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tv   World News Now  ABC  May 2, 2017 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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this morning on "world news now" -- president trump trying a new approach with north korea. facing criticism for saying he would meet with kim jung un and be honored under the right circumstances. we will have the reaction to that just ahead. >> the new and dramatic video from that deadly pool party in southern california giving us a closer look at the chaotic scene. police opening fire at the suspect as he shoots at random. >> new this half-hour, major changes coming to school lunches. >> the new agriculture secretary visited with schoolkids and praised chocolate milk. concerns grow the trump administration is rolling back the initiatives of michelle obama. >> and famous people got fancy
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at the annual met gala. so, see who went the comfortable route, see who went adventurous route, see who decided to get comfortable on the stairs, show it all to you. you will get to see how we would do as fashion police. >> oh, boy. >> producers putting us to the test on tuesday, may 2nd. from abc news, this is "world news now." always our favorite, favorite, favorite newscast. one of the favorite newscasts of the year after seeing the met gala and all the costumes. >> so much to talk about. >> first did you see prianka chopra, one of the colleagues from quantico on abc. >> looks beautiful. what is the look? inspector gadget or carmen santiago. >> the two meet and they have a baby child and it's her. nice train. >> jayden here. who did something with his teeth.
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hair that he just cut. >> is that what happened. not long ago. >> trimmed off the dreads and carried them around. >> do believe he is stealing my look. this is how i walk around on set all the time. just like. >> what happened to your hair? >> just walking with it. and like, jayden, i know where you got that, brother. ah. >> just always copying. >> not creepy at all. ha-ha. >> you are such a weirdo. >> have we met? >> speaking of weirdos. more on the met gala. the many interesting outfits on the red carpet. coming up. >> start this half-hour with president trump seemingly opening the door to direct talks with north korea's repressive dictator, as concerns are growing over the nuclear arsenal. >> the president getting flak for saying he would be honor ed to meet with kim jung-un, he is scheduled to speak by phone with russian president vladamir putin and just days after inviting another dictator controversial
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white house. here's jonathan carl. >> reporter: a stark warning from president trump on the threat posed by north korea to u.s. troops in the region and beyond. >> nobody is safe. who is safe? the guy has nuclear weapon. we are probably not safe over here the if he gets the long-range missiles we are not safe either. >> reporter: despite his ominous tone, the president said he is open to the idea of meeting with north korean dictator kim jung-un, he told bloomberg, i would be honored to do it under the right circumstances. >> this is some body that starved his own people. threat tuned destroy the united states, last week put out a video showing the capital getting destroyed by north korean fighters the how could he be honored to meet with kim jung-un. >> the president understands the threat that north korea poses and will do what is necessary to protect our confree from threat that they pose. >> how could that be an honor? >> john, i guess because he is head of state. so,
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this. >> sean spicer made it clear the conditions are nowhere near right for a meeting any time soon. not only as kim recently released the videos showing the destruction of the capitol, and u.s. cities, there have been missile tests, preparations for a possible nuclear test, and now, the uss carl vinson strike group in region on high alert. still, despite the heightened tension, trump is offering some striking praise for the young dictator. >> at a very young age he was able to assume power. a lot of people tried to take the power away whether his uncle or anybody else. and he was able to do it. so, obviously he is a pretty smart cookie. >> what did he mean when he called him one smart cookie or pretty smart cookie? >> he assumed power at a young age when his father passed away. there was a lot of potential threats that could have come his way.
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lead a country forward. >> to guard against the north korean threat the president is also reaching out and offering kind words to another controversial asian strongman, philippine president rodrigo dutarte, who committed crimes against humanity, anti-drug campaign blamed for 7,000 murders. ones referred to president obama as "the son of a whore." after what the white house called a very friendly call, the president invited dutarte to the white house. but president dutarte isn't committing to actually coming to the white house to meet with president trump. according local press reports in the philippines "i am tied up and cannot make any definite promise." jonathan carl, abc news, the white house. the white house is pressing for a vote on the house bill to replace obamacare, some moderate republicans are still not on board.
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the plan will protect americans with pre-existing conditions. but the current bill, actually allows states to opt out of that obamacare requirement. so that means insurers may be allowed to charge those customers much more. if the house passes the bill it would still face an uphill battle in the senate. the house is holding a hearing today triggered by the united airlines incident in which a passenger was dragged from an overbooked flight. a hearing in the senate is scheduled for thursday. some lawmakers want to bar airlines from overbooking flights in the future. >> we are seeing dramatic new video of the final moments of the deadly pool party shooting in san diego. in that video, you can see police and the gunman exchanging gunfire. you can hear it as well. eventually two other officers move in. one armed with a shot gun. and fires his weapon at the gunman.
