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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  February 9, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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the white house briefing room. blurring the lains between the white house. we have seen businesses rise and fall based on connections to trump. as maryland bureau chief report -- brad bell reports this is a trend in our area. brad: tonight, ivanka trump's fashion line is the center of controversy. one day after the president himself ripped nordstrom in a tweet for troping ivanka -- dropping ivanka's product because of sagging sales, kellyanne conway had this to say from if white house briefing room. >> free commercial. go buy it today. you can find it online. >> the endorsement seemingly violated ethic laws banning product endorsement from the federal employees. the white house said she had been counseled over the comment. outside the nordstrom rack in chevy chase we
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this trump supporter says leave ivanka's products alone. >> it's bullying. i resent it. >> this man says the white house should slow down. >> this is not the only kerfuffle. underarrest mar c.e.o. is under attack for attending the white house business meeting and offering praise for trump. some opposed to the president are calling for a brand boycott. this evening famed ball rhino mist issue cohenland demand under armour reflect common values to motivate all people to be the best selves. under-armor issued a statement previously saying they are about policy, not politics. in chevy chase, brad bell,
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michelle: virginia non-profit is rejecting federal funds it says because of trump's policies. the obama administration offered $400,000 to unity production foundation to produce educational videos about islam and extremism. jonathan: jeff sessions is now the attorney general. >> we need to endless the lawlessness that threatens public safety. >> jesse met with the justice department employees this afternoon. alabama governor named luther strange to fill sessions's seat in the senate. a republican. michelle: japan's prime minister traveling to the u.s. prime minister shinzo abe will meet with president trump to discuss security and trade and it will also include round f
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mar-a-largo resort in florida this weekend. jonathan: we dodged a bullet as the blizzard hit the northeast united states. it forced flights to be canceled in and out of the northeastern united states. we saw snow squalls but in frederick they woke up to serene scenes like this. hours after seeing temperatures in the 70's we saw snow. what is next? doug hill has a look. doug: this morning there wasn't much of anything, rain or a flake or two. but this afternoon the snowshowers moved across the metro area that people saw the strong winds. the last gust at 36 miles per hour in hagerstown. 39-mile-per-hour gust in annapo
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with the cold air and very strong winds, the wind chills now are 16 in leesburg. 7 in hagerstown. 19 in washington. 20 degrees the way it feels right now in annapolis. the story and the forecast overnight the winds are gusty and the temperatures will drop 18 to 25 degrees. clear skies. cold day tomorrow and a warmer weekend. the numbers coming up here in ten minutes. michelle? michelle: thank you, doug. tractor trailer driver is dead after wind blew his truck off the chesapeake bay bridge-tunnel in virginia beach. the driver managed to get out of the cab and cling on to the floating truck for a half hour. until he was rescued. but unfortunately he died at the hospital. jonathan: shoplifting a high speed chase and a crash. now an ongoing manhunt. this started last night when three men were scene stealing purses from the bloomingdale's at tysons. the men ran in a car and raced off. they then crashed three miles
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running off. a massive police search so far. we have heard nothing turned up yet. michelle: prince george's county police chief spoke out about an hour ago addressing discrimination complaints from within the force. chief hank stawinski said some of the photos like this you see are outdated or taken out of context and he would never allow discrimination in his department. chief stawinski: to the men and women of the department i will not preside over an agency where anybody feels they are not valued or the policies would lead to a place they are demeaned or they are in an offensive environment. i worked in that place. i won't tolerate it. michelle: the chief syssomus of the items used to show discrimination are actually training props. some are from the year 2015. the investigation, however, is still ongoing. a police officer who killed a man in a standoff may be at risk himself. that officer killed a man who just shot two people and set a home on fire in herndon las
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if a threat against that officer is credible. a judge initially blocked the police from releasing the officer's name. now the police can release the name but must notify them first. jonathan: crime alert the tell you about after a string of car break-ins in fairfax county. this is a neighborhood off the fairfax county parkway. police say in this area thieves hit a dozen cars last months. now they have pictures of the men who used credit cards stolen from one or more of the cars. if you recognize somebody in the picture, the police would like to hear from you. you can track crime in your neighborhood with the alert i.d. maps. just go to our website michelle: just ahead at 6:00 -- >> if you walked about capitol hill lately you have probably seen signs like these. quotes from martin luther king. i'm sam ford. i will tell you what they are
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>> i can't remember everything. jonathan: a man walking his dog when out of nowhere he is attacked. the one thing he does remember. what his attacker yelled about trump's america. michelle: first, though, the very conspicuous place where this conspicuous sex offender was walking when police captured him.
