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tv   Good Morning Washington 6am  ABC  February 23, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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6:00 am a serious crash, bringing traffic to a crawl. larry: out john gonzalez on scene, 295 and malcolm x. avenue. john, what are you see in? [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] john: larry, we are in mobile trak 7 on the side of 295. i want to show you our mobile roof cam. to lanes getting by slowly. that is what we are seeing right now as we send in mobile trak 7. the cleanup continues. there is a tremendous amount of debris on the roadway. they have been able to move the car involved in the crash off to the site you're there is a tow truck on the scene. they are getting ready to move the car hopefully soon for the sake of traffic. let show you video of the scene shortly after this accident. we have been told this is
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a single car crash. that white car you see flipping a number of times, we are told. the driver was trapped inside the car. he was cut out and transported to the hospital. his condition is unknown. we were told, initially, serious injuries. we are trying to get word on his condition right now. no word on any other injuries involved in this. it appears he was the only 1 -- the only driver at least. so right now, one lane, the right lane still closed before you approach the south capitol street, nationals park, downtown exit your on 295. these are the northbound lanes. southbound not affected by the subtle. we were told earlier -- by this at all. it would be earlier closed while the cleanup continues and while investigators try to piece together what happened. the good news is for traffic -- they have
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that live picture, it looks like they may have just moved -- well, i still see the car, actually. the car is still here on the side of the road, so folks will have to be careful for a little bit at least. julie:well, i still see the car, actually. john gonzalez, reporting from mobile track seven, stay safe out there. we will keep looking to you for details. what we arehis is talking about, 295 at malcolm x. avenue in a comedy two left .anes getting by the best back is to stick with the suitland parkway. 109,and, 270, approaching the lanes are open. a 16-minute commute between i-70 and 109. no accidents -- just volume. starting to bunch up at pharrell scum i-22-minute commute from manassas heading eastbound toward 495. that is our traffic watch. we will be back in the next 10
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we are keeping a close eye on your ride heading to southeast. right now, she is keeping an eye to the sky. let's say good morning to veronica johnson. veronica: i am, and i am keeping my eye on the fog that is out there. roanoke south and west, baltimore really north and east, some of the densest fog. even so, patchy fog in and around d.c., like leesburg. on the road, cautionary conditions. you might want to get an early start for air, baltimore, philadelphia, laguardia, may be some delays this morning. leesburg, going from 1/3-mile to a 1/2-mile. guys, this is the front we have been tracking today, a little but of rain, a stronger front moves in at the end of the work we, the first part of the week
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temperatures down. we have our high today around 70, starting in the 50's, a may kind of day for a spirit i will have more on the timing of rain coming up. jummy: 6:03 right now. breaking news this morning. larry: a police officer opening fire at a traffic stop. sam sweeney is at the live desk. sam: the park police officer pulled over a guy's charger just before 4:00 this morning. as the officer went to approach the car on foot, that is when a charger reversed and slammed the officer's car.that is when the officer opened fire, firing multiple shots. right now, the driver of that charger is on the run. as for the officer, he has minor injuries but is expected to be ok. the injuries are to his leg. these are pictures we just got to be seen. q mccray is on the scene, and he will have an update later on. back to you guys. jummy: sam, thank you.
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on addison road. it is unclear was sparked the crash, but officials say it started as a fuel leak. one truck lost between 200 gallons and $300 of sulfur diesel fuel -- 300 gallons of sulfur diesel fuel. change byransgender the trump administration triggering protests outside the white house. hundreds of people gathered. >> no hate, no fear, transgender's are welcome here. that theey are upset administration repealed and obama era mandate. the administration says the decision will be left up to the state and the school district. >> now they have to worry about the president of the united states being a bully. it is not ok. larry:
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the trump administration reaffirmed that "all schools must ensure that all students, including lgbt students, are able to learn and thrive in a safe environment." in a new development this morning, president trump's order on administration is delayed. the white house says it will come next week. the original order band seven nations for 120 days. it was halted by an appeals court. jummy: today is the first full day of cpap, and there are some big names on the roster today, including vice president mike pence, secretary of education steve bannonand third that conferencruns through saturday at the national harbor. we're making it easy for you to keep tabs on everything happening at cpap, just keep track on our website at . officials confirming earlier this morning,
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numbers for the powerball jackpot were drawn in indiana. check your ticket. maybe one, too. 10-13-28-52-61 and a powerball of 2. still ahead, watch your step. the warning for runners after a trail is sabotage. new overnight, our first look at bao bao since she made china. move to
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jummy: newest morning, we are getting our first look at bao bao at her new home. this is video from the china conservation and research center for giant pandas. cubthree-year-old landed yesterday. after a 30-day incubation period , bao bao will join the china breeding program.
