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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  February 16, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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president trump: tomorrow they will say "donald trump rants and raves at the press." i'm not ranting and raying. i'm just telling you, you are dishonest people. i'm not rantinged a raving. i love this. i am having a good time doing it. jonathan: this is a new for the trump presidency. for more than an hour he blasted the media, defending his administration and vowing to look into what he calls criminal leaks. this started with a simple announcement. he picked alexander accosta to lead the department of labor and the tone changed. >> i inherited a mess. larry: he is defending his administration saying is it running like a feign-tune machine. president trump: i turn on the tv and open newspapers and i see the stories of chaos. it's the act opposite. larry: this is the same week that national security adviser michael flynn stemmed
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secretary withdrawing his nomination. larry: -- president trump: what he did in terms of the information he saw. what was wrong was the way that other people including yourselves in this room were given that information. jonathan: president trump blasting the media and bringing up what he calls criminal leaks. trump: the leaks are real. the news is fake. jonathan: he is taking new measures to find the "low life leakers" as he called them on twitter. president trump: we are lacking at them serious. i have gone to folks in charge of the agencies and i have called the justice department to look into the leaks. jonathan: he is also not giving up the battle for bans for entering the united states. president trump: we had a
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ban but we had a bad court and got a bad decision. jonathan: today's news conference began with the president naming alexander acosta to lead the department. i comes a day after andrew puzder withdrew his name from consideration. he would be the hispanic member of trump ice cabinet. we carried the news conference on facebook. you can watch it unedited by going to our facebook page. michigan break news in cheverly where part of route 50 is shut down three hours after people were shot in a car. richard reeve has the latest from the scene. what can you tell us, rich? richard: still an active scene. this is the focus of the investigation. the car shot a dozen times. three men inside all transported.
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the detectives are walking by now looking for more information. they are trying to find out what happened here. a theory is another vehicle drove by and shot up the car and drove on. we want to remention that route 50 eastbound in this area is shut down and will be shut down until 7:00 to 8:00 tonight. reporting live in cheverly, richard reeve, abc7 news. jonathan: a scary situation. thank you. adding to the traffic misery a dump truck overturned early this afternoon on the ramp from eastbound i-695 to the southbound i-295. that truck was finally turned upright a half hour ago. the ramp as you can imagine still shut down. you want to avoid this area in southeast d.c. michelle: president trump's pick to fill the vacancy on the supreme court will have hearings next month.
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jonathan: trump says he will revise his travel ban. the court halted his travel ban but the president said his revised ban will be revealed next week. will it be tailored to that decision? even though he said the ruling was flawed? we have to wait to see. michelle: another big story we are tracking tonight. hundreds rallying in the district to bring attention to the role immigrants play in america. but the big effect of the day without immigrants wasn't the march through the streets but the people missing from their jobs and schools. q mccray joins us live from northwest washington with the impact. q mccray? q: well, michelle, not all businesses that support a day without immigrants shut their doors today. many like vida fitness here and bank salon stayed open. the impact here was substantial. >> if this protest lasted any longer than a few days we wouldn't be able to operate. q: a day without immigrant movement is hitting hom
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david von stork. his businesses, bank salon and vida fitness are short-handed because of the work strike protesting donald trump's immigration policies. >> we have people today who are not in the office where argentina to africa, to croatia. q: the campaign is affecting businesses all over the d.m.v. >> before going to look at just one day in which we see an absence of immigrants, that is a huge amount of people. q: george mason's university's institute for immigration research ran the numbers. foreign-born households contribute about $106 billion to state and federal income tax annually. >> within the d.c. area, there are about 147,000 workers that work in the restaurant industry. but they make up 48% of that specific industry. q: for von stork the impact extends from the gym floor to his executive office. >> our director over
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head. a lot of people assume it's just the back of the house. the housekeepers, can -- the cleaning staff. that is true. but the reality is every business in d.c. and in this country relies on immigrant labor. q: now when i asked the people over at the institute for immigration research for a dollar amount on how much of an economic impact this strike would have on the d.m.v. and the businesses they told me they would have to wait until today is over with. which makes sense. but they expect the number to be in the tens of millions. reporting live from northwest, i'm q mccray. back to you. michelle: today's protest was not just in washington. it was held in cities across the nation coast to coast. organizers say the boycott was aimed directly at president trump's efforts to step up deportations and lock down u.s. borders. larry: well, of course, this protest is one of dozens we have seen in days since the election and inauguration. do they work at changing peoples minds? we asked a pr
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loyola university. she says you have to be in the protest mode for the long haul. >> i have a problem, i confront the government. they change it immediately. change doesn't happen like that. jonathan: dr. whitehead points to the tea party movement as a template for prolonged push for change. the key things she says consistent message and pushing to change public opinion but not actual laws. all right. this is something that you have got to see. a fran tis race to survive -- frantic race to survive a falling survivor. what the mother is saying about the brush with death caught on video. michelle: also caught on video a trooper dragged by a car and bloodied in a fight for his life. the moment good samaritans joined that fight. doug: it has been windy and chilly all day long. tonight the winds diminish and it will be very cold. we talk about how low it will go and the warmup that will follow coming up at "abc7 news at 6:00".
