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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  February 24, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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caption content and accuracy. visit] >> identifying the wrong threat. homeland security has something to say about the president's controversial travel ban. >> we have late breaking details from tim at the white house. tim: the report says people from the seven countries the white house banned did not pose a major threat. however the department of homeland security says that eport is not complete yet. >> russell bowman's friend is abroad and though she's american, she's afraid of the travel ban. >> when it happened a few weeks ago, it compounded those fears. tim: a draft of a report says citizenship is an unlikely indicator of terrorism and few people from the seven countries listed in the travel ban have been a threat to the united states. >> i think it's ridiculous that those countries were targeted in the first place. tim: a homeland security spokesperson said this is not a
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comprehensive review. president trump says the temporary travel ban will protect americans and shows no signs of backing down. president trump: we are going to keep radical islamic terrorists the hell out of our country. tim: a federal judge says -- a federal judge blocked the travel ban but the white house says it's working on a new version now. reporting live from the white house, tim barber, abc news 7 news. >> this just in a step toward building president trump's promised border wall with mexico. the department of homeland security is asking for ideas for pro to types. it says it will try to award a contract by mid april. today at cpac, the president said the plan to build a wall is way ahead of schedule. jonathan. tonight the white house is defending its decision to exclude cnn, the "l.a. times" and politico from a bress brief, not a press conference but a bress briefing. other news
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including breitbart, were allowed in. they say they're relying on a pool report. michelle: new development tonight, tech giants fighting for transgendered people. apple, microsoft and paypal among the big names joining a legal effort to support transgender rights. the supreme court is about to take up the issue and will decide if they can prept students from using bathrooms that correspond -- correspond with their gender identity and not their sex at birth. e teen behind this case is gavin gwynn. >> to be singled out for something like using the bathroom is incredibly frustrating. michelle: coming up on monday, gavin in his own words. jonathan: emotions running high at a town hall in floe. we've been
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the national trends going on all week, meetings with republican congressmen that turn into heated confrontations, protests and tough questions this one was playing out in florida with a veteran taking the microphone. >> this is not why i served. i love our country so much. and i'm scared, congress han. i am so scared by this nationalist -- jonathan: this one had a unique ending. the congressman going out into the crowd to hug the veteran. the outcomes across the country have varied, with some lawmakers being escorted out every he, others staying to answer every question and staying for hours. michelle: developing now, piecing together what led to the gunfire that hit two police officers. we brought the scene last night as breaking news. now, 24 hours later, new footage, new patrols and new questions. tom bradlee is lye with more.
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tom? tom: thees officers were shot right -- these officers were shot right behind me. one is out of the hospital but the prognosis for both is excellent, thankfully. here in trinidad a much quieter night. we're see manager police an they've put up cameras near where the shooting happened. a friday night of increased police patrols and streets far calmer than thursday. >> it was a bad scene. very, very sad time. tom. gunshottings had already been heard in trinidad earlier thursday night. neighbors describe hearing about 20 more in this confrontation between police and the suspect. >> this whole street was blocked off. nothing but police. tom: residents say thursday highlighted a problem they've been seeing far too much of. >> monday night, just across the street where we're stand, we had a shooting. and not a single news operation showed up.
