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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  February 28, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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forecast. how is it looking? doug: it looks good. the next hour or so we are fine but there are showers and isolated rumbles of thunder to the west. they will roll through the area this everything and tonight. tomorrow is a separate situation. tomorrow will feature the approach of a strong cold front. the front right now is most active through st. louis through tennessee. likelihood of severe weather tonight. we fast forward through tomorrow as the front moves through our area mid-to-late afternoon. before the front gets here, we have strong southwesterly winds pushing temperatures to the upper 70's. also overhead, a couple of thousand feet up strong winds blowing all day. the ingredients are there for a line of severe thunderstorms tomorrow. that is what we are looking for. the future cast gives us a clue of the timing. by this evening, some of the storms are rolling through. non-severe. we will get a break. there could be an isolated thunderstorm in some parts tomorrow morning but that is it as far as the possibilities.
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and that is storm afternoon and everything. the likelihood of the showers and the thunderstorms with some being severe. we will lay out the impact and be more precise about the timing when i join you in a little bit. alison: thank you. developing in alabama, a parade nightmare comes true. a vehicle that was participating speeds up and runs into the gulf shores marching band. 12 musicians were injured. four of them critically. one person had to be flown to the hospital. >> i see a vehicle going in the crowd. i couldn't believe my eyes. and then i saw it in the air. and the wheels were still spinning. i just stop and ran. alison: according to local reports the vehicle represented the military officer association of america. at this time we know a 73-year-old man was behind the wheel but nobody knows why he
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of the plane crash in riverside, california. you can see it. this is the surveillance camera. you can see it. it drops below the line and you see a huge explosion. three people were killed as a result of the plane going into houses. q mccray in the abc7 satellite center with more on the video in the final moments of the flight. q: you said it. three are dead and the other survivors are fighting to stay alive as we speak. the camera caught the final moments of the flight. but the investigators are still trying to find out why it crashed. a horrific crash caught on camera. you are watching the last seconds of the doomed flight that crashed into homes sparking a massive fire ball. screams from terrified neighbors could be heard in the cell phone video. some risking their lives to save one of the plane's passengers. >> is everybody safe? >> the plane hit a residence and the residence is
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q: today, investigators continue to serge through what is left of the -- search through what is left of the plane. >> i heard a loud boom. i looked outside my window and i turned. the flames were in the air and everything. q: officials say the aircraft split in half upon impact throwing a female out of the plane. >> we see the lady, she is crawling. her clothes was on fire. q: we can see the police pull someone out. the cessna 310 fell from the sky two miles from the airport where it took off. we know that the plane was on its way to san jose, california. no one on the ground was hurt. from the satellite, i'm q mccray, abc7 news. michelle: new at 4:00, vandalism at howard university. the images taken from the campus. one calling the school a plantation and the president of the university is running it. the president has come under fire from some students after betsy de
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official campus visit as secretary of education. abc7 called the university. so far we haven't heard back. vandalism at jewish cemeteries in pennsylvania and missouri days apart. headstones tipped over. you might remember vice president mike pence helping clean up outside of st. louis last week and it might have you wondering what security is in place to prevent this vandalism happening to your loved ones and family members resting places. richard reeve has a closer look. rich? richard: yeah, that is right. the f.b.i. now joining the investigation into the toppling of hundreds of headstones. both in st. louis and elsewhere. take a look at this. we are at a cemetery in olney, maryland, jewish cemetery. hours ago the trustees here met to discuss the installation of the new infa red cameras. there are believe 9,000 and 10,000 jewish grave sites
