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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  February 16, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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>> now, abc 7 news at noon, on your side. at noon,ght now president trump is expected to announce his new pic for labor secretary. that press conference is scheduled for a half hour now at 12:30 come and we will take you live right here on wjla as well asour sisters -- on abc 7 well as our sister station, news channel 8. police have arrested two people in connection with the murder of part-time lyft driver. they are 24-year-old donvain hodges and 19-year-old cessna blow. timothy sharrod was found shot in his car. an argument over
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to the fatal shooting. happening today, hundreds of immigrants staying out of work and school nationwide in process of president trump. workers in the district are getting ready to march to the white house. our brianne carter is live in the midst of it all this noon with the latest. bri? united black police officers association -- look behind me -- this is mount pleasant in northwest washington. they are standing up for immigrants rights. it is being called a day without immigrants. dozens of restaurants have closed their doors today to start some of the workers here now ready to march this afternoon to show the impact immigrant labor has not only here in d.c. but across the country. other restaurants may be opened. some say they may have a limited menu or service depending on the staff as wel
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gathered here earlier this morning to give out information on the much and -- march and on immigrants' rights. the march set to begin in a matter of minutes. we spoke with a man earlier today was that it was important to come out and talked about the role of today's movement. >> immigrants are an important part of america, and we want to be able to contribute. end the deportation, taking under to prison that are protection under the obama administration. now, as you can see here, lots of folks continue to gather. that march getting underway in a matter of minutes. organizers expect more people will join in as they continue the march toward the white house. brianne carter, back inside to you. jummy: thank you. meantime, organizers
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women's march have a strike in the works. on march 8, they are planning when they are calling "a day without a woman." women's march drew millions of people back last march. , bedbugs found at a school in the district. officials that minor elementary school telling parents it is safe after three separate incidents were reported all within the last week. school officials say the bedbugs were found in certain areas of the school, and those areas are now clean. temporarilyol was closed with their own bedbug issue. now we turn to a 7 on your side consumer alert. a popular baby stroller is being recalled. at the desk. live amy: the device sometimes disconnected from car seats, allowing a child to fall. the company is
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b-agile andhe bob-motion stroller spirit of company says you should immediately stop using the stroller as a travel system, however, the company says it is able to be used in the recline mode. and goway the click receiver, and replace it with the free kit. you can find a list that back to you. jummy: amy, thank you. part of alexandria turned into a park this morning. suzanne kennedy was first on the scene this morning and has the latest. suzanne: crews are in cleanup and repair mode here in alexandria after a dramatic early morning water main break. this was the scene after a six inch main broke
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it took two and half hours for virginia water to shut off the water. it rained on the road and froze on the trees on the grounds of the masonic temple. this was the view atop the temple a few minutes before the man was cut off. customers in the community either had no water or reduced pressure as authorities address the problem. >> i got up this morning and turned on the water in the kitchen, and there was no water. so i thought, that is kind of bizarre, went up stairs, and then i saw the emergency vehicles with flashing lights. i went up and told my wife, and she realized that she could not take a shower. then we heard a growling inside the house of the water was coming back on. suzanne: right now, to customers and to fire hydrants are impacted. the repairs are expected to take eight hours. in alexandria, suzanne kennedy. back to you. jummy: during that water main break, cold air from a lot of the water on trees in the ea
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winter wonderland. taking a live look out of whetherhill, the cold wate sticking around. chief meteorologist doug hill is giving us the forecast. kidd: we have been looking at the -- doug: we have been looking at the snow showers, flurries. moisture coming in from the lower great lakes, and snow flurries and snow showers, but that is it, no impact. otherwise, snow showers will increase through the afternoon. gusty winds out there. 17 at reagan national, it feels like 30 because of the wind gusts around the area. wind gusts reported in the last hour, 29 at reagan national, 36 milesgood marshall, an hour in annapolis. it will be breezy but with more sunshine. this doppler representation, we can pull back and show you the ur
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mid-level,per-level, lower level winds will diminish as we head through the expecton, that we aske hour-by-hour plenty of sunshine, gusty winds talk about your 40, and then dropping tonight. that warming trend is on the way for a big way this weekend and beyond. we will share the coming up in about eight minutes, jummy. you.: doug, thank switching to another big story that is happening overseas. a third arrest made in connection to the death of the brother of north korea's leader. died afteram being poisoned at the kuala lumpur airport. a man into custody after taking two women into custody. north korea has yet to comment on his death. also following is questions being raised throughout the president's campaign communication with russian officials before the election as president trump defends his former national security adviser, blaming the media for trump firing him.