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tom: police say the two officers shot thursday nigh were in the neighborhood trying to find out who fired the earlier shots. they tried to stop 47-year-old timothy williams. police say he ran, was caught, then there was a struggle, then they believe shots were fired by one officer as well as williams. who they believe used this gun. video on twitter appears to show williams on the ground when he is shot. the police chief says it appears a lot happened before the video starts. >> i can tell you that i have reviewed the body-worn camera video, which is a lot more comprehensive. tom: as for williams, the suspect who died, we talked to a man who identified himself as a family member today. he was visibly upset and didn't want to say much. however , he did say he wants the body camera video to be released as well. reporting live in trinidad in northeast, i'm tom
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jonathan: a mother accused of shooting a teenage son to death, possibly after a fight about a video game. police are saying chase told her son, stop playing the video game and do your homework. the fight escalated, got physical and ened with gunfire. michelle: an active investigation after a body was found in the potomac. the body was found off purple beach off great falls. the person has not been identified, we'll keep you posted. jonathan: happening now, an investigation into this wild scene in new jersey. a little dark here in the video. take a close look. that's a helicopter or what's left of it. it crash landed at an apartment building. only two people stuffering minor injuries as a result of this the chopper's tail hit a garage and it landed in the parking lot. >> after a warm day with temperatures into the 70's, now we're watching a cold front moving across ohio, getting ready to move our way in the da
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start off on a mile note. temperatures in the 50's. quickly rebounding to close to 70 degrees. but then that cold front during the mid day hours, that's going to trigger shower, even some thunderstorms. i'll track the front for you hour by hour, plus windchill factors. sunday morning, parts of the area in the teens and 20's. more on that coming up in just a few minutes. michelle. michelle: d.c. crews battling a big brush fire tonight. this is in an area deep in the woods near 42nd and e street northeast. the good news tonight, most of the fire is out but crews worked into the night taking care of hot shots and dead trees. there are no reported injuries. jonathan: a must-see story out of wisconsin. a woman targeted by armed robbers who said they were sorry. michelle. the whole thing was caught on tape. >> i have never heard anybody say god bless you after they pull a gun on you. michelle: she pulled up next to her ga
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two attackers snuck up on her. >> no, get out! i just had surgery, i don't have any money. >> sorry, god bless you. jonathan: she thought they were going to kill her, she was shocked when they apologized. a victory in bill diseaseby's legal battle. only one additional accuser will be allowed to testify at his sexual assault trial. prosecutors wanted to allow 13 people to speak. he's been accused of multiple assault bus is charged in only one. michelle: the oscars are this sunday night on abc 7. kid o'shea is live in hollywood. you talked to jimmy kimmel, how is he feeling about this big show? >> he is feeling great. let me show you what's happening right now here on the red carpet as final preparations are being put on
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lesley here is they are laying down the gold tape here on the steps. jiminy -- jimmy kimmel is ready for the big show. >> i've seen every one of the nominated movies. >> he wouldn't share his pick for best picture. >> i don't know if it's appropriate for me to say what my favorite was. >> but he said say he's nervous about taking the stage on sunday night. >> any situation with 30 million people are watching, i think you have to be nuts not to be nervous. >> unlike in the past when all the acting nominees are white this year seven of the actor nominees are minorities. including viola davis for best supporting actress in "fences." viola told me she's critical of all her performances. >> you can watch a performance that somebody says, that was exceptional and you'll still find something wrong with it. >> absolutely. >> have you ever
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something and said, hey, that's pretty darn good. >> for moments that i say, oh, ok, i like that. but never a perfect performance. no. >> of course "lambings a la land" is the thiving town with 14 nominations, including a nod for best director. >> shooting it was exhilarating. i've been trying to shoot it for six years by the time we tarted -- started. if nothing else happens, just getting to make this was awesome. >> and emma stone's for best actress. >> did you have any idea it would turn out like it it did? >> i had every hope in the world it would. but who knows what could happen. >> this evening the final resenters are out, taraji p. henson, meryl streep, vince vaughn just to name a few. as you can see, oscar still covered up. that will all change by sunday.
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jonathan: thanks very much have a good time out there. making dreams come true on national television. michelle: "shark tank" is celebrating $100 million in deals and a couple of local guys are part of
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michelle: abc's hit show "shark tank" is celebrating $100 million of deals from eight seasons on the air. jonathan: did you know one of those success stories is here in our backyard and it's a tasty one too. tim has the story you'll only see on 7. >> they struggled starting their barbecue business. until they struck this deal on "shark tank." >> $50,000 for 50% of the business. >> we'd love to accept your offer. >> eight years later, pork barrel barbecue is cashing in big. >> the american dream is obviously still attainable. >> before "shark tank" they had sauces in nine stores. now they're in roughly 25,000. >> there it is.
