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tv   Nightline  ABC  February 23, 2017 12:37am-1:07am EST

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♪ when she was just a girl this is "nightline." >> tonight, final stand. controversial protests ending in flames. government forces clearing demonstrators. >> enough is enough. respect our lands. respect our people. >> ending an almost year-long battle to block construction of the dakota access pipeline. >> what's legal is not what is right. >> behind the lines with activists supporting the sioux tribe, fighting this make their voices heard. oscar anticipation. jimmy kimmel revealing his academy award anxiety. >> i wake up in the middle of the night thinking about it sometimes. >> the source of his monologue material. >> my mother has been texting me ideas for the show. >> and why he's expecting an onstage
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enemy, matt damon. and who dun it? ♪ perfect illusion >> tom brady seeking super bowl jersey justice, hosting a suspect board on facebook that includes lady gaga. was her halftime a perfect illusion to cover up the perfect heist? ♪ it was the perfect illusion >> first the "nightline 5." >> this presidents' day get to nissan now. and save on a lineup with intelligent safety features. and america's best truck warranty. take on the everyday with six 2017 iihs top safety picks. it's clear why we're america's fastest-growing auto brand. now get presidents' day offers like 0% financing for up to 72 months on 11 models. or save up to $4550 on select models. >> number one in just 60 seconds.
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good evening. thank you for joining us. a fiery scene at the standing rock protest camp today in north dakota. demonstrators ceremoniously burning their tents before state and federal authorities started to clear the area. tonight we're hearing from sioux tribe members who say they're fighting not only for the purity of their water source, also for respect. a turning point at the standing rock standoff today in a storm of fire and snow. facing a 2:00 p.m. deadline to evacuate or face arrest, some protesters began ceremoniously setting fire to parts of their camp, preferring to burning rather than have it seized and destroyed. law enforcement arrested ten people within feet of the entrance. they allowed as many as 50 inside to remain after the deadline, for now. >> it's all done with the intent of getting this area cleaned up
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this area here potentially could be facing a flood rather soon. >> reporter: protests have lasted nearly a year. intense and sometimes heated clashes with authorities. all to prevent a pipeline from being built next to the standing rock sioux tribe sacred land which they say could also pollute their source of drinking water. the movement gained supporters across the country. in washington, d.c. -- >> city by city, block by block! >> reporter: to washington state. >> we're still here! >> reporter: for months standing rocked a row elevate advocates themselves water protecters have camped out through tear gas and blizzards. the standing rock sioux tribe has called this land home long before it was renamed the state of north dakota. in november, abc's cameras are there as standing rock supporters face down law enforcement over remaining on what they say is a sacred site.
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>> those are burial sites up on that hill. they are in our land. we're here for prayer. we're here to stop this with prayer. >> reporter: police have been using this ridge along the cannonball river as a surveillance post. >> it's 11 to 14 graves up there. we asked them when they were up there kicking rocks around, how would you like it in arlington cemetery if all our kids went over and stood on them? >> reporter: the protesters have come to pray but some crossed the river to confront the police. 25-year-old danny grassroe, a member of the sioux, tried to keep tension from boil boiling over. >> i went over trying to pray, trying to tell them to pray as a unit. because they're over there, they're not doing anything but antagonizing them. there's a couple people there in prayer but the whole line out there, they're forgetting why we're here, they're for 5 gett
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we need to continue to remind them why we're here. >> everyone, you're here to pray! you're here to pray, not here to antagonize the police officers! you're hurting the whole people, do you understand? >> reporter: danny is part of a group of indigenous youth who helped steer this movement at standing rock from the beginning. they're known as the international indigenous youth counc council. the story told on the abc news digital documentary "the seventh generation." lauren howen is the cofounder. >> people think these days are done, the millennial deal. we're really smart. >> reporter: they say they're fighting back against an ancient prophecy that tells of a black snake that will go underground and destroy the tribe tribe's way of life. that snake, they say, the oil pipeline. >> the youth are going to kill this bad snake and everybody's going to help us and it's going to be nice and we're going to celebrate. >> i'm very impressed with them. they brought the message out
