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tv   World News Now  ABC  February 28, 2017 3:30am-4:00am EST

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this morning on "world news now," the final frontier. spacex has unveiled plans to send humans into deep space for the first time in decades. and they're not astronauts. they're tourists. soy what could this mean for human exploration and the survival of our species? we'll have the full story just ahead. we're following breaking news out of southern california this morning. look at this. that fireball is the result of a plane slamming into a neighborhood. that family that was on board returning from disneyland. we'll have the latest from the scene. and new this half hour, what really caused that whole embarrassing mix-up at the oscars? >> so the show's host jimmy kimmel, of course, returning to his own late night show and gave up the goods. we'll have the details. later in "the skinny," the triumphant trio of bachelo
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who made the final cut about the season's coming down to the wire. everybody is already second guessing nick's decision. we all know only one woman can have his heart for eternity or or at least until next week. our analyst is fired up this morning on this tuesday, february 28th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." i don't know where to begin. do we begin with like the bachelor and hoping to send off all four of them to space or -- >> that would be a good reality show. >> that would be. or do i say you can test out this whole elon musk thing first. >> that's my motto. you go first. >> you go first. >> i'm right behind you, buddy. >> really, a huge declaration by elon plusk. >> it would be the first time someone is on the moon. 56 years. so the founder of spacex the private company, they've been shuttling supplies to the international space station for
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now they're laying out plans to fly two private citizens on a mission around the moon by late next year. >> so pretty soon. >> yeah. >> the week-long journey would travel deeper into space than any human has ever ventured before. >> he's launched rockets, landing the reusable first stage on land and on an ocean barge. so when asked by two people can we fly to the moon, elon musk said yes. despite the fact that last year and the year before, his company spacex spectacularly lost two rockets, would you ride to the moon? >> i think they are entering this with their eyes open knowing there is some risk here. they're certainly not naive. >> the plan to launch the two people in 18 months on a slingshot journey past the moon and then back to earth, the first deep space travel in nearly 50 years. the two citizen astronauts getting the view the apollo astronauts got of the moon.
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$200 million. and musk says this won't be the only flight. >> i don't know. >> well, not only did they find two people that want to do this, those two people approached the company and they are paying for the trip but they haven't revealed who they are. >> he says they know the risk. is that a really, really expensive funeral for them? >> or the story of a lifetime. >> that indeed. you know, it's been since 1972 since we've been that deep into space. >> so cool. >> if there's anybody who can do it, we're all believers in elon musk. look at that. they can land a rocket back on earth in the middle of the ocean. >> between tesla and spacex, he's already accomplished so many things everyone said would be impossible. here's one more. we hope that first flight works out according to plan. >> i knew he could do big things when he got me to pay my bills on paypal. >> saved my life. as president trump prepares to address congress and the country to
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back against claims that his campaign staffers were coordinating with russia. >> it the republican chairman of the house intelligence committee looking into the allegations says so far he's heard no evidence that anyone from the trump campaign was in contact with the russians. but the leading democrat on the committee says it was premature to reach any conclusions. here's abc's jonathan karl. >> reporter: the white house firmly rejected calls for a special prosecutor to investigate russian influence into the presidential campaign. >> should there be a special prosecutor? darrell issa has called for a special prosecutor to look into this. >> and i guess my question would be a special prosecutor for what? >> to look into the whole russia connection. the whole russia influence on the campaign. >> we have now for six months heard story after story come out about unnamed sources saying the same thing over and over again. and nothing's come of it. >> reporter: but now a prominent house republican is calling for an independent investigation saying attorney general jeff sessions shouldn't be involved because of the prominent role he played in the trump campaign.
