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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  February 17, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> it -- i'm not worried about finishing off the season. >> a just put him back in the line-up. >> news8 at 11:00 starts right now. is dead after a stabbing sky track over the scene. another victim, a man, has critical injuries. it's believed that this was a but we'll tuation keep you posted, as soon as we find out more information. developments from the white house. once again we're not talking policy. speech or even >> this time it's an incident and a tweet. the secret service investigating threw an object at president trump's
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tom. get straight to he's at the desk with more. >> the president started the day d.c. area but the he wound up in florida and that's where the secret service incident gating this tonight. somebody threw an object at itsp's motorcade as it made way from the airport to his resort. a group of protestors was nearby when the object was thrown. it's not clear who threw it what it hit or even if anything. a rock and xamine another unknown item on the ground. attacksmp continued his the fake ia tweeting news media failing, it's not my of the t's the enemy american people. that tweet getting a lot of attention tonight. newsroom, live in the abc 7 news. >> thank you very much. developing now, a dance teacher of inappropriate contact with at least three of his
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students. e worked at two different studios, one of them in mcclain, other -- in manassas. what are they telling you? -- they believe there are more. and s arrested last night charged with five counts of child pornography. adrenaline dance studio in mclane was closed the day fter one of their instructors was arrested. his employer contacted them on sexual 6 to report a offense between him and a student. an investigation revealed more. victims, two ee 14-year-olds and a 13-year-old. inappropriate communication with his female for nearly a starting in december 2015. he's also accuse of having a with one of onship the
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fficer hawkins now has this message for parents. >> talk to your children. make sure they know the ifference between an appropriate conversation and inappropriate conversation with an adult. another o taught at dance studio in manassas. the statement says in part, we of no knowledge inappropriate behavior. take this matter very seriously and will continue investigate. >> also in that statement from stage door dance studios, they relief him from the staff on february 6. we were waiting for a response from the other dance studios. far we've not received it. live from manassas, abc 7 news. not the only community dealing with something like this tonight. a math teacher at a falls church school now being held without bond. right now, his name is jose accused of he's inappropriate contact with two students. the girls are both 11 years old. they go to
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school. in court tuesday for aggravated sexualbattery. >> a police officer sentenced inappropriate behavior but he's not going to go to jail for taking a photo up a woman's skirt. michelle marsh is here now. i understand the young woman told her side of the story tonight. she did. it was a very emotional story that she shared in court today sentencing.'s prince georges county police officer james sims was given and supervised probation for taking an upskirt a sports a woman at store. that woman turned out to be an off-duty d.c. police officer. i was reaching up to get like a metal bowl and i felt turned g behind me ann around and his light was on underneath my dress. i immediately jumped and like i around, my first initial response was, i smacked him across face. creepy. he's i think he's just a sick ndividual and like, for him to be doing that, i think --
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example of what we stand for. >> sims pled guilty last month. jonathan? >> thanks. this is just something we're getting in right now. has stopped work at its most secure biosafety lab over an equipment concern. to the all according "washington post." it turns out those air hoses that are part of the full body for the e suits workers, they actually were not certified for breathing air. about a hundred workers have those hoses in labs but there is no evidence right now hat they were actually exposed to any hazards because of them. finally here. is it will be absolutely beautiful. lots of sunshine a cool start to our saturday temperatures in the 30's. at least early on. we're going to warm things up into the mid to upper 60's. by late afternoon. we'll see added clouds late in the day. now, coming up, we'll tell you how long the warm weather will nexton the 10 day plus our best chance for a few
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sound really good. thank you very much. meanwhile, right now, 20 million people out west are in the path to ome of the worst storms hit that region in years. thousands already evacuated in southern california. where heavy rain and high winds have now triggered landslides out there. killed by a n was falling power line. inches of rain are expected over the weekend. flooding.d cause flash more than 300 flights have been los angeles area airports. this is a parking garage but it looks more like a waterfall. you can see the water splashing on to the ground from the stairways. there. mess out >> now to the war on terror, a virginia man sentenced for help isil. harris kumar of burke will spent 8 1/2 years in prison. according to court documents he to
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targets for possible attacks. also tonight, a chilling plot to target stores, of all things. a florida man is facing federal charges. name is mark burnett. he's accused of planning to put bombs in food packages and then stores.em in he wanted to put one in each state and the reason? agents said he wanted to force targets stocks down and would buy it cheap. >> president trump focusing on jobs today and not addressing policy.gration but for many here at home it is the top thing on their minds. sis is focusing on people who committed time and they are not targeting people randomly but that's doing little calm nerves. >> we're so scared right now. i tell them we have oh be prepared. we have to be ready. >> this woman, who is up