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america. they brought the awareness of this pipeline. >> reporter: harold frasier is chairman of the cheyenne river sioux tribe, which joined the standing rock tribe in fighting the pipeline. >> we're going to look at the original treaty with the sioux nation and the united states. >> reporter: the basis of their argument rests here at the national archives. the original 1851 treaty the sioux nation signed with the u.s. government. native american tribes have been negotiating with washington for centuries. after being forced from their original lands in the great lakes region, the sioux resettled further west only to lose that land as well. >> 1851 treaty, we entered into a peace contract with the federal government. before the ink was dry, westerners started coming through. >> reporter: by the close of the 19th century the sioux had endured abusive assimilation laws, the outlawing of their religion, the massacre at wounded knee, one of
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in american history. >> we're saying, no. don't put this pipeline here. enough is enough. respect our lands, respect our people, respect our rights. >> reporter: that demand for respect and resistance spreads. >> you want to think about what you're willing to put your body through, what you're willing to risk, how you're willing to defend people in a nonviolent way. >> reporter: but the protests can do little to stop law enforcement from clearing some of the camp's land owned by the pipeline. >> all of a sudden you see these militarized vehicles, humvees, slowly inching toward us with men on both sides. there are hundreds of cops there. they were coming at us. and we didn't know what to do. they started using sound cannons. they were arresting people left and right. they held us on the side of the road for hours while bull dozers went over the burial sites and we had to sit there with restraints on and watch that happen. >> reporter: as the harsh north dakota winter wears on.
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the conflict worsens. after several demonstrators try to remove burnt-out vehicles near a police blockade, they're joined by hundreds more in solidarity. >> by then they're shooting tear gas at us. they're already using the water hose, shooting everybody with rubber bullets. it was pretty traumatizing. >> reporter: police describe the night of november 20th as a riot. the standing rock med and i can healing council report more than 300 injuries that evening, 26 having to be taken to the hospital. yet the council and other supporters remain resolute, when suddenly what appears to be a stunning reversal. >> a major development in the long-running standoff over the dakota access pipeline. >> reporter: on december 4th, the army corps of engineers announces it will not approve the easement needed for the pipeline to cross the missouri river, pledging to consider alternative routes in a full environmental impact statement. >> the pain's gone, i'm so happy ri
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>> itsometimes growing up you fl like nobody sees you. you feel like people don't want you around. you feel like if you just disappeared, everybody would just be happy. it feels good to be acknowledged as a human being. >> i'm really proud to be living, to be here at this time. this is history. >> reporter: but it is a short-lived victory. >> this is with respect to the construction of the dakota access pipeline. >> reporter: less than a week after taking office, president donald trump signs a memorandum ordering the army corps of engineers to review the pipeline in an expedited manner. >> it makes me laugh when i hear the president worry about the safety of this nation because of immigrants. he's an immigrant that's bringing harm to this nation. he's the first immigrant. we're the only ones that can claim that, we're nonimmigrants. >> reporter: construction on the pipeline resumed. energy transfer partner says
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little as two weeks. in a statement to abc news, the company said they are committed to the safe construction and operation of all its pipelines throughout the country. dakota access is state-of-the-art underground pipeline with advanced safety technology and construction methods. >> we will not quit fighting until this pipeline has stopped. >> reporter: the tribes will be in court next week seeking an injunction to stop the pipeline. tonight many of the protesters vow to persist and keep standing rock in the spotlight. you can watch the entire abc news feature, "the seventh generation," right now on our website and the abc news app. next, academy awards host jimmy kimmel reveals his most stressful career moment. and later, does tom brady really suspect his teammate julian edelman of stealing his super bowl game jersey? on the road again ♪ ♪ just can't t [ front assist sounds ] [ music stops ]
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y2a0gy yi0y so jimmy kimmel is host of the espys, emmys, white house correspondents' dinner, and thousands of episodes of his late night show. what's making him nervous about hosting the academy awards? the comedian spoke to t.j. holmes and explain idea he's making his pregnant wife work on oscar night. >> we've got to get something from you so we can go back and say we have exclusive details revealed by jimmy kimmel. >> oh. >> exclusive details about the oscar. >> what you want me to do is spoil the oscar-viewing experience for the people. it's going to be great. i'm not going to sing, i'm not going to dance, i'm not going to smile, i probably won't even inhale the whole night.
