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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  February 14, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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homecoming. we spoke with a mother devastated and desperate for answers, her daughter missing nearly a month. within hours of the interview, the best possible outcome. jonathan: she walked through the door say. there is a lot to sort out. alison: tim barber joins us with the investigation happening now. tim? tim: right after we talked with venus' mother and right after she begged for her daughter to come home, she walked through the store for emotional reunion. the mother of venus arrieta broke down when she spoke of the emotional reunion with her 17-year-old daughter. venus disappeared january 15. detectives say that she ran away with a backpack full of clothing. earlier this week, the case took a dark turn when the
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friend was found near springfield. detectives believe that rivas was murdered and that again was involved. investigators feared for venus' life, too. tonight, she is talking to detectives so they can figure out where she has been, what she has been doing, and who she was with. venus' mom said that her daughter was taken away in handcuffs, but we have not confirmed that she is arrested or facing charges. we will follow-up with them and let you know. live in alexandria, tim barber, abc 7 news. also breaking, prince george's county, the police investigate a murder in greenbelt. sky track 7 is over the scene on brees would drive. a man was found shot to death. no arrest has been made and the police are investigating. alison: this just into the newsroom -- trump
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advisors communicated with senior russian intelligence officials during the presidential campaign. this is according to multiple news organizations, citing sources investigating the matter. we get to michelle marsh with the details. reports high-level advisers to the then-republican nominee war and constant communication with moscow. they were intercepted by routine intelligence collection. this comes amid a series of moves from russia seen by some as provocative. a russian spy ship was moving up the east coast in international waters come in cuba. it can intercept radio and radar communications. russia deployed a medium range cruise missile, in violation of a 1987 treaty. the fbi is investigating the communications with russia. alison: michelle, thank you. on the hill tonigh
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with ties between the administration and russia, they says top republicans in the senate say that the former national security adviser michael flynn needs to testify before the intelligence committee. flynn resigned last night. the white house said the president asked for the he misled theter vice president about communications with the russian ambassador before the inauguration. jonathan: if you have dinner plans thursday night, some of the hottest places in the d.c. region are closing their doors as part of a protest. >> we are doing that to show our about, for what this is which is a quest for acceptance of immigrants. jay: she is closing two of three of her locations. they are closing several downtown restaurants. we also confirmed the owner
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this restaurant will close the kitchen at his adams morgan location, along with the kitchens at two other restaurants. they say this is about showing people how integral the immigrant is to the economic engine that drives the district. >> the city is full of theaurants that reflect different waves of immigrants with come to this city and this country, and i hope that thursday,ear, clearer and i hope that it has an impact that eases the struggle. of one are live outside of the restaurants closing thursday. this restaurant is in georgetown. the number of restaurants they expect to close thursday, because of ward on social media, will grow thursday. in the district, jay korff, abc 7 news. alison: jay, thank you. a rally of vermin
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prince william county -- a rally over immigration in prince william county after the white house told them to detain illegal immigrants there. today, a board meeting to have their voices heard. tom roussey has the message from both sides. hi, tom. jaytom: hey, alison. immigration has been a controversial issue in prince william county for a while. a fair group of protesters came to the board of supervisors meeting, protesting something the chairman of the board cory stewart said last week in a press conference, that 7500 illegal immigrants have been arrested in prince william and arned over to ice, about thousand of them have been rearrested, and he wants all 7500 to be identified and deported. some people say that was
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not convicted of the crimes they were arrested for, but supporters say being in the country illegally is a crime. >> they are assets, all of them are. it will have a harmful impact on all members of our community. when you come here in illegally, you are not respecting any laws. tom: things got testy at times. cory stewart, who is running for to talk toalk to ice the board of supervisors about what is going on. live in woodbridge, tom roussey, abc 7 news. steve: cloudy skies beginning to move across the area.
