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tv   America This Morning  ABC  February 14, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EST

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making news in america this morning, breaking overnight, a major shake-up at the white house. the president's national security adviser has resigned. we have full details in a live report from washington. california crisis. emergency repairs being made right now at the nation's tallest dam. the work being done as nearly 200,000 people wait for word about going home. new this morning the dangers of distracted driving. one state's mounting death toll is serving as a warning to everyone behind the wheel. 100 wins trait for the uconn's women's basketball team. their incredible milestone has everyone wondering this morning can they ever be stopped? and a good tuesday morning to you. we begin with some breaking
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inner circle. >> a mere 24 days into the new administration the president's embattled national security adviser michael flynn has resigned over his communication with a russian diplomat before his official appointment. abc's stephanie ramos joins us now from washington, d.c. where it's never a dull moment at least in the last three weeks. good morning, stephanie. >> reporter: not at all, good morning, kendis and diane. there is scandal like drama coming out of the white house. in one day general michael flynn received support from the white house, then it said that the president is evaluating flynn's situation and then comes flynn's resignation over his possible breach of the law. general michael flynn was one of the first to endorse president donald trump. he was one of the president's first appointments after the election. but now the national security adviser is the first to go, less than a month on the job. he faced mounting questions over a phone call he had with the russian ambassador discussing u.s. sanctions place
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by the obama administration for suspected meddling in the 2016 election. before trump even took office. flynn said, he didn't. vice president mike pence then said the same. >> what i can confirm having spoken to him about it is that those conversations that happened to occur around the time that the united states took action to expel diplomats had nothing whatsoever to do with those sanctions. >> reporter: but multiple sources tell abc news the topic of sanctions did come up and the fbi and the department of justice acting attorney general sally yates who was fired for trying to block trump's immigration order sent a warning to the white house concerned that a high-level official caught in a public lie could be subject to blackmail. despite calls for his firing from democrats, trump's counselor kellyanne conway showed white house support for flynn. >> general flynn does enjoy the full confidence of the president. >> reporter: hours later flynn was out. in his
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writing, unfortunately, because of the fast pace of events i inadvertently briefed the vice president-elect and others with incomplete information regarding my phone calls with the russian ambassador. flynn also says in that letter that he apologized to the president and vice president. now, kendis and diane, among those being considered to replace flynn are retired general david petraeus and retired vice admiral robert harwood. kendis, diane, over to you. >> petraeus being a controversial figure will be at the white house later today, stephanie, thank you. the federal judge who president trump referred to as a so-called judge, well, he's now dealt the president another legal setback. >> judge james robart ruled the executive order will go forward and denied a request in the process by the justice department to delay proceedings until a higher appeals court decides to rehear it
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president trump hinted he may be working on a brand-new executive order this week. immigration and refugees among the topics in which president trump and canadian prime minister justin trudeau did not agree on but during his first visit to the white house since the president has taken office, trudeau carefully walked a delicate diplomatic line. >> we continue to pursue our policies of openness towards immigration, refugees without compromising security. the last thing canadians expect is for me to come down and lecture another country on how they choose to govern themselves. >> so one of the other sensitive issues between the two world leaders was trade. the president did say, however, he is looking at tweaking portions of the north american free trade agreement or nafta that affect trade between the u.s. and canada. today former goldman sachs banker steve mnuchin begins his first full day as treasury
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being confirmed by the senate that went more or less along party lines. all 52 republicans backed him plus joe manchin of west virginia. he says he is committed to creating more jobs. and david shulkin is now veterans affair secretary. he was approved unanimously. he served as undersecretary for two years under former president obama. later in the half hour the trump administration is facing criticism for its handling of north korea's latest missile launch. we'll hear what the white house is now saying about the incident. to the west coast now and the waiting game at the oroville dam in northern california. officials are waiting to see if the bags of rocked dropped into the breach by helicopters like this one will stop the erosion. the state is waiting to hear from the federal government about disaster relief money at the same time and nearly 200,000 residents were evacuated suddenly because the two spillways might let loose a flood of water. now, they have to wait a little longer to find out when they
