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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  May 6, 2017 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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good morning, america. this morning, the health care backlash. [ chanting ] >> republican lawmakers getting an earful from constituents on the new health care bill as president trump pushes his plan. >> a big, big win for the american people. >> but will this thing make it through the senate in any recognizable form? >> officer charged. a texas police officer turning himself in for the shooting death of a 15-year-old boy outside a house party. >> i have made the decision to terminate him. >> the shifting story and how body cameras led to an officer being charged with murder. underwater. heavy rain flooding the east coast from parking garages to subways and the roads. drivers stranded.
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>> the water just got so high. >> plus, the big cleanup in the south. the damage delivered by at least nine tornadoes. >> and crown controversy. the college senior named miss black university of texas. >> contestant number five. now facing a backlash over the color of her skin. >> it's definitely been a mix of emotions. >> and answering her critics where she found support for her sash. hey, good morning. and let's get right to our top story. president trump waking up at his golf club in bedminster, new jersey, bask in the glow of his party's victory on health care. >> the pushbacks have begun. members of congress return to hair home districts where we're expecting a bunch of town hall meetings starting today. we've seen protest, voters angry in particular because of threats to coverage for people with
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concern all over twitter where the #iamapre-existingcondition. >> the bill to repeal even replace obamacare has a long road ahead of it. republicans promising to do their own thing signaling they may start from scratch. >> matt dowd is standing by with analysis. we'll start with abc's david wright with the president in bedminster. good morning to you, david. >> reporter: good morning, paula. good morning, dan. you know, republicans are celebrating victory still over the passage of this house health care bill, but a lot of them are returning home to their districts to find the storm clouds gathering. more than a few constituents have more than a few questions and concerns. backlash. [ chanting "aca is the way" ] >> reporter: even before the senate has taken up the bill the house just p
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angry constituents are giving republican lawmakers an earful. kansas city, demonstrators lay right outside congressman kevin yoder's office, a mock cemetery. here in new jersey, where friehli friehlingh friehli friehlinghousen changed had is vote. president trump pushes back in his weekly address. >> it will be great health care and your premiums will come down and your dedushthables will come down so you'll have better health care at a lower cost. and now i'm calling on the senate to take action. >> reporter: trump finds himself defending not just the gop's health bill but also his praise for australia's single payer health system. >> you have better health care
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>> thank you, mr. president, we'll quote you on the floor of the senate. >> reporter: trump tweeted of course the australians have better health care than we do. everybody does. obamacare is dead but our health care will soon be great. trump is taking the win. >> repealing and replacing obamacare will be a big, big win for the american people. >> reporter: now, the health care debate is far from over. the senate expected to make some big changes if it even passes the health care bill at all. the president meanwhile, at his country club here in bedminster and he's talking about how he's saving the taxpayers money by not staying in new york city. dan, paula. >> yeah, that seems to be a hot topic. we'll get to that in a second. david, thank you for your reports from bedminster. our political ringer, abc news consultant matt dowd. i call him matty ice because you're clutch on and off the field. >> there's no telling why you call me that. just embrace it. >> a
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paula faris. >> there you go. >> don't try to go there, you g guys. dangerous territory. the senate is expected to rip this bill up. how do you see this all going down. >> they're going to chew through it faster than the horses at the kentucky derby in the stables in grain and hay. i expect this to take a long period of time. i think the senate isn't even going to look at their bill first. i think they'll go off on their own and the two will be substantially different then a conference committee so no telling when that is going to get settled. i think the senate unlike the house is going to take their time on this. >> democrats crowing about the political price they believe the republicans will pay for this bill. are they right about that? >> i think they're wrong about crowing because it's always bad to crow in the middle of the first quarter when you actually don't even have an election and the things you don't even face and i think the democrats were already positioned well in this midterm election to pick up a lot of seats especially in the house and i think this bill is going to help them. every time this kind of thing has been passed the party that
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passed ittiv suffers in the election. >> let's talk about a victory for trump. the president is touting the latest job numbers, the lowest unemployment in over a decade. wage growth. how good is this? >> it's good news for the country and good news for him and the administration though he has to string together a lot of these in a row for people to feel like they have real impact. keep in mind the unmro i is low and it's lower than it's been in ten years as you say. the people still feel like the country is off on the wrong track. two-thirds of the country are still not satisfied where it is. >> and candidate president trump raised numbers abo-- or questio about the numbers anyway. >> lowering his handicap. >> going to his own properties and democrats have been hitting him about that as he wakes up in bedminster and say she's repeated trips to his own homes are costing taxpayers money and
