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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  May 1, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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plans. jonathan: the stormwatch7 team has a close eye on the forecast. let's start with chief meteorologist doug hill. he is tracking the system. what is the biggest threat we are facing now? doug: later tonight between 7:00 and 10:00. scattered heavy thunderstorms and isolated severe thunderstorms. in the day, the storm prediction center has been watching all the elements of the atmosphere associated with the approach of cold front. they have issued tornado watch for pennsylvania and new york state. they may issue a thunderstorm watch farther west of the area but the most serious threat seems to shift westward and northward. good news for the immediate metro. not so much for the points north and west. with that said we have a chance of severe weather here later tonight. the large yellow area through western maryland, pennsylvania and new york is a tornado watch. this is the thunderstorm line. you can clearly see the heavy duty action well north and west. we are pretty much high and dry. i think in the next few hours we have scattered showers in the area. later this evening,
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thunderstorms. this stuff here will not affect us. it's the stuff here. if i hit it hard again, i'll have to buy a new one. sorry. as it moves north and east, we have the scattered storms. with this atmosphere, we just need one or two rogue thunderstorms that could turn tornadic or severe. that is a possibility and why we are on the weather alert. the future cast shows us moving in at 7:30 to 8:00. different models have a little different solutions. but clearly the threat is there. later tonight, it all moves out with the rapid clearing overnight. you will love the weather the next couple of days but we ain't out of the woods yet. we are on duty in the weather center and we will keep you posted all afternoon. jonathan: thank you very much. the tornado outbreak responsible for significant damage. but incredible rescue took place. a good samaritan comes across a flipped truck with a father and the man's infant trapped inside. watch. >> give me the baby. >> i need help. >> give me the baby.
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>> here. >> my god. >> take the baby. >> give me the baby right here! jonathan: those are all good samaritans working together to get a man and his baby out of that truck. there were other kids in there as well. they got all of them out and started c.p.r. right away on the one child that didn't appear to be breathing. it's going on with the rushing water, thunder and lightning, all of it. the father and his children were rushed to the hospital. according to the doctors, all of them will be fine. thank goodness for all the good samaritans. alison: wow! that is heart-stopping video. meanwhile, look at this. we showed you some of this at the beginning of the show. just south of the rescue you just witnessed, this is the damage fromdoon. one of four twisters that killed at least
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families are picking up the pieces of what is left of their homes. nancy: not just there. arkansas flooding is responsible for sweeping two children away in rushing waters. the search continuing in madison county at this hour. one woman was also killed in arkansas. several states are under water today. jonathan: it's not just the rain or the tornadoes. talk about wide-ranging problems. look closely. that is all snow and ice building up. that is what was going on in part of south dakota. the crews having to knock ice off the power lines to prevent outages. several states actually rolled plows back out over the weekend because they were getting inches of snow on the ground. no matter the weather, do not get caught by surprise. you can download the stormwatch7 weather app to get updates wherever you are. free. a great resource to have. you can find it on google play and also at the app store. alison: also today, this is the 1st of may which means may day protests. nancy: the fight for fair labor laws. in recent years in the united states,
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revamped immigration policy. stephen tschida has bonn -- monitoring protests in d.c. all day. stephen: we are in front of the white house. demonstrators arriving, hundreds if not thousands. there were marches through the capital. the message here, opposition to president trump's policies on immigration. the proposal to build a wall. and the deportation of undocumented immigrants. where are you from? >> virginia but today we are marching to the white house. stephen: why are you here? >> because my country treats people with dignity and my country needs to stand up to make sure that everyone is welcome here. stephen: thank you very much. gin, two protests. the other marcher to criticize the district of columbia government. we'll explain thatin
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reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. jonathan: thanks for that. the new york city protest across manhattan resulted in some arrests. one group went from grand central station to bryant park. others stormed and marched right through the macy's in harold square. nancy: meantime, overseas, demonstrations are ongoing there with another reaching a flash point. police in riot gear using tear gas to try to control some of the crowds. some fires even set by the protesters during the clashes. alison: back at home now, a racist message left at american university. today the school sent the letter out to the community describing the hateful message left behind. new at 4:00, richard reeve is in northwest with the students' reaction to what was found there. rich? richard: yeah, alison. a lot of shock, concern by students and the administration here. this is a diverse campus. we are close to the campus
