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tv   Right Side With Armstrong Williams  ABC  February 27, 2017 2:07am-2:28am EST

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jennifer lopez dropped by the ellen show today telling ellen age ain't nothing but a number. >> if somebody is older they're older or younger they're younger, it doesn't matter. if i'm attracted to them or not. their spirit, their soul, whatever. >> their body, whatever. >> yes. >> she also played who would you rather? >> i could do either. probably a couple of years ago i would have said zac efron but today i'll say harry styles. >> i know lenny. i'd go with lenny over harry. >> really? >> who would you go? >> there's not even a question, lenny is my number
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every day. >> i didn't even ask the question. >> j.lo's hit sho angie martine sneak peek. >> every timeal choice i chose wrong. >> j.lo is back for an intense all new season of her hit nbc cop drama shades of blue. >> i couldn't let everyone go down. >> inviting extra on set for an exclusive interview with her old friend and our special correspondent angie martinez. >> i interrupted you from your process. >> my process, my actor's process, all right? i'm a serious actor. >> things are getting very serious for her character, detective harley santos. season two starts moments after she killed her baby daddy in self-defense. >> it ended with a bang and starts off with a slow crazy bang. >> jennifer and ex-husband marc anthony igniting fireworks with their first on stage reunion in five years at h
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concert. >> how did that feel? >> it was good. we were talinking dropping a beauty bombshell about going mo pretty? >> no. >> no i don't. >> why? >> i think she is sexy. i think there's a tough sexiness to her but i don't feel like pretty. >> not glamed out. >> i'm not glamed out. >> and leave it to angie to get her to confess this. >> are you a cursor in real life? >> yeah. >> why don't i know that about you? >> because i know how to act in public. >> back as the tough talking detective when season two premieres sunday march 5th on nbc. >> jimmy kimmel sat down to talk about hosting the oscars this sunday and his nemesis
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damon will be part of the show. >> are we going to see matt doff and i imagine this will be the same for this. >> i really hope he does the mean tweets too. that will be great. it's all going down this sunday at the 89th annual academy awards. >> i thought she just won out an a cool assignment. >> there were security guards everywhere. i wanted to walk out with them but i did get a preview of what we can expect to see with some of your favorite stars this weekend. >> this turns into a runway in four days. hollywood's biggest stars, the world's biggest fashion show. >> there's a lot of color. >> the glitz, the glamour and gown and every diamond detail. >> that's the best part of the show. >> mingling with la la lands oscar nominated costume designer at the
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awards breaking down what we're reing to see sunday night. on lot of people. >> was that a hint? >> no. i'm not telling you. >> and sure you can answer who are you wearing but the real question, how much bling did you bring? >> we're just a couple of days away from the biggest event in hollywood. the oscars. >> the biggest event in hollywood is also the biggest event in diamonds. think big diamonds and lots of them. >> what are the trends you think we'll see? >> a lot of choker necklaces. >> i have a dress picked out. a strapless dress. >> statement necklace depending on the neckline and big cocktail ring. >> the more the better. >> i'm not the only fan. >> brie larson just wore a pair of black labeled studs to the
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janelle wore the ear climber trend. gorgeous wrap around diamond cuff. >> get ready because you're going to fashion heaven sunday night on abc. >> we're back again at extra's pop up shop for extra exclusive deal with our host. what do you have for us today? >> you heard about the wonders of argan oil. it's all the rage and for good reason because it increases shine in your hair. it turns it into this deep penetrating protective vapor while it straightens your hair. these are $400 but it's yours for $49. this jewelry collection is so perfect to glam up with for fun. you can choose between 4 and 16 carat earrings a tennis bracelet or solitary necklace in gold, silver or rose. these are normally 115 to $250 but it's just 19
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i love the ear $120 in stores but you can get them for just $35. t exclusives. >> tom hiddleston takes on the 007 speculation. >> then hugh jackman's new cancer scare. treated for the 6th time just before releasing his ninth wolverine movie. >> we have been with each other every step of the way. >> and assault on star wars star daisy ridley for the last jedi.
