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tv   Good Morning Washington 6am  ABC  February 7, 2017 6:00am-6:51am EST

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autria: happe in the coming hours it could affect millions. helan, tracking the heat today they could break a record. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] larry: it's crazy. jummy? jummy: first, d.c. police telling me an hour ago that woman hit by a car on u street overnight has now died. this happened right near the intersection with 10th street northwest. we are told woman died at the hospital and the car that hit her stayed on the scene. police are back on the scene of that accident, that is the latest we have from them right now but as soon as we hear anything new we will be sure to let you know. back over to you. larry:
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this tuesday morning. autria: let's get a you in hagerstown and martinsburg. let's get to the big story. that is record-breaking highs today, forecasting high temperatures around 70 degrees. will shatter the previous record at all three area airports at reagan national the record to beat is 64. really quite an unseasonably warm day. at bwi.lles, 64 looking likely that we will break all these records. keep in mind that the average is 45. tracking a few of those rain showers to the north, if you
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stormwatch 7 weather app and tracking record warmth today, possibly tomorrow, what a wacky week for weather. late wednesday into thursday, a little bit of rain changing into snow. we will talk about that impact to your thursday morning commute in about eight minutes. julie? julie: the latest problem is in virginia on the outer loop. coming from the springfield interchange headed over towards the wilson bridge, this is where we have the crash after van dorn street. multivehicle crash tying up the left side of the road. going to putitely a stall to your commute as you travel from springfield out of alexandria. your lanes are open. metro having some problems this morning on the orange, blue, and
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stadium armory, chevrolet, and addison northwest. larry? montgomery county, cruising to get ready to go back out to great falls to search for a missing person. our cameras were there as the teams searched late into the night. last night the search was suspended because of the impending weather. we will keep you posted once we hear more from police. right now on capitol hill, and all night protest still going strong. autria: democrats spending the night on the senate floor, speaking out against the pig for the secretary of education. sam sweeney has more on the growing push to shut down the nomination of betsy devos. sam: they need just one republican to vote no to derail her nomination. for the last8
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have been out on what's happening right now. they've been speaking for up to 15, 20 minutes, even half an hour. some saying that she is the least qualified person to have ever been nominated for a cabinet pick. she has very little education experience, has never worked in a public school, under the attend one, didn't center kids there, yet 90% of american children go to public schools. but she has donated millions of republicans and conservative causes. so many people have emailed and call their senators. beenystems have overwhelmed on capitol hill. let's listen to one senator that spoke earlier this morning. mostis is one of the important jobs in our government. the department of education
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count sure that everyhi right e stands at 50/50, meaning that mike pence would have to come in and be the tie-breaker to make it 51 for her to be confirmed. the vote is expected to happen sometime midday. reporting live on capitol hill, i'm sam sweeney. larry: the hearing is taking place after a rally by some opponents. last night hundreds of educators, parents, and teachers gathered to try to get one more republican to come forward and block her nomination. her supporters say that she would give all children
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opportunity in educationls. batr president trump's travel ban. a federal appeals court will hear oral arguments on the request to overturn the block on his executive order. the ninth court of appeals announced that they would be holding an hour-long television -- telephone session tonight. this comes as they filed a new brief arguing that national security concerns they get improper for courts to intrude on the executive branch order. larry: a lot to follow this morning and we are breaking it down for you around the clock. keep that in mind. 6:06 this morning, we have been telling you about it for days. the record-breaking warmth is here. but eileen whelan is also tracking potential snow. yes, we have it all for you.
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tracking over western maryland on 68 through, approaching hagerstown and martinsburg, most of us will be relatively cloudy this morning with mild temperatures in the 50's and record-breaking temperatures today, possibly tomorrow, not quite as warm tomorrow but still above average. we go from record warmth to winter weather by late week and i want to show you the forecast as we head into wednesday night, a chilly rain but as temperatures begin to fall through the overnight hours you will see some of this blue from frederick, leesburg, germantown, everything is going to change over to snow and all of us here are waking up to some wet snow and it could be falling pretty fast and heavy
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actually leave us with a little bit of a dusting on some of the grassyes for the definitely wake up with us on thursday morning. big changes into the weekend, more on that coming up and 10. in 10. julie: we heard from jummy olabanji a few moments ago that there was a police investigation due to a person killed on 10th street in northwest. we know that the police are still out there in traffic is able to get by under a detour with police directing the traffic. up in northwest. the outer loop coming from springfield towards the wilson bridge, this is where we had the crash, stay to the center and the right to get by. the inner loop out of oxon hill, starting to see a bit of a slow down your
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northbound on 210 there is a stalled truck. follow police >> he ripped off all his clothing. >> yes, the buck nakedand how te eventually able to catch him. the end of the wizards game last night? no words for these faces.