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michelle: a dramatic end to a terrifying traffic stop in new york. this is the moment it all ended. a state trooper beaten and bloody fighting to arrest a car's driver. moments earlier witnesses say that driver was dragging the trooper down the highway. >> he laterally had the cop
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michelle: so once it spilled in the roadway, two good samaritans rushed over to help the trooper. he suffered a head injury but he is expected to be okay. the driver faces several criminal charges. jonathan: two prince george county police officers are under indictment accused in separate crimes. corporal william diaz accused of having sex with prostitutes while working on antiprostitution squad and prosecutors say he also told the women about raids so they could avoid arrest and move out of the area. in the meantime, corporal george merkel is accused of assaulting a homeless woman last fall. they pursued bouquetses after getting tips from other officers. this is shopping video, police officer slapping and kicking a high schooler. now the second officer on the left of the screen a second ago has been acquitted of wrongdoing. witnesses said that officer baez told her colleague to hit the teenager after the teenager spit on the officer. that off
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part of a plea deal yesterday. michelle: now to an update in the war on terror. a man pleaded guilty to giving high-powered rifles to the couple behind the san bernardino terror attack. in a plea deal 25-year-old enrique marquez admitted to providing material support to terrorists. 14 people were killed in the attack in december 20 is a. police shot and killed the attackers. jonathan: coming up for us at 6:00, a mother's pain turns to outrage. against the man who killed her child. her fight for justice is just ahead. michelle: plus, take a look at this. a military helicopter stopped to ask for directions. jonathan: first, though, she had moments literally just seconds. what a mother thought as she was racing to protect her child after an s.u.v. was tumbling on top of with havertys furniture, your home can be perfect. even when life isn't.
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they both survived and they are okay. michelle: such a close call. the driver whose carraway rined off 395 yesterday morning was drunk. the car crashed on southeast street near the pentagon. the driver was hurt but will survive to face drunk driving charges. jonathan: it appears that the wheels of justice turn too sleely for a maryland -- slowly for a maryland man. an appeals court said that roger largent was wrongly committed of rape. it came five days after he was beaten to death in the jail cell. the investigation into that case is ongoing. michelle: a helpless infant beaten to death by his father. today, judgment day for the father who showed no remorse in court. our kevin lewis spoke to the child's mother. >> he knows what he did. kevin: iman has ptsd because of what happened in the modest silver spring home. it was three yea
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month she awoke to find her 7-weak-old son amir unconscious and blue. >> bubbles of blood came out of his mouth. oh, man. that image will never leave my mind. kevin: homicide detectives later charged amir's father for beating his son to death in a twisted attempt to stop the child from crying. the infant's jurges akin to a high -- infant's injuries akin to a high-speed car crash. prosecutors say he shower and washed off his son's blood before calling 911. in court today he thanked his family and friends. yet never uttered the two words "i'm sorry." >> i never met a more selfish human being where you can't even apologize. kevin: as for the judge, he told the father he manhandled his son like a ragdoll. and for that sentenced him to
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in rockville, i'm kevin lewis, abc7 news. michelle: now to must-see video of heroism in action. firefighters in rhode island were called after someone saw a deer trapped on ice and unable to escape. crews decided to gear up and take a boat out to the stranded deer. after freeing the deer it was shocked like oh, my gosh, am i on solid earth? it ran off into the woods. jonathan: good for them. nice job. who doesn't like chinese carry out? c'mon now. although you eat it and five minutes later you are hungry again. today the national zoo's panda bao bao got to enjoy dumplings, courtesy of the chinese embassy. as part of an agreement the zoo sends my china -- sends any panda born in china, they sent them back before they are 4. bao bao leaves for china on tuesday. bao bao is big. michelle: yeah. huge. all righ
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taken a long road trip has said just stopped and ask for directions. that doesn't usually apply to military helicopters, right? one would think. but that is exactly what happened here in kazakhstan. a helicopter pilot got lost in heavy snow so he set down on a highway, jumped out and talked to a startled struck driver who is like -- a startled truck drive i who is like hey, what is going on here? but i guess he got what he needed because he went to the helicopter and tack off. i wonder how the conversation went. go three lights up, left at the starbucks. jonathan: this is not a plane. this is a helicopter. just follow the roads if you are lost. doug: the visibility didn't lack good there. jonathan: no. imagine an attack helicopter landing in front of you? whoa. michelle: frightening. doug: indeed. we have a cold night. a warmer day tomorrow and then we have a warming trind that will last quite a while. drill down to details. we start with the time lapse with the view from great falls, virginia, at