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jonathan: new information now on the capture of the tattooed sex offender. it turns out d.c. police officers saw the conspicuous wanted man walking in front of all places the d.c. superior court. we talked to a witness who saw police take him this guy down and arrest him. >> i don't know what made him come by the court building. i don't know. he should have did something smarter. he could have made a better way. jonathan: there was a police squad car watching the guy walk up. he was wanted for failing to check in at a halfway house in texas after being released from a federal prison in southeastern virginia. michelle: a d.c. man says he was beaten while walking his dog and he says the attack was politically motivated. it happened near logan circle last night. the victim who does not want us to show his face as he was beaten by four men. two of whom wore "make america great again" hats. they called
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and yelled "this is what a trump america looks like." >> i'm not okay. i really just, i niederauer time to deal with all of this -- i need time to deal with all of this >> police say he was targeted because of his sexuality. they are investigating this as a hate crime. jonathan: a federal contractor is facing charges of mishandling classified information. they arrested martin after court documents say he stole secret information and hid the material in his home and his car. he could face decades in prison if he is convicted. coming up next at 6:00 for us, flames just take over what a man used to call his business. that was the shot at the american dream. next for us he breaks his silence about the life since he was burned fighting to save his business. michelle: plus, winter's big comeback in our area. how long will it last before spring strikes b
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what the "good morning washington" team is working for us for tomorrow. >> thanks, jonathan. >> tomorrow on "good morning washington," safetrack surge 12 this weekend. where you expect total metro shutdown. >> i sit down with alec baldwin. the size of his paycheck to play donald trump on "s.n.l." may surprise you. >> and stay with us for weather and traffic every ten minutes tomorrow morning at 4:24 a.m. on "good morning washington."
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jonathan: breaking news right now, this is big news. the travel ban will stay on hold. what you are looking at now is san francisco, ninth circuit court of appeals. three judges heard arguments from both sides about the executive order handed down by donald trump with a ban on travel from seven states where the majority was muslim. the ban was put in effect by executive order. stay issued by the judge. the nine it circuit court stepped in and the three judges decided they will not uphold the ban so the stay essentially stays in effect. what will happen now while the ban is not enforced, stay has been issued on it, it will be pushed up to the u.s. supreme court. at least that would be the next step. there is much more coming up on "world news
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minutes. michelle? michelle: a food truck up in flames. now only on 7, we are hearing from the truck's owner who was seriously injured trying to save his business. he says the falafel bus had been his passion and livelihood for 26 years. then one november day it caught fire. >> i went out and tried to pull it out of the generator compartment and that is when i got burned. when i was in the hospital i couldn't see the video. it makes me so -- thank god i wasn't handicapped completely. >> doctors used skin guard to repair his injured hands. they told him to take a year to recover but he went back to work with the original bus in eight weeks. he is also suffering a loss in business. one recognizes the truck anymore. jonathan: almost 50 years after his death, dr. martin luther king words making a statement on capitol hill. perhaps you have seen them.
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shows us how his message of yesterday is coming to life today. sam: if you walk the street of capitol hill you notice they are everywhere. quotes by martin luther king. homeowners have placed them in the yards like campaign signs. >> a lot of us from east capital to the capitol got these signs and put them up. sam: fritz henn has two. >> every one of the signs is about tolerance and living together. sam: some say "love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend." or "injustice anywhere is a threat to justice anywhere." the woman who started it used eight different quotes that she distributed on 400 signs. >> people have been asking for more so i may print out more. sam: meg also created a facebook page called mlk inauguration signs capitol hill says dr. king was about bringing people together. >> right now thereis
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other and to oppose each other. sam: is it an anti-trump message? >> it's not on anti-trump message. it's not an anti-anything message. it's a pro unity and love and tolerance at each other message. sam: the key for most people showing the signs is tolerance. >> we don't want to hate anybody. we don't want to legislate against any religions or people. sam: they went up in the inauguration and women's march for people who might walk by, most residents have kept them up. >> in northeast washington, i'm sam ford, abc7 news. michelle: with all the the yo-yo temperatures take a look at this. cherry trees in bloom. this is near the kennedy center. the trees are a different species than the famed cherry blossoms along the tidal basin but another sign of how confusing the weather has been this winter. >> we all felt like cherry trees. we walked outside. 70's yesterday and then 30's today. doug: it is going to warm up this weekend dramatically.
