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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  February 8, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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weather alert. jonathan: we start in the weather center because you might wake up to snow tomorrow. alison: hard to believe, but we are tracking rain and snow entering the area and how this could impact your morning drive. jonathan: steve rudin will tell us. 70 degrees today, snow tomorrow. records, 74oke degrees today at reagan national, but big changes on the way in the forecast tomorrow morning. driving to work and school, location is everything. inside the capital beltway, looking for snow to develop at about 6 a.m. may be heavy at times. because the ground is so warm, we are not expecting much to stick. southern maryland, mainly rain. northern and western maryland, that will be the jackpot, winter weather advisory's right now. that is where you
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see the heaviest amounts of snow, upwards of four to six inches of snow. we will time the snow and the rain for the rush-hour commute, and we may have wind gusts of 30 miles per hour, and looking ahead to the upcoming weekend a just a few minutes. alison: steve, thank you. two seasons inof 24 hours. jonathan: today people war wearing shorts, exercising, and tomorrow will be in the 30's. alison: tom roussey has the weather with the lash is throwing everybody off. tom? tom: this is absolutely nuts, alison. this is the snow dome and fairfax county that holds 32 tons of salt. working, soon loading a lot of trucks at this vdot lot, deploying by midnight to be ready for the winter weather. even though it was in the 70's not that long ago.
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gravelly point. you don't need a jacket because it is in the 60's. for a lot of people, t-shirts and shorts are just fine, and a lot of people are exercising, taking advantage of the last hour of the warm weather. and a t-shirt and shorts. how hard is it to believe it will snow soon? >> here, it's like summer. . is very nice tom: about an hour street in5, on the adams morgan, you still don't need a jacket. this is very rare for a february night. a lot of folks are taking full advantage, sitting in the outdoor restaurants, enjoying what will not be possible just a few hours from now. tomorrow night at the very least, things will be wet and possibly frozen. p.m., downtown bethesda, ha
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mid-50's. not seeing t-shirts and shorts anymore, but it still does not feel like winter weather. later, live, 55 theees, i have put on winter jacket, but i can probably still get away with the spring jacket. crews are planning to deploy by midnight. bymaryland, they will be out about 3 a.m., and d.c. they will be out by 4 a.m. live in alexandria, tom roussey, abc 7 news. jonathan: the stormwatch team has you covered. "good morning washington" will start at 4 a.m. stay connected around the clock by following us on facebook, twitter, and our website, alison: breaking news from fairfax county, where there is a police scene in vienna. three people are on the run after a police chase. this started with a theft that tysons. a car was
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spotted a short time later. the driver tried to get away from the police, then crashed. three suspects still on the loose right now. tough face to forget, a convicted sex offender back in custody tonight. matthew sager was released from a southern virginia jail last week, was supposed to be in texas, but never showed up. he was taken back into custody. developing now ,a youth football coach arrested for sexual assault. alison: warner murphy is behind bars tonight, and the police say there may be more victims. jonathan: anna-lysa gayle spoke with the president of the football league and has what he is saying about this disturbing news. anna-lysa: warner murphy was scheduled to return to the boys and girls club in may for a preseason cap with the kids he coaches,
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that is not happening. they made that decision after finding out about the sex assault charges. some parents of the laurel boys and girls club are being left with questions about a former coach's character, their concerns about the investigation into warner murphy, who coached boys 8 and under at the club. he is charged with second-degree rape and numerous sex offenses. the police say he sexually assaulted two women at his apartment about two miles from the club. >> that's very surprising, because he seemed like a very good coach and the kids look forward to him. he coached my little cousin's football team. he went to the playoffs. anna-lysa: the women claim that murphy gave them alcohol and and forced himself upon them. >> this occurred almost on a daily basis. anna-lysa: the president of the boys and girls club said there were no warning signs in
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background check that would indicate that murphy was unfit for the position. ex-military, so he was a disciplinarian who focused on discipline, respect, honor. everything that we saw as a role model. no allegations against murphy at the boys and girls club specifically. murphy was released on $100,000 bond and is due back in court march 1. the president of the boys and girls club said even if murphy is found not guilty of the charges, he will not return to the boys and girls club. anna-lysa gayle, abc 7 news. jonathan: a big effort to fight a barn fire in montgomery county . sky track 7 was over the scene in dickerson, a remote area. no animals were in the barn and nobody was hurt, but it did take four engines to get the fire down. panon: an unattended frying