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>> we slept in the car and, no, it was miserable. we didn't sleep. we just -- we were awake. there were people walking and people talking and all night long. >> we're kind of on the safe side. we won't go back until they tell us it's safe. >> it's hard to understand how people have been able to evacuate so quickly and the disturbance to their lives and joust know that chair government and their representatives are doing everything they can. >> and more rain heading that way putting more pressure on that dam. from droughts to floods they can't catch a break, the forecast from accuweather's cam tran. cam. >> good morning, diane and kendis. pleasant and dry on the west coast however that will change as we head into wednesday night into thursday. the first of two storm systems will be moving across the west coast bringing rainfall, especially across central california. when it's all said and done looking at 1 to 3 inches of rain in the central portions in the foothills about 3 to 5 inches
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off to the east in texas, we've got severe weather possible this afternoon and southeast texas, thanks to an area of low pressure heading east. diane and kepler, back to you. >> speaking of the east it's a day to dig out in northern new england after a blizzard dropped two feet of snow and there were high wind warnings and actually high winds as you can see even in areas that didn't get much or any snow yesterday. and that often knocked down trees and damaged homes. federal officials are releasing new numbers from last week's controversial immigration raids. the department of homeland security says more than 600 people were arrested across at least 11 states last week, however, homeland security secretary john kelly calls the effort routine. president obama deported more than 2 million living in the u.s. living eillegally here. the drone you can take a ride in. >> speaking of flying should phone calls be allowed in flight? new feedback coming in about that. also, check out this scene from president tr
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white house. his administration has been criticized for conducting some crisis management in plain
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in california, seven disneyland workers are dealing with smoke inhalation as flames broke out at the mickey and friends parking garage. four were taken to the hospital but they're expected to be okay. fire officials say eight cars were damaged. there's a growing danger on the roads that is claiming lives at an alarming pace. a newly released survey in washington state shows that cell phone use is the biggest cause of distracted driving in the evergreen state and that fatalities skyrocketed by 32% over just a one-year period. the study found across the state nearly one out of ten drivers at any given time is not paying attention to the ro
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see wi-fi phone calls on airliners. that's based on comments to the transportation department. the common period ended yesterday and, whoa, nelly, most of the 7,000 comments emphatic in their opposition. many said they don't want to spend hours sitting next to someone speaking on a phone. not sure when or if a decision will be made. >> thanks to a new price war that could benefit consumer, just a day after verizon brought back unlimited data plans including hd video t-mobile matched that deal and then upped the ante saying its deal will include 10 gigs of mobile hot spot data. >> it's been broughten. and sky high. there's a drone big enough to carry people. >> yes. so, the chinese made e-hang-184 tested in dubai. more than 200 test flights without crashing. it flies itself and room for one
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for noticeably smoother skin. anyone ever have occasional constipation,diarrhea, gas or bloating? e does. e does. help defend against those digestive issues. take phillips' colon health probiotic caps daily with three types of good bacteria. 400 likes? wow! try phillips' colon health. corn california has seen record rain this year but this landslide wasn't caused by mother nature. it was caused by broken water pipes. the flood sent a river of mud and debris into a los angeles backyard as well as the street. roads in the west should be in pretty good shape this morning. drivers will find snow in parts of new mexico and up around the great lakes. and roads will be very wet in most of the south and the southern plains. because of that, weather-related airport delays possible in dallas and houston. president trump is catching new heat over what he and the japanese prime minister shinzo abe did last
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president's mar-a-lago estate in florida. >> all happening while news of north korea's missile test unfolded. here's jon karl. >> reporter: the north korean missile test happened when the president was dining with the japanese prime minister at mar-a-lago on saturday night. national security aides rushing in with the news as tourists snapped pictures. one mar-a-lago member putting it all on facebook. the president receiving the news about the missile incident and this -- holy moley, it was fascinating to watch the flurry of activity at dinner when the news came that north korea had launched a missile in the direction of japan. wow, he wrote. the center of the action. the club member even posed with the military aide he claimed carries the so-called nuclear football writing, quote, this is rick, he carries the football. the nuclear football, a briefcase, the contents of which are said to be used by the president of the united states to authorize a nuclear attack. rick is the man. the scene prompted this from house democratic leader
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pelosi. there's no excuse for letting an international crisis play out in front of a bunch of country club members like dinner theater. regarding those photos in mar-a-lago the white house says there was nothing classified discussed as they were having dinner. the president and the japanese prime minister. jonathan karl, abc news. white house. >> a son of former penn state football coach and convicted child molester jerry sandusky is feisting child sex charges of his own. jeffrey sandusky is being held on $200,000 bail arrested on child pornography, child sex abuse and other charges. jerry sandusky, his father is serving up to 60 years in prison for molesting young boys. the federal government can continue its lawsuit against lance armstrong. the postal service is suing armstrong for damages stemming from its responsible soreship of his former cycling team. his request to throw out the case was denied.