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police say -- that gunman, was despondent after breaking up with his girlfriend and called her during the rampage so she would have to listen as he shot his victims. one woman died in that shooting. six others injured. but those six victims are expected to recover. >> going to turn our focus to the wild weather. 40 million people from georgia to new york in the path of a storm system that killed at least 17 people over the weekend. this morning, the weather radar shows those storms moving north east at this hour. and up into new england. it follows a day of dangerous weather across pennsylvania, as well as parts of new york state, where wind gusts, as high as 78 miles an hour. were clocked just south of buffalo. knocking out power to as many as 30,000 customers. and this -- just outside of stubenville, ohio where wind were powerful enough to rip the roofs right off of buildings.
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now to the federal school lunch program. standards are now easing, the standards having been championed by former first lady michelle obama. the agricultural secretary had a bait to eat with students at an elementary school. announcing the changes purdue said meals can't be nutritious if kids aren't actually eating them. the secretary says it is not a roll back just a way to make the food more edible. >> i wouldn't be as big as i am today without chocolate milk. the kids told me the flavored milk, limited to nonfat was not as tasty as they would like. i applaud first lady michelle obama for addressing those obesity problems in the past. but it is also, has to do with exercise. >> the changes include a delay on the requirement to reduce the amount of sodium in school meals. schools can also serve 1% milk instead of nonfat. waivers allowed for schools to serve grains not at least 50% whole grain. >> can i have chocolate cake as well? >> i didn't see that one on the list. >> didn't mention that. >> i will find out.
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>> now i will drink chocolate milk. we have an update on pretty bright quadruplets from ohio. >> might remember, nick nigel, zachary, aaron wade all four accepted to 59 colleges including harvard, yale, duke. >> the wades made their choice. they will be heading to -- yale. they say the new haven connecticut school treated them like family. >> all right. coming up developments in the shakeup at fox news as an executive is forced out. >> also, in "the skinny," a night at the museum as the stars hit the carpet, the white carpet i think it was this year. >> ivory color. for the annual met gala. first a look at today's temperatures. >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by
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kim jung un.
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relative calm returned to paris this morning following violent mayday marches in the streets of the french capital. six riot police officers caught on fire, after they were hit by molotov cocktails. ance political social ffering divisions are enflamed a week before the country's final run-off presidential election. >> fox news lost another executive. a few munth -- months after the souther of roger ailes. >> fox news co-president, bill shine has been forced out. abc's chief business correspondent, rebecca jarvis with the latest. >> reporter: another shake-up the factor begins right now. >> reporter: just two weeks after the network's star anchor bill o'reilly was ousted after growing sexual harassment allegations. >> fire bill o'reilly! >> bill shine, head of programming, stretching down. the head of fox's parent company, rupert murdoch saying, his contribution to our channel and our country will resonate
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murdoch's sons, james and lockland reportedly pushing for shine's exit. just as they did with o'reilly. eager to clean house in the wake of sexual harassment and racial discrimination claims. it is the third high-profile departure at fox since former network boss roger ailes was ousted over bombshell harassment allegations last summer. but at least one fox anchor, sean hannity standing up for shine last week. warning on twitter that bill shine's departure would be the end of the fox news channel as we know it. fox news says they're not replacing bill shine, but they are promoting company veteran suzanne scott to oversee programming. rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york. >> when we come back, who slayed at the met gala? >> and, you're going to get to test our fashion iq. don't want to miss this, "the skinny" its next. >> you are wearing gold. >> so close. don't want to miss this, "the skinny" its next. >> you are wearing gold. >> so close.
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♪ ♪ skinny so skinny ♪ >> known as the party of the year. where hollywood celebrities, models, a list athletes get decked out to the nines. this year the met gala did not disappoint. >> no. start with rihanna. who wore -- amazing, interesting dress. one of the designers honored. >> she went with the theme, best dressed, debatable. committed. for sure. >> show stopping? >> i would say so. 3-d design. >> looks like made out of construction paper. how do you go to the restroom? >> feel like candy should be coming out of the dress. >> j-lo, wearing valentino, baby blue, aqua, cool peppermint, scope, cirillion. peppermint scope.