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>> that's coming up.
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all right. now if you're going to make a movie with a $200 million budge you're going to want a big star to help bring in the box office, right? >> yes they don't get any bigger than kong. renee is with the cast now. >> hollywood's oscar winning it girl and red hot golden globe winner tom hiddleston teaming up and taking on one of the greatest movie
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time. king kong is back, bigger and badder than ever.0 million epic kong, skull island. >> it's different than the intimate drama. >> she got a raw deal. she gets banged around a lot. >> climbing. >> you looked amazing so you're obviously in good shape. >> when your whole day is running and climbing on stuff it's very easy to stay. >> romanticism. >> he is extraordinary at free running. >> you take his agility. >> he's on the list to play james bond if daniel craig doesn't return. >> it's peculation. >> would you like to be bond? >> no idea. >> come on. >> no one has asked me. >> brie asking
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to be her oscar date on sunday. >> i know you're t returning now? >> you get to cheer everybody on and enjoy yourself. >> and the return of the giant ape when it hits theaters march 10th. >> all right we're still 292 days away from the release of the last jedi but that isn't stopping josh gaad from bombarding the star wars star with questions about the top secret sequel. >> what do we really know about star wars episode 8? aside from the returning cast and the newly announced title the last jedi, that's pretty much it. well for weeks josh has been pestering his co-star to reveal, well, anything about the last
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her. but josh surprised daisy with an a-list ambush pelting her with questions. >> how many musical numbers are there? >> do the heels of your boost ever get stuck in the grates in the my len yum falcons. >> i'm in guard yans of the galaxy. >> does luke say any lines in episode 8. >> she didn't crack. strong with the force daisy is. here's your first look of the cast of the hans solo stand alone film this week. the crew all huddled in the cockpit of the falcon. the as yet untitled flick blasts into theaters. yes there's another cast photo breaking the internet this week. here they are
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them become to wait until june for the 7th season of game of throlive concert experience tou the u.s. and canada. the massive spectacle features a moving set and you might get to snap a selfie in a certain iron throne. >> came to a nasty end on game of thrones but there's new life for the most despised villain. he is joining the marvel tv universe next fall. he'll play the charming, roguish and dangerous one after his brother's crown and that concludes this weekend's nerd
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alert. >> all right. now this will be a trip. let's jump into the graduated t >> high school. >> american beauty won best picture at the oscars. the first season of survivor premieres on american tv and a little known australian actor named hugh jackman went against his wife's advice and took on the role that changed his life forever. >> and now talking about that decision right as he goes public about another health care. new photo after revealing his cancer scare to his over 40 million twitter followers. hugh going public with the news hours after his sit down interview with me about his final turn as wolverine. >> i am not whatever it is you think i am. >> we have been with each other every
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>> and with hugh from day one of the first film in 2,000 first introduced us to. now as he gets ready to shred the box office for the 9th time as wolverine. >> not okay. >> it's hard to believe your wife didn't want you to take this role. >> she did not. >> 17 years ago. >> she was reading the script and it's like wolverine senses danger, his nostrils flare and claws come out of his hands. she said this is ridiculous. she said you're on your own. >> wolverine is trying to retire from the superhero biz and hide out with professor x. hugh making it clear this is the last time he'll play the character. >> this is the last one. i
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>> logan innext, oscar nominee l washington receives his latest honor, so why is he asking this. >> does that mean i'm old? >> she can handle any scandal but is she ready to handle this guy? >> i am very turned on right now. >> kerry washington opens up to extra about the big rumor she joining the cast of ryan reynolds dead pool sequel. >> you have to get the right person for whatever role. >> then catherine heigle revealing how awkward it was shooting love scenes while she was pregnant. >> you have a big basketball between you and it's not his baby. >> that's next.