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pregnant and produce more pandas. larry: bao bao juniors. little bao baos. jummy: little bao bao! [laughter] veronica: maybe we will get another one here. larry: jummy is awake. [laughter] good morning to you on a thursday. we are looking at phenomenal temperatures. we are in the 50's. it is a record warm morning. we will have three days of 50 degrees. we have much-needed rain. with some of the rain, we could even have a couple rumbles of areas may haveme some strong thunderstorms moving through, the first part of the weekend. mild.orning, again, for later today, we will be moving into some temperatures that will be topping out around 70 degrees. the best rain chance up to the north and west. we will take a look at
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temperatures hour-by-hour coming up in a few minutes, guys. julie: all right. we are checking out the commute around town at this hour, as the volume continues to build, we are seeing delays. if you're traveled on new york avenue, all of the lanes are open. the volume isbut increasing as you work your way toward the 3rd street tunnel. back over to our maps, for those on the top side, outer loop, leaving colesville road out toward bethesda, a 15-minute ride. finally, 295 northbound, this morning's crash continues to block the right lane not malcolm x. avenue. stick to the right lane to get by. that is our traffic watch. we will be back in the next 10 minutes with another update on your writing heading into south east -- ride heading into southeast, jimmy. jummy: coming up, a glimpse into easy's trickiest --
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jummy: we have a -- larry: we have a preview. doug: "that's kidd: "la la land" -- how much is it oh the winners who came before it? i am coming up next. >> countdown to the red carpet.
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larry: breaking ball you were asleep, police arresting a man they say shot and killed someone in frederick. sam: details just coming in. the first 911 calls came into frederick police around 10:00 last night. when they arrived in the 400 block of west south street, they found 29-year-old zachary winter debt outside. -- dead outside. richard is in custody, caused with murder. an argument began outside and ended inside with haraday shooting winters in the chest.
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a random crime. that is the latest live from the live desk, i am sam sweeney. back to you guys. jummy: 24 protesters are under arrest in anaheim, california after a demonstrations turned violent. it was in response to an off-duty lapd officer confrontation with a teen on tuesday. that officer fired a shot, but no one was hit. they allegedly threw rocks at his home in spray-painted his garage. new mandatory evacuations are in place in california. residents are remaining out of their homes today out of concerns over potentially contaminated floodwaters. now, 14,000 people remain in mandatory evacuation zones. today, officials are concerned mainly over potential sewage, oil, and fuel that may have leaked in the floodwaters. larr
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bethesda, protesters plan to make their voices heard on a public hearing over what they say is an african-american burial ground. they tried to get the planning commission to delay today's hearing until an archaeological study is complete, but the hearing will go ahead as scheduled. a new development this morning -- a reminder to always watch your step if you are out for a morning run. police in north carolina are on the hunt for a person who set traps for runners. they say someone hammered more than 16 nails into branches and routes along a popular trail in asheville. at least one person was hurt. dayse spent at least two cleaning up the nails, and since they opened the part, they are still looking for a suspect. larryjummy: leaders in days d.c. are tapping the issue of making sure you get help in an emergency. a year ago, you will remember that private ambulances were brought
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call -- nonemergency calls. now, they are exploring giving nonemergency 911 calls to a nurse to explore the situation. >> some of these require a fire truck, some require them to pick you up and take you to urgent care or a fire's office -- doctors office. jummy: the average call has dropped from eight minutes, seven seconds to six minutes, 30 seconds. larry: seconds count. jummy: 6:20 now. three days until the oscars. larry: we are getting so close. kidd o'shea is digging into the contenders. right, guys. why is everyone so in love with "la la land"? that might have to do with all the respect it pays to old hollywood road. "la la
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most nominations with 14. it is no pointed and said if the sweetheart of the award season. like as and sounds a lot flashback to academy award nominees films of the 1940's, 1950's, and 1960's. the scene in "broadway melody," the scene a subtle salute to " sweet charity," and ryan gosling might look familiar to those fans of "singing in the rain." >> we cannot not give a little wink to it. jummy: that is mandy moore who choreographed all the great stuff in "la la land." i do not think it is a sure lock. before other films came out, so it had a lot more promotion.
