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tv   World News Now  ABC  February 22, 2017 2:37am-3:00am EST

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leaderen egypt without covering her head. >> couple sports notes starting with tom brady's missing super bowl jersey. first of all still missing. the jerz gsey is dlar worth $500,000 and pinpointed a 50 minute window in which it was likely stolen from the locker room after they beat atlanta. investigated as a first degree felony. >> yeah. >> seems the days of four pitch intentional walks in major league baseball are now over. the league has reportedly scrapped that type of walk, as part of its effort to speed up games. starting this season. battlers will take first base, after a simple signal from the opposing dugout. also, a new two-minute limit on instant replay reviews will begin this season as well. >> oh. >> now, let's go to golf, shall we. check out this incredible young man. tommy morris. born without a right
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links. >> tommy is pretty good. took on pga tour pros in florida in what nay called the one-arm challenge. tommy and the pros tried to put their shots closest to the pin. but the pros could only use one arm. >> at one point in the challenge. tommy had beaten more than 20 of them. tommy its also by the way not afraid to talk some smack. >> really? >> that's right. heard yelling at one pro, you are in big trouble. >> he's got the trash talking down. completely. >> shooting side eye as well. i hope. >> the kid is good. coming up. growing danger on the highway hitting us all where it really hurts. what we are finding out this morning. about why are our auto insurance rates are spiking suddenly. and the steps you can take right now to lessen the blow. >> and -- are you tired of those long, winter evenings? just you and the rest of the family? well, there its a fresh crop of toys and games that can warm up even the coldest
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everything. you know, 1 i n 10 houses could get hit by an expensive septic disaster. but for only $7 a month, rid-x helps break down waste. avoid a septic disaster with rid-x. check this out. ups testing a new truck launched drone delivery system. this test happened in a rural part of florida. the company says, this isn't aimed at replacing the drivers, it is aimed at making drivers more efficient. >> here is the idea. it would allow them to make a delivery while the drone is flying another package to it next destination. then the drone and the driver would rendezvous at predeter menned location. drone delivery is years away from being approved. but it looks on its way. >> trying to get the dog to fetch the paper isn't working out. maybe this will work. >> wal-mart's recent investment in online
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the company surprised wall street analysts saying e-commerce sales in the u.s. up 29% from a year ago. compared to 22% increase by online retail giant amazon. wal-mart pointed to the retooling of online shopping program as one of the reason for the growth. >> if you love if talian olive oil it will cost you a little more. experts say costs are going up because of combination of bad weather and pests. particularly, in italy. those problems could result in price jumps of as much as 20% here in the u.s. the vast majority of the olive oil consumed here is imported either from italy or spain. >> how will this affect my dirty martini? >> the key. your dirty martini? >> put the skinny investigative unit on that. >> it's the olive that will be pretty bad. turning now to a driving hazard that is hitting all of us in the wallet. >> new report shedding light on one of the reasons behind the spike in auto insur
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premiums. may have nothing to do with how you drive. >> reporter: the new report revealing what is driving car insurance premiums up coast to coast. distracted drivers are costing us all more. this teen, veering across the yellow line and on to the grass on the other side of the road. this driver, plowing into a parked patrol car while using his phone. confessing when heap got out. >> you okay? >> that's what i get for -- >> insurance industry experts say the number of crashes involving distracted drivers are helping push up rates. the typical driver now spending $926 every year on auto insurance. that's up 16% from 2011. but there are ways many consumers don't think of to pay lower premiums. combine your homeowners and auto coverage. many insurers will give you a discount. if you have a short commute take advantage of possible low mileage discounts. and few realize a goodre
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discount too. you can save up to 10% alone by combining policies. you can also enroll in a defensive driving course for further insurance discounts. >> thank you. coming up. enjoying the great indoors. >> toys/games the family can enjoy no matter what the weather is look outside. so the olive is cheaper? take mucinex dm. it'll take care of your cough. fine! i'll text you in 4 hours when your cough returns. one pill lasts 12 hours, so... looks like i'm good all night! ah! david, please, listen. still not coughing. not fair you guys! waffles are my favorite! ah! some cough medicines only last 4 hours. but just one mucinex lasts 12 hours. start the relief. ditch the misery. let's end this.