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>> kimmel live"! >> reporter: for 14 years jimmy kimmel has been the face of abc's late night comedy. he's interviewed every celebrity who's ever been on a promotional tour, had several of his show's ongoing series go viral. >> barack obama, bro, do you even lift? >> reporter: including his decade-long feud with actor matt damon. >> beat him up a little bit too! >> reporter: his sense of humor earned him a regular role on the circuit, hosting the espys, amas, even the white house correspondents' dinner. >> remember when the country rallied around you in hopes of a better tomorrow? that was hilarious. >> reporter: now he's gearing up for the granddaddy of them all, the oscars. >> it's basically the same. you walk onstage, you tell jokes. but people keep reminding you that it's the oscars and that there are three times as many people watching and that it's the most important award show, the biggest award show. eventually it starts to kind of,
12:55 am
i this cloud that surrounds you. i wake up in the middle of the night thinking about it. you realize when you're hosting the oscars how insignificant your nightly show is. how that is just -- that's a crumb. this is a wedding cake. >> what was the last time you were this nervous maybe going into a gig? >> well, i'd say the most nervous i've ever been was when i hosted the white house correspondents' dinner. >> i could not be more thrilled to be here tonight. >> reporter: the annual dinner gives the president a chance to take digs at the reporters who cover d.c. >> he's very funny and i had to follow him, which i wasn't crazy about doing. and he kill the. >> in my first term we ended the war in iraq. in my second term, i will win the war on christmas. >> i was very, very nervous. mrs. obama actually calmed me down. she just talked to me for like 40 minutes before the show. we talked about our kids. there was a moment where my son, he was the only one left
12:56 am
standing, they told everyone to sit down, she down! he sees mrs. obama yelling at him, which was a funny thing. >> looking out at mitch mcconnell, looking out at chuck schumer, that was more intimidating than looking out at meryl streep, denzel washington? >> yes. i look out in the audience and i see former and future guests from my show. so i do at least have that, some familiar faces that i hope will at least pretend to be laughing. because i'm tell you something, after the oscars, i'm going to go home and i'm going to watch the broadcast and i'm going to look and see who's clapping. and more importantly who was not. and i vow to destroy those people. >> reporter: putting together the extravaganza that is the oscars takes a village. >> my mother has been texting me ideas for the show. you should get alec baldwin to play donald trump! >> oh, wow. >> what? they kind of do that on
12:57 am
"saturday night live" already, it's kind of their thing, wouldn't necessarily be a novelty at the oscars, but -- instead i just texted, "go back to sleep." >> reporter: he's relying on his "jimmy kimmel live" writers, including the head writer, his pregnant wife molly. >> she'll be backstage working with me. >> you don't want her to hang out and relax? >> no, i need her to help me write jokes. >> reporter: the team pulling double duty. >> thank you, i'm jimmy -- >> reporter: putting on their nightly broadcast, also prepping for hollywood's biggest night. you do your thing, but you don't want to necessarily have the oscars be just 100% a reflection of the "jimmy kimmel live" show. >> right. >> how do you strike that balance but still have your personality as part of the show? >> i don't want to do anything that's too inside. and the show is about the actors and the directors and the writers and the people who are there, really it's a trade show if you think about it. it's not much different than a plumbers convention in las vegas where they habnd out the award
12:58 am
for best regional whatever they're doing out there. >> are we going to see matt damon? >> if i have to look at his face in the audience odds are i'm going to say something. he's my arch enemy, really. if joker and batman were face-to-face, there would be some kind of a standoff. i would imagine that will be the same for this. >> he doesn't really open up with me. >> reporter: the actor's film "manchester by the sea" is nominated for several is on cars. >> i would like him to go home with nothing. i want him to walk out -- i want his hands to be in his pockets and his head to be hanging as he leaves that theater. that's my goal. >> reporter: a damon defeat is one of kimmel's many motivations going into oscar night but money is not one of them. >> you revealed you're being paid what for the oscars? >> $15,000. >> sounds low. >> sounds like a lot of money in a way. >> low what are you talking about? >> i made $20,000 for the whole first year of doing a morning radio show every morning. so from that standpoint it seems