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i think we could see "fences" or "hidden figures" win, maybe even lion. i would not think it is a sure lock for "la la land." sending me off to "la la land," in the now. veronica: and packing your umbrella. jummy: it is a -- larry: it is a mess out there. veronica: as kidd will tell you, they are preparing. around here, we are tracking a weather system that will come through on saturday. maybe some light showers for today north and west of d.c. the big story this morning as the fog in high temperatures. we are starting out in the 50's right now. we will get some sunshine, and that will help with the weston southwesterly wind. we will see temperatures in the 76ers drop off time for the kids, 72. pick up
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amazingly nice conditions throughout the day today for kids. they will have extended time at recess. 72 d.c. cooler locations annapolis where the numbers there will be in the lower 60's. 70 degrees saturday to 47 on sunday. we will get to windchill values in the mid to upper 30's on sunday and a cold start to monday morning with some wind left over you can see our rain chances will be going up also next week. julie: right now, we have got a little bit of fog. we were talking about that before we did weather and traffic a few moments ago. unfortunately, there is enough that keeps sky track 7 on the ground this morning. i do not think you will see major delays coming out of dulles, bwi, or national. it has been busy this morning, and the hits keep coming to the west. accident activity involving a
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juniper street. the highway closed in each direction until further notice. we're told the tractor-trailer caught fire. the fire has been extinguished, but lee highway is still shut down. john gonzalez is in mobile track seven, headed to the scene with an update to come shortly. right now, if you are at 95 out of safford, heavy volume pushing north out of stafford, and 18-minute commute heading up toward quantico. the best news at all -- northbound 295, the crash we had after malcolm x. avenue has completely cleared. that is our traffic watch. we will be back in the next 10 minutes. we will update your ride on the top stretch of the beltway ♪ ♪
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>> you are watching "good morning washington," on your side. now.: 6:25 there is a stunning development in the case of two teenage girls murdered in indiana. police have released a chilling recording that they believe could be the killer's voice. alex perez has the details in today's "gma" first look." alex: in today's "gma" first
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the voices chilling, and indian investigators believe it could help them track down whoever murdered 13-year-old abby williams and liberty german . that distinctive voice is the killer ordering the girls to move down a hill. the girls' bodies were discovered valentine's day at the end of a hill anin delphi. investigators are looking for this man. investigators revealing that audio and the image came from liberty's phone. and her last moments, she managed to hit record. investigators hoping her valiant effort to record her alleged killer will lead to a tip and an arrest. coming up at 7:00 a.m., nancy grace weighed in on the case. with your "gma" first look, i am alex perez, delphi, indiana.
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creating a cleaner environment by using cleaner energy sources like solar, wind and natural gas. we've reduced carbon emissions by nearly 25%, which is the equivalent of taking close to two million cars off the road. cleaner air and cleaner water. it's good for all of us. dominion. depend on us for more than energy. >> now, "good morning washington ," on your side. we begin with a breaking news alert. larry: that breaking is coming out of southeast d.c. jummy: a park police officer opening fire
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times is live with the latest. sam: that park police officer pulled over a guy's charger just this. 4:00 morning in southeast washington as the officer went to approach the car on foot, that is when the officer apparently -- the charger reversed and apparently slammed the officer's car. the charger's driver is on the run. the officer is expected to be ok. our q mccray is on the scene, gathering information. he will have an update for us in about 15 minutes. it has been a busy morning on the roads all morning long. john gonzalez just left the scene of one accident and is headed to another. johnny, what can you tell us? john: sam, you're right, it has been a busy morning for mobile track seven. just leaving the accident on mobil 295. here is what we know -- 18 wheeler in a car involved, one person transported. the 18 wheeler
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we are told. 29 will reopen. this is falls church, lee highway, and juniper street closed in both directions as the crash investigation continues and while the cleanup continues right now. julie wright, we are headed there. we should be there in about half an hour or so. until then, find us a detail. -- detour. julie: this is what we know, as you just mentioned, the tractor-trailer west of juniper street. lee highway is closed off at this time, but gallows road is available for you at, as well as arlington boulevard. as workaroundsh to avoid this incident west of the capital beltway. 295 nice and clear, but the delays continue as you travel from the beltway handing -- malcolm x.ard avenue. coming out of stafford heading northbound, continuing up toward
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open. wç21 minute commute northbound heading up toward quantico, and finally come out traffic land of the suitland parkway, looking pretty good heading up toward the freeway. that is our traffic watch. we will be back in the next 10 minutes. we are going to update your ride on the top side of the beltway. right now, we want to check in with veronica johnson. right?l lift soon, veronica: yeah come in the next two hours or so. west of d.c., frederick, leesburg, will be staying white in some of the low-lying areas east of culpeper, virginia. right now, we have got some patchy fog out there. again, it should be lifting in the next two hours. today, temperatures will warm very quickly. mid to upper 50's expected, some really no jacket required today. we forecasting a phenomenal high of 73 degrees.