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most are flat, close to the ground but there are dozens of the upright kind. the cemetery has been in operation since 1975. there are security advantages here. the cemetery sandwiched between two highways. the jewish graves are a long walk from georgia avenue. the main gates are locked at sunset. >> it may be more than a drunken kid. maybe a group somewhere. like most criminals they will keep doing it until they are caught. >> in 41 years they have never had an antisemitic incident here. you contrast security here with another cemetery in oldtown alexandria. we look at that closely and what the president remarks are about this at 5:00. for now reporting life, richard reeve, abc7 news. alison: rich, thank you. the jewish community coming under threa
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threats against j.c.c. and jewish schools that covers 16 states and canada. including maryland and virginia. there have been at least 100 threats across 33 states against j.c.c.'s and jewish schools. michelle: jewish centers aren't the only building under attack. in denver surveillance video captured a man throwing the rock in a window of the mosque. that is a closer look. the man tries to enters the building but he is unsuccessful so he resorts to vandalism. police are still trying to figure out motive for the attack. jonathan: president donald trump will address congress for the first time since taking office. it is not counted as a "state of the union" address but it will have the optics of it for sure. scott thuman gom a preview from the -- got a preview from the president himself. scott: a little insight in the president's speech tonight. group of
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the country, myself included, had a dinner with the president last night to get a better idea of his priorities and focus. we spent almost an hour and a half talking about the plans and the president well aware of how the inaugural speech was criticized at times being too dark. he wants this one to be one of optimism. he told me he sees great potential for the country. where is the room for compromise? is he going to offer an olive branch or incentive to get members of congress on board? will he unify instead of divide? he will give red meat to the base. people who got him here. but he has to reflect concerns of those who didn't vote for him. will he do that? thirdly specifics and the details. like coming to replace obamacare. what about a new budget? will he have the specifics people are waiting and wanting fo
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before and after the speech. on capitol hill, i'm scott thuman. michelle: you can see the president's speech on abc7. meanwhile, wilbur ross has been sworn in officially. the new u.s. commerce secretary took the oath today. the 79-year-old billionaire investor is expected to carry out one of the president's campaign pledges to cut u.s. trade deficits and revitalize manufacturing in america. >> we talk about the appointments and the politicians but it look like the most important position in washington is now filled. michelle: we are talking about the quarterback of the washington redskins. jonathan: we have been talking about kirk cousins for a long tame. erin hawksworth has an update. they needed to do something. erin: they did. bu
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cousins for quite some time but he got the max amount today. $24 million next season guaranteed. this time they used the exclusive franchise tag on him. the exclusive tag means that cousins cannot negotiate with other teams. that means that he is localed in at no less than $23.9 million for 2017. whether it is here or somewhere else. while the exclusive tag means that cousins can't solicit offers it doesn't prohibit the team from trading him. washington can sign him to a long-term deal. they have until july 15 to work it out. but that only happens if they want him at the right price and if he wants to stay in washington. something tells me he would be okay starting over somewhere else like san francisco. with
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coach and we know that kyle shanahan is one of kirk's biggest supporters. this is unprecedented because he is the first quarterback to get the franchise tags in back-to-back seasons. does it mean they value him more? does he feel slighted? have the redskins botched this? that remains to be seen. jonathan: don't you want to know you are wanted on a team? so you can focus on what you have to do. erin: it's like being on a three-month contract. eventually you want to know am i good enough or am i walking? jonathan: you are good enough, erin. erin: i hope so. thank you. michelle: coming up next at 4:00 we tell you about a sexual assault claims at one of the largest jewelry companies. michelle: botched zika testing in the district. jonathan: smashing pumpkins but it's at the exhibit. th
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coming up. jonathan: nature's power on display in italy. the volcano on fire up next. doug: tomorrow is a weather alert day. there is a high chance we have big storms. maybe severe weather. that's the focus in seven minutes at "abc7 news at 4:00".