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after admitting he used banned drugs. there's a move toward peace in the drama playing out around the new york knicks. of course, you recall it all started last week when former knick charles oakley was ejected from the knick game and then arrested and charged with assault. and banned from madison square garden. >> oakley was accused of acting inappropriately by the knicks owner but yesterday the two met with the commissioner to smooth things over. even michael jordan was involved in the talks over the phone. dolan invited oakley back to the garden signaling an end to the ban against him. >> apparently the commissioner and michael jordan will now be involved in middle east peace plan because they've already had success bringing those two sides together. now historic hoops. >> let's check in with our guys at espn. >> good morning, america. stan, neil. >> uconn looking for win number 100. imagine coaching teenagers and young adults and keeping this emfocused to get 100 wins. that's what geno
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done at uconn. gabby williams had 26. williams with the deflection. and uconn wins, 100 in a row and beat south carolina 66-55. kansas a top ranked team in the country lost at morgantown. was down 14 with just under three minutes to go. people were headed to the wheel. check it out, navi and the whole deal getting a burger and kansas went on a huge run. frank mason, i think he shot like 18 free throws or something. kansas shot 44 free throws, made 33 of them. bob huggins' team absolutely melted like the wicked witch in oz when they through water on her. josh jackson, k.u., 84-80. follow the yellow brick road. we're not in kansas
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part. >> get out before the monkeys get back. the search was called off for one piece of the new england patriots latest super bowl memorabilia. >> james white couldn't find the ball. turns out the team had it all the time. reports indicate an equipment manager grabbed the ball. the ball is now in the team's hall of fame. meantime, tom brady's jersey is still m.i.a. >> time to give it back, kendis, come on. up next in "the pulse," a groundbreaking announcement about the next star of abc's "the bachelorette." tonight is the night best in show will be announced at this year's most prestigious dog show. get ready for it. to get your romantic on. kay jewelers where you'll find the perfect gift for your valentine, with spectacular savings you'll love. so go to kay... ...and get your kiss on. ♪ every kiss begins with kay. hey, guys. want to make her valentine's day perfect?