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latest theater kenneth: white house turmoil. leaking information and once again the intelligence community. pres. trump: we will find the leaker. they will pay a big price for leaking. on one: the president hand blessing the media reports on twitter as "fake news," but on the other, angry about the leak that took down his national security advisor michael flynn, whom he fired for misleading the white house about calls with the russian ambassador. pres. trump: general flynn is a wonderful man. i think he has been treated unfairly by the media. kenneth: "the new york times" says the media is investigating contacts between trump associations and russia during the campaign. the investigations on both sides creating more mistrust between the president and the intel agencies he must rely on. today, the president taking part in a congressional listening session at the white house. is the big question -- president hearing e
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russia? >> it is highly disturbing, and it raises more questions that congress have is one obligation to get the bottom of. kenneth: on capitol hill, bipartisan senate committee members are asking for an investigation. gop lawmakers are demanding an intelligence briefing on the leaks of information. kenneth moton, abc news, washington. news: coming up on abc 7 at noon, a murder mystery in indiana. two teenagers found dead at a nature trail. how social media may bring them closer to finding the killer. have you said your bye-bye to bao bao? don't miss your chance. she is still here. and when you cannot figure out where you are going on the road come apparently, it happens on in the air, too. right now, a check of road conditions here at home with angela foster. angela: thank you, jummy. good afternoon. for the roads this midday, we are not finding majo
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as we head to the egg map pictures, -- big map pictures, we are in the groun green. no delays on 95 or 495.keep in mind the water main situation in alexandria. roads remained close at kings hill lane. let's head outside quickly to our traffic lane camera. you can see interstate 66 inside the beltway, a bit sluggish, beltwaydrive, capital here just north of leesburg, that is one of the areas, leesburg pike, where we have the road and the senate through -- road incident. no incident on the beltway through bethesda and chevy chase on connecticut avenue. your travel lanes are open all the way through interstate 95 and through prince george's county. a quick peek at i-270, moving with e
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with havertys, your home can be perfect. even when life isn't. the presidents day event is on now at havertys. life looks good. >> you are watching abc 7 news at noon, on your side. jummy: we have got some news coming in. you see a live look at the white house from the outside into the inside of the east room. abc news confirming that alex acosta will be named as the new labor secretary pick. he will be the first latino member on trump's cabinets are he is a cuban-american from miami and served as the assistant attorney general and served as a member of the national labor board. once again, alex acosta
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reportedly picked as the new labor secretary. in the meantime, a building site not secure after a concrete wall threaten to fall. hundreds of that area in the building were told to evacuate your that 2000-pound slab collapse. a shuttle was set up for those misplaced. a developing story here -- a desperate search for a killer. police and the fbi investigating after the body of three teenage girls were found along the hiking trail in -- to teenage girls were found along a hiking trail in vienna. alex perez is live. uploaded aty german picture to snapchat of her friend, abigail williams, near delphi, indiana. that would be the last mitigation. the next day, their bodies were found in the was a q
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snapchat.berty's authorities launching a massive manhunt. overnight, they released images of a man they want to bring in for questioning. investigators believe he was on the trail around the same time as the girls. >> this is lavrov indiana. -- rural indiana. most of the people who are born here stay here. it is o uncommon in this tightknit community. alex: disbelief. >> everybody wants to know what happened and why and who did this. alex: the family members dropped the children off and when he returns to pick them up, they were nowhere in sight. hundreds of volunteers combed the trail, looking for any signs of the friends. police checking the snapchat for clues. >> missing, objective, we do not know for sure. the cell phone has been pinging around town. dex: a search teams
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to your, a community in morning, searching for answers. >> that this could happen in our own town, it is scary. jummy: that was alex perez reporting. every now and then, everybody gets lost on the road. apparently, pilots are no exception. check this out -- a military helicopter landed on a highway in kazakhstan because the pilot was lost baird a truck driver recorded the incident on his phone. you can see the helicopter pilot speaking to another driver there. the kazakhstan ministry of defense said the incident was part of a training and combat mission. how would you feel, doug, if you are riding on the beltway and a chopper lands and a somebody caps on your window? [laughter] doug: it is a a little unusual. i hope it did not disrupt anybody's lives.