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32 and clear skies now. cloudy through the morning and the midday. snow flurries, the snowshowers move through the area and it cleared out. now we are waiting for the winds to diminish. they will. gusts are coming down a bit. a couple hours ago we had a wind gust of 37-mile-per-hour in baltimore down to 27. the rest of the gusts will diminish in the next couple of hours. as far as the numbers go, you still have enough winds to drive air temperatures down to produce the wind chill of 19 in hagerstown. 24 in leesburg. that's what it feels like. 28 in nation's capital. as we head overnight with the diminishing winds and the clear skies you will see the air traffic drop steadily to the lower 30's. we think by 2:00 a.m. around freezing or below everywhere. when you wake up in the morning, the temperatures, the air temperatures will be in the mid-20's. 23 in damascus. 26 in lorton and clip top. 26 in -- lorton and clinton. 26 in upper marlboro and 28 in downtown washington. temperatures will warm with a change in the wind direction to the southwest. even though the zones to
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west and southwest of towns will be in the upper 20's. the areas too will see a nice warming trends through the midday and morning. we are calling for a high of 51 degrees with a lot of sunshine and a few clouds. the winds out of the south and the southwest 4 to 8. so that is a much better wind direction and lighter winds as well. through tomorrow, the warmup will begin in earnest. check out the numbers. 66 degrees on saturday. and again on sunday. we are watching a weather system anaze of low pressure that could come through saturday morning that could bring us showers but we will clear out sunday afternoon. turn cooler at night. for presidents' day, plenty of sunshine. highs to 60. 58 degrees on tuesday. on wednesday, another reinforcement of warmer air arrives with showers possible. highs of 62. look at that through thursday, friday, saturday, and sunday. all the way through oscar day. temperatures in the low to mid-60's.
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erin: nationals opening day is april 3. we learned today that max scherzer the reigning n.l. cy young winner may not be ready. i don't even want to comment on it, he s
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national's first officials spring training workout today. the nats' ace recovering from a fractured bottom knuckle in his right ring finger. couch! he first experienced discomfort against a start against the orioles but he didn't miss time with the injury last season. we'll have to wait to see. the wizards can enter all-star break on a four-game winning streak with a win tonight at indiana. pacers are playing the second game of a back-to-back and washington will be enter this fresh off a two-day break. the wizards will welcome the much-needed rest before the all-star break. i sat down with gortat earlier in week as they prepare for playoff run. >> we till have 30 more games to go. a lot can happen. we may be one injury away being out of the playoffs. one injury away from killing the whole season. we can't get excited. we have to take it game by game and hopefully we'll get wins and hopefully come into the playoffs 100%
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erin: finally, joanna loman, professional soccer player for the spirit and the former member of the women's national team joins me tonight at 9:00 p.m. on "sports talk." on our sister station newschannel8. she is so much fun. >> that will be excited. erin: i'm excited to have her. michelle: all right, dougs. temperatures cold but heading back up. doug: it looks that way. drop to the 20's with clear skies but the winds will diminish. then tomorrow after a chilly start we will have a lot of sunshine. winds will be lighter and we climb to 42 by lunchtime, close to 50 in the afternoon. coming up tonight at 11:00, steve will talk about the chilly start in the morning and the warming trend laid out in detail for the holiday weekend at 11:00. jonathan: so far it hasn't been much of a winter at all. doug: few days. jonathan: this much snow total. doug: about. michelle: thank you. "world news tonight" with david muir coming up next. jonathan: look forward to seeing you at 11:00. have a great night.
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tonight, the combative scene at the white house. president trump declaring his white house is a fine-tuned machine. after firing his national security adviser, mike flynn, the president praising him today, instead, blaming the leaks. saying those responsible are going to pay. and our correspondent asking about reports that several people close to trump communicated with the russians before the election. >> can you say definitively that nobody on your campaign had any contacts with the russians during the campaign? and on the leaks, is it fake news or are these real leaks? also tonight, the russian spyship on the move. just 30 miles off the american coastline. what's going on, and how did the president react to that today? the two girls discovered in the woods. authorities asking for your help tonight. th


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