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jonathan: that would scare anybody. but you have to hear the back story. that is the moment that a sharp shooter accidentally, accidentally fired his gun during a speech by french president francois hollande. two people were slightly injured by the bullet according to people who were there and saw what happened. all this was was with ribbon cutting for a train line. a ribbon cutting. he fired his gun accidently. really? thank goodness he wasn't that sharp of a shot. he isn't that harp period. alison: look at this. listen to this. this is mount etna in italy. it is putting on quite the show near sicily. the eruption started last night. these can last for days and sometimes weeks. that is
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michelle: gorgeous to see from afar. alison: that is the keyword. "afar." jonathan: we have talked about selfies and the things people do on the phone, walking in the fountains or banging in the wall. this is a costly selfie. michelle: definitely. and one that the hirshhorn museum would like to forget. stephen tschida is live there tonight with the price of vanity. what happened? you got one done successfully, no problems. stephen: yeah, a couple of them, actually. while this room is very popular for selfies we really don't know for sure it was a selfie gone terribly awry. i just heard from the hirshhorn museum an hour ago and they are saying while the piece damaged is intricate to the larger piece, this room, they really cannot put an actual dollar amount on the damage. there were some massive amounts placed earlier on. now they are backing away from this. look at what we are talking about. on my shoulder you can see the large outdoor pumpkin.
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eternal love for pumpkins" room. filled with the hand-painted pumpkins. on saturday, someone while inside inflicted damage on one of the pumpkins. that prompted the hirshhorn museum to close down the exhibit and we also learned a short while ago the pumpkin room is back open as of today. this is one some visitors had to say about what happened inside that pumpkin room. >> i think you can get disorientedded inside and fall or something like that. they warn you. it's awful if somebody damaged it on purpose but hopefully they didn't. stephen: i have been inside the rooms and it's clearly marked where you are standings, what you can stand and what you can't touch. but the exhibit is back
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some people came today not being able to see the star of the show. they said the rest of it would have been just fine but they were thrilled to get in. that is the latest. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. jonathan: we can breathe easy. abc7 on traffic watch. trenice bishop has a look at the evening commute. what is happening out there? trenice: hey, jonathan, we have activity on the northbound ride home on 270. mostly clogging up the trip through rockville. it's in the main lane and the local lanes. take a look live. you can see it beyond the camera view here. to the right side and the main lane you find it blocks two right lanes there. the local lane blocks left between 28th or montgomery village avenue and the shady grove exit. bringing it to a stop before the accident. afterwards it continues northbound from father hurley to the truck scales. slow off the beltway leaving the 270 corridor,
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and the outer loop jamming up from the spur to the tysons area. we are seeing the regular pileup begin now with the congestion from around old georgetown from georgia avenue through montgomery county. 66 slowing inside the beltway. mostly for folks trying to make it closer to here, to vienna metro station. then delays take over from 495 most of the way to fair oaks. 95 southbound, also, regular volume here headed to woodbridge. stacking up from lorton to 123 crossing the occoquan. back to you at the desk. michelle: thank you. this morning was beautiful but it's gray out. jonathan: it looks like we are getting ready for a big change. michelle: doug? doug: did you hear something i didn't? jonathan: i was just outside seeing the clouds roll in. doug: tomorrow is the weather action day potentially. it's all potential at this point waiting for a cold front to arrive and the conditions might be such when it does arrive it could cause big or severe storms. let me get busy explaining the possibilities and the timing.