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caused a house fire in southeast d.c. firefighters rescued a 95-year-old woman from a second-floor bedroom in her home. paramedics rushed her to the hospital in serious condition. the woman's son said he was in the basement when the fire started. >> i tried to get upstairs to get my mom, but it was too much smoke. >> she was still sitting on her bed. she was able to yell to us, but she cannot move. alison: firefighters got the woman out of the home just in time. jonathan: after a contentious confirmation battle, the senate confirmed jeff sessions as the attorney general. you will be sworn in tomorrow morning. only one democrat, joe manchin, crossed party lines to support the nomination. alison: finishing what she started, dozens gathered outside of the home of senate majority leader mitch mcconnell, reading a letter from corona scott king. last night, democratic
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elizabeth warren was silenced by mcconnell after she started reading it. >> we stand with elizabeth warren. scottnd with corretta king. we stand with all the men and women who are still trying to make this country a free country. alison: the letter was written in 1986, when king objected to sessions' nomination to be a judge. today, several democratic senators read the letter without republican opposition. of thele, opponents dakota access pipeline say demonstrations like tonight's outside of the white house will continue. today the army corps of engineers gave the developer permission to complete the project by laying pipe under a reservoir. the standing rock sioux tribe fears the pipeline will contaminate drinking water and
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the tribe plans to take this to court. no ruling on the stopped travel ban. heard testimony today but is not ready to rule. the president tonight said he wanted to give travelers a month's notice before instituting the ban, but claims he was overruled by law enforcement. for with abc 7 and updates. jonathan: demoralizing and disheartening, words president trump supreme court pick used to describe the president's reaction to the judiciary system. he told a u.s. senator he was disheartened by trump's tweets about the judiciary system. trump called a federal judge in seattle a "so-called judge" after blocking the travel ban. , importanty on 7 tax documents, maybe even paychecks is important mail,
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so why was a pile of it found on the porch of a net abandoned home? tim: this pile of paper may look like trash, but as greg baker discovered, it is more like a golden ticket for a thief. ande saw the usps crate just piles of undelivered mail. tim: inside, financial records, including some of his neighbor'' w-2 forms. baker lives here. he walked outside to take up the garbage. a little past the staircase, he spotted the mail. linda believes her paycheck was in the pile. >> i asked for a replacement check, but it never showed up. reported this to the office of the inspector general. now he is hoping investigators return the mail to figure out who dumped it. >> it's ridiculous. we need our mail. jonathan: anow h
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meth for sex sting, scott silverthorne, is due back in court next month. life in prison for the man convicted of killing his estranged wife in arlington. david black was sentenced to two life terms for the stabbing death of bonnie black. it's hard to believe that dozens had a life-changing medical diagnosis that is completely untrue. alison:
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the show must go on -- that is what a circus ceo is saying tonight after a scary fall involving acrobats. five performers fill in florida's today practicing a human pyramid when one person lost their balance. they are expected to survive. a famous daredevil was on the tight rope at the time, but he did not fall. jonathan: a 7 on your side
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video of stores in maryland elephant video selling ivory, leopard fur, items the humane society of the united states has been trying to keep off the market. federal law bans the sale of african elephant ivory, except for documented antiques. the sellers are using a loophole. maryland general assembly is considering a bill to close it. alison: president trump setting his sights on nordstrom's, in defense of his daughter. nordstrom's stopped carrying her clothing line. the president did not let that slide. he tweeted first on his personal then re-tweeted it from the presidential account. critics were quick to call the retweet unethical. a brewing battle between airbnb and d.c. the d.c. counsel is when you bill to
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vacation market. legislation would set ground rules like limiting rentals to 15 days per year. airbnb says the bill is too restrictive and will have a negative impact. jonathan: a pretty fancy bus stop, but millions of dollars for a bus stop? the plan is to build 23 upgraded stops along columbia pike. there supposed to be state of the art with real-time arrival alerts and pay before you ride systems. cost, $13.3 million. that is more than half $1 million per stop. leaders were told they thought the money could be spent better elsewhere. alison: a serious diagnosis with no basis, dozens of people are now suing in ohio clinic when they were told they had old-timers or another form of -- when they were told they had alzheimer's disease, or another
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did not have a medical degree to give that diagnosis. most of the people found out they do not have old-timers disease. jonathan: the national weather service -- did not have alzheimer's disease. jonathan: an estimated eight tornado swept through yesterday. 23 people were hurt and dozens of businesses were flattened or completely destroyed. alison: as winter weather returns, legislation to protect pets. it is being called "mama's law." was leftamedmama outside during extreme cold. inspectors could not remove or because of regulations currently in place. this week the d.c. council passed legislation that adds new standards about keeping animal safe and extreme weather.