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they're the odds on favorites going into sunday's oscars. they picked up plenty of hardware and denzel just received another big honor. >> denzel washington, viola davis backstage with us. >> i say thank you from
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>> after the on stage recognitio>> say it. >> lifetime achievement. >> mother used to say when i was a kid boy the older you get, the older you get. >> what was it like getting this honor? >> the two and the hit movie fences up for oscars this weekend. >> you got your dress picked out? >> yes. >> you got your tux picked out? >> i got my tux on. >> this whole acting thing is working out for you guys but if it hadn't was there a plan b. >> i always work with children. i worked for the boys and girls club, ymca, i'll probably be doing something. >> did you study political science and journalism as well? what about
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>> terrence howard revealing his plan school for chemical engineering so my plan b is still plan b. >> the empire star honored with the excellence in the arts a ward. >> i'm so honored that you have even considered my body of work deserves any kind of recognition. >> opening up about what is in store on his hit fox show. >> are they ever going to work it out? are we ever going to see a -- >> not if we want to stay on the air. >> i heard eva longoria is joining the team. >> what is her character? >> she's commissioner. i want to keep my job. >> all right. well, variety is reporting that late night host jimmy kimmel is pondering retirement when his current contract ends in 2019. >> telling variety my wife is pregnant and at a certain point i'd like more free
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i have very little free time as it is. >> we'll see but right now kerry washington is about to celebrate a big tv milestone this season and she is giving a lot of credit to the writers. >> in a sexy black dress and leather corset the always stunning kerry washington looking fabulous in a 50 shades kind of way at the writer guild awards. >> writers are everything in this business. >> and opening up to extra about the big rumors she has been written in the sequel to ryan reynolds mega hit deadpool. >> i'm turned on right now. >> of course i would but you have to get the right person for whatever role. >> also breaking news about scandal's 100th episode. >> what the writers have planned is an extraordinary idea. i was floored and the table read was pretty amazing. >> an amazing night for hollywood writers with stars like chelsea handler and james wood, william h. macy and patton oswald coming out to pay tribute to this event that's been a good prekick to
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oscar sunday. moonlight winning best original screen play and nocturnal animals film maker tom ford revealing his oscar pick. >> i hope michael shannon wins. he's nominated for my film. >> kerry playing coy about her oscar picks. >> i'm routing for everyone. i hope everyone goes home feeling a winner. >> but with two young kids kerry is planning a quite night watching the show. >> probably at home. >> which is also where mr. macy will be. >> can't be at the oscars then sit at home with all your pals and make fun of everyone at the oscars. that's what we do. >> sunday night on abc. >> well, if you follow catherine on social media you'll see lots of sweet shots like these of her beautiful and growing family. >> yes, catherine is returning to tv in any new series and she is telling renee more babies could be in her future. just don't tell her husband quite yet. >> we're talking about her new show and her latest addition to her family. >> she just had
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three. >> you look incredible. >> thank you. >> how is the baby? >> he's fantastic. he's so delicious. >> her body back just two months after saying hello to joshua bishop kelly jr. >> i was pretty nervous about it because as an actor you have bounce back and there's this pressure. >> do you feel like you're done now? >> personally no but i think josh, that might be a negotiation in a few years. we'll see. >> on her drama doubt catherine is a lawyer that falls for a client that maybe guilty of a brutal crime. >> it matters to me what you think. >> your character gets herself into a messy situation. that's got to be fun though. >> it is so juicy to get to play that kind of dysfunction. >> but love scenes like this. >> so awkward. >> steven was so supportive. he was like i think it's sexy. i love a pregnant woman. i was like you're being so nice. it's hard to find that moment sexy when you have a big basketball between you and it's not his baby. >> catherine delivers the
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on doubt wednesday on cbs. >> coming up, the wild extra take over. >> west side guys. >> then -- >> renee's off the rails interview with the ladies of the talk. what do they really think about the sports illustrated cover girl. >> sports illustrated. >> that's coming up.


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