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there appears to be nooses hung on three different locations on campus. in the nooses, bananas and a sign with the letters "aka." that is the initial for alpha kappa alpha, an african-american sorority on campus. word spread quickly on social media about what happened. the nooses discovered at a shuttle bus stop outside anderson hall, the mary gray center. no one claimed responsibility. but the students here are very, very concern. >> as a black woman on the campus, knowing i could share classes or exist in the same space with people who think this is okay or appropriate to do is sad and devastating to me. richard: the administration released a statement that says in part, "these racists, hateful messages is no place in our community. the safety of our students is paramount. the a.u. department of public safety is investigating." the tiin
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on campus. students begin exams soon. a lot of folks trying to concentrate on what they are doing. campus police are investigating who may have done this. coming up at 5:00, we will hear more about the investigation and what the students are saying about this. reporting live, richard reeve, abc7 news. nancy: thank you. your kids may be wondering what is for lunch? it's changing at school. abc7 northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg was at catoctin elementary school in leesburg when the secretary of agriculture announced the new flexibility for what the children are served. jeff: plenty of people are not happy with the changes. you'll hear from them in a moment. but first, the secretary of agriculture sonny perdue says kids are throwing away the school lunches because they don't like the taste of them. so his goal according to the press release is to try to make school meals great again. secretary perdue this afternoon signing procl
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catoctin elementary school in leesburg. he and the kansas senator pat roberts having lunch with the kids at the school beforehand. here are the three big changes today. number one, the federal government will now delay requirements to lower sodium amounts in school lunches. they will also allow redemptions for schools unable to serve 100% whole gains. they can now serve 1% milk instead of nonfat milk. the changes would roll back rules promoted by former first lady michelle obama. outside the school today, parents and grandparents protesting the changes that they believe will make the lunches less healthy. >> we are going in the right direction. this is a rollback and we are going backwards. this is not acceptable. >> it's not reducing nutritional standards whatsoever. it's pausing here to evaluation whether or not the progressive standards of moving further are appropriate or not. jeff: the changes are
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they will be in place for next school year. to 17- -- 2017-2018. you will hear from a mother later who took her children out of school today because she didn't want them to be part of the event. in leesburg, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. alison: thank you. developing now in austin, texas. several stabbed on campus. one person is now confirmed dead. three other people were rushed to the hospital. their conditions possibly serious. this is according to reports we are getting out of austin today. one person has been taken into custody. but that is all we know now. when we get more information, we'll have an update for you right here. nancy: also developing at the hour, out of texas, firefighters shot at and one hit. this is the scene in east dallas. very little information has been made available at this point, including the firefighter's condition. a lot of information is still being filtered through. crews say, though, they were called to a home when suddenly they came under fire. the shooter, we understand, i
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still on the run. jonathan: we are getting new details tonight in a deadly shooting that took place at a pool party in san diego over the weekend. michelle marsh is at the "live desk." what are we learning about what happened? michelle: the latest incident in the abc7 newsroom the gunman is 49-year-old peter selles. he was a bankrupt mechanic and upset after breaking one his girlfriend. he is accused of opening fire at an upscale san diego apartment complex, killing a woman and injuring seven others. the victims are six african-americans and one hispanic but police say race was not a factor. they were celebrating a birthday party when the shooting began. the guest of honor invited the alleged gunman to join them. that is when police say he started firing. police shot and killed him after appeared to reload. >> a lot of people screaming. thin about a minute -
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about a minute later, more shots and more people screaming. michelle: two of the victims are in critical condition but they are expected to survive. from the "live desk," michelle marsh. back to you. announcer: donald trump, sworn in as president 100 days ago. america has rarely seen such success. alison: all right. now to president trump and his first 100 days. he raised eyebrows again over the weekend. this time over andrew jackson and the civil war. in an interview with the "washington examiner" trump said he wonders why issues could not have been "worked out." in addition he made claims that sounded like jackson had a role in the civil war despite dying in 1845, 16 years before the war. meanwhile the administration celebrating the first 100 days. >> donald trump sworn in as president 100 days ago. america has rarely seen such success. alison: so president trump's re-election campaign unveiled a $1.