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7 that she told abc keeps birth certificates and mportant documents all in that backpack just in case she leaves for work and doesn't come home. 11:00, a moment of pure joy. a college senior focused on her tournament but that's when surprises started rolling in. us with this story. these stories never get old. >> the sister was a senior. last s one of her tournaments here and it's one never forget. ♪ > the national anthem is a tradition in sporting events. gymnasticst, at a gw aboutment, it wasn't just country but about family. the surprise started when gw's picked chelsea as about country but about his valentine surprise was thousands of miles away but tonight he
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of sight. sergeant had spent the kuwait.r in >> i'm one of six so having one person missing is a huge deal. happier than i have ever been in my life. >> reporting in northwest washington -- tim barber, abc 7 news. >> what a great story. and s for your service welcome home. >> some shocking video to share with you out of new jersey. a guy is getting hit by a car before i show you the video, i've got to tell you he's okay. roll the tape. he runs out in the middle of the street. in front of a car, gets hit by theca, knocked to the ground, nd then the driver just takes off. that guy right there, he runs to the gas station. without river took off paying so he was trying to stop him before he could get away. lacking for that blue car. they would like to talk to that driver and perhaps put some handcuffs on him. glad he's okay. >> another dramatic incident. this one
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spokane, ppened in washington, where a police officer was in the right place at the right time that officer's cam caught this incident and you can see here, he's freeing a woman from her burning car. it started when kim novak hit a bump on an icy road. power. lost she couldn't open the doors or car caught and the fire. >> under the hood, i can smell it burning. please, get me out. >> please. >> please. goodness. the officer used that baton to break the window and he and a bystander pulled her out of the car. >> a rare and touching glimpse at tragedy. to share with you. this is from north carolina and it's going viral. millions of people have looked at this now. shows the moment that a fallen hero comes home to his family. of a commercial jet. >> lisa west williams posted the page. to her facebook the hero, in the
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green beret killed while deployed in africa. this shows just shows the has now beent that viewed millions of times. seven tonight, a dedicated mother who has endured unthinkable pain. child died after being left in a car. he told abc 7 it's okay if you don't think it can happen to you, but she wants you to hear this. i asked them one question. do you ever want to know what it perform cpr on your own child? >> how her story is changing the actions z2a0gz zi0z
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>> you're watching abc 7 news at 11:00. on your side. > you'veeen the news headlines, just terrible. a baby or toddler dies after eing left in a car and you think it will never happen to you. >> that's exactly what the mother in our next story thought unthinkable happened to her. >> tom tells us about her all gle and what she wants families to
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know. month marks 10 years since this nine-month-old baby died. still ask myself every day, how could i leave him? how i could forget him? iraq she hadrmy in been praised for managing big projects and accounting for penny, even receiving a bronze star. at home, people called her a parent. >> the one thing that i never forgetting my son. ♪ his first child with husband jarett. on march 30, 2007, she was bryce ed she had dropped off at daycare before arriving at her job at charlottesville jag office. who watcheded bryce called but they didn't make contact until later that day. like, no, no, lynn, you didn't drop him off this morning. there, whole and morning flashes through my eyes. and i'm like, oh, my god.
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he's still in the car. god, no. no. >> it was too late to save him. had only been ay 66. see his every day to face again. >> according to the group kids dot org, these are the numbers of children who have died in recent years from heat in cars. some of these cases involve kids who got into cars on their own. others involved parents who did on purpose. accidentshan 55% were just like balfours. it can happen to anyone. happened to a nasa scientist. >> stress or something that breaks a normal routine are common factors. had had little sleep that week because bryce was sick and dropped her husband off at work that morning which was unusual. >> in my mind i'm thinking, that i've already m
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a stop, i've dropped the baby off. >> she says one way to prevent them is to put a reminder every time your child is in the car or in theething you'll need back seat. >> a lot of parents have developed a plan where they take a shoe off and they physically put it back with the child. > and even if she's positive none of the four children she's had since bryce are in the car -- > every time i get out of the car i check the back seat. >> and for those who don't think did.could ever do what she >> script has a right to disagree, that it could happen to them but i ask them one do you ever want to know what it feels like to perform cpr on your own child? are you willing to play russian roulette with your child's life out it can happen to you. >> heartbreaking. mentioned, high the day that bryce died it was only 66 degrees out. traffic nal highway safety administration says that even when the temperature is only 60 degrees outside
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with the windows up it can reach 110 degrees. >> satellite and radar from storm watch 7 shows mainly clear there right now. a quiet and dry evening, and and dry startuiet to your day on saturday. looking at the wider view, not a whole lot going on. however, further south and west you go, added clouds, those times will be here by this tomorrow night and may bring us an isolated shower, but not expecting a whole lot. 38 degrees for an overnight low. mainly clear skies. waking up for your as a result for that rauck, maybe a jog, getting a cup of for a walk, ng maybe a job, getting a cup of coffee. this is around 6:00 or 7:00 in morning. then a very rapid warm-up. highs tomorrow will eventually middle to upper 60's and i wouldn't be surprised f parts of the area see temperatures that are near 70 degrees. especially south and west of town.