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larry: democratic senators speaking all through the night as part of it ever to block the betsy devos nomination. a formal vote is expected today. we will let you know what happens. also breaking overnight, abc seven following two shootings in the district. the first one happening in irving street, north east, one mile away from the catholic university campus. police found a man with
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wounds and he was pronounced dead at the scene. 30 minutes later we time that vs treated for nonlife threatening injuries and is expected to be ok. we have even more breaking news happening in the district. gonzalez just got to a busy scene in northwest. what's going on out there? john: you're not kidding. there's a tremendous amount of police activity here in southwest tc homeland security and also d.c. police, there is a suspicious vehicle. that is the only way they have described it to us right now. if i know where john is going to u.s.and, it is part of the immigration and customs building here on the corner of 12th and d streets. they are not telling us right
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card to be suspicious. doesn't appear to have any an police and federal government workers trying to get to their buildings because not only do ,ou have homeland security here you also have the education building right next to the building. thet of folks right here on sidewalk being told to essentially standby. gentlemen, if you don't mind, you're trying to get to work this morning? >> the department of education. john: what were you told when you got here? like they haven't told us. have you contacted your supervisor? >> no, no. for john: thank you so much talking to us. a lot of activity here. as we send it back to you, it's not clear what the next step will be. sometimes in these cases
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just not sure right now autria: a wild scene out of china cut on camera. a little girl falls into the gap between a platform and a train. nearby passengers and police officers rushed to help her. police urged the conductor not to take off. fortunately they were able to pull her out safely without any injuries. the 17 game home winning streak of the wizards is over. the cleveland cavaliers in an overtime thriller, it was a great ballgame. watch bradley beal here. points, agame-high 41 few possessions later in the wizards were up by three. are you kidding me?
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russell, our resident cleveland fan, telling us that he hit three in a row before that. after that, including that three. cap's winning as their home winning streak ends at 17. if you are going to have your winning streak snapped, have it done by the current champs. a bizarre crime in philadelphia, a man ripping off his clothes taxi.ealing a he apparently drove through a popular city park. narrowly missing by standards before he crashed. luckily no one was hurt. a parki'm going to find and my book and go outside like it is made. why not? -- may. why not? you should. this is a great day. i have to say -- i like to
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that i have a little bit of a say in what the weather is going to do's watching this morning. >> i hope you have a lunch planned outside for her. 0's, it's already so well above the average of 45, the daytime average high, but getting outside for lunch, breathing in this fresh air, 70 degrees is where we will peak today. warmer.t tonight, even we will barely get into the 50's here in d.c.. 59 degrees tomorrow. day,grees, another warm not quite as warm as today.
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temperatures then start to fall into the 30's. on friday. the high is only 39, going from warm to winter in a matter of hours. how much snow are we going to get? not a lot, but we could have some heavy snow falling. i don't think we will quite give an inch and d.c., maybe a dusting, maybe half an inch, but as you get farther north into germantown and damascus, maybe even loudoun county you could see an inch to two inches warmer as we head into the weekend. here is a look at your extended forecast, staying mild over the next 10 days. julie? julie: troubles on the roads this morning. bumper-to-bumper delays right now. for those on the top stretch of the capital beltway trying to get past georgia avenue, accident activity is blocking
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heads up towards 270, randolph after accokeek road approaching farmington, heads up, you want to move to the right to get by their. police activity, we have got a lot of it. on the scene directing the traffic by. and there's a portion of 12th street shut down due to a suspicious package. scene are on the redirecting the traffic. the pace is definitely slower coming across the 14th street bridge. back in 10 minutes to update the ride heading back into d.c., but right now we have got to turn it over to mr. kidd o'shea. time once again to get you ready for valentine's day by hooking you up with $100 in cupid cash. call right now, 703-528-7334.