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of next week. not abnormally cold but a cool stretch. we will see. maybe by next weekend they will shoot up again. you need a scorecard to keep up with it. start with a weather bug camera on idaho avenue and northwest washington. 26 there now. take a look at the cover in the morning and watch what happened in the day. cold air and the clouds and the snow squalls moved through the area. the skies darkened. snows for a little bit. we saw in some areas it snowed like a mini blizzard a minute or two. then the sun is back out. that is the pattern we have been seeing here. that was the biggest effect of the big east coast storm. the backlash. we are getting the strong winds, the cold air and the snowshowers. 31 in warrenton. 25 in gaithersburg. 30 in college park. 29 at joint base andrews and 32 in fredericksburg. the wind is still strong and that is pushing wind chill to the single digit in hagerstown where it feels like 7. it feels
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21 in warrenton. downtown washington, the current wind chill is 19. bundle up tonight. the winds will diminish a little bit. the big storm. last night at this time it was way out there. it was off the map. over kentucky. so it zoomed past pretty quickly. because of the fast movement and the fact it took a while longer for the colder air to come in, we didn't have much of anything locally. we saw snow to the north. this is jackpot central up the i-95 corridor. blizzard conditions most of the day. now the blizzard conditions are along the coast. that will quickly spin out. winds diminish. and the snowshowers diminishing here. the winds stay up long enough to keep the wind chills in the single digits tomorrow when you get up. skies will be mostly clear. making plans to be outdoors tomorrow. it's going to be 32 by midday. clouds will roll in late in the day. 38 for the highs. that is one of the coldest highs we have had in a while. as we get over the weekend it changes again. look at the jump. 59
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sunday, it will be rather cloudy. we have a chance of a shower or two but the best chance is north of the city. we will go to 64. turning windy and cooler in the day on monday. there could be a morning shower but skies will clear. 51 for a high on monday. again on tuesday. valentine's day. then extended outlook, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday and sunday of next week the temperatures will settle down to just about average. stay with us. "abc7 news at 6:00" will
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erin: the capitals won four straight and ten in a row at the verizon center where they are 22-5 and one and haven't lost in regulation since mid-december. head coach barry trotz is bracing for a red wings team deep in the playoff push tonight. the high-scoring caps offense has been getting a lot of attention. what is getting lost in this is the caps' defense and their goaltending. braden holtsby has 12 shutouts in the last four games. >> it starts with the goaltending where you get the confidence and the saves. that is the difference maker in our sport. he has been solid. i think you have seen in the last couple of years how he has grown his game.
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he is a fresh. that is a good sign for us. >> nationals raising teddy roosevelt and the navy goat made the naval academy the playground. it was done to let people know of a three-year deal between the nats and the navy to hold one exhibition game at the naval academy every year. the first is april 1. the tickets will be limited to midshipmen. but on march 31, the nats will hold the red sox at nats park. that is open to the public. so tickets will be available. all right. this is a weird story. former nik great charles oakley says he didn't do anything wrong last night. oakley was ejected from a game at madison square garden. got in an altercation with security guards and later arrested. he said the objection seemed from a single source. knicks' owner ennot wanting him at the --
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at the game. several star players spoke out on social media all in support of oakley since the incident. meanwhile, desean jackson spoke with the voice of the redskins larry jackson and says he wants to be out and hopes to work out a deal. jonathan: that oakley thing is weird. he is supposed to be a mild mannered guy. erin: the knicks p.r. says we hope he gets help soon in a tweet. makes you wonder. that is a low blow. jonathan: it is. michelle: doug? doug: the next three days. tomorrow, quite a bit of sunshine. it won't be as breezy. 40 for a high. sort at 59 with clouds and sun saturday. showers on sunday. 64. steve rudin will work on a update to the weekend forecast and the valentine's day forecast tonight at 11:00. michelle: that is almost here. thank you, doug. "world news tonight" with david muir up next. jonathan: thank you for watching. see you tonight at 11:00. try and stay warm.
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tonight, breaking news as we come on the air. a major setback for the white house. federal appeals court has just issued its ruling tonight in the fight over whether to reinstate president trump's temporary immigration ban. our team standing by with what we have just learned. also breaking, the major system slamming the east coast. philadelphia, new york, up through boston, dumping more than a foot of snow. hundreds of accidents. tens of thousands without power tonight, and thousands of flights canceled coast to coast. the president's adviser, kellyanne conway in hot water. the white house saying she has been counselled. after urging people to buy ivanka's clothes. the explosion as a nuclear power plant.


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