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shower west of the metro area. we picked up lightning strikes closer to the i-81 corridor. the forecast holds this evening. that is scattered showers, isolated thunderstorms. nothing severe expected around the area this evening. zoom in from front royal and north. this is northward to berkeley springs. we have heavier downpours at the moment there. west there is a different story. there is a tornado warning in effect for portions of illinois and the eastern two-third and the southern portion of missouri. not a lot happening now but later this evening and tonight after dark, tornadoes are a possibility with severe storms. a lot of energy in the atmosphere and motion. southerly winds increasing from the southwest. gusty and warm. climbing to the upper 70's. a cold front is approaching mid-afternoon and the strong winds overhead. all the
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up for the likelihood of thunderstorms. the biggest area is southwest of washington but it is possible here. we could have our own dealings with the strong to severe thunderstorms as well. future cast takes us through the everything and the showers moves out. this model has a band of showers north of the cold front north and west. early morning if you see the showers don't be surprised. we will get in sunshine and gusty winds. by the time you hit 3:00 through 6:00 or 7:00 you see a line of the showers and the storms moving in. that could create severe weather. there is a shot of cold weather in the morning. download our weather app at the app store or google play. give you a look at the next few days here. we could have snowshowers
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chilly in the 40's. we have mild weather next week and turning cooler but remaining comfortable through the balance of next week. that is the latest. jonathan: coming up next, day in the job goes horribly wrong in the district. fight to save a man's life. that is coming up. michelle: one-on-one. larry hogan, republican governor presiding over democratic majority legislature. how he is working with t
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jonathan: i think this is one of my all-time favorite pictures. look at the screen. the trash truck. look who is hanging on for dear life. a raccoon thinking he hit the mother lode. michelle: how would you react if you saw it driving? alison: "7 on your side." dr. katie nelson is hosting a phone bank and it's ask the officer control officer. good to see you. >> hi, guys. good to see you. we have a group of animal control officers here. we are answering your questions and we are focusing on wildlife. we have something to show you about the wildlife activity here in the d.c. area as well. often images are adorable. like the picture taken near the studio in rosslyn. but cute can quickly turn ugly. >> raccoons pressing up against the window of a south arlington home taken days ago. >> they are not afraid of us.
4:25 pm
she started to walk away and she heard a noise. two raccoons attacked her. >> traumatic and scary. >> this woman endured a similar attack as well. a u.s. park ranger shot in the line of duty. >> there was an interaction between the raccoon and the officer. some shots were fired. there at least one of the shots hit the officer's foot. he accidentally shot himself. >> there is a family of ra toons at the school. >> my gosh! >> every day i see them, they come out. >> they is a family of red foxes. >> i'm afraid of them. i don't want to go in my backyard. i have grand kids. >> so if you have questions regarding anything like this happening around your home we will be here from 4:30 to 6:30 answering your questions. the phone number is 703-236-9220. that is 703-236-9220. give us a call. we have a whole team here ready to
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you. jonathan: thank you, dr. katie. good to see you. coming up next, a monster of a sinkhole. look at this. so big, that is what is left of a car it swallowed. what happened that caused the ground to open up like this? michelle: also next. out of the pool and on capitol hill. what michael phelps is asking congress to do. >> it saddened me because of how they discriminatedded against me because of my mother's status. alison: new at 52:00, a d.c. student sues for the right to use the in-state tuition program and why she says she is being excluded when i joi isjust wanna see ifa again? my score changed... you wanna check yours? scores don't change that much.
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. michelle: maryland governor larry hogan is one of the more popular political figures in the area. he is a republican leading a state where democratic lawmakers have control. abc7's maryland bureau chief brad bell goes one-on-one with the governor describing how difficult the situation can get. >> governor hogan came to germantown today to speak to real estate professionals about business growth. halfway through the legislative session, he wanted to speak to us about the legislative priorities. >> education, jobs and transportation. >> the gov
4:30 pm
remains frustrated by a roads project scoring system mandated by the legislature last year which he calls "the road kill bill." so far the democrat controlled legislature isn't budging. >> 66 of the highest 73 transportation projects will not be allowed to be funded. that is just a fact. >> on education he blasted back at those criticizing the plan to fund more vouchers for needy students to defend private schools. >> we wanted to add and help more kids. now you'd think it was the end of the world. >> he continues to push a plan to offer tax credit to companies to create jobs in certain high unemployment areas. >> if they were to vote against thousand of jobs for marylanders and job training, i can't imagine what kind of response they would get from the taxpayers across the state. >> when we come back at 5:00, we will have more from the governor's interview. we talk affordable care act, immigration and the feelings