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friend of mine, jeff sessions, who was on the campaign and who was an appointee. you're going to need to use the special prosecutor's statute in office. >> reporter: but the white house insisted there is nothing left to investigate, even though key questions remain unanswered. >> do you now categorically deny there were no contacts between the russians and anybody on the campaign? >> i can't deny -- i can't -- i guess my question is -- i'm not -- right. i'm not -- >> that's what the investigation would look at. >> right, and i guess my point is is that you've had the intelligence community look at russia's involvement in the election. you had the house and the senate both do the same. and so, what i'm trying to ascertain is at what point -- how many people have to say that there's nothing there before you realize there's nothing there? >> reporter: but the fbi is still investigating and the house and senate intelligence committees have only just begun to investigate russian interference in the campaign. >> we have, i think, reached no conclusion, nor could we in terms of issues of collusion because we haven't called in a single witness or reviewed a single document.
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>> white house press secretary sean spicer would not confirm or deny a report that he called the cia director and asked him to knock down a story about russian contacts with the trump campaign. but when i asked spicer directly about this, he said that there is nothing wrong with asking "subject matter experts to correct an inaccurate story." >> jonathan karl, abc news, the white house. >> meanwhile, the pentagon is wo ing to confirm reports from syria about a deadly u.s. drone strike. word is that a top al qaeda official was killed sunday in an attack in northwestern syria. he was a son-in-law of osama bin laden and linked to the 1998 bombings of two u.s. embassies in africa which killed more than 200 people. this morning here at home, at least three people have been killed and two others injured in the crash of a small plane into a neighborhood in southern california. take a look at this video here. u'll see the cessna 310 slamming into two homes shortly after takeoff.
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from the river side municipal airport, roughly 60 miles east of los angeles. it destroyed both of those houses and damaged a third. roughly 60 miles east of los angeles. it destroyed both houses and damaged a third. it's not known which victims were on the plane and which were in the homes. authorities say the cessna's occupants were a husband, wife and three agers returning to san jose after a weekend cheerleading conference at disneyland. we're going to continue to stay on top of this breaking news story. but also breaking overnight, scary moments in the skies for 154 passengers and crew. they were heading from san diego to check. american airlines flight 1296 see it there, mead an emergency landing in denver due to strong turbulence. five people were injured but the boeing 737 landed without incident. the plane was checked out, then continued on to chicago where it landed early this morning. >> also this morning, illinois authorities are trying to find an accused killer set free by mistake. garrick glover is wanted in a 2012 murder in chicago. he was charged in that case two years ago.
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friday, glover was also convicted on a separate armed robbery charge. he was released after officials determined he had been in custody long enough, but only in that case. >> japanese automakers takata has pleaded guilty to fraud and agreed to $1 billion in penalties. the company admitted to conceal agair bag defect blamed for at least 11 deaths in the u.s. alone. law makes for the plaintiffs now say ford, honda, toyota and nissan knew for years that the air bags were dangerous but continued to use them to try to save money. and this, well, that was the scene on an interstate in new orleans. a driver taking video as several of the city's famous mardi gras floats were being pulled into the city. >> that's awesome. >> today, of course, is mardi gras's fat tuesday. eight parades are set to roll through the big easy as everyone gets in one last party before ash wednesday tomorrow and the start of
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>> everyone's hoping for a traffic jam so they can get out and start appearing on the floats. >> get their beads out and get it on. coming up, we are getting to the bottom of last night's oscar mix-up. the new evidence of a backstage distraction. jimmy kimmel reveals what was going through his head. during the confusion. >> plus his sidekick gee a mo shows us what he was doing on oscar night. that's coming up later on the "skinny." >> but first, a look at today's forecast. >> announcer: "world news now" weather, brought to you by clearasil rapid action. clearasil rapid action. working fast begins for clearly visible results in as little as 12 hours. wow! but what other teen problems can it fix fast? maybe it can quickly give this teen a thicker mustache? doesn't look like it. will clearasil act fast to help this teen concentrate on his math test? darn. can it help...