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his first 100 days in office. it boasts the confirmation of neil gorsuch to the supreme court, trump's tax cut proposals and his efforts to create american jobs as successes. tomorrow night at 7:00, right here on newschannel8, an interactive one-hour special. "the first 100 days." recapping the 45th presidency so far and looking ahead. jonathan: well, coming up next for us at 4:00, what is in the budget deal just passed by congress? alison: also this -- >> three. two. one. zero. lift off. alison: an early morning secret mission. what is on board this space-x rocket? >> okay. this is it? is your mic on? nancy: kelly rippa with a new co-host on "life." her co-host choice is next. steve: i'm steve rudin. gravelly point. no thunderstorms, at least not right now.
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meteorologist doug hill coming up.
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announcer: now here are kelly rippa and ryan seacrest. jonathan: look at the
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alison: kelly rippa finally getting a permanent partner for her show. nancy: it's about time. sam ford has the dramatic entrance after a year of waiting. announcer: now here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest. >> the busiest and the most well-known name in broadcasting. his resume is getting longer with a new title. >> good morning. nice to see you. >> hi, partner. >> hi, partner. >> kelly walked out alone for the last time. after a monologue, tease and commercial break. she shared her secret. she took to social media last night to tell fans the announcement was coming today. in the cover of darkness, a hat and hiding on the seat of the car, he snuck in the studio this morning. he replaces michael strahan who left last may for "g.m.a."
4:17 pm
blindsiding kelly. several people filled in over the year, including seacrest. jonathan: what doesn't he do? >> exactly. social media reacting. they always have something to say. so we will turn it to lindsey mastis. lindsey: a lot of people talked about this today. some of ryan seacrest famous friends are proud of him. look at the comments. jennifer lopez tweets -- chris harrison from "the bachelor" calling at it great combo. anderson cooper says, "you get to join the best person i know. can't wait to watch." ryan seacrest agrees and he calls kelly one of his favorite people ever. after the show today he tweeted to kelly saying, "thank you for making it easy." a lot of people talk about the
4:18 pm
has been trending all day long. alison: fun to watch. they both have a lot of energy. [laughter] thanks. switching gears now. take a look at this. if you are a frequent flyer, this is terrifying for anyone and not what you want to see inside an airplane. 27 people hurt on board the flight. russian flight to bangkok. they were thrown around when the plane hit the turbulence. they suffered broken bones, head injuries. we are told that luggage as well as the food and drinks from the cart were just strewn all over the cabin. >> three, two, one. jonathan: space-x launched a satellite this morning. it's for the national reconnaissance office which developers maintain is a spy satellite.