4:31 pm
i will tell you, he was in a physe -- feisty mood. brad bell, abc7 news. jonathan: thank you. doug is joining us. we have showers moving through the area. it's easy to see. it's colorful. doug: we could put it in black and white but -- jonathan: don't do that. you work hard on this. doug: later this evening we have showers and rumble of thunder possible. go to the big screen to show you what is happening here. this is a minor system. involving one of the warm fronts. we have had two. one today and a stronger one that will produce warmer temperatures tomorrow. the big event will be in the afternoon with the strong cold front barreling in to the warm and the unseasonably, unstable air. showers and storms are a good bet tomorrow. some are severe. the elements are moving east. this is a slow movement. the showers and the isolated thunder likely tonight around
4:32 pm
cloud -- later tonight it will be east and cloudy. we'll have mild temperatures tonight. we get on in possibility early in the morning. a few showers, mainly a rumble of thunder north in the metro area. we'll be breezy for a whale reaching upper 70's. mid-to-the late afternoon thunderstorms develop ahead of the cold front. this is a future cast model showing a line at 5:30 rolling through the area. possibility some of it could be severe. we clear out late tomorrow night. thursday we turn breezy and cooler. as far as what is happening tomorrow with the potential, we caught a severe threat window and we could have hail from the system late afternoon and the early evening. what will happen beyond that for the weekend and into next week, steve rudin will be here in 15 minutes with a look at the weekend and the ten-day outlook. jonathan: thank you. "7 on your side" this evening. the abc7 help center is open right now. you can ask animal control officers there. dr. katie nelson is there.
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calls about the critters. it's warm outside and we have seen the critters coming out like's summertime. give them a call at 703-236-9220. should you do if an animal becomes a pest on your property. call them for the answers. 703-236-9220. michelle: a scary moment in manassas where a sixth grader was hit by a car. in the crosswalk at lamon drive and ashland avenue. the 12-year-old was walking to stonewall middle school when he was hit by a ford focus. >> he went on the westbound side and he was struck by a vehicle not in traffic when he was trying to cross the road. he was flown with serious injury. at this point i don't have a further status for him. michelle: the child will be okay. the driver of the ford focus
4:34 pm
check this out. skytrak7 over a house that exploded in manassas. this is what is left. a man was taken to the hospital. he was burned. you can see windows and a side of the house blown out. it happened just before 7:00 on kahns road. this home was under construction so no one living there. prince william county fire is still lacking into just what caused the explosion. jonathan: also want to update you on a story you saw on abc7 news at noon. the construction worker trapped trapped in a collapsed trench has died. stephen tschida was on the scene earlier today when the crews said the man was in grave condition at the time. the trench caved in late this morning on dexter street. we learned this is a recovery operation. the ground is unstable. police are trying to figure out what led to a shooting that left a man dead. this happened last night in north capitol street and north
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michelle: oversight today at the d.c. forensic labs looking into how it mishandled zika test. sam ford has answers that the d.c. city council is looking for. sam: at the d.c. forensics lab today, representative of the accreditation centreville for medicare and medicaid services, was asking around testing for the zika virus that leads to microcephaly or small heads in babies in places like brazil. they admitted they said the tests were negative when they were positive. it came out before the d.c. council today the lab's newly hired scientist dr. anthony tron was the first to question why all tests were negative. no positives for zika elsewhere and found another scientist at the lab created a
4:36 pm
>> we realized we were overdiluting, we saw that factor had been carried throughout all the recipes it's a no-brainer. you will retest. sam: they sent the samples to the c.d.c. one definitely positive and eight others possible. the people at the lab would say no more than the scientist created the bad formula is "no longer with us." reporting from southwest washington, i'm sam ford, abc7 news. michelle: kay jewelers and jared. you have probably heard of them. the parent company is battling allegations of sexual harassment and discrimination. sterling jewelers is in arbitration now. hundreds of employees complaining about the atmosphere there for the past decade. one filing says women were solicited for sex sometimes in exchange for employment benefits. the "washington post" said the investigation found the
4:37 pm
were unsubstantiated. jonathan: new pictures from nasa show a wind storm out of this world. these were taken by the curiosity mars rover 24 hours apart. so they show the wind blowing sand on the martian surface. that rover by the way is researching the effect of winds in martian summer. the windiest part of the year in the area where the rover is located. that is a big shift of sand. michelle: it look looks like water. look at this. disappearing act. s.u.v. was swallowed up by a sinkhole in the heart of hoboken, new jersey. you can only see a small corner of the hood. you can see them pull it out of the big hole. that happened last night but today they pulled the vehicle out of the massive hole and they are working to repair the collapsed road. jonathan: this guy is good in the water. really good in water. the best olympic swimmer of all time.