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>> in 2011 they opened a restaurant in alexander. >> "shark tank" has been a tool that allows us to go into buyer meetings. >> they're sell -- "shark tank" is make celebrating $100 million in deals. this d.c. man tried to sell a valet parking app, another brought them a necktie straightener. >> join the in -- join me in straightening america's tie. >> they believe pork barrel would have done well without the sharks buts not as well as with them. >> it's amazing the doors that opened for pork barrel barbecue. michelle: we are getting ready for season 24 of "dancing with the stars" but two beloved pros reportedly won't be back. "people" magazine is reporting that derek huff and tony duvallani won't be part of the cast this
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other projects. >> i can't believe it's been around that many years. happening now -- happening now, an investigation into cryptic fwra tee ta that includes the message jackie shot j.f.k., it mentions certain types of cancers and has a conspiracy thing going on. it's been found most recently on a sign at mount vernon trail, and on several memorials on the national mall. 9/11 boston they've found it. investigators aren't sure if it's all being done by the same person. michelle: the clarne don shamrock crawl is off this year. businesses and neighbors complained about dunken people and parking issues. the d.c. bar crawl will be held this year. the tooth fairy is more generous than ever. according to a new survey, the average payout is at an all-time high of $4.66. that is a 75 cent increase from 2015.
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kids. you see, when the tooth fairy is generous, historically that's a good indicator of how well the economy is doing. jonathan: i always thought that stuff was private. we have a consumer alert about a department store chain. j.c. penney is closing many of their stores and distribution centers. they'll announce next month which stores will close. we don't know how many jobs will be lost as a result of this. a bizarre find for a man from d.c. wildlife officials in wyoming said he caused a stampede. official says some 1,500 elks gathering around when david smart launched his drone. small drone went up, that was it. the machine startled the animals, causing them to stampede through three feet of snow. he was issued a ticket with a $280 fine. don't play with drones around elk. a pleasant
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you walk outside today it was unbelievable. michelle: i was talking about that summer like temperature in february. but you know, it is bringing about some questions. one, are we going to see more bugs this year? short answer, yes. we checked with an entomologist who told us more insects will survive the mild winter and will be out in full force this spring. jonathan: believe it or not, we're talking about cherry blossoms as well. cherry trees are at green bud stage. that's the first of six phases that ends in peak bloom. we're going to figure out the estimated date of peak bloom. that will happen as early as next wednesday. >> not only the cherly ry blossoms ahead of ski jowl but also a lot of tree pollen out there. if you offer from aler j es you probably already felt it. scratchy eyes, sneezing, blame sea car, cypress and june fer. the rain tomorrow should help a little bit. look at the
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degrees. one degree shy of the record high set back in 1985 of 78 degrees. temperature this is hour well into the 60's. 64 at leesburg, same at warrenton. 5 in quantico. as i show you our temperature the wider view, you can already see where the cold front has moved on through. detroit now at 58. in the 30's in chicago. nmings in the 40's. a great indication of what's on the way for the day tomorrow. here's the cold front stretching thru central ohio, through kentucky. it moves our way during the overnight hours and should arrive here mid day tomorrow afternoon. it's going to trigger a thunderstorm, gust -- trigger thunderstorms, gusty winds, not going to last terribly long. no problems out there right now. it's dry. this is our future cast. hour by hour as they must've through saturday by about 1:00, 2:00 in the afternoon. right over the d.c. metro, montgomery county, that's going to move off toward the east and then as we head through that
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will start to pick up and that means temperatures will fall and winds will pick up and windchill factors will decrease. we're going to look for a cold night tomorrow night followed by a cold wakeup sunday morning. highs tomorrow should make it to the lower 70's. this is your windchill outlook. 9:00 tomorrow night. feels like the 40's. the 30's off to the west of us. waking up sunday morning. look at el kins, west virginia. feels like temperatures only in the teens and we'll be in the 20's here but those winds will settle down just ate ll -- just a little bit as we head through the day on sunday. windchill factors will rise. let's talk about that. 10-day outlook for you. the weekend is here and better weather is on the way. daytime highs tomorrow lower 70's. colder windchill factors. don't forget the oscars here on abc 7 on sunday night. upper 50's on monday. middle 60's on tuesday. near 70 on wednesday. and for the rest of the
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we will be in the 50's and into the following weekend. always a good time to download your storm watch 7 weather app, stay ahead of the tomorrow. we'll keep you updated here on abc 7 and as always on michelle: all right, steve, thank you. you can train your pets but maybe now even some wild animals and bugs. jonathan: can you trinh a bug? scientists say they trained a bee to play soccer rm this is video you've got to see. we've got it coming up next. (vo) what if this didn't have to happen? i didn't see it. (vo) what if we could go back? what if our car...