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>> pretty. nice accessory. >> a-rod. >> aaron rodgers new girlfriend? >> hater. >> ha-ha. >> speaking of accessories by the way, katy perry had quite a few. nothing could distract from, i don't know what was going on there. looks like lydia from beetle juice. >> springs and mirrors. her nails were studded with jewels. red apparently though was the new black for the gala this year. farrell's wife, helen made an impression in the dress inspired by po, the red teletubby. >> rounding out the list, madonna in camo. lots to talk about there. >> where is madonna? >> not just the print. a net situation. >> i don't see madonna. >> wearing a grille on her teeth. >> interesting. grille was a look. >> so the look on actress sarah
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paulson's face, sums up how most of us felt. when we saw her. do you see that right there. over her shoulder? >> didn't see it until now. >> oh, my god. >> but you know the whole theme of the thing, follow the designer, avant-garde designs. >> rihanna did. internet had a field day with the over the top. the mashup here, rihanna on beyonce's head. queen bee at a different gala over the weekend. sporting a floral headdress. who knew, all along, she was actually wearing rihanna? >> that is uncanny. >> the before/after. ha-ha. >> ha-ha. >> beyonce's sister was at the met gala, solange. wore, more like a coat, little bit of a train, train dragging
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looked like a sleeping bag. i was a little confused. but also a little upset. because the that is what i was going to wear to work today. until i saw that, solange stole my look. >> folks, tell us on line, who wore it better? diane or solange? oh, oh, definitely diane. >> let us know on her face book. now, it's time for us to be put to the test. our producers are going to show a dress, we have to quickly describe the look. these are fashion experts. >> okay. up first, tracy ellis ross. so, the style of her dress is -- flowy. flowy. flowy. >> what's your guess? >> armillion. >> sculptural brocade. >> yes, i see it. >> what the heck does that mean?
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>> olsen twins. describe their look. right now. the olsen twins. >> well they're similar. they are wearing some long -- >> boho chic. >> it is very -- >> oh! yes! >> where, where, did you get it in her ear? guessed it.ou get that? i love it. >> where do you pull boho chic out of? >> really guessed it. >> okay. all right. so, next. >> so pleased with myself right now. >> a model. grace hartzel. >> adams family. >> who is she wearing? wearing pants? if not, what are they? is it? i will say that she is wearing pants. >> i have a guess. guess first? >> the pants are versace. >> palazzo pants. >> no, maxi-skort. >> okay. >> skort, you eat with. >> actress ruth -- >> cape dress. >> it looks like a cape.
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3:55 am the next level. go pro with crest pro-health ♪ ♪ >> breaking, breaking, breaking, "the skinny" news, straight off the presses. same paper i put down there i'm bringing back up. janet jackson, took to facebook just hours ago to announce that she is going back on tour. and it is a world tour. >> yeah, baby. >> you may remember she canceled her tour after announcing she was pregnant. now she is a mama, and she is ready to hit the road. she even joked with fans, about her post pregnancy weight.
3:56 am
>> oh, my gosh. i look like i have bags under my eyes. oh, well. hey, maybe i do. hey, you guys, me jan, in case lling out there more than a few. as for the tours. >> only a brother can get away with that. >> a husband or somebody you are dating. the name is state of the world tour. it will kick off september 7th in louisiana. >> just love that moment. janet is very reserved. public persona. private persona. the two don't frequently mix. got a little glimpse. the curtain came up for a second. >> motherhood will do that. >> fans loved it. >> to "dancing with the stars" last night's theme was movie night. not all celebs were ready for their closeups. the night ended with a double elimination. >> start with the good. the fast performance, best perfor
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earned a perfect score. with the high score, immunity. everybody else forced to compete in a danceoff against each other. trying to win extra points. lady went head-to-head. athletes were matched up. and then the bachelor had to face-off. simone, rashad, won their titles. then time to find out who was going home. >> the host took a long pause to build the tension. in the end it was -- nanny kerrigan and nick vile. both said bye-bye. >> they both said an amazing experience. we of course, wish them good luck. >> we say, welcome, and by welcome, to new york. because, they'll be making an appearance later on today on "good morning america." >> which always, you are sad they get kicked off. then we get to have them on gma. run over them try to see them. alas, unless we fall asleep first. >> he means stalking. >> not stalking. >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now" -- informing insomniacs for two decades.
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making news in america this morning, president trump takes on some foreign challenges as he faces criticism for saying he'd be honored to meet north korea's leader. he is set to speak to russian president vladimir putin today. all that as crowds protest some policies in cities across the country. new details about terrifying stabbing spree at the university of texas. a student now in custody. another is dead. witnesses describing the chaotic scene. >> we have some new video of the race to save a driver after his car was crushed by a tractor trailer. we have anup date on his condition. jimmy kimmel gets personal overnight. >> it's terrifying thing. you know, why-is -- >> the story about his newborn that had his


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