4:19 pm
do, we have no idea. they are not going to tell us. they refused to even reveal the size of the satellite. nor would it say what orbit it was heading to, what color it is, or smells like or anything else. it's a spy satellite. nancy: we are getting a look from space at the severe weather system that is moving across the country right now. nasa releasing the satellite images showing the strong storms moving across the central state. the deadly storms are blossoming over the middle of the country. some severe weather alerts for our system here in town as well. doug: the storm is way out west. we are not dealing with the storm system. we have a cold front attached to the storm system that is coming through. we have shower and thunderstorms and maybe severe weather later tonight but the clear chance for the widespread outbreak is well north and west. on the map, garrett county, maryland, pennsylvania, new york, those areas are und
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it extends way up to lake ontario. that is one area. we have severe thunderstorm warnings in effect and one little tornado warning in upstate pennsylvania. now in our local area we have had a lot of winds today. a lot of sunshine. a lot of cloudiness. it feels like something is in the wind. and indeed, later tonight, scattered showers and storms. but for the next few hours it's the gusty winds and mild temperatures blowing things around. i know that. i saw steve rudin at gravelly point. it's blowing around. there is not enough product in your hair today, steve. i'm just saying. steve: it's blowing around all over the place. we have a good seat here on the g.w. parkway. we are getting a little bit of a beating because the winds are beginning to pick up. it's gusty winds at that. look at the map. i will show you what is going on with the wind gusts. 25 to 35 miles per hour. the windy conditions are going to stick around for the next
4:21 pm
even once this front passes us later tonight it will stay on the breezy side tomorrow. but there is good news here. at gravelly point and at reagan national airport, it appears there are no travel delays and no airplane delays right now. the planes are still coming in on schedule. it will take a while to get here but the planes are all stacked up behind me. and things are going along here okay. we just have to keep thunderstorms out of the way. we head back inside to chief meteorologist doug hill. he is tracking the line, where they are and where they will move in the next few hours or so. back to you. doug: a few isolated showers brewing now in south side virginia. way below charlottesville and even farther south. the heaviest amounts are along the cold front. that is still west of the mountains. you can see the skinny line here. this is all severe stuff. this area is spinning up the tornado in northern pennsylvania. more in new york. looks as tug
4:22 pm
but a little farther south and west, only a little after 4:00 in the afternoon. we have time for more showers and storms to form and move to the metro area. we think that is what will happen in the balance of the evening. however, the enhanced area of the thunderstorm, the severe weather possibilities has been pushed farther west and north again. well away from the d.c. metro. we are in a slight risk now. i think that is the way it will stay through the evening. a slight risk for most of the area. a little enhanced risk north and west. the future cast shows by 7:30 tonight we'll have a pretty healthy line of nasty storms to the west and southwest of the area. they may diminish as they approach at 8:30 to 9:00. more rumbles possible tonight. clearing skies overnight. then a couple of great days coming up. tomorrow, sunny and breezy and 76. sunny, 71 on wednesday. partly sunny with afternoon showers. 65 on thursday. friday, the next front and 70. the
4:23 pm
saturday. partly cloudy and 67. then we stay cool for a bit. look at that. sunday, nold, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, sunshine but the temperatures are below average. that is latest. nancy: thank you, doug. next at 4 zer, we have all done it. broken our phone. maybe once. maybe twice. we will compare the five different fixes for the cracked screen ahead. kellye: and bringing older adults back to school. i'm kell then you're a couple. think of all you'll share... like snoring. does your bed do that? the dual adjustability of a sleep number bed allows you each to choose the firmness and comfort you want. so every couple can get the best sleep ever. does your bed do that? for a limited time save $900 - $1200 on select final clearance beds during our spring clearance event. only at a sleep number store or
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jonathan: experience, wisdom, knowledge. alison: just a few of the things that a group of older adults is bringing to a northern virginia school. nancy: in today's "spotlight on education," kellye lynn takes us to springfield for a look at the impact of the program. kellye: for the past year, retired p.r. professional linda has served as a volunteer at crestwood elementary school. >> i should have been a teacher. i was in the wrong career. kellye: she describes working with substitutes -- students as an experience that brings her pure joy. she got the opportunity through a program called "grand involve." >> it's good. some kids need support, help to learning. >> many times they will mentor students. we started a stitchery club for the third through sixth grader
4:27 pm
sixth grade boys and girls and teach them to knit. kellye: it puts older adults in the schools. more than 70% of the students here qualify for free or reduced lunch. governor terry mcauliffe recognized the program with the volunteer and the community service award. referring to it as an outstanding community organization. >> it helps me in math, to learn more, what to do on the number lines. >> it makes you feel like well, i can do some of these things and i'm doing something worthwhile. it's also, i think it gives you energy. kellye: in springfield, kellye lynn, abc7 news. jonathan: what a great program. coming up next at 4:00, the detail is in the numbers. abc7 breaks down who gets what in the $1 trillion budget deal on capitol hill. alison: then new at 5:00, a week after the massive fire in college park, the challenge
4:28 pm
they try to figure out ex
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doug: back in the stormwatch7 center, it's cloudy and breezy and warm.