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"pulse." we'll start with breaking news in the world of reality tv. this is huge. the next bachelorette will be black. >> meet rachel linsey. she will be the first black bachelorette in the show's 33 combined seasons. a historic casting but not exactly unexpected. >> she's currently a contestant and still in the running for nick's heart and has been a very popular contestant. even receiving the first impression rose and it looks like she made a great and lasting first impression on the abc execs as well. >> i'm guessing she doesn't end up with nick. >> i'm thinking, no. >> why can go back on the show again. you might say that "playboy" is having a policy change after banning nude photos originally. >> yes, so the naked pics are back. they're back in the magazine starting with the new issue that's out on stands now. the chief creative officer, you saw him there cooper hefner, only 25, the son of the founder hugh hefner admits the decision to keep the
4:23 am
ago was a mistake. >> quite awe few people tweeted this puts the lie to all those guys who claim that they read the "playboy" for just the articles. >> which is for the last year -- >> not so much. >> they weren't reading the articles. and the best in show will be crowned at the westminster kennel club dog show. >> the second oldest sporting event behind the kentucky derby and got a look backstage yesterday to see all the primping and pampering. >> more than 2,800 dogs competed yesterday. the opening night at the madison square garden event. >> the first four finalists have already been picked. >> yeah, including duffy, the norwegian elkhound. he beat 32 other breeds to win the hound group. >> chuckie the pekingese won the toy group. >> and miniature doodle or poodle will represent the nonsporting group tonight. >> the doodle is a new brand competing next year. >> google has a great doodle for
4:24 am
valentine's day. and rumor, the german shepherd won its category for the second year in a row. we do say good luck to all of them. this is really like the most exciting event of the year. >> first they compete in group and then breed and then it's best in show, the big one. that's what we find out tonight. >> watching them go through the agility course. one got distracted and it was like, uh. >> can you relate to all that primping and pampering. >> it's what i call hair and morning washington. and happy valentine's day. love may be in the air-- but you will still need a coat before you step outside. meteorologist eileen whelan will explain in a moment.. but first. breaking overnight-- michael flynn is now one of the shortest-serving senior presidential advisers in modern history. flynn resigned as national security adviser, amid claims that he mislead the white house about his conversation with russian diplomats. retired general keith kellogg is now the acting national sec
4:25 am
the president looks for a permanent replacement. hundreds of thousands homes are evacuated in northern california amid fears that the nation's tallest dam-- may fail. emergency crews ordered the evacuations after finding problems with both of the dam's emergency spillways. some families were given only minutes to grab their belongings. 200-thousand people living south of the dam have been evacuated and more rain is expected this week. environmental groups warned that the dam was at risk more than a decade ago. good morning washington. toss to eileen - dry & milder for valentine's day - no sight of rain/snow through the weekend - thursday chilliest of the next 10 (high 40) - president's day weekend warm-up today: mostly cloudy, becoming mostly sunny late. highs: 48-54 winds: sw 5-10 mph tonight: mostly cloudy. cool. lows: 35-42 winds: sw 5 mph wednesday: am clouds, pm sun. becoming breezy. highs: 47-49 winds: nw 10-15 g 25 mph
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we're following breaking news in the
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stabbed multiple times overnight. amazingly d-c police say he was taken to the hospital with non life-threatening injuries. this happened just before midnight at an apartment on nicholson street in northwest. dc police have not released any suspect information. we are learning more about a fatal shooting in maryland. the victim was found shot to death in a car in accokeek. still a lot of questions about what happened to him. there was a "lyft" sticker in the window - so it's possible the victim worked for a ride share service. the man's identity hasn't been released. 7 is on your side with-- truly incredible news about your health. they key to making artificial organs -- may be in a cotton candy machine! this is according to research done at vanderi
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has been working with cotton candy machines- getting them to spin out threads that are similar to small blood vessels. the idea is they can be used as templates to create systems- and full-scale organs. it's not just valentines day. for dog lovers-- this is also westminster week. 28-hundred dogs are taking part in the 141st westminster kennel club dog show at madison square garden. the "best in show" winner will be named tonight- and some handlers spent hundreds of thousands of dollars getting ready. the grand prize? a pewter bowl - and bragging rights. there is no cash payout. (but-- the winning handler does make money... ummm... "breeding" the prized pooch.) it's xx and we're just getting started. breaking overnight white house shakeup. a chief white house advisr
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the job. now president donald trump is looking for a new national security adviser. good morning washington. - dry & milder for valentine's day - no sight of rain/snow through the weekend - thursday chilliest of the next 10 (high 40) - president's day weekend warm-up today: mostly cloudy, becoming mostly sunny late. highs: 48-54 winds: sw 5-10 mph tonight: mostly cloudy. cool. lows: 35-42 winds: sw 5 mph wednesday: am clouds, pm sun. becoming breezy. highs: 47-49 winds: nw 10-15 g 25 mph
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now to the latest in the michael flynn now to the latest in the michael flynn


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