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morning washington," on your side. back with breaking news in southwest d.c., taking a look at this suspicious vehicle and the investigation surrounding it. twelfth street between c and d, this does have the roads close down this morning. there are several federal buildings there and we know that workers are being kept out of it. ice building is there, education, several different federal groups are in the building and workers are being told that you can't come in just yet. john gonzalez is on the scene and we will check in with him coming up after 6:30. lay:
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spreer before a deadly ry white jaclyn were found murdered in a hotel in florida. greer had been in an abusive relationship with boyette. her to the ground and kicked her in the face. >> they struck again in alabama, allegedly murdering peggy in her front yard. then drove off in her car. in their latest attack, kayla was left inensacola critical condition, her two-year-old son uninjured. more coming up at seven a.m.
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-- at 7:00 a.m.
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>> now, "good morning washington," on your side. we begin with a breaking news alert. let breaking news coming in this morning, police are looking into what they are suspicious car parked near some federal offices in southwest. these are street closures right near l'enfant plaza, near the headquarters for ice and other buildings. homeland security police are on this carp along stew or whya who police believe it is suspicious, but john gonzalez and mobile trac
6:31 am
we will check in with him for a live report shoulde, but expect delays out of college park. after accokeek road, delays past farmington pushing northbound. downtown i just got off the phone with mpd, u street at 10 areet still shut down due to fatal accident earlier this morning. regarding 12th street, that was due to a suspicious vehicle in the police still have this area shut down in southwest. when i got to follow-up with mpd, they were not aware of other closures but i am getting calls that independence is blocked off traveling towards l'enfant plaza with reports that there is a cover missing from a manhole, which may be why there are delays in the area.
6:32 am
update that ridetraffic, but her it's all about tracking the record warmth. high temperatures around 70 degrees and 70's through much of virginia and into the carolinas. it's going to be a record-breaking day for sure. this morning it will feel like spring. 51 in annandale. sterling middle school, checking in at 54 degrees. definitely it is short sleeve weather out there. recess outside for sure, heading outside, keep that momentum going. drop off temperature, 70 degrees. coming up, wacky and wild weather
6:33 am
temperatures for you as the colder airing. we will talk accumulation and impact in about 10 minutes. larry: a terrifying incident in rockville, a man in custody ater allegedly breaking into woman's apartment in trying to rape her. suzanne kennedy has the latest developments. that building is normally very secure? here,e: all the buildings you need a key fobbed to get into, but somehow, someway, the suspect got into the building. even though he's under arrest there is still a great deal of concern in the community that a crime was committed and that people were not notified that some the happened in their building. this man is someone police say is responsible for the rape. police say that on monday, january 16 he's not he -- he snuck into the building here and
6:34 am
unlocked unit and tried to and o on wrapped condoms in the apartment. after he was arrested he admitted to the crime, saying to authorities that he just needed sex. he is now in jail awaiting his court appearance later this week. he is charged with attempted first-degree rape, home invasion, second-degree assault, and false imprisonment. reporting live in rockville, suzanne kennedy. right now police are looking for a 12-year-old boy who went missing last night. take a good luck. police did not release a description of his clothing. anyone with information should contact frederick police immediately. larry: the rockville city council is
6:35 am
new smoking measure that would there is currently no ban in place for those seats, though some restaurants do implement their own rules. autria: students at savoy elementary have another day off today because of bedbugs. the crews are working to remove them from the building. rugs and blankets need to be thrown out and replaced. starting tomorrow the students was attend classes at kirby hope and it's unclear when savoy will reopen. home of the national zoo, but don't expect to see her anytime soon. they are being kept in an enclosed area so that the zookeepers to make sure that her exhibit is escape proof. they think they might need to replace sections of the nets. missing for several days before the zoo workers spotted her near the exhibit. larry: an all-night fight on the senate floor.
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autria: before we get to the
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this. come to your television. this is amazing video of a meteor. there were some reports that people were saying in that it minivan.ooked as big as a could you imagine just driving around and seeing something like that in the sky? crazy. we are talking about some pretty crazy weather with warm temperatures, record highs today as we get to about 70 degrees. enjoy it. 64, colder and more seasonable air, below average temperatures late in the week. over the weekend we rebound once again. with falling temperatures wednesday into thursday with a little disturbance moving through, we have the potential for getting some snow. let's time it out for you. as a lot of us are starting to get to bed, temperatures in the 40's from northwest to southeast.