4:31 pm
weather and a power cold front from the west. heavy thunderstorms. tremendous lightning in this area over northern and west virginia. a couple of showers west of d.c. metro. we are concentrating on the area over western north carolina, southwestern virginia to see showers blossom and get stronger to move in our direction. if we had sunny skies around the area now and the warm temperatures i'd say we have a high likelihood of getting the heavy severe storms. but we do not. we have extensive cloud cover preceding the storms. while we think we will see scattered thunderstorms and is slight chance of severe weather, the chance of that being widespread will stay well north and west. the future cast captures this image. there is a line of the cold front along i-81 with the heaviest storms. some could get nasty pushing
4:32 pm
eastward. this lazy weaken and break the line apart with -- this will weaken and break the line storm apart. we will get to 11:30, southern maryland and the northern neck it may be a hot spot tonight. there then clearing skies in the forecast. look to the early morning. heavy storms are developing now. most get to south and east. it's gorgeous weather for the next couple of days and a turn cooler heading toward the weekend. that and the ten-day outlook. that is coming up in 20 minutes. jonathan: three days and counting since convicted felon escaped the custody. nancy: there is a lot of manpower but no sign of david watson. michelle: brad bell has what police are saying about the
4:33 pm
search. >> ed this was so bizarre. this guy was seen running from a transport van. a police job -- dog tracked him to anne arundel county. that is where they lost the track. we can show you the video of how much searching was going on out here. they had a helicopter up. dogs. doing everything they could do to find watson. what 28 years old. serving 100 years plus for trying to kill police officers in delaware. facing the additional trial for the state of maryland. he has to be considered desperate. nothing to lose. the strange thing is he has vanished. so now there is a $10,000 reward for information to his whereabouts. and the u.s. marshal is taking over the case. we will be back at 5:00 with
4:34 pm
then is how recognizable he should be. he has tattoos like this all over his bot. requested evil." "187." "sin." we will talk about that at 5:00. in jessup, brad bell, abc7 news. nancy: thank you. in stafford, sky track 7 over what police tell us is a domestic incident. what happened inside is still not clear at this hour. abc7 reached out to the stafford sheriff office. when we hear back we'll an update. michelle: terry mcauliffe is going to mexico on what the office call a trade mission. he has crossed the borders in hopes to make virginia a top trade destination. jonathan: the first major piece of the bipartisan legislation. trillion-dollar spending plan to fund the got to fall. but it does not inc
4:35 pm
reporter: congress is on the same page about a $1 trillion spending bill. avoiding a shutdown keening the government funded through september. the bill includes $15 billion increase in defense spending including more than $1 billion for border security. >> the president got a lot out of this bill. most specifically, $21 billion to help rebuild military. that is something that he was proud to campaign on. and is delivering on. >> the deal increases funding for the national institute of health. pel grants for the college students and $68 million to reimburse law enforcement for protecting the president and his family but it doesn't include cuts to planned parenthood or sanctuary cities. >> infusing his priority in the 2017 budget cycle is something he has been able to have a say in. for remaining five months. the 2018 budget will address those things. >> now on hold un
4:36 pm
budget, the previous cuts governor the agencies like the e.p.a. and the million billion dollar border wall that president trump has been promising since he was a candidate. president trump: we will build a great ball along the southern border. reporter: the white house says it will happen. >> make no mistake the wall is going to be built. the president made it clear. >> with the budget deal worked out, healthcare reform is gaining the attention of the lawmakers. at last check the house republicans still didn't have result for the new proposal but they would like to see a vote this week. nancy: to hollywood. barbra streisand said sexism cost her several oscars over the years. she made the claim saturday. "yentle" was her
4:37 pm
debut. she earned several awards but not for best director. she went to say there are not enough female directors in hollywood. michelle: actor shannon deherty revealed that she is a cancer layer. she is in remission. she publicly shared her journey going through the chemotherapy. >> you can see that she has been there indirectly for many women going through this. michelle: but she knows the battle suspected over yet and the next five years are critical. >> after reading her blog post you can't help but love her candor. jonathan: approaching it with strength. best of luck
4:38 pm
finding the best bang for your buck after jacking a screen. i have done that a few times. "7 on your side." putting different methods to the test from fixing it yourself to taking it to the shop. mann remarkable. the canadians singing the "star spangle banner." so was it a protest or did they forget the words? we take you to ed machineton for the answer -- edmonton for the answer. jonathan: now autria godfrey has a look at what to expect tomorrow morning on "good morning washington." >> thanks. tomorrow on "good morning washington," a big warning before you hit the beach this summer. how to spot early signs of skin canner is before it -- skin cancer before it's too late. >> plus it's thrill week and we are checking out the hottest rides. >> stay with us for traffic and weatr
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tomorrow morning at 4:25 on "good morning washington."