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friday. and i would 70's, not be shocked at all if there is a neighborhood or two with 80 degrees tomorrow. , andis the windchill temperatures in the upper 20's coming away for sunday morning. we will have another look at the 10 day forecast coming up in a few minutes. larry: ok. jummy: 6:34 right now. no i, a fire breaking out at home started about 1:30 this morning on cassano road. the home is a total loss. good news here -- no one was hurt. larry: a montgomery county police officer has received the department's highest honor for stepping up. jeff hughes was on the scene when a deadly explosion occurred at an apartment building in silver spring. he was for on the scene, responding to residents still trapped inside. the fire was responsible for killing seven victims, and one was his clo
6:35 am
ok," and i saw his car, and i did not know what to tell her. "i am sorry." larry: for his bravery last night, hughes received the department's medal of valor honor. 35 right now, and we are taking you inside d.c.'s crazy new attraction. eileen whelan is stepping inside this art museum that is all about mirrors. this is crazy. eileen: this is unbelievable. the exhibit opens later on this morning, and it will be here through may 14. it is just incredible. we are so thankful that the harsher museum has invited "good morning washington" for a sneak peak. it is the infinity mirrors, and what is
6:36 am
infinity mirrors rooms in one place, and this is going to kickstart a north american tour, but it is happening right now. coming up in our 7:00 hour on "good morning washington," when we switch over to news channel 8, we are talking to a curator. it is very colorful. it is almost a little trippy -- everything is repetition, infinity, that is the theme here. the artist really unbelievable, --fering from melted illness mental illness, and she used this art as a way for her to kind of coat. this is something you are going to have to see to really experience and fall -- in full. tickets are free, but you have a free time to take it. you can go online to their website to find out more information, and we will be talking to a curator who will give us a lot more information coming up in our 7:00 hour on "good morning washington."
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i cannot wait for you all to experience. again, we will see you all coming up in a little bit. guys, back to you. jummy: eileen, thank you. we will see you on news channel 8. we have got talented artists here. the bus buddies program joined us this week, and we painted these garden gnomes at the capital garden show to benefit best buddies this weekend. eileen, autria and i, ike leggett, kids. you have the "good morning washington" panda gnome on the left and the stormwatch 7 gnome on the right. head to the garden show and bid on these because they will look cool for your yard and benefit a great cause. one local beach makes a list. coming up, want to soak up some sun the summer -- or even today? jummy:
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jummy: maybe the mountains are your thing -- don't worry. trip advisor is that with a list of the top 10 beaches in america, and most everything go one is in hawaii or florida, but the one other place that made the list is ocean city, maryland. it placed 10th on the list. fiestaber one beach was key in florida. veronica: eileen and i were onking about things to do friday, going for a long run, but the beaches might not be a bad location, coming up tomorrow before the storm's role in. mid 40's to low 50's with temperat
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d.c. high, forecasting 71 to 76. a stray shower mainly north and west of d.c. after 6:00 p.m. temperatures drop very quickly in the evening. the best chance between noon and 5:00 p.m. throughout the area on saturday. a look at the next couple of days, sunday, much cooler at 47 degrees. another chance of rain monday in the next wednesday. we will talk about how much rain we can get out of that system, julie, in a few minutes. julie: right now, as soon as the fog burns off, you will find lanes are open if you are traveling the beltway between annandale and maryville. tractor-trailer crash west of gallows road at lehigh way. lee highway at- juniper street, there is still an ongoing investigation. john gonzalez and mobile check seven heading to that incident.