6:40 am
northern fairfax counties? omwet snow falling. the snow may leave us an inch or inch or soo -- farther north and west, but at 4:00, look at these temperatures, still in the lower 40's urea the road impact should be relatively minimal but you will want to wake up with us as their maybe a few school delays. coming up in 10 minutes of little bit more on this and the weekend outlook, coming up. off the phonegot with metropolitan police, who told me that there is a portion of u street blocked off as the result of the crash investigation earlier this morning. john gonzalez reporting live at the scene that police are investigating a suspicious vehicle along 12th street and southwest. also a portion of independence avenue is blocked off. top side of the beltway, outer loop
6:41 am
from college pa oiongor a crash on the with ae near montrose stalled truck reported northbound on 210 after accokeek , which was costing you time. orange, blue, silver, single tracking between stadium armory, addison, and cheverly. traffic watch. back in the next 10 minutes to update the ride into southwest. autria? autria: breaking news and southwest d.c. larry: john? what we want to show you we are looking at at this moment. dcf federal police, going through that car right now. coming up, we will show u
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sam: a lot of bleary-eyed senators on capitol hill. democrats have been speaking for 18 hours to try
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autria: a suspicious car, shutting down the streets in northwest washington. larry: johnny, what can you tell us? john: several federal employees have been waiting now, some for about an hour trying to get to their offices. are closedy blocks here. we are at the corner of 12th and d streets in southwest. my photographer, john, is going to push in. you are going to see a suspicious vehicle parked right in front of the u.s. immigrations and customs building and right now d.c. police and federal police with homeland security are going through that vehicle. they have gained access. you can see that both doors are open and they are also going to the trun
6:46 am
it has virginia tags and what the closure continues past t customs building all the way to the entrance of the tunnel that takes you to the waterfront here in southwest d.c., so in the meantime a number of federal employees are waiting, essentially, arriving and being stop right here at the corner of 12th and he, being told that they will have to wait until this is all clear. right now they have several city blocks closed. that is the latest from southwest. back to you inside. senate democrats pulling an all nighter, protesting betsy devos
6:47 am
sam sweeney is live inside the capital with more. sam? a half hours. we still have five and a half hours to go. all the democrats are rallying against her and her nomination for secretary of education. one senator from utah, take a look at the live video going on right now. one senator saying that she is perhaps the least qualified person to have ever been nominated for a cabinet pick. she has little education experience, has never worked in public school or attended public school and never center kids there either, yet 90% of american children go to public school in she has donated millions to republicans. so many people have emailed and call their senators, but the phone system here on capitol hill has been overwhelmed. right now the vote count stands at 50:50, meaning that m
6:48 am
for a tiebreaker that would then push her forward as the secretary of education. reporting live on capitol hill, back to you. >> new developments this morning in the battle over the trump travel ban. a federal appeals court will hear all that -- will your oral arguments on the request to overturn the block to the executive order. the three-judge panel will hold a one hour-long session tonight. brief arguingew that national security concerns make it improper for courts to intrude. larry: president trump says that his highest duties to protect the american people from terror, accusing outlets of the news. trump: it's gotten to the point where it's not even being reported and in many cases the very dishonest press doesn't want to report i
6:49 am
larry: among the 78 terror incidents on the list were highly reported on attacks, a lot of coverage, including the december 20 15th shooting in san bernardino, the deadly truck attack at the pulse nightclub that left 49 people dead. the trump administration said that media did not give the attacks the coverage that they deserved. autria: the former mayor, scott silverthorne, his successor will be chosen today. to followhave a lot today in the day ahead. breaking it down for you around the clock and around the website. breaking overnight, a woman hit by a car overnight has now died. this is right near the 10th street,with northwest. the car that hit her, the driver
6:50 am
stayed on the scene. this is the latest from the police right now. now therey larry: this weekende number 12 begins on the blue line. meaning no trains between rosslyn and the pentagon. the arlington cemetery station will be closed and blue line trains will be replaced by yellow rush service at all times. through february 28. the 17 game night home winning streak was snapped by the cleveland cavaliers and an overtime thriller that felt more like a playoff game. quarter, wizards were up three, passing to lebron james. with just