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on our futurecast as a resulting at 8:30 tomorrow night. notice cloud cover over the entire area. winds are out of the south. might see a few showers here and there mainly to the south and d.c. of they are not going to last very long. as quickly as they pop up, they here and that marines a bright, sunny warm day again on sunday. about those daytime high temperatures. for the upcoming weekend. 70 degrees to around ericksburg. and fred a mild start to sunday morning with temperatures just around 50 at 7:00. and as they move through the afternoon hours, we'll see highs 60's.e upper maybe even the lower 70's toward fredericksburg and charlottesville. here's your 10-day outlook. a little cooper for president's on monday. temperatures in the upper 50's. lower 50's on tuesday. on wednesday and then as we move into the end of next week
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temperatures. low to mid 60's for highs, into the following weekend, don't abc 7.the oscars are on one week from this sunday. be ime highs then will around 55 degrees. >> steve, thank you so much. guy. at this little this is like a food truck for a raccoon. a ride on a garbage truck. don't worry, he's fine a passing driver called the company. told the guy driving the truck who then called animal control, the raccoon ran away, word on exactly how he got in this predicament. my daughter loves this picture. picture of the day. raccoon, they foiled my plans. check out this video. sitting on the counter. he's going for a header but look at the guy behind the counter. flexing of the muscle after he catches this kid. watch it again. it happened so fast. he business where this happened, indoor sky diving facility. and the guy flexing, he's an no stranger he's to catching people out of midair before falling. nice
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your sleep goes from good to great to wow! only at a sleep number store. for 5 days only, save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed. plus 24-month financing. go to for a store near you. >> fitness among fine art. >> this looks incredible. which can it out. museum of art n hosting a workout class. you can jog, do squats,
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yoga, you name it and it's in this gorgeous setting among some of the most famous masterpieces. it's a hit with a real diverse audience. to 85.nging from 13 it cost $75 and it's apparently out.ady sold >> it's put great music to it and what a beautiful setting. falls in one s of of those pieces of art. > it was all good when we sketched it out on paper. >> what's going on tonight? baseball with this nice weather. >> the washington nationals down sunny florida. the nationals have some high expectations again this year. one young fan stole the show at nba all-star weekend in new orleans. some moves. let's just say john wall, he was in quite for a surprise. stay with us. sports is next. >> countdown to the red carpet dominioto you by
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>> now the toyota sports desk brought to you by your local toyota dealer. fans, it's almost time to wake up from your winter slumber. is under way for the washington nationals. in sunny west palm beach, florida. the full team reported today, the first full team workout set for sunday. coming off onere of their best seasons in franchise history which included a disi
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95-win regular season. after being bounced by the nlds, they are hoping to get closer to that world series title this season. think our challenge this year are even more, you know, year.ast -- it's going to be a dog fight. dog fight, i the feel that we'll be victorious. >> the washington wizards have a well deserved break. all-star weekend has arrived in new orleans. fan absolutely stole the show today. liverson, who has chronic disease entered the nba celebrity all-star game for the east team and scored a bucket. in the arena was loving it. jarious wasn't done. some fun with our wall.ohn take a look. >>
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meal. [laughter] >> got to eat those beans. that young man is going to be a star. see.t to the washington capitals return after ice tomorrow night their bye week. opening face-off set for 2:00. i think jarious might be job keeping your seat warm. > he lost the kid when he said broccoli. that was it. >> he was so
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>> everybody is excited for this weekend. >> we're excited about every weekend. >> it's a warm one. everything is aligning perfectly with temperatures and sunshine. fantastic.oks mid to upper 60's. some areas will hit 70. a carbon copy on sunday. on president's day. we warm things up again toward the end of next
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into the low to mid 60's. we were talking about the cherry blossom trees and how they are so out of whack come another two weeks or so. we'll see what happens with those. we z29kuz zstz
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life looks good.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight, oscar nominee emma stone. super bowl champion new england patriot danny amendola. and music from muna. and now, here we go, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: hi, everybody. i'm jimmy, i'm the host. thank you for watching. thanks for coming. wow. how about that. did you watch that of course game last night? [ cheers and applause ] yeah. is anyone else having strangely erotic feelings about mr. clean? just me? okay. as you probably know, the new england patriots made what turned out to be the biggest


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