6:43 am
lanes open, and for those on the top side, a slowdown to inner , a 14 minute commute coming in from st. barnabas road. that is our traffic watch. we will be back in the next 10 minutes, and we will update your ride on 270. larry: this morning, the drawing is over -- $435 million heading to a new home. the winning powerball numbers coming up. plus, a seven-year-old with a lot to say. his message for president trump. q: and the search is on right now for a suspect who try to run an officer over with a c
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yeah. we love low prices. no bones about it. [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant.
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extended bonus buys only at my giant.nt. >> you are watching "good morning washington," on your side. this morning, we are following breaking news in the this morning, we are following breaking news in the district. larry: a traffic stop leading to gunfire. q mccray is live with the latest. about scene cleared 15 minutes ago. a police involved shooting involving a u.s. park police officer happened right off this drive to our
6:47 am
listen, we were out here when the police officer involved in this shooting was taken away in an amulets. take a look at this video taken a little bit after 4:00 this morning. found out.t we the officer in the ambulance was pulling over a suspect during a routine traffic stop in the 1200 block of calvert street southeast when the officer was trying to exit his patrol car, that is when the suspect with her car in reverse, slamming the vehicle and hitting the officer, and then making their getaway. the officer then pulled out a gun and started firing. the officer is going to be ok. he hurt his leg. as for the suspect, they are still searching for them, even though he was noted in the d.c. area. take a listen. spottedlack charger was , but they were not able to catch up with him. it was spotted by mpd. it
6:48 am
incident, but that was it. q: when it comes to a description of the vehicle, we are talking about a black dodge charger. unfortunately, they were not able to get a plate number for it, but a black dodge charger. the officer involved in this will be ok. reporting live from anacostia, i am q mccray, "good morning washington." jummy: we are also looking for new clues in search for a missing teen. sam: brand-new information overnight -- michaela mckay went missing last friday. we first brought you the story yesterday as the search ramped up. is they say she left with this man, seen on your screen, who flew to the united states from estonia. she had reportedly been chatting with the man online. the fbi says she has diabetes and may not have her insulin tiered right now, we do not know the man from estonia, but
6:49 am
baltic state. there has been no reported sighting of the pair. as soon as we get information, we will be sure to pass it along. if you have information, police are asking you to contact them. jummy: also breaking overnight, alexandria police investigating a carjacking on south whiting street. they tell us a suspect went to a woman getting in her car, and he drove off with her silver rav4. jummy: transgender -- larry: transgender activists are not happy about a policy change with the trump administration. hundreds of people demonstrate outside of the white house. >> no hate, no fear, transgenders are welcome here. larry: they are upset that the administration revoked and obama-era mandate that told schools nationwide to protect bathroom access on the basis of gender identity. the negotiation says that will be
6:50 am
one, not even the government, can defeat a community so full of life, color, diversity, and most importantly, love. larry: the trumpet mr. schumer affirmed, "all schools must assured that all lgbt lgbtincluding students, are able to learn a drive." jummy: protests spreading across the country, and republican congressman are in the hot seat. questioningolks their representatives say they have real concerns about real issues. >> what are you doing? some town halls have been moved due to crowd size. some senators are leaving events early with a police escort, but others, like our representative tom cotton, are answering questions
6:51 am
for several hours, and some from our youngest constituents. >> i asked him about the wall and all the stuff that donald he was telling kids he would build a wall because he does not like mexicans. people like pbs kids. and the mexican wall -- people like mexicans. larry: the people in the crowded auditorium applauded young toby as he addressed congress. jummy: today is the first full day of cpap, and today is famousst bi has a bunch speakers -- vice president mike pence, secretary of education betsy devos, and steve bannon. we are making it easy for you to keep tabs on evident happening during cpap. cpac. check out our website, larry: sorry to say the winnin
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459 dollars jackpot. chances are you did not get one. the winning numbers were drawn in indiana. the number to look for -- 10-13-28-52-61 and a powerball of 2. kidd: i have not checked yet. fingers crossed. jummy: i forgot to buy. yeah, you have got to be in it to win it, and i am not in it. veronica: everybody wins with the weather today and officially tomorrow. may day, early a may around here. never turn your back on winter, that is what i say. it will get early -- ugly on monday. for today, short sleeves. yes, you can get by with it because temperatures start out at record highs for the morning, sunglasses for the afternoon as clouds break, and late today, clouds return.
