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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  May 3, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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built for business. tonight, the fbi director grilled. james comey facing a barrage of questions. revealing it makes him, quote, mildly nauseous. the idea that his decision swayed the election. >> i had to tell congress. >> and he's asked, why he only revealed the investigation involving hillary clinton. and not the one involving donald trump's campaign, how he answers. also breaking tonight, will there now be a deal to repeal and replace obamacare? what our team has learned and what does it mean for americans with pre-existing conditions. the deadly accident. the suv out of control, slamming into a crowd of people. several dead, more than a dozen and there is news tonight about the driver. the deadly shooting on a college campus, the chaos, and the lockdown tay
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right into a busy intersection. how they got out of that plane. good evening and it's great to have you with us here on a wednesday night. and we begin tonight with the fbi director james comey. his most forceful answers yet amid that grilling on capitol hill today. comey animated in his answers, facing questions about whether his decision just 11 days before the election affected the outcome. comey using those words saying it makes me quote, mildly nauseous that he might have swayed the election. abc's senior justice correspondent pierre thomas leading us off. >> reporter: under the microscope since that election result came in, were you comfortable with the role you played in the investigation? tonight fbi director james comey back in the hot seat. >> tell me what you would do. >> reporter: at issue, that bombshell 11 days before the election.
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landed, director comey had reopened the e-mail investigation. the revelation dominating the front pages in the final week and a half. just yesterday, clinton in part blaming comey for her november loss. >> i was on the way to winning if the election had been on october 27th i'd be your president. >> reporter: today an emotional comey in perhaps his most emotional and dramatic testimony explained why he went to congress about clinton's e-mails discovered on her aide huma abedin's spouse's computer. e-mails that would not change the case. >> concealing in my view would be catastrophic, not just to the fbi and well beyond and honestly as between really bad and catastrophic, i said to my team we've got to walk into the world of really bad. look, this is terrible. it makes me mildly nauseous to think that we might have had some impact on the election. i would make the same decision. >> i find that hard to believe -- >> reporter: democrats pounced, asking why reveal hillary clinton's investigation, pointing out that comey had concealed the fact that he was investigating trump's associates
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for alleged ties to russia throughout the summer and fall. only telling congress after the election. >> i join those who believe that the actions taken by the fbi did, in fact, have an impact on the election. >> was it appropriate for you to comment on one investigation repeatedly and not say anything about the other? >> i think i treated both investigations consistently under the same principles. >> reporter: comey also was pressed about where the fbi's investigation into trump campaign associates stands tonight. >> do you stand by your testimony that there is an active investigation, counterintelligence investigation regarding trump campaign individuals and the russian government as to whether or not they collaborate? you said that in march -- >> to see if there was any coordination between the russian effort. >> that's still going on? >> yes. >> has the white house cooperated? >> with the investigation? >> correct. >> it's not something i'm going to comment on. >> let's get to
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you heard director comey pressed about the investigation and the donald trump campaign any possible collusion with russia. he's not saying anything more. >> david, senators got nowhere. comey said you won't hear a peep from him until the investigation is over. david? pierre thomas in that room today, pierre, thank you. we turn next tonight to breaking developments in president trump's newest attempt to repeal and replace obamacare. a couple of key republicans two were going to vote no at the white house today. what does this now mean for americans with pre-existing conditions? abc's mary bruce. >> reporter: with the president's health care plan teetering on the edge, today two republican congressmen went to the white house to make a deal. they had already told him they were voting "no." one warning the plan would "torpedo" protections for people with pre-exisisting conditions.
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really need you, we need you. and i said you don't have me. >> reporter: but today the lawmakers offered a compromise they all could agree to. >> with this addition that we brought to the president and sold him on in an over the hour meeting with him that we are both yeses on the bill. >> reporter: before taking office, president trump promised to keep obamacare's protection for pre-existing conditions in place. >> are you going to make sure that people with pre-conditions are still covered? >> yes, because it happens to be one of the strongest assets. >> reporter: but the bill house republicans have been pushing puts that promise in jeopardy, by allowing states to seek waivers so insurance companies could charge people with pre-existing conditions more. the pushback to the overhaul, fierce. and from hollywood, an emotional voice, jimmy kimmel sharing the story of his newborn son's heart condition. >> if your baby is going to die and it doesn't have to, it shouldn't matter how much money you make. >> reporter: with today's deal, republicans hope to put out the
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a new amendment would give states $8 billion over 5 years to help cover those with pre-existing conditions. is this funding enough to protect people with pre-existing conditions? >> i asked the question whether the funds would be sufficient and the answer was yes. >> reporter: but today, hundreds of leading patient and health groups said "no," calling the new funding just a drop in the bucket. the american cancer society calling the changes "particularly egregious." and the american medical association warning that people with pre-existing conditions will get "second-class health care coverage, if they are able to obtain coverage at all." the white house admits the real impact for people with pre-existing conditions is hard to gauge. >> there are so many variables that are unknown that to make an analysis of that level of precision is almost impossible. >> reporter: but tonight, republicans are hopeful. the bill will pass the house. mr. vice president on health care, do you have the votes? will you finally get this done?