4:38 pm
what he is saying about the current doping tests going on. that is next. michelle: we get ready for a mid-week wake-up. veronica johnson has a look at "good morning washington." >> thank you, michelle. tomorrow on "good morning washington," we are in storm watch tracking severe weather headed our way. when you will see the heaviest rainfall and what it means for your commute. >> plus your reaction to president trump's big address to congress. >> stay with us for traffic and weather every ten minutes tomorrow morning starti
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jonathan: out of the pool and on to the hill. olympic champion and maryland's own michael phelps want stricter doping testing put in place. michelle: he believes his field of competition isn't always playing by the same rules. >> the time to act is now. we must do what is necessary to ensure the system is fair and reliability so we all can believe in it. all athletes must be held to the same standards that need to be enforced with consistency and independence. michelle: phelps said he had to provide investigators his exact location every day so he could be reached for random testing. jonathan: if they were doing doping they couldn't beat him. he is that good. michelle: outstanding. how about this? remember these things? 15-year-old ipod has been listed on ebay for get this, nearly
4:42 pm
jonathan: this is a rare old prototype but it can store up to 1,000 songs. it was used for testing and it's still functional. but $10 o,000 to play -- $100,000 to play music? michelle: i wonder if my shuffle is worth at least $10,000. jonathan: got to be worth hundreds of thousands. >> it's hot pink. jonathan: that adds to the value. coming up next at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- washington machine mold. you can smell it. the -- washing machine mold. you can smell it. a class action lawsuit has been filed and "7 on your side" with a solution to kill the mold and put the smell behind you. michelle: gone but never forgotten. a high school basketball team honors a teammate after his tragic death. how they stay true to drew
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we are live. i'm dr. katie nelson live in the "7 on your side" phone bank. we have a group of animal control officers here answering your questions.
4:46 pm
703-236-9220. we are taking questions from the kitty cat roaming the neighborhood or the foxes or the raccoons that are homing as well. we are answering your questions live. 703-236-9220. michelle: thank you, katy. surging healthcare costs have led people to focus on the vending machines and kevin lewis has a plan tolimit unhealthy eating options and why a woman believes it's much ado about nothing. kevin: vending machines aren't synonymous with dieting. >> it's an issue. kevin: montgomery county is pushing a bill calling for 50% of items behind the glass to be approved by the person heart association. water, skim milk and multigrain bars to name a few. >> this is a
4:47 pm
for everybody but soda companies. kevin: it would be on county properties like library, police stations and fire houses. it comes amid a study that found 25% of the montgomery county children are overweight. add that to the county's health insurance plan which ballooned by 72% over the last decade. >> how counter it is to the work that you go in to put in on an orbital steper for half an hour and then to undo it taking down one of these beverages. kevin: major corporations like marriott, lockheed martin and kaiser permanente have similar in place but consumers say they should exercise free will. >> calories are at the tip of everybody's fingers. not everybody needs a punch in
4:48 pm
lewis, abc7 news. michelle: "7 on your side" with a consumer alert. if you are thinking about buying a home, prices are surging. december showed the fastest rise in a year. more than 5.5%. sellers are seeing the bidding wars among buyers. this reflecting a steady growing job market. jonathan: target was off the mark on their sales because total revenue for the fourth quarter topped $20 billion. it sounds like a lot. but that is below wall street expectations. target struggled to take advantage of the online marketplace. tonight, a big night. the seneca valley boys basketball take on urbana. but the screaming eagles are playing for more than a title. michelle: they are playing to honor a teammate who died. scott abraham shows us how the team is staying true to drew. >> i didn't know what to think. i was completely numb. scott: that moment. >> i started bawling. i run upstairs to tell my