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michelle: this is incredible. bees playing soccer. the bugs are smarter than you think. a research for the london taught them how to roll a ball forward to a specific place. to help them learn, they were rewarded with a treat, sugar water. the study is published in the journal "science" and may hold the key to training unexpected animals and insects. jonathan: that's wild. you can go with the bees but don't work on the husbands. >> that would be a good feature story, but i don't know if they'd be good at getting interviewed. we're talking some hockey. caps. they're on fire. home sweet home. finally had a game at verizon center. wizards try to pick up right where they left off before the all-star break. find out if the wiz pick up a road win in philly. sports is next stay with us.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealer. >> it's been eight days since the wizards have played an nba game. before the all-star break, they were one of the hottest teams in the league. tonight the wizards tipped off the second half of the season against the sixers. it also marked the debut of trade
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bogdanovich. he wasn't much of a factor, though, in this one. but this man was. john wall, driving baseline, then throws down the dunk. 29 for walls tonight. this was not washington's night. they never looked in sync. the alley-oop pass to rashaun holmes. this was pretty. sixers take care of the wiz 120-112. on the ice, the caps hosting edmonton. first period. orfic leads it for wilson. that puts the caps up 1-0. tied at 1-1 in the third. beagle fights for and sends it back to justin williams. blink and you miss it here. the one-timer puts the caps on top. washington wins their 13th straight at home, 2-1 the final. here's something you don't see every day, my friends. second round of the honda classic. sean stephanie decides to hit his ball out of the hazard in his underwear he got the ball out, went on to make
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five. whatever works, right? the maryland men's basketball team back in action tomorrow night hosting iowa. the terps desperately need a win in this one. before the game, the 2001 final four and 2002 national championship team will be honored. some golf shot, huh guys? michelle: yeah, i'd say. jonathan: that's awesome. >> and he bogeyed.
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y29kuy ysty michelle: steve is back. the weekend is in view. steve: at least it's the weekend. that's what we're going to start off. with it's the weekend. tomorrow morning is going to be mild. if you have anywhere to go in the morning hours, the farmer's market or going to exercise a quick round of golf, you'll be fine. mid day into the afternoon hours, that's when the strong cold front comes on threw. voters be -- comes on through.
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boaters be especially careful this front will come through quickly. gusty winds, brief, heavy downpours. jonathan: sunday we'll be here for the oscars. in the meantime, jimmy kimmel is next. yeah. we love low prices. no bones about it. [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant.
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yo, chris, chris, chris! how do you think it went? what did you think of j-law's dress? which white people did you go after, bro? >> chris, over here, talk to us! >> jimmy, jimmy kimmel, what are you doing out here? >> jimmy: my mom got me this camera, i figured i'd get a few shots. >> don't you have the "after the oscars" special tonight? >> jimmy: yeah, but -- did you get a gift basket? what was in that gift basket? can i get some of that nourishing lotion? can i get some of those soaps? yo, chris. did leta rock it tonight? chris, who are you wearing? chris! i didn't find out who you're wearing! i need to know who you're wearing!


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