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this evening. tomorrow, a cold front will trigger if you shower south and east of d.c. early on. temperatures midday should be about 50 degrees with sunshine in the late afternoon. but we are looking at a colder day thursday and a big warm-up, just in time for the weekend. more on that coming up. alison: we will see you then, steve, thank you. arts of texas turned upside down by severe weather. texas.s of at least seven people were injured when the storms ripped through the houston area this morning. at least three tornadoes touched down, hundreds now faced with the task of cleaning up and rebuilding. jonathan: new information -- a driver running down an armed man yesterday, but was it a case of self-defense? the police say that nate mckinnon had an assault rifle with him when he was struck in a parking lot and upper marlboro. his mother saw it
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gun. >> i was right there. i was on top of my child. investigators say the weapon found at the scene was the same caliber as one fired the night before in an incident involving the driver's daughter. lyft driver was found dead in his car in accokeek. the police are trying to figure out who shot timothy sherad. tonight his father is pleading for answers. >> all i want to know is who did this to my boy. who did this. he cared so much about his family and friends. he did not hang out, nothing like that. alison: heartbreaking. the 28-year-old also drove
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full-time for amtrak. this is the trailer of a truck, but the cab is down there, separated from the trailer. it flew off the bridge, down an embankment. the driver survived and nobody was hurt. this happened in frederick. the police are investigating a report he fell asleep behind the wheel at the time of the crash. development'sng about a notorious missing persons case. the man accused of killing the lyon sisters 40 years ago tried to abduct other girls run the same time, that is what prosecutors are saying about lloyd welch jr. he goes on trial in april for the death of the little girls who disappeared from wheaton mall in 1975, their bodies never found. issecutors say if welch convicted, two women will testify claiming they got into a car near the mall that same year but escaped through a window. jonathan: a
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person has been arrested in the murder of a transgender woman in d.c. hall is charged with murder. dodds was shot to death on the fourth of july last year. friends believe she was targeted. remember this horrendous scene? seven people killed in the apartment explosion in silver spring. montgomery county is talking about how to prevent another tragedy. the plan is to conduct more drills come include wi-fi and sell service, and have more workers and volunteers who can speak spanish. former government contractor accused of stealing government secrets pleaded not guilty. harold martin was arrested, accused of swiping information from the nsa and other agencies and keeping them at his house and in his shed. prosecutors say this went on for 20 years. each of the 20 counts carries a 10 year prison term. jonathan: right now
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200,000 people are heading home after being evacuated from the area of a dam in northern california. they are being told not to unpack just yet, just in case repairs made to the spillway do not hold. engineers are taking advantage of the dry weather to try to reinforce the back of the spillway, a helicopter dropping huge bags of rocks to try to prevent further erosion. they are a hot item for your home, but these google and amazon devices might be listening to a lot more than you expect. alison: and there are real people on the other side of this technology. how do you protect your privacy?
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alison: this would complicate your drive home. this video is from near los angeles, a broken fire hydrant sending water gushing into the air. the hazard was a shock to drivers who had to divert their path. the hydrant was damaged when it was hi
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a car wash, driving right underneath. that 200 million amazon and google listening devices will be sold they sheer. these speakers are designed to listen to your every word, react to commands, and our health all, but what are you giving up in the process? senior investigative reporter lisa fletcher looks. from the moment that you bring google home and amazon echo into your house, they are always listening. >>. i think i can be helpful lisa: perhaps so, but at a price. >> the concern is privacy and security. lisa: these devices connect with your smart phone, email, and streaming services. they know what you buy, what you watch, and how you pay for it. or dishonestd employee could pull the identities of millions at risk. theeople work with
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with the technology. you manually shut off the microphone, the devices are always listening, all day, every day, even when you think you are out of your shot. they can and do hear you from clear across the room. but the only time the company say that audio files are transferred is when you trigger the device by saying alexa or hey, google, but in order to hear those words, the device has to listen every second of every day. exactly what it hears, records come and sends to servers only amazon and google know for sure, but experts say just about anything is stackable --hackable,. so take precautions you have to protect all devices that are connected. >> use antivirus software on your computers. lisa: and most importantly, remember, the device is smart. you
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lisa fletcher, abc 7 news. jonathan: news just into the newsroom -- amazon is taking a new leap into the future, filing a patent to drop packages to your home using a parachute-like device. amazon was granted a patent to fly drones high above homes, then slowly lower them to the ground using magnets, parachutes, or foils. that is because lending a drone in a yard could prevent a potential saviofety hazard. answers a media giant facebook plans to launch apps for apple tv, and samsung smart tvs. alison: good news about air travel tonight -- if you are of our flights are seeing fewer lost bags, according to the department of transportation. airlines also had
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best years for one time arrivals. a have added extra fees for ticket changes and are cutting down on legroom. a rough start to what was supposed to be a relaxing cruise in the bahamas, thousands delayed because of worn-out life vests. this happened in prort canaver, florida. the passengers had to get off and wait for replacement vests. however, they will be refunded a quarter of their costs. groundn: the faa could actor and avid pilot harrison ford after a close call today, flying right over a passenger jet at john wayne airport in southern california because he was lending at a taxiway instead of the adjoining runway where he was supposed to. ago, he crash landed on a golf course after his airplane engine failed. the skies cleared out a little during the overnight, and now clouds are beginning to return.