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>> stay tuned he says. bottom line here from your count tonight, do republicans have the votes to pass this effort and if so do they face a tougher fight in senate. >> republican leaders are meeting here tonight to see if they have enough support to get this done. the republicans are on the cusp of victory. if this gets to the senate it will be scrutinized all over again. the fight is likely to be brutal. >> mary bruce on the battle ahead. mary, thank you. we turn now to a terrible scene today, an suv plowing into a crowd outside boston. several people were killed. an indoor auction was under way. it slammed into a wall. abc's linsey davis is on the scene in massachusetts tonight. >> we got a person run over send an ambulance, send fire. >> reporter: carnage and confusion this morning at a car
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an out-of-control jeep suddenly accelerated, killing three people and injuring at least nine. >> all i saw was four people laying on the ground. and one gentleman looked like a car had run over his leg, the other gentleman in the front, he was laying on the ground bleeding from his ears, nose, everywhere. >> reporter: witnesses say an auction employee in his 70s lost control of the suv he was showing, plowing through the crowd at about 40 miles per hour. >> ten people down inside. three people outside. >> reporter: first responders rushed in to do cpr on the victims, tonight, we're learned one of the victims is 36-year-old mother of three. her first day on the job at the auto auction. state police tonight say this appears to be an accident. investigators are talking to that driver and witnesses to try to figure out what went wrong. next the
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playing out on a college campus in texas. triggering a lockdown sending students into hiding. abc's kayna whitworth is on the scene. >> reporter: tonight, chaos on campus. gunfire erupted. the campus put on lockdown as police in tactical gear search for an active shooter. this math tutor saw it all. >> a girl was sitting in front in the chair and a guy standing in front of her. i saw the shots three times. he shoot her. >> reporter: some students hunkering down, turning of lights in classrooms, others trying to escape. gunshots.there's no other way. the staff tried to get us obviously to stay inside but i just ran. >> reporter: one student recording the ordeal as he was evacuated. an hour later, police giving the all-clear. >> we're still on the premise that this is murder-suicide situation. >> reporter: tonight, police trying to determine the
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and the victim and what led up to this deadly scene. police saying the two bodies were found in separate locations. and right now, they're scouring the campuswide security cameras for more information. next to the states of emergency after the flooding disaster tonight with storms moving east. the levee breaking on the black river in arkansas. i-44 near st. louis closed for 57 miles. abc's alex perez is in missouri. >> reporter: tonight, new evacuations and a flash flood emergency in northeast arkansas. the black river, more than ten feet above flood stage, breaching this levee. nearby, the current river carrying this cabin on a collision course. >> my god, i'm freaking out. >> reporter: striking a highway bridge. the national guard deployed across the region as a slow-motion disaster now unfolds. major highways under water, st. louis is now virtually cut off from the southwest.
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>> i can't stress enough, if there's water on that roadway, do not go into it. >> hopefully this wall of sandbags will hold. >> reporter: in eureka, missouri, the meramac river at record levels. that means sleepless nights for business owners like kathy gillman. >> we've been up all night running pumps. >> reporter: and david, just downstream from eureka here in arnold, it's hard to tell where the river ends and the street begins, it's still rising. the river not expected to crest until about midnight. let's get to meteorologist rob marciano. >> hi, david, more rain tonight across the flood zone. taking a look at the watches and warnings. from michigan. lot of severe weather across louisiana and texas. watches up there until midnight. by tomorrow we've got a severe weather threat -- georgia and the carolinas. still raining across st. louis and that flooded area
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through friday morning, it's going to be nasty storm for d.c. and boston through friday night. david. >> watching it as it tracks east. next tonight, president trump expressing optimism on the prospect of peace in the middle east. now to baton rouge and a call for justice tonight for a man killed by police after federal investigators said they could not prosecute. the disturbing incident caught on camera. the officer struggling with alton sterling and then shots are heard. abc's steve osunsami's back on the case. >> reporter: federal prosecutors tonight say they don't have because investigators can't say for sure that alton sterling wasn't reaching for the gun in his pocket. noat
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says, what's happening in the police takedown outside this baton rouge corner store is a crime. >> there is not sufficient evidence to proceed with the federal charge. >> reporter: the killing led to days of anger. this photo scene around the world. attorneys for the sterling family believe he's got a great case. >> make it clear that all alton sterling's life mattered. that his family's life matters. >> i'm just asking everyone to step forward so we can continue to get justice. 'cause it can't stop right here. >> reporter: louisiana's governor and the city's mayor are begging the streets for calm, saying that, it's not over. david? >> steve, thank you. we do have a note of thanks this evening after the generosity of so many of you at home, we returned this week from our reporting trip from the horn of africa, four countries are now on the bri