6:53 am
umbrella handy. this morning, upper 50's for temperatures. upper 60's by lunchtime. lower to even mid-seventies around 3:00 today. 6:00, some clouds back with a chance of rain after 6:00. the best location for that will be north and west of d.c., so 270, 81, south out of hagerstown, maybe frederick, maryland seeing a light shower today. we have a better chance of rain coming our way for saturday. come early.ould right now, it looks as though i had to shorten the window on the weather front between 1:00 and 3:00 p.m. monday,er readings on below the average of 49 degrees. for happy hour tomorrow after such high temperatures, we will be dropping to the mid-60's. a lot of folks will be enjoying themselves, sitting outside friday evening. a good happy hour coming up.
6:54 am
will be a 1/4 of an inch. there may be ponding on the roadways friday afternoon. take your coat in the evening because we go from the 60's to the 40's by 9:00 p.m. julie: you and i are tack teaming on let's talk live today since kidd is leaving for l.a., and we are talking oscar flavored cocktails. it might be the perfect weekend to do that. who is your pal? west ofbeltway, 66, gallows road, juniper street, a crash involving an 18 wheeler, which at one point was on fire. the fire has been interesting wished. john gonzalez -- has been extinguished. john gonzalez and mobile struck seven on the scene. -- mobile trak 7 on the scene. southbound definitely slowing heading out toward powder mill road. lanes are open coming out of germantown toured a 30-minute commute
6:55 am
her that is our traffic watch. back within the next 10 minutes, we will update your ride on 95 in virginia. larry: "good morning washington" is taking you back in time. we are giving you a four pack of tickets to colonial williamsburg. the seventh color wins. -- caller wins. good luck. headinghea is two, where else, la la land. jummy: my question is -- are you really ready? kidd: kind of. i am getting ready. i have got my glam squad. we are about to leave d.c. and head out to los angeles. tomorrow morning at this time when you are watching "good morning washington," we will actually be live on the red carpet inwe are about to leave d head out to los hollywood wheres all going to take place on sunday. it is going to be busy, crazy. we will see all the stars and celebrities. my final makeup before i get in the car, thank you, kyle, very much.
6:56 am
you can follow us on social media, @abc7kidd. that is kidd with two d's. by. e. larry: and just like that, he is gone. kidd: i am going to be late. i'm going to miss my flight. jummy: he is always pushing it until the very last second! but there we go. his black limousine pulling off from wilson boulevard and on its way to reagan national. he will be landing at lax in approximately five hours from now and be ready for his coverage tomorrow morning. kidd, live in los angeles, for the oscars. jummy: he -- larry: he has all the people is welcome his glam squad. v.j., one more quick check of weather for this thursday. veronica: kidd thinks he is going out to l.a. where it is nice and warm, but on sunday, waking up to temperatures in the 50's.
6:57 am
70 for us today. our temperatures are going to be rising very quickly throughout the day. lunchtime forecast -- 67 degrees. my goodness, it is going to be one of those lunch breaks where you just want to hang out as long as you can, take that hour-long lunch break. 72 today, we are expecting a little bit in the way of rain, a few light showers after 6:00 p.m. today. nothing too heavy, mainly north and west of d.c. the better chance of rain coming up for the second half of the weekend. i will have more on that on news channel 8. larry: stay with us as we are done here on abc 7. to newswitch it over channel 8 right now for three
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♪ ♪
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good morning, america. protests break out overnight after the white house rolls back transgender bathroom rights. [ chanting ] >> reversing president obama's guidelines. now this morning jackie evancho, the 16-year-old whose voice soared at trump's inauguration calls for a meeting with the president to stand up for her transgender sister. both speaking out right here on "gma." fire and ice. those record highs from colorado to pennsylvania now heading to the northeast. temperatures nearing 90 degrees down south. people laying on the beach in february and boating in wisconsin. but now the heat making way for a dangerous storm as the upper midwest braces for a big blizzard. voice of a killer. chilling new audio of the man police say murdered those two


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