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tv   America This Morning  ABC  February 17, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EST

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making news in america this morning, president trump lashing out about leaks and battling his favorite foil, the media. >> i inherited a mess, it's a mess. >> a feisty press conference with false claims about the election and where he stands with russia. new reaction overnight. live in washington. the worst storm in years barreling towards already soaked california. heavy rain, strong winds and serious concern about mudslides and flash flooding. new this morning. two planes colliding on a runway. video of the damage just in. caught on camera, a man's superman-like reflexes saving a toddler from a nasty fall.
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and we do say good morning to you, everyone, on this friday. i'm kendis gibson. >> and i'm adrienne bankert in for diane macedo. >> we want to begin with the story at this hour, the monster storm bearing down on the west coast packing more heavy rain on already swamped areas. the radar there giving you an idea of just how enormous it is. forecasters say it is packing another round of intense rainfall and expected to last throughout the weekend. >> emergency officials are concerned ground stability is an issue saying they expect more landslides like this one that shut down two lanes of interstate 5 last night. northern california officials say they believe the damaged oroville dam is strong enough to withstand the storms after they drained it to a much safer level but those efforts have a downside. some water released ended up flooding an historic cemetery in
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the details. good morning, justin. >> adrienne, kendis, thanks and good morning to you. a major storm now making its move into the golden state of california. extremely high impacts from the bay area but towards the l.a. basin. as we go in closer we are expecting again several inches of rain, higher amounts in the foothills that could cause mudslides, rockslides and flash flooding. big delays expected here along interstate 5. adrienne, kendis, back to you. >> all right, thank you so much, justin. i grew up not too far away from marysville. but now to that extraordinary event at the white house. >> there's lots of new reaction to president trump's lengthy first solo news conference since taking office. okay, so by the numbers it lasted 77 minutes. the president taking questions from 17 different reporters and here's the cover of "the new york post." donald trump is ringmaster, the headline, the wildest show on
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so let's get -- let's check in with abc's stephanie ramos in washington for some details. good morning, stephanie. >> reporter: kendis and adrienne, good morning. what a week, right? yesterday's press conference, that was the press conference to watch for a change, the president called on a range of reporters, not just conservative news outlets and he hit on a number of topics. president trump playing defense and offense during hi free-wheeling and at times combative east room press conference. >> the press honestly is out of control. >> reporter: the event initially to announce a new nominee for labor secretary, former u.s. attorney alexander acosta -- >> i think he will be a tremendous secretary of labor. >> reporter: -- quickly turned to his accomplishments. despite high drama we've seen, the firing of his national security adviser, his travel ban struck down by the court, his confrontations with u.s. allies. >> this administration is running like a fi
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>> reporter: the president bouncing from leaks of classified material blaming the intelligence community. >> those are criminal leaks. >> reporter: to russia. >> i have nothing to do with russia. >> reporter: and again boasting about his election win in november. >> we got 306. i guess it was the biggest electoral college win since ronald reagan. >> reporter: the problem, that's not true. presidents obama, clinton and the first president bush all won with more electoral votes than president trump. as another reporter pointed out, trump's numbers were wrong. >> i was given that information. i was -- actually -- >> reporter: then this exchange with a reporter from american urban raid know networks. >> are you going to include the cbc in your conversations with your inner city agenda -- >> am i going to include who? >> the congressional black caucus. >> i would. do you want to set up the meeting? >> no. >> are they friends of yours? set up the meeting. >> i know some of them but -- >> set up a meeting.
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black caucus. i think it's great. >> reporter: that exchange getting a lot of attention. the question came as a shock of members of the congressional black caucus who say they reached 0 out to president trump but never got a response. the cbc says they would never expect a reporter no matter their race to set up that meeting. adrienne, kendis, back over to you. >> stephanie, now the white house says it is reaching out to the cbc to set up that meeting and the president was also asked about several recent provocations by russia. among them russian jets buzzing a navy destroyer in the black sea last week. >> there's also been russia's secret deployment of a new cruise missile in apparent violence in violation of a treaty. these are serious concerns. >> the greatest thing i could do is shoot that ship that's 30 miles offshore right out of the water. everyone in this country is going to say, oh, it's so great. that's not great. that's not great. >> that
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reveal any possible retaliation for those provocations. the administration continues its search for a national security adviser this morning. retired admiral robert harwood turned down an offer. harwood, also an abc news contributor cited family commitments and say he did not turn down the job because any apparent dysfunction at the white house. breaking overnight a collision between two airliners at the airport in phoenix. a departing denver bound frontier airlines plane clipped the wing of a southwest airline plane coming from oklahoma city. scary for the passenger, right? on the southwest jet you can actually see the wing tip completely ripped off. airport crews say the collision caused a newly leak. no injuries reported. the ntsb and faa are investigating. still ahead the big changes coming to your food labels. new this morning a street brawl leading to serious charges for a football star. >> plus, caught on camera, a
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man's quick reflexes saving a toddler from a fall. wait till you see what he did afterwards.
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protesters hit the streets of portland, oregon, to remember quanice hayes, a 17-year-old who was shot and killed by a police officer. the march started peacefully but then escalated when protesters threw signs and street cones and damaged at least one vehicle. hayes was shot and killed by police after an armed robbery last week. they say he appeared to be carrying a gun but turned out to be a replica. thousands of people skipped work and hit the streets as part of a nationwide protest called a
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the shortage of workers forced some restaurants, stores and other businesses to shut down which organizers say demonstrates the importance of immigrant workers to the u.s. economy. a consumer alert and the recall of 700,000 strollers. they say a connector linking the car seat to the frame could cause children to fall in the britax strollers. find more information on our website, major changes may soon be coming to the sell by dates. walmart is among those backing the change. supporters say it will not only reduce confusion but keep consumers from wasting food and cash. abc's becky worley has details. >> reporter: could new product date labels be arriving at a grocery store near you? to see if it's still good but that's where it gets confusing. best by september of 2016. best by?