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so this video comes from poland
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shows why you don't do that. >> so those railroad crossing arms were actually down but you see the driver goes past the barrier. the train clips the back of the car. the whole thing goes into a spin. here's the thing, it's not clear why the driver went through the gates. reports are coming out that the driver was sober and he is now in serious condition. >> you would think he would see it. it's off to his left. >> the car is pretty low. so maybe he just wasn't paying attention and just drove right under it. >> speaking of train wrecks, we're getting a better understanding of that one that we call the oscars. >> that's going to win segue of the week right there. >> yeah. >> the accounting firm responsible for the winner's envelope says that staffers didn't act quickly enough to correct the error that led to the fiasco. pwc is taking full responsibility for warren beatty and faye dunaway being handed the wrong envelope before announcing the oscar for best picture. >> so this now deleted tweet
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backstage was sent by pwc's brian cullinan just before the best picture announcement. that is raising questions about whether he was distracted from his official duties of handing out the envelopes on his show last night, oscar host jimmy kimmel shedding some light on what we didn't see. >> and i'm now sitting in the audience watching these speeches. the plan is for me to end the show from the audience in a seat next to matt damon. but we're sitting there and we notice some commotion going on and matt says i think i heard the stage manager say they got the winner wrong stage manager's on. the stage manager is never on camera. it's very unusual. we're sitting there. you kind of figure, well, you know, the host will go on stage and clear this up. then i remember, oh, i'm the host. >> kimmel's show also started with some mock surveillance video. we can see his security guard, quote security
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rodriguez eating in the back there. he wipes his mouth on an envelope. and tosses it away. that starts the confusion. guillermo takes down more tequila. >> the stage managers rush onto the stage. >> that's when we knew something was wrong when you saw the stage manager on stage because that never actually happens. oh, hey, mark. it's our stage manager. >> more of your diva treatment. >> he ignores me for the 90 minutes that we're here. >> we've got the right scripts now. it turns out we are out of time. >> we have power. >> we've got to move on. >> exactly, thanks, mark. when we come back, guillermo takes to the red carpet to embarrass the "a" listers. >> and it could finally be time for the fantasy suites. our chief senior "bachelor" analyst joins us for "the skinny" next. >> what goes on in the fantasy suite? >> they have tea and crumpets. suite. >> they have tea and crump pets. maybe it can quickly give this teen a thicker mustache?
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>> skinny time. we are getting down to the nitty gritty on abc's "the bachelor." >> let's pull in our chief global executive senior bachelor analyst contributor jack sheehan sheahan. >> that's a good title. >> it's getting longer and longer. >> try to work that in. kendis and diane, it's a numbers game on the bachelor as we grind ward the finale. four women started last night. three are left. two weeks to go. mercifully. roll that beautiful "bachelor" footage. >> the whole thing starred with >> the whole thing started with nick and his old flame andi dorfman in nick's hotel room in brooklyn. no highlights here. there was some manufactured drama. lots of nonsense. moving on, next. >> okay. >> it was a cold night in brooklyn for the rose ceremony. four women still waiting for their roses.