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check your pulse, make sure it is slow. moree may have a couple flurries, bringing very strong air, getting unstable a few feet off the ground. another hour or two of that, and the sky can clear up your what is not going to change anytime soon is the cold air and the gusty wind for the rest of the afternoon. on skyline right now drive. these guys are nice and sunny there, but sums bus across the viewing area, -- some spots across the viewing area, packets of flurries are developing. clouds are common in this windy situation. these are the field-like temperatures. it feels like the middle of february for a chance. 19 degrees in winchester, 25 in baltimore, and 30 degrees in fredericksburg. on doppler radar, we see a few more areas of light showers or snow flurries moving rapidly from northwest to southeast, and a couple more hours
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should be mostly sunny. it will be chilly, highs at best near 40. blustery because of the winds northwesterly 10, 20 miles an hour with some gusts approaching 30. thiswill keep the chills afternoon in the upper 20's to about 30 degrees. in the evening hours, a breeze, but will diminish tonight. partly cloudy, 22 degrees to 29 degrees. tomorrow, things start to warm up and even more so over the weekend. our hourly forecast for tomorrow, plenty of sunshine, less wind, temperatures climbing in the upper 40's, just about on par for the 17th of february. temperaturesnd, jump up. president's day, a touch cooler, well above average. anymore bitterly cold air? what do you think? on count on it because we are in a pattern of extensive warming. many of temperatures in th
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possibility. it has been just one crazy winter here with temperatures and no sign of a change. i don't know what we did to deserve this, but that is what we have to listen to you and not fox a tiny phil -- hoxha -- punx of tony phil atawny phil. doug: that little rodent. tonight at 11:00 am our senior investigator, lisa fletcher, puts the serious injury of -- issue of dangerous road debris on your radar. it causes hundreds of thousands of crashes and injuries on u.s. roads with no ways to predict these horrendous accidents. there are things you can do to prevent them and keep your family saved her. do not miss 7 on your side
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coming on abc 7 at 4:00. the renegade beltway racers. eyewitnessnother account, the i-team is closing in on the drivers and what is
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jummy: right now, a bittersweet day at the national zoo as we prepare to say our final goodbyes to bao bao. our johnny g on the memorable sendoff. john: here
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there is a sendoff party going on. the chinese embassy bringing free dumplings to the party, and she is getting some giant dumplings as she gets ready to leave the nation's capital. bao bao, 3.5 years old, will be flying across the globe on a fedex plane to china. that will become her new home. there are a lot of folks that will be here over the next couple of days, saying goodbye, including, well, a young panda family from carlisle, pennsylvania. you and your family are going to florida. you have to make a stop to see bao bao to say goodbye. >> yes. john: what do you think about her leaving d.c.? upset because i only got to see her this morning, and she is leaving. john: you are dad of the year, making this pitstop in d.c. [laughter] >> it is kind of
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i got a chance to watch her. john: everyone is saying it is bittersweet to lose her. she was born here in august of 2013. she was only the size of a stick of butter when she was born. now she weighs about 200 pounds. in china, bao bao will be part of a breeding par program as pat of a long-standing agreement with china to protect what is an endangered -- species. bao bao showing off today to her visitors. inside we will. m
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jummy: right now, you are taking a live look at the east wing at the white house. a few minutes ago, president trump is going to make his announcement for new labor secretary. abc news has reported that the president has chosen alex acosta. the special report beginning in three minutes. time for the forecast. afternoon, this sunshine, temperatures close to 40 degrees. there may be a few more flurries to deal with, but nothing more than that. clearing skies tonight. we drop into the 20's. as we head through the day tomorrow, plenty of sunshine. jummy: love it. love it. stay tuned at 4:00 for the latest on the forecast. have a great day.
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