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20 million people at brink of starvation. in fact, aide workers say this could be one of the humanitarian crises since world war ii. the children you see right here are the lucky ones because they've now made it to the hospitals. so many others in isolated villages where there's an urgent effort to get them food and water. save the children told us, in the first 4 hours since our report they have received $800,000 from you at home. the head of save the children said we are e nors youly grateful to you and the general abc viewers. following your broadcast last night, save the children received nearly $800,000 from more than 6500 people. the need is huge. many still tweeting me today on how to help, we put all the
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tonight" facebook page. the plane exploded in to mrams right above traffic there. new developments in the manhunt for a fugitive considered extremely dangerous tonight. police may be closing in on. and nearly 20 years since the death of princess diana what we now learned about that last night in paris. the rarely-seen moments with her sons. mr. wise man ... ... you wish to know how to protect your sterling credit score. my credit is off to a good start, but knowing so many things can go wrong with it... kinda freaks me out. well, unfreak yourself out... and download the free creditwise app from capital one. creditwise gives you a credit score, and alerts you to changes. even if i'm not a capital one customer? nooooo! yeah, it's free for everyone. thank you. gravity, is a fickle mistress. what's in your wallet? so guys with ed can take viagra when they need it.,
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lines, traffic lights and even cars. drivers watching in horror. >> i just said get down and before i knew it i could feed the heat on my face, the fireball and the wing clipped the van. it's probably the closest i've come to really thinking, oh, this is the end. >> reporter: miraculously the pilot and the passenger run out of the burning plane. the pilot managing to control the aircraft as everything around him goes up in flames. >> that was very, very skillful of him. very thoughtful and mindful to maintain calm and control of the aircraft. >> reporter: and david, tonight, so many are grateful that pilot somehow avoided hitting much more than that. no one was seriously hurt, but investigators do want to find out, what caused that crash? david. >> gio, thank you. a mayer jar airline, passengers won't be happy about this one. the urgent manhunt for a dangerous fugitive. america strong tonight, a police officer spotting a boy with autism. the mad dash across the park to save him.
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tonight, authorities possibly closing in on an escaped prisoner in maryland. police say david watson may have been spotted today. authorities say a man matching his description was seen wearing a stolen hard hat and a neon safety vest. watson escaped last friday. he's considered extremely dangerous. authorities on a scene of a school bus crash. the bus driver stuck inside. rescuers pulling him free. none of the children were hurt. get ready for a tighter squeeze when you fly, american airlines reducing leg room by up to 2 inches on its new jets. leg room in several flights shrinking. . the restrooms will reportedly also be smaller as well. and america strong tonight the police rescue in topeka, kansas, sprinting across the park after spotting a
6:53 pm
boy falling into a pond. the boy with autism was unable to get out. the officer and another gentleman pulling him to safety. when we come back -- it's been nearly 20 years now since the death of princess diana, what we have now learned about her last night in paris. ray's always been different. last year, he said he was going to dig a hole to china. at&t is working with farmers to improve irrigation techniques. remote moisture sensors use a reliable network to tell them when and where to water. so that farmers like ray can compete in big ways. china. oh ... he got there. that's the power of and. for my constipation, i switch laxatives.ed stimulant laxatives make your body go by forcefully stimulating the nerves in your colon.
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since the death of princess diana and the abc news special the last 100 days of diana now retracing that last night in paris. along with rare video of her time with her boys. here's david wright. >> reporter: nearly 20 years after her fairy tale abruptly ended, this new abc news special offers new details about her final days. including that trip to paris with boyfriend dodi al fayed. a last-minute addition to her vacation. diana's butler now says she told him she didn't really want to go. >> that's my only lift home so i have to go to paris. i have no choice. >> reporter: burrell says she told him she couldn't wait to get back to her boys. >> would you tell william and harry at balmoral that i'll be back the day after. >> reporter: of course, she never made it. her love for those boys was never in doubt. the impact of her death on them something they only recently opened up about.
6:58 pm
>> it was only right to share my experiences and to help -- to hope and encourage others -- >> reporter: the abc special shares moments rarely seen. >> william is a typical 3-year-old. he's not at all shy and very polite extraordinarily enough. whereas perhaps harry, he's a different character altogether. >> reporter: a mother's insight and love. her legacy to them. david wright, abc news. >> this sunday at 9:00 eastern right here on abc. >> we'll see you tomorrow. good night.
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