6:51 am
win,ee-pointer to send the 140 to 135. i feel like we really arrived tonight. we took the overtime and really gave them a game, showing that we are like for real. autria: for sure. this was the second longest in franchise history. the loss snapping and overall winning streak. larry: it is tough. the capitals rocking the red and a winning streak of their own after blasting the kings on sunday. trying to make it 10 tonight, north carolina. the puck crops at 7:00. this morning, the champions are home. autria: the patriots returned home last night to a crowd of fans after
6:52 am
in super bowl history. paradesor with a through the streets of boston. very well-deserved. larry: absolutely. >> is daring going to be up there? jummy: he wishes. lossld not consider the last night by the wizards a loss. they were fantastic. they won 17 straight at home. those are your eastern conference finals. they can hang with lebron james. i think that john wall played better for most of the game. and if they didn't foul him at the last second, they wouldn't have one by one. congratulations to the wizards. you are awesome, keep it up. >> are you on -- [laughter] at the gameut i was last
6:53 am
since people were this excited about thelarry: it ended in ove. julie: that was my favorite part. my gosh, look at you. julie: fantastic. eileen: well, cool you off, because we have some warm temperatures. we even had a few cherry blossoms spotted yesterday along the tidal basin. follow chris on instagram. unbelievable. today, 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. we are going to shatter all of the current records. a lot of them were set just a few years ago. tomorrow, 42. thursday, wind and rain ending with snow in the morning. cold and blustery with a heavy coat on friday. the weekend, warming up. lookin
6:54 am
shower, i think that most of us nded forecast into next week for valentine's day. still tracking some showers on doppler. i will show you an updated you on that as we switch over at the top of 7:00. julie: getting over to the map, showing you what's happening on the roads this morning, we have had a better hands full with a bunch of things that are happening right now. street is still blocked off, but we are just received word from john gonzalez, live on 12 street in southwest, this is where we have a suspicious vehicle in now all lanes are open. -- and now all lanes are open. johnny g will be back with us with more details but we do have a track getting back along 12 street. quickly back over to the maps to update the right elsewhere, out
6:55 am
-- outer loop of the beltway, the accident now gone. next 10 minutes to update that ride. back to you guys. 6:55, meaning it's time to get in the now from kidd o'shea. to ourongratulations winner from -- from where -- from herndon. i couldn't remember. was the winner of $100 in cupid cash. all she was doing was watching " good morning washington." it was so simple. we have got more cash to give away tomorrow morning. let's get you in the now. lena dunham told howard stern that her recent weight loss is because of donald trump. she said that donald trump became president and she stopped being able to eat food. she went on to say
6:56 am
has been asking me what i'm doing. jummy: isn't this the same girl who said she wished she had an abortion? kidd: she did say that. and she went back on that at one point. look, it's not healthy to let other people affect your emotions like that. i've been to therapy, i can say this. honey, you got to work on that. you can't go through every day letting someone stop you from eating food. we will have more on this coming up after 7:00. we have much more to say and we hope you will join the conversation. right now it's time for your 60 second express. >> democrats need one republican to vote no to derail the betsy devos nomination. last 18 hours democrats have been on the floor speaking out against her. >> several city blocks are closed at 12 md
6:57 am
a suspicious vehicle isf the u.. immigrations and customs building. >> d.c. police telling me that a woman was hit by a car here and has now died. >> residence in the community are still very concerned. to -- police say that the man tried to rape a woman. she bit him and ran into the hallway. >> amazing video of a meteor streaking across the sky in wisconsin. people said that it looked as good as a bit -- as big as a minivan. larry: in overtime thriller.
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president trump's immigration crackdown just hours away from a courtroom sh press is covering up terror attacks. >> and in many cases the very, very dishonest press doesn't want to report it. >> plus, the breaking headline this morning about trump's cabinet picks. urgent manhunt. the race to find these two suspects accused of killing three people on a crime spree. now on the run crossing state lines. where police think the dangerous pair may be hiding out right now. britney spears' niece in critical condition after crashing in a pond. the off-road vehicle believed to be a gift from her mom jamie lynn. asking for prayers f


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