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jonathan: so he is asking if it's working because he is getting ready to
4:42 pm
night the national anthem. the p.a. system wasn't feeding the audio to the arena. but listen how the fans responded. listen to this. [singing national anthem] jonathan: they in canada know the words to our national anthem. they all as a group, 20,000 of them, canadians singing our national anthem in unison. could we sing "o, canada" if it failed in the u.s.? nancy: a lot of people can't sing "star spangled banner." some of us know the words to "o, canada." jonathan: after we googled them. michelle: yeah. nancy: i was making notes but i can't read my hand writing. michelle: you can't read what you wrote? jonathan: if the canadian team was here, nancy would not lead
4:43 pm
it's amazing that they responded. the fans responded that way. big nod. michelle: the singer took it well. nancy: special moment. anytime you have 20,000 people in doing that is remarkable. jonathan: best if the singer forgets or they are you can and get scare and the crowd comes in, it's the best. michelle: if we had the words we shouldn't show the clip. you vote and we have a winner. the manassas airport eaglets have names. the winner -- the names translate to "breath" and "traveler." jonathan: those were the hardest names to choose from. wasn't there hank and bill? good enough. eagles have names. coming up next at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- a "7 on your side" consumer alert. you cracked the screen, michelle, so what is the best tway to fix it
4:44 pm
do it yourself, or take it in for repairs. we have the best bet coming up next. >> if you visit the national mall, something is about to change that could hit you in the pocket. i'm sam ford.
4:45 pm
4:46 pm
4:47 pm
michelle: something we request relate to is cracked phone screens. there are a lot of ways to fix them. we have the search for the easiest and the least expensive fix. >> we dropped five iphones. no cracks. to concrete. turning each into this. >> ouch! >> all to answer the question what is the least expensive and the fastest way to fix a screen and besure it still works? take it to a maker, apple score, if mall kiosk, mom and pop fix it store, services that come to you. even your home. to fix the phone.
4:48 pm
let's start there. it is the east expensive at $90 -- >> this was a bad idea. >> it does have parts you need. even tools. good instructions for 44 steps. that is the microphone cord. it's ripped off the microphone. so i broke the phone. >> to save $30 i just destroyed a $600 phone. look at price and speed for the other options. the most expensive. the mall kiosk. it's the quickest at 22 minutes. apple store, $129. took 95 minutes with a genius bar appointment. the come to your house option, $113. super convenient. the mom and pop store took 35 minutes.