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that was raven. she got a rose. >> okay. >> and let's see who is next. that's rachel. rachel gets a rose and third is -- >> corrine. >> vanessa gets a rose. >> no, no. >> corrine, time to go back to miami. corrine, this country has enough problems right now. we don't need to have to deal with corrine any longer. nick walks her to the car, says thanks, no thanks. you're out of here. good-bye. >> that means she's single. >> yeah. >> she's available, kendis. >> she's available. >> next off to lapland in the nation of finland as we all learned in fifth grade. the first date, nick and raven, there was a helicopter. they were hanging out playing darts in a bar. this is going well. yeah, yeah. oh, right in the bull's eye. >> i didn't know that's how you play darts. >> it's an adaptation of the game. that's the lap adaptation of
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that's the lap adaptation of doing shots right there. >> that one looks more familiar. >> so next, dinner, raven finally coming clean with nick and she tells nick she loves him. she also revealed some other, let's call them personal details. >> call them too much information. >> yes, that since we are on a family oriented show, granted it is the middle of the night, but it's still family oriented. >> it was like 8:00 and they kept teasing it. >> we'll leave those parts out. into the fantasy suite they go. which is where the whole thing left off. >> next week, a three-hour "bachelor" event including the women tell all. analyst out. >> that's it? >> never answered. >> the women tell all. >> yeah, i want to find out what happened in the fantasy suite. did she finally -- you know, what they teased? >> okay. >> okay. >> now to another stud on abc. no, not kendis. we're talking about guillermo. >>
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kimmel's sidekick has been sharing drinks with celebrities on the red carpet for years. but last night was a lot different. >> what do you want to say to the haters? >> you wish you were here, don't you? >> if you see jimmy kimmel he needs to sign my time card ticket so i can get paid. >> i can sign it. >> oh, yeah, go ahead and sign it. which one is the best picture of the year? >> "moonlight." >> no, this is the best picture of the year. >> we should probably kiss. >> we should kiss, me and you? >> [ muted ] it. the most action i've gotten in a long time. >> i think charlize is thinking that she's done worse. >> she says the most action i've gotten in a long time. >> by the way, that was the ceo of disney that guillermo was asking to sign his timecard. >> mahershala ali is having a good week. he's a new dad and won the oscar and now --
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it's got to be tide ♪ i'm in love with the shape of you, push and pull like a magnet do ♪ ♪ although my heart is pulled in two, i'm in love with your body ♪ ♪ last night you were in my room now my bed sheets smell like you ♪ >> love that song. it is awesome. >> so a powerful new mini series "when we rise" premiered on abc chronicling the civil rights movements. >> elizabeth hur goes behind the scenes. >> this is much bigger than you realize. you all have to get yourselves together. >> reporter: whoopi goldberg and rosie o'donnell. >> you've got a loud voice. we could use another loud voice. >> reporter: among the special guest stars portraying real people. >> we are not a menace. we will not be silent any lo
3:56 am
>> reporter: whose real struggles fighting for equality are captured in "when we rise." >> to me "when we rise" is a love letter to all who have felt repressed. >> reporter: it's a project four years in the making. >> there's something just juicy and compelling and you just don't want to stop watching. >> reporter: showcasing the setbacks of the start of the gay, women's, and civil rights movements in the 70s. >> i pronounce you spouses for life. >> reporter: to the triumphs of recent years. >> the beautiful thing about the show is that it shows you a glimpse of what life used to look like before those rights were there. >> cut. cut, cut, cut. >> oscar winning writer dustin lance black calls this his passion project. >> it's not when i rise, it's not when you rise, it's not when
3:57 am
this is called "when we rise." >> reporter: a timely story he says is about real families, their hopes that is both relatable and inspiring. > it isn't just about politics or policy. this is about families how we all should be rising up together and that we have more in common than some people seem to be expressing. > whoever you are, you are not alone. >> reporter: elizabeth hur, abc news, new york. >> all right. big day for abc. but it's a big day around here. you know what? today is diane's birthday. yes! >> yes. >> we spared no expenses. >> oh, wow. okay. >> happy birthday. we gave you a whopping ten seconds for this celebration. >> okay. >> happy birthday. >> thank you. >> to you. i'd like to thank the academy. i'd like to thank my parents for supporting me. ♪ happy birthday to you >> i'd like to thank
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making news in america this morning, breaking overnight, a small plane slams into homes with a family on board. hear what investigators are now saying from the scene and the new video showing that plane taking a nosedive. >> president trump preparing to give his first address to congress today. overnight, some new hints about what the speech will likely focus on and why he's blaming former president obama for these scenes, for the protests at town halls across the country. we're live in washington. space tourism is officially taking flight. we have some new details on a plan to send people around the moon. but how much will a ticket cost? plus, this -- >> i'm standing there like an idiot feeling bad for these guys but also trying really hard not to laugh to be honest. >> behind the debacle. jimmy kimmel talking overnight


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