4:49 pm
mom. i can't believe it. scott: the memory. >> you never think an 18-year-old is going to pass. scott: when everything changed. >> i was in shock. i just spoke to him the night before. scott: in july, the seneca valley boys basketball team tragically lost a teammate. >> you expect as soon as they graduate, they go to college and you hope one day you get to go to their wedding and see them raise kids. in that regard, it's terrible. scott: 2016 graduate andrew dantzler drowned. >> i was with him the day before. >> his jersey hangs in the entrance to the gym. the screaming eagles have shooting shirts and messages on basketball shoes remembering the point guard. >> every time i see him number and think about him, i say drew, baby. >> they are one of the strongest public school teams in the d.m.v. and they are honoring andrew playing hard every time they step foot on the court.
4:50 pm
"true to drew." >> with everything we do, we do it in his name. we wish he could be here. we know he can't. we try to do the things we know he would do. scott: try to win a state championship. >> he said next year is y'all's year for sure. y'all got it. >> i want to bring it home to him. scott: doing it together with number 2 in their hearts. i'm scott abraham with our rising stars. jonathan: we wish them luck. michelle: yeah. the team is ready to take on the next challenge. jonathan: talk about the weather. steve: a challenge in the weather. we have storm on the way this time tomorrow. now is a great time to download the stormwatch7 weather app and stay ahead of the storms as they move through the area. look at the temperatures. it's mild out there for this time of year. the last day of february. 63 degrees at reagan national airport. it's cooler in cumberland. they are at
4:51 pm
they have had showers move through. looking at the stormwatch7 doppler radar. there are showers to the west. head to montgomery county, frederick county. hagerstown, winchester. umbrella is needed for several hours. widen the view out. sho showers stay in the forecast moving through the overnight. once we get this out of here. the stronger tomorrows will arrive for the day tomorrow. especially in the afternoon hours and in to early everything. nighttime lows 55 to 60. showers will come to an ends. it's mostly cloudy and it will stay mild. we may see patchy fog. time it out for you. this is midnight. then tomorrow make sure you have an umbrella with you and a plan should severe weather strike your neighborhood in the afternoon hours. 8:30, 9:00, the showers begin to enter. northern montgomery county to
4:52 pm
noontime hour, winds from the south. then we have stronger tomorrows over the capital beltway, montgomery county, loudoun, fairfax, alexandria. this model wants to take everything out of here by 8:00 tomorrow night. colder air will start to overspread the d.m.v. the threat for damaging winds and large hail on the high side. isolated tornadoes on the moderate side and heavy rains. the temperatures tomorrow near 80. middle 50's on thursday. 40's on friday. let's check on traffic this tuesday afternoon with trenice bishop. trenice: thank you, steve. this afternoon we had an issue cleared off the roadway. an earlier accident. 270 is gone. we show you the big picture map where we are picking up red. red usually means brake lights and slowdowns for the ride home. this evening inner and the outer loop trying to cross the legion between maryland and virginia. a decent slowdown for the folks on the 270 spur off the
4:53 pm
beltway. the earlier issue is cleared between 28 and shady grove. travel lanes are open there but still causing a volume delay for the folks trying to make it from the inner loop to the spur. on the outer loop we just watched the cars move to the right shoulder. earlier the stalled car was in the roadway and was blocking a center lane. travel lanes are open but still going to see volume. 66 for the ride home in the westbound direction. slow from 495 out toward the vienna metro. you will find heavier volume and showers for the west on 66 making yourwua -- your way closer to front royal. jonathan: thank you. up next at 4:00, washing machine mold. michelle: it's just what you don't want to find when you are cleaning laundry. >> it smells like a turtle pine. michelle: gross. the class action lawsuit. why what you see may not be harmful. surprisingly simple cl
