know what would happen. kevin: investigators later found the man's jacket and two open condoms in the victim's bedroom. he reportedly said he was, "trying to get some." >> there should have been a notice from management. kevin: this resident and husband was disappointed that the management did not notify the police about the violent crime. >> i don't know how one could get in without that. it's very hard for me to imagine. say the manolice admitted to the crime. he should not spend too much time in prison because this was only
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apartment out to the management company to learn about their recording procedures for crimes, but have not heard back. now, which video would have caught your eye in manassas park tonight, a u-haul onck on top of its roof, fire. nobody was hurt and still no word on how this started. jonathan: we are taking you live , inside the senate chambers. there is action. democrats have been going 24 hours straight. they are trying to swing a republican to block the confirmation of the education secretary pick betsy devos. jay korff is on capitol hill. that person is slated to speak at 3 a.m. will anybody be there besides the camera? jay: probably staff members, but we know this is a very big
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and early morning for democrats. u.s. senator tim kaine of virginia, we will be hearing from him momentarily, speaking at 3 a.m. inside oflive look the senate chambers. that is the junior senator from new jersey, talking. person will talk about an hour, until noon tomorrow, when the big vote comes down for betsy devos. right now the vote is split come as close as a can get, 50-50. a couple of republicans flipped sides. that means as those numbers play if the democrats cannot convince somebody to flip over to their side, it will be up to the vice president to flip the would become devos the next education secretary. right now it all boils down to what the two sides believe. supporters say that she is an agen
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outside approach to the education system. opponents say that devos is not qualified, with a long list of reasons. she is a big supporter of the voucher program, private school education. they argue that she is an enemy of the public school system. >> when i hear somebody who has never attended public school, has never taught at a public school, would not send their kids to a public school, that is not a disqualifier, but when you have not done those things but state to the world public education is a dead end, government really sucks, when you don't have the experience yourself, i have concerns. have much more on this political showdown as it unfolds tuesday. jay korff, abc 7 news. alison: jay, also to make him a large crowd took to the str
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many of the voices from educators who believe their future is at stake. tonight, hundreds of educators, parents, and teachers gathered on capitol hill. it is a call for one more republican to vote against president trump's nominee for secretary of education, betsy devos. >> my republican colleagues are freaked out about all these rallies. reporter: he is one of the democrats who will take part. >> this is a defining moment for public school system. reporter: republican say that devos fights to give people school choice. democrats say she is not qualified. >> do we want an education secretary who has never been in public school? >> no! >> do we
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never gone to public school? >> no! tim: tim barber, abc 7 news. jonathan: a federal appeals court will hear the arguments of the justice department's request to reinstate the travel ban. despite several legal step backs -- setbacks, the administration is confident it will be upheld. to dohas broad discretion what is in the nation's best interests. we feel confident we will prevail in the matter. jonathan: the immigration order has sparked more than a week of protests, bands of all refugees for 90 days, and bans of muslim-majority countries for 120 days. tomorrow, a special vote for a fairfax city mayor after the former mayor, scott silverthorne, was arrested in asex for meth sting operation. steve:
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grab the umbrella and the sunglasses tomorrow. a mild day on the way, starting with temperatures of 50 degrees and a few showers, just in time for the early morning rush-hour commute. by the afternoon, highs in the middle to upper 60's. we are talking about record-breaking warmth, coming up. a pilot recovering after his aircraft went down in fort washington. the airplane had a hard landing on the grassy area of indianhead highway and old fort road. view ofa rare, raw crime in southeast. a mother of six telling us about a terrifying ordeal, a flurry of bullets crashing through window at 3 a.m. in the morning for stops you want to the rental office and said she did not feel safe. they told her there was nothing they could do. >>
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actually woke up somebody else. alison: she spotted the gun man and a worker told her to tell authorities and she could be moved, but she declined, fearing that would endanger her children more. alison: new developments in the murder of a new york city jogger. a man reportedly made two videotaped confessions. he was charged in the rape and murder. investigators say the break in the case came when lewis voluntarily allowed the police to take a cheek swab from him. >> she had the dna under her nails, dna on her back, and dna on her cell phone. >> things are far more than that. far more. lewis has nole criminal history, the police rode in on
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complaints of him acting suspiciously around the crime scene just a few weeks before the murder. the woman was strangled while jogging in august. alison: millions of women marched all over the world to stand up for their rights. march haveers of the a new mission, announcing the intention of holding general strikes, called a day without women. the date of such a strike has yet to be announced. the city of rockville council is discussing a new, more prohibitive smoking ban that would extend the current all outdoor and ban smoking restaurants with outdoor seating. inrently, there is no ban the open spaces, although some restaurants have their own rules. alison: tomorrow, no students in the classroom at savoy elementary school, the school closed indefinitely as it's clean because of bed bugs and rat infestations.