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can i still eat it? there are ten separate phrases for date labeling and sometimes just the date itself. >> it's very confusing for the consumer because a package may have multiple dates that are conflicting. >> reporter: so now the new guidelines, two major food associations are encouraging manufacturers to make the switch to only two product date labels by summer of 2018. they are best if used by and use by. becky worley, abc news, oakland, california. >> until then good luck. >> simplify things. when we come back a man under arrest accused of plotting to bomb several target stores. details about his strange motive. mom drives off a ramp and some scary moments that followed.
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the storms battering the west coast are blamed for the collapse of a riverbank. forecasters issued warnings that could last all weekend. if you're heading out the door, be on the lookout for wet roads and flooding in southern oregon. all of california and nevada. another trouble spot, the gulf coast. >> yeah, my family better stay dry. given all that expect weather-related airport delays in san francisco and l.a. investigators say a terrifying plot has been stopped. police say a florida man wanted to bomb target stores along the east coast of the state to get rich. >> listen to this. investigators say 48-year-old mark barnenn offered a paid informant to put homemade bomb in target stores all along the east coast and hoped the target stock price to fall allowing him to buy shares for less money. >> fascinating plot there. south carolina man in the meantime, facing charges for allegedly
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roof-style attack. his alleged targets included a synagogue and minorities. arrested after buying a gun and ammunition from an undercover fbi agent. you'll recall dylann roof killed nine black parishioners and just sentenced to death last month. nfl star darrele revis facing felony charges in pittsburgh after a weekend altercation. he and another men punched two men and left them unconscious early sunday. they say he became upset after the victims began recording him with a cell phone. revis now faces assault and other charges. a man escaped serious injury when a laptop battery exploded in his living room. take a look at what's left of the computer that caused several small fires burning a blanket and burring a hole through his coffee table. rodney and carol johnson ordered the replacement lithium ion battery for $11
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state regulators from trying to determine if there is a problem with the brand. a security camera rolling when a mother and toddler managed to escape certain death. they were walking when an out-of-control car knocked them over the ramp and then land just inches away from them. amazingly they survived. you can see it there. >> oh, my goodness. they did suffer multiple injuries but very fortunate this morning. a worker at an indoor skydiving center makes an credit save catching a falling toddler with one hand. the boy's dad placed him on the counter as he turned to speak to someone else. the worker quickly moves in to keep him from hitting the ground and then he celebrates with a victory dance knowing that the security camera was there and a thumbs up. >> not really a dance but a power ranger stance and thumbs up. >> thank you. time for sports. >> college hoops highlights from our guys at espn.
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stan verrett along with neil everett playing hurt on this show. respect. >> yeah. >> do your best. >> respect for the west coast conference. gonzaga, the only undefeated men's team in the land. up in spokane, they are going crazy. still mark few would rather be fly-fishing. nigel williams goss had a big night. jordan matthews, the steal there. jordan matthews went to santa monica and played for james heck and gonzaga beat san francisco for the 963rd time in a row or something like that. may win out the regular season. pac-12, arizona taking on washington state, markinen, big game for the big man, offensive rebound. he had 19 points, 11 rebounds. a couple of assists. look at him get up. yeah.
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comanche again, check him out. arizona wins this, 78-59, 13-1 in the pac-12. >> in pullman in washington state you got to get cougar gold cheese. >> duly noted. >> i just got some sent to me in the mail. >> that's it from here. back to you. >> get that man some dayquil. up next in "the pulse," tossed. the monopoly piece voted off the board game. and this woman hitting a half-court shot during halftime. yeah. she got more than a gift card. the real surprise next. (alarms) where's the car? it'll be here in three...uh, four minutes. are you kidding me? no, looks like he took a wrong turn. don't worry, this guy's got like a four-star rating, we're good. his name is randy.
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♪ it is your friday "pulse." there will no longer be one thumb in monopoly. >> the thimble game piece voted off like the iron was after 82 years. hasbro gave fans a chance to eliminate one of the game tokens. 4,000 online votes later the thimble gone. potential replacements include a television or an emoji. >> we just got to know the thimble. >> so insensitive. >> emoji. >> i think it will be an emoji. >> the turd emoji. >> not the mental picture. students in an ohio elementary school revived a lesson in love on valentine's day. >> so, their science teacher made a surprise visit to their math class because he's dating their math teacher miss barker and so mr. seifert stood in front of the
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and addressed the rumors and said, yes, they were dating and you know what's coming. >> the answer is, yes, we are dating. it's a little bit more than dating because i am completely in love with -- i was wondering if miss barker would like to become mrs. seifefrt. >> i love the screams. it's music to my ears right now. that might change later. yeah, in front that have screaming class, she, of course, said yes and we should just keep the love theme going because we're all romantic, right? look at that. that's so cool. >> the kids know that this is a good thing. >> yes, it's a great thing. though it might be confusing to know which classroom to go to since it's still -- anyway, a night to remember for one woman all because of some basketball and dunkin' donuts.
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i love that. this long shot promotion. she swishes it, right? >> so she hit the half-court shot. that's difficult as is but then things got really interesting. that's because a guy right there in the dunkin' donut, big cup, that's erin's boyfriend down on one knee with a surprise proposal and, of course, she said yes. >> yeah, that old dunkin' donuts disguise works every time. in addition to getting engaged she did win
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