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
michelle: it stinks when you wash their clothes and they smell moldy. million of consumers sued washing machine manufacturers over it. "7 on your side" consumer investigator kimberly suiters found out what you can do about the front loader odor. kimberly: soap, suds, unwelcome surprises. >> it's either mold. >> mildew. >> mold or mildew. kimberly: inside front-loadin
4:57 pm
>> they will start smelling. >> it smells like a turtle pine. kimberly: along the rubber boot that seals it shut and sometimes more underneath. compared to a top loading machine. front loaders are gentler on clothes, energy efficient and make sense in small paces but more than 6 million consumers took part in class action lawsuits claiming the front loading machines between 2001-2010 failed to, "adequately self-clean themselves of laundry residue," resulting in mold or mildew that can cause bad odors and ruin laundry. the defendants denied they did anything wrong but say they have resolved the problem by improving the door casket and adding a tub clean cycle. certified repairman mickey shines a light on the cause. >> the machines, a lot don't have enough venting in the machine built in to alleviate all the moisture inside a machine after a wash has been done. kimberly: just because it looks gross doesn't mean it's harl. >> w
4:58 pm
kimberly: they tested for mold and it came back negative. but didn't rule out smelly bacteria. so the cheaps solution to pick that is like -- cheapest solution to fix it is inside the laundry room. put a cup of bleach in the tub once a month and run a hot water cycle with nothing else inside. when you are not using it crack the door open a few inches to let it dry out and leave ponding to turtles. i'm kimberly suiters for abc7 news. alison: kimberly wanted you to know one cycle of bleach didn't do the trick. i took several treatments and scrubbing, too. larry: tonight, jewish headstones toppled. what is to keep it from happening here? the steps taken to secure local cemeteries. d.c. says no to a student who needs help paying for college. they say it's because of her mother but she won't take no for an answer. redskins make kirk cousins 'cuz their franchise guy.
4:59 pm
stick around. why the saga might not be over. announcer: now "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. larry: it is gray outside now and don't be surprised if you hear a rumble or two of thunder. the real problems could come together. doug hill is in the weather center is what is ahead. tell us. doug: out west, a large area from arkansas through missouri and illinois under a tornado watch. it is coming toward our area tomorrow. we have a severe weather alert for you. the possibility we will deal with the severe showers or the severe thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon. we have a few showers of our own tonight. maybe rumbles of thunder later but fairly insignificant as to what is coming in tomorrow. the cold front sweeping in from the west off. the while we'll see -- [loss of audio microphone] larry: now would be a good time to download the stormwatch7 weather app. we will checkin
5:00 pm
you can have the forecast at your fingertips when the front moves through tomorrow. alison: well, tag, he is it! today, the redskins gave quarterback kirk cousins that coveted franchise tag. erin hawksworth is here to explain what it means for him and the team. you said this is unprecedented really. erin: it is. the first quarterback in nfl franchise history to get it in back-to-back seasons, exclusive, nonexclusive? what does it mean? i will simplify it for you. this time the redskins used the exclusive franchise tag on kirk cousins so he cannot negotiate with other teams. so if other teams want to make a trade for cousins they have to go through the redskins. the franchise tag for cousins essentially works out to be a one-year contract with almost $24 million next season. washington can still sign cousins to a long-term deal and they have until july 15 to do that. but there is a feeling out there that the redskins botched the situation with kirk cousins. he may not feel w


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