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all right, with punxsutawney phil predicting six weeks of winter, you may need fun idea what to do with kids on the long winter days. here to give us pointers, our toy insider mom. so glad you are here. >> i am. it is cold outside. >> it is. >> a lot of things to do inside. >>
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>> whole line of toys, twist time. this is my favorite. tower crash. lots of ways to play the game. essentially let you throw this. >> throw it at it. >> no. no. that could be another way to play. you have a green one. build the tower high as possible. >> put it here? >> yeah. >> we may be starting on the ground. >> take one out. >> we can play that way too. build a tall tower. play it like a jenga game. pulling. lots of ways to play. lots of fun. keep everyone on their toes. a little speed we are looking for, fast thinking game. 59 second. this is a great little game. you have five card in your hand. the rest of these are yours. you always have five cards in your hand. >> shouldn't show you my card. >> two card down. 8, 10. what you need to do, get rid of your card, by going one consecutive up or one down. >> ten.
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>> 11. now you can do a 10, 12. i got the 12. i am winning already. >> you will win the whole thing. >> just keep going. >> reason we are on tv. wow. >> okay. so this is a game. that has -- skill and agility. going to give this to you. you need to pour it into the bucket. sometimes land on the c, card. hop on one foot. >> hop on one foot. >> make two pours in the bucket. >> this sound like one of the games you play in college. except it ends with shots at the end. two little pours in the bucket. >> while pouring two. >> go ahead. >> no. >> no, no. >> obviously you don't want to sink the bucket. >> we have wet stuff here on our cookie crafter. what is the best thing to do in everyone's home, hang in the kitchen? now we take graham crackers, all shapes, turn this on. look what we can do.
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this. >> make it. >> i can turn this into a design. want to give it a try. go ahead. >> okay. >> have the great little designs. couple different shapes. you want to go out. frosting. sprinkles. how cool is that? >> great. >> yeah. >> all right. >> doing a good job. >> look at that. finished it. that's great. perfect. >> yep. take that right off. >> okay. awesome. >> something to do. >> do you remember, slinky-dinks? >> i've don't. >> shrinky-dinks. get plastic. you can bake them in the oven. you get the oven. when you are done, great things. kits that are the secret life of pets. now we have sets. you can play. kids can make room decor, like light up butter flies. you can make jewelry. so, girls, boys, everyone, and it is great because parents get to do something with their kids that they remember. and it is new for the kids. >> kids nowada
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>> love this. >> love it. >> love this. speaking about like the crafty kind of thing. coloring. coloring not just for little kids. >> not passe? >> no. adults love is. two things. cr crayola, arts with edge. we have designs kids love. and then you have color escapes. 12 big sheet. all of these beautiful colored pencils. you are done. frame them. art to hang. >> occupy their time for what, good hour, two. >> all day. >> everyone could sit around the table all day long. >> awesome. great tips. great idea. sorry i messed up the table. >> okay. fun, watching you hop. >> watching me hop. i can't dupe math. i can't do two things at the same time. all right, laurie. thank you so much. always a pleasure. interested in learn morgue about the games and these planning of projec projects, visit,
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♪ ♪ >> welcome back to "world news now." you may have noticed. kendice and i were actually out the past couple days. some of you noticed. you wrote to us on social media. >> a lot of people wrote to us on social media. >> thank you. >> producer presented a list. want to share some of the love back with you guys. we are happy to be here. >> simeon says, gio benitez, nice to see you two at the wnn desk. >> nice, welcome, gio and
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>> so, stephanie, stephanie, writes,@gio benitez, can you please stay perm fently. >> brenda, says no, kendis, well i don't mind seeing gio benitez. smilie face. exclamati exclamation. >> sorry, sorry, buddy. >> uh-huh. >> so, eric, writes. gio benitez and adrian on abc wnn again. it's like christmas never ended. >> what a treat waking up to gio ben spichlt benitez. >> why is that they're in love with gio? do we have anything that would show why they're in love with gio so much. >> oh. >> sweet. great personality. >> he likes trees. >> he likes
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is that what it is? >> i don't know. woke up, was mad until i saw gio was on my tv on abc wnn. now kind of okay with it. >> seriously people. pretend as if you did miss us. did you miss us one little bit? >> seriously. >> but, writes, today was okay. with gio benitez and the other lady. sure missed diana and kendis. don't let them be off again. >> the one twitter follower who missed us. slash, my alias, i may have written. >> the gun show or six-pack abs, what its it about gio? >> the smile. >> the smile. >> definitely. yeah. >> that's it.
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this morning on "world news now," the president addressing the spike in threats against jewish americans. >> the alarming increase prompted reporters to ask president trump if any action would be taken to stop the threats. his answers then were deemed unsatisfying to critics expecting more. hear how his direct response yesterday to the threats is now being received. >> high water emergencies in california drenching rains, flooding neighborhood, forcing hundreds of people from their homes. and now concern about what is in that floodwater. we'll have the latest. >> then new video of dramatic rescue in central park. teens taking a selfie together and second later they plunge into an icy spond. see how they were pulled to safety. >> you may have a reason to


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