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of d.c. early tomorrow morning, but should not amount to a whole lot around the capital beltway. shower activity across southern virginia, northern north carolina, moving to the east. the temperatures tomorrow morning will be chilly, but at least it will not be super windy. middle to upper 30's early on, cloudy skies to start the day. then a cold front moves across the mid-atlantic during the midday. the wind changes direction, more out of the north and west, bringing us colder air thursday. that will allow for a warm-up into the upcoming weekend. tomorrow morning, 6:00 a.m., the rain will be over southern maryland, waldorf, leonardtown, at least for the first couple hours. move off, continues to towards the north and east, staying dry around the capital beltway, which is good news for the rush-hour commute.
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outcome of the wind picks up the stop outdoor recess for the kids or lunch outdoors. bundled up, even though the temperatures eventually reach 50 degrees. 20, 25 miles per hour in the afternoon. that will make it feel about 8 0 degrees cooler than the actual air temperatures. still plenty of sunshine. the wind gusts pickup tomorrow night, could be 25, 30 miles per hour, continuing into early thursday morning, so will be cold thursday morning. warmer air on the way. and wouldn't you know what, just in time for the upcoming weekend. 60urday, sunday, and monday, to 65 degrees. that trend continues tuesday and wednesday, lower to middle 50's. back into the 50's the end of next week. jonathan: check out your tv real quick. this is from yosemite national park. is that the coolest?
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when the sunset it's the waterfall just right. this only happens a few weeks every february, and it always brings a surge of tourists. alison: that is beautiful. and so is this -- they have been together 70 years, but
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, watching spinning wheels and progress bars until someone else scoops your story. switch to comcast business. with high-speed internet up to 10 gigabits per second. you wouldn't pick a slow race car. then why settle for slow internet? comcast business. built for speed. built for business. alison: this
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story we need to see on valentine's day -- this pennsylvania couple has been together more than 70 years, but they say they are not perfect. they still fight. can you guess what it's over? the remote control. >> we will be watching an exciting program, and all of a sudden somebody pushes a button and you are in a different station. [laughter] alison: that is so cute. the couple's daughters says they still say "i love you" to each other everything will day. they say marriage is a long struggle but it's worth it in the end. jonathan: you can always invest in a second television. erin: but they want to watch together. jonathan: different shows. erin: don't separate the cute couple, jonathan. maybe they are embracing the struggle. robert burton struggled a little bit today. he took part in the
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you feel every mountain we've ever conquered. in our sports cars, you feel every podium we've ever climbed. and now, they've come together to create something you've never felt before. introducing the glc coupe. part suv. part sports car. all mercedes-benz. >> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. had a blast today athe
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challenge, and it all started with a dunk contest, followed by a three point contest, then the skills challenge. i did not partake, but my colleague robert burton did. although heme, looked a little rusty during the three point contest. in fact, he did not make one shot in his first two racks, but then he started finding his range. total ofed with a three points, but it was not enough to beat his opponent, kevin schaefer of the fan. here is rob's assessment afterwards. shoot withl shooters the same ball every single shot. we had a couple of women's balls ,n there, the playground balls then the moneyball i have not played with since i was three. >> sounds like a lot of excuses. robert:
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earlier today. also, i had a bad lunch. also -- just kidding. robert: his biggest complaint -- erin: his biggest complaint was the balls were different sizes. led all scorers for george mason, as they beat richmond for the second time this season, 93-70. acc, virginia te
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alison: cannot wait for the warm-up. steve: tomorrow will be a cold front and a little chilly, near 50. colder thursday, around 40. to 65 degrees this weekend sunday through monday. lower to middle
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1.4 inches of snow so far this season at reagan national airport. jonathan: and that was spread out over time. jimmy kimmel is next.
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>> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, denzel washington, the "sports illustrated" swimsuit cover model revealed, and music from lukas graham. and now, right on schedule -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: hi, everybody. i'm jimmy. i'm the host. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. wow. what a -- i hope this isn't too forward, but three or four of you be my valentine tonight? [ chee


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