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permanent bill soon. in northeast, they are bracing for some serious snow. in massachusetts, a 55-car pileup, and more winter we herher -- wintry weat ahead. new york city is preparing with 300,000 tons of salt, and in boston most schools have already closed for tomorrow. steve: after a day of record-breaking warmth, big changes on the way. the temperatures are falling, middle 40's hagerstown in frederick. in the 50's inside the beltway, quantico 55, near 60 degrees fredericksburg. radar, lookingnd at a few thunderstorms around richmond. closer to the d.c. metro, the rain is just beginning to overspread northern montgomery county into frederick county, hagerstown. change overway, any to rain and snow nor
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western maryland where they have a winter storm warning in effect. most of the areas in purple, northern montgomery county, loudoun county, frederick, winter weather advisory at 1 a.m. that will come down by 9:00 a.m. if not before then. these are the areas that are likely to see accumulating snow on grassy areas and roadways. right now, the road surfaces inside the beltway, the market legion bridge right now, 58 degrees. it's hard to get snow to stick around the immediate metro. the best likelihood north and west of d.c. early in the morning. if you have anywhere to go tomorrow, leave extra time, especially during the early morning. for southern maryland, but it could mix in with a little bit of snow for the district, arlington, alexandria, prince george's county. northern montgomery county, frederick, one to three edges of snow. around the mason-dixon line, up
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philadelphia, new york city, boston, looking at a huge snowstorm. they will be measuring eight to 12 inches, boston make it over 14 inches. 4 a.m., mainly rain inside the beltway. northern montgomery county, towards frederick in hagerstown, looking at temperatures in the middle 30's and snow changing over to all snow by 6:00 a.m. by 8 a.m., most of they should beginning to bash should begin to move off to the north and east. skies eventually clear. we may have snow showers during the daytime. the wind will be the bigger story tomorrow. temperatures early on, upper 30's, 34 degrees by 5 a.m. -- 34 by 5 p.m. 25 to 30 milesow per hour -- for the wind gusts. sunday, near 70 degrees.
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alison: anthony anderson is one of the stars of "blackish" and is also on the s
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mother, doris. he told kidd o'shea he is trying to help her find love. they have to play bingo. those are my mother's standards. alison: you can watch "blackish" wednesday nights at 9:30. we all know the basics of a wedding registry -- towels, dinnerware. jonathan: how about pizza? domino's pizza is launching a wedding registry. the packages have creative names like "bustout the fine china" and "excuse not to cook," and include menu favorites. really? alison: it's so cheesy. erin:
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everyone. erin: the wizards try to start another streak against the nets tonight. sports is coming up.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk
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local toyota dealers. erin: after their heartbreaking overtime loss to the cavaliers, the wizards tried to put another streak together tonight in brooklyn. e,is felt like a track gam going to overtime. john wall drives, the dish to martin gortat. 14 points tonight for martin gortat. crazy sequence here in overtime, the nets up one, trying to add on. his shot is blocked, but porter gets to the loose ball. wizards take the lead and go on to win 114-110. wild finish at the smith center, gw trailing vcu in the final seconds. he hits the three from the corner, at the buzzer. they think they won.
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clock. vcu has a chance. gw fouls on the inbounds pass. lewis goes to the line, hits both free throws. gw's celebration turns into hard ache come in the blink of an eye. vcu wins. i saw people crying in the stands during that game. a pair of seniors made huge plays down the stretch
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with greater skies in the afternoon. daytime highs only of the upper 30's. "good morning washington" starts at 4 a.m. julie wright will get you through the traffic. alison: thanks, steve.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight, zach galifianakis, from "the history of comedy," sean hayes and music from norah jones. and now, simply put -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: very nice. thank you. welcome to the show. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of it. we're now less than a week away from vishlt's day. are you ready for vishlt's day? you're not, i guess? make no mistake about it.


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