4:49 pm
what about the quality? >> are you happy? >> the phone they fixed, functionally it's working fine. but has a weird edge. the phones dropped have doesn'ts that request make the new screen irregular. but they guarantee the work. they say they will fix it for free. >> the mall is a different story. >> it's a snap. >> we took it back to the mall and i asked the technician to replace the glass again. the folks at the kiosk said they have a one-month warranty but since the screen didn't pop out, they weren't ablijeed to fix it. the apple had an issue. >> this is detecting double presses. oversensitive. >> we took it to apple and in the end it is hard to name a clear winner. mom and pop store was the least expensive but you might
4:50 pm
store. so consider apple or icracked. >> just don't do it yourself. painful to watch. >> i said get an otter box. but you broke it with waun on. >> yeah. >> this one is safe and i have had it three years. >> but the one here charging has a crack in it. michelle: took a hit. >> do you drive to national park and you find parking? >> the thing is it's no longer free. sam ford is on the mall where parking pay station is going? >> this is the beginning of the end to the free parking at
4:51 pm
the mall. this marker on the ground, the group came to mark off the location. they look like the ones that are installed to control 1,100 currently free parking spaces on the national park service land. the reason includes turnover rate at the meters. there is a three-hour limit but many people overstay the limit. the park service wants money. some don't like the idea. >> the first project we will pay for with the revenue from the meters is our share of the d.c. circulator service. >> this is not fair. it's a key. a reason people want to come here and not pay for
4:52 pm
>> the limit is still two hours. the limit is three hours but you will have to pay $2 an hour for that. there are still designated spaces for the disabled but they still have to pay for this. the d.c. government will enforce it. we will tell you how they split up the money coming up at 5:00. >> i'm steve rudin live with the storm track at the national airport. planes are coming in fine. no worries there. let me tell you it's windy here. with the wind gusts at 20 to 30 miles per hour. the gusty winds will stick around as we head through the
4:53 pm
a line of storm will move north and west of us. there is a term of the watching and the warning. nothing for the immediate metro. but looking north and west to pennsylvania and the new york state, that is where the rough weather is located now. the thunder and the lightning, beginning to pick up. this is drifting north/northeast. our best chance will come at 7:00 to 79:00 tonight. the greatest threat is the gusty winds, brief heavy downpours. the ten-day outlook from stormwatch7, when we get this out of here, it is cooler tomorrow. less humidity. but on the breezy side. look at the weekend. back to 60's for the daytime highs. good news if you expect anyone
4:54 pm
from out of town. planes are coming and going but the winds are beginning to pick up. back to you in the studio. jonathan: thank you. watch "good morning washington" for a chance to win wizard playoff tints. we are giving away tickets for thursday night game, wizards-celtics.
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>> it is one of the hottest stars. >> we take on the renovation. >> this is shocking. the nightmare. she leaves the show to start a cosmetic line. this claims she is leaving to pursue a new skin care line. but wait! it looks just like another creme, satin youth told by ivanka trump. >> i asked who owns this? he told me ivanka trump. >> last month she told me how it turns into hundreds of credit card charges because she missed a 14 day cancellation period. >> it's crazy. >> they found her image on several creams. all of
4:58 pm
to the ad that is joana's new skin care line. she has not launched a line of skin scream. she has nothing to do with this and she is not leaving hgtv. she wants others to beware of the offer that could be costly. others claim that ellen and oprah are selling the antiwrinkle scream. be spectacle so you don't waste your money. >> "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. 7 is on storm watch after the massive storm system that brought tornadoes and snow has reached our area.
4:59 pm
the thunderstorms tonight. isolated thunderstorms. the biggest threat is well moved north and west. this area is a tornado watch. there is an active tornado on the ground. otherwise this is a mismatch. we want to get you up to date west of warrenton. there are heavier showers that are forming. north/northwest. gainesville around 5:30. leesburg and after 6:00 in frederick. we are high and dry. cloudy and breezy. there is gusty winds. that protected to us be in the bull's eye like farther north. we
5:00 pm
southwest through the southwestern virginia. where there could be storms now. so the future cast looks at 7:30. sees the lines of the storm growing to the west. then they break apart. there is a slight chance of the severe weather involved. this will blow out of here overnight. more to say about this coming up. >> now is a good time to download the stormwatch7 app. alison: we move on to breaking news on the university of the texas campus where the multiple people have been stabbed. one person is deadly. nancy has the breaking


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