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will attender elementary school. if you book travel online community to hear this. the website, the photos, the booking, they all seem legit. wasan exciting ski trip just an illusion that cost them big time. there are three clues that you may be on the verge of a scam,
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think abouten you it, there are a lot of of ways a vacation could be ruined. this has to top the list. alison: according to the hotel and lodging association, 15 million rental scams last year cost americans $1.2 billion. jonathan: consumer investigator lisa fletcher found that many of the scams start with a web ad. lisa: is this real or a scheme to steal your money? her family from
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nearly impossible to tell. she and her family planned a the website looked legitimate. i had pictures outside and inside. they sent a contract and said send it back, which we did. lisa: she wired the money. from there, it was all downhill -- but not in the good, ski vacation sort of way. 3, 4 days before we left, we had not heard back from him. looked at one i another and had a feeling we were scams. lisa: they hope for the best, packed their ski gear, and headed to vermont, only to discover the people occupying the place they had paid to rent. >> they said we are sorry, but we think you have been scammed. this winter there were a number of families who re
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>> exactly the same place. melanie and her family 1800.out1 $ >wire transfers, money orders, and cashiers checks are a sign that you are about to get duped. >> it's a way of passing cash to another individual. once they have the cash, through the money orders or cashiers check or wire instructions, that money is gone forever. lisa: nearly one third of leisure travelers are now staying in vacation rental homes. that is up from just 11% from 2008. a nearly 200% increase. the federal trade commission for complaints related to vacation rental scams. from january 2014 through december 2016, there were more than 61,000, some of which were very similar to what
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melanie and her family. 2,800,ryland family out $ another for $500. was told toamily wire money to the czech republic to secure their vacation home. why is it difficult to identify and prosecute these criminals? >> there is such great anonymity with the internet as to who is the individuals behind these companies, prosecution is often impossible. lisa: he and other attorneys general recently went after western union for facilitating or enabling fraudulent actions. they announced the company will of $586 million to victims wire fraud, which can include victims of wire scams that sent money via the company. the attorney general has some advice. always pay with a credit
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because credit card companies are required to reimburse you if there is fraud. know who youwimmendations from friends or family. and google the property address to make sure that it is not lifted from another listing. if you think you have been scammed and live in d.c., call the consumer protection hotline. go to and we will link you to it. jonathan: good advice. mature is retiring some of the 4000 series trains next week. -- metro is retiring them. the goal is to get all of the trains replaced by the end of this year. steve: the temperatures right 40's, the upper lower 50's, showers just beginning to enter the area, sticking around overnight, even into early tomorrow morning. woodstock, ,luray, wet weather right now. showers will be spotty
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, but you will need the umbrella, so make sure that you had that before you head out the door tomorrow. 47 overnight, the wind out of the south at about five miles per hour. tomorrow morning, in addition to the umbrella, sunglasses. you will not need them early on, but midafternoon, late afternoon, you will need them outside. even though we start off cool come in the 40's, the temperatures eventually rebound into the middle to upper 60's. the areas of rain move in as we head through the early morning. 7:00 a.m., 9:00 a.m., most of it is out of here by noontime. kids, andcess for the if you have a chance enjoy the temperatures tomorrow, because highs will be in the middle to upper 60's. it will start in the afternoon. clouds give way to more sunshine later in the afternoon. we are likely to break records at all three local airports. the current record at reagan national is 64.
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64 bwi-marshall. possibly 68f degrees, we should break all the records. the average high this time of year, 45 degrees. the cold front on the way late wednesday. once that swings through, colder air over spreads the region. opening on how quickly the cold air gets in place and how much western we have with the low-pressure, that will determine whether we see a little snow around the dmv early thursday morning. we will keep you updated rate here on abc 7, news channel 8, and looking couple days fantastic tomorrow, at least in the afternoon. upper 60's. middle 60's wednesday with more sunshine. cold front moves through thursday with a chance of a wintry mix early in the day. we cool things down friday, 40. back into the middle 50's saturday, lower
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by next 50's and looking good for valentine's day. alison: thank you. it is the inspiration we all need to see. >> scars on my chest. and it just kind of brings a warm glow. alison: once in need of a heart transplant, the swimmer is not giving up. his mission, next.
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alison: it's going to feel like the super bowl for one swimmer from michigan. he was a lifelong swimmer, but complications from heart failure him out of the pool until 2014, when he got his new 34-year-old heart. jonathan: and now he is getting ready for an international swimming competition. he said that he will give the first medal that he wins to the donor's family. jonathan: if you watched the wizards-cavs game, heartbroken. robert: it's too much. jonathan: they had the game in the bag. robert: and then lebron james happen. lebron was money in the bank when it mattered most.
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that thing just follow you around? like a little puppy. the award-winning ge
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. 24 hours after the super bowl, king james and the cabs visiting the red hot wizards.
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earned his check tonight, tying the game at 116-116, with 43 seconds left to go. he had 41 points. one, with under 30, wall cannot get the floater to fall, but the follow goes. wiz take the lead. then there is this. john wall's free throw put the wizards up three. three seconds left on the clock, so it's over -- or not. lebron james banks off the turnaround. 5,vs win in overtime 140-13 ending the home winning streak at 17. es hit anoks: jam amazing shot, fallaway three off the board. and i don't think i heard him call it. they have the heart of a champion, and we were right there with them.
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way, could have changed the game, but our guys did a great job of competing and they played their hearts out. robert: and the washington mystics side christie tolliver. alison: that was disappointed. jonathan: happy birthday. robert: lucky lebron. jonathan: just tackle him next time and let him go to the line. alison: different sport.
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alison: looking forward to the warm day. steve: record-breaking warmth likely at all three airports, highs of 65 to 68, about 20 degrees above average this time of year. middle 50's wednesday. a little bit of what snow come
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wintry mix early thursday morning, but with the temperature so warm the next couple days, it will be hard for that to stick to the pavement because the road will be warm. jonathan: you don't suppose anyone is calling out sick tomorrow, do you? jimmy kimmel is next. z231xz zi0z y231xy yi0y
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight, oscar nominee emma stone. super bowl champion new england patriots tom brady and danny amendola. and music from muna. and now, here's jimmy kimmel! >> jimmy: hi, everybody. i'm jimmy, i'm the host. thank you for watching. thanks for coming. wow. how about that. if you watch that football game last night? [ cheers and applause ] yeah. is anyone else having strangely erotic feelings about mr. clean? just me? okay. as you probably know, the new englan


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