12:59 am
like a lot of money. in the dress for my daughter and tuxedo for my son and my parents and the limos and all that stuff, there's no doubt i lose money on this deal. this is a very bad investment. >> reporter: should kimmel need to pull out of his hosting gig he has a recommendation for a backup. >> i would like to see my mother host the oscars. she thinks she's ideas soar good. i want her on the stage doing them. that's who i'd like to see. how the audience reacts to these dopey ideas she keeps sending me. >> reporter: for "nightline" i'm t.j. holmes in los angeles. >> you can see jimmy kimmel host the oscars right here on abc this sunday night. next, tom brady, quarterbacking the investigation into his own stolen super bowl jersey. who he thinks are the prime suspects. there's no party like a lobster party, and this is the lobster party.
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[ laughter ] finally tonight, sports gamblers aren't the only ones who lost their shirts on the super bowl.
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there's so many unsolved mysteries keeping u night. where's bigfoot? what's with the bermuda triangle? the latest to sweep the internet, who took tom brady's super bowl jersey? >> unfortunate, that's a nice piece of memorabilia. >> reporter: that piece of memorabilia estimated to be worth $500,000, disappeared from the locker room right after the game in the middle of the super bowl celebration. nearly three weeks later the houston police still don't have a suspect. five-time league champion's taking matters into his own hands posting this photo to facebook, identifying a list of possible suspects, asking who did it? was it gaga with the help of julian edelman, bonding over their love of rings? >> must have the precious! >> reporter: was it lady gaga using her escape ropes to pull off the perfect illusion? ♪ it was a perfect illusion >> reporter: was it michael never been caught scott? taking a break from the office? >> that's crazy talk!
1:06 am
>> reporter: all kidng brady needs to keep this conundrum in the public eye to get it solved or else -- >> it shows up on ebay, someone let me know, i'll try and track that down. >> it was american singer and songwriter darius rutger who said, there are two times of year for me. football season, and waiting for football season. i'm with darius. thank you for watching abc news. as always we're online at and our "nightline" facebook page. thanks for the company, america. good night. >> i can't say for sure that someone's going to win the million dollars today, but i do know that if they do, you're not gonna want to miss it, so stay where you are. it's time to play "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic music] ♪ [cheers and applause] hey, everybody, welcome to the show. are you guys ready to play "millionaire"? [cheers and applause] all right.
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our returning contestant has pay off before. hopefully it'll happen again today to get him to that million dollars. from olympia, washington, please welcome back blake baird. [cheers and applause] blake. >> good to see you again. >> how you doin', bud? >> doing well. had a great night's sleep. >> welcome back. apparently, a patient and determined man. how has that paid off before? >> well, you know, i-- i met my wife when i was five in kindergarten. asked her to marry me that year. again in first grade; she said "no" again. second grade, third grade. to dances all through middle and high school--kept saying no. 18, she finally said yes. got married at 19. been married just over eight years. [cheers and applause] >> that's either the-- that's either the sweetest story or you just annoyed her so bad. >> oh, yeah. >> she's like, "fine, just get it over with." uh, that is--that is actually a very sweet story. determination, patience, you wore her down. that's what you got to do today. just wear the board down and get to that million dollars. let's remind everybody where you are. you're up to $7,000.


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