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is this a resonance issue. >> i'm offended when people won't stay in my house. i don't know why he won't tay in the american people's house. it's kind of a nice place to be. these things only matter if the country begins to turn badly. if the economy falls and there is an international problem that the country blames him for, the people will use that to fault him. if the economy continues to grow and seems to handle things internationally well, then i don't think it fundamentally will matter but it will turn on whether or not the country is doing well. if it's not as i say they'll begin to point out things like that. they did it for president bush. the country didn't care whether or not he went to crawford all the time. they cared as soon as iraq turned against him and the economy turned baaed. >> good point. >> matty ice, thank you very much. appreciate it. >> it is going to stick. >> it's going to stick, sorry, dude. again, matt, thank you. we turn to the developing political story
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an eerie he can cho of the presidential campaign on the eve of what might be the most important election in france. we're learning of a huge hack and abc's jennifer eccleston is on the story from london. jennifer, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dan. centrist presidential candidate emmanuel macron's campaign calling the document dump a massive and coordinated hack. some 9 gigabytes of data, e-mails and other election-related documents stolen from campaign accounts and posted by an anonymous user. macron's campaign calling it a mix of genuine and fake docum t documents, an effort they say to confuse voters before tomorrow's runoff against hard-line candidate marine le pen. the timing of it just hours before the end to campaigning, both candidates are prevented by law from speaking about election issues this weekend. the french media were also reminded by election officials to stay away from the
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it might influence voters. earlier macron's team blamed russian hackers for a previous leak. it suspects the kremlin of wanting to help le pen who supports a pro-moscow policy. a striking similarity to charges of russian interference during the 2016 american elections. paula. >> all eyes on france for that. jennifer, thank you for your reporting. now to the east coast getting slammed with torrential rain causing flash flooding. all this as the south cleans up from a round of tornadoes and rob is here with the very latest weather news. good morning, rob. >> good morning, this has been with us all week long. it brought severe weather to texas, missouri flooding and look at these storm report, a lot of damage with these wind accounts. no doubt it did not lose much punch as it hit the east coast. chaos on the east coast. a powerful storm wreaking havoc on main thoroughfares in new york city, inundating parking
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stations. rising waters stranding motorists. >> the water just got so high. >> as emergency responders came to their rescue. in the south, crews cleaning up after at least nine tornadoes touched down from georgia to virginia this week. >> i just got my kids. that was my focus. >> winds demolishing buildings in the carolinas ripping off rooftop, even sending a massive tree crashing into this bedroom. plus this newly released surveillance video showing the moment a twister tore through garden city, georgia. watch as debris flies flew the air and the whipping wind topples this billboard. thankfully a much quieter day weatherwise but not everybody is going to like what we have to offer in the weather department. more on that in a few minutes. >> yes, i've planning on registering complaints. >> i bet. thank you. to texas now where a fired police officer is facing a murder charge this morning in the shooting death a 15-year-old boy. body cameras played a big part in the decision to charge ts
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and abc's eva pilgrim is on the story. eva, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that body camera video changing the narrative of what happened the night of the shooting. while police say they're not releasing that video until after the investigation is complete this morning the teen's family is saying they are grateful charges have been filed. overnight a texas police officer turning himself in on murder charges. the officer released after posting bond. officer roy oliver fired after police say he violated department policies when allegedly shooting and killing 15-year-old honor student jordan edwards. >> after reviewing the findings, i have made the decision to terminate roy oliver. >> reporter: according to police it all started at this home saturday night after receiving reports of a large house party. police initially saying when they arrived they heard gunfire and encountered a car filled with teenagers backing towards them allegedly attempting to use the vehicle as a weapon. that's when police say officer oliver fired his rifle at the
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but earlier this week the police backtracking saying after watching two separate body cam videos, it was clear the teens were driving away from the officers. the teen's parents wiping away tears telling abc news the magnitude of his horrible actions cannot be overstated and that our family is it working hard to deal with the loss of our beloved jordan. >> they want to see him pross cuted. they want to see him convicted. >> reporter: now a community grieving remembering the promising football player. >> we will never forget jordan and the impact he had on all of us. >> reporter: we have reached out to the officer's attorney and have not heard back. he faces up to life in prison if convicted. >> all right. thank you very much. such a sad story. we want to move to the fraternity members from penn state facing manslaughter charges in the death of a pledge. the alleged details of timothy piazza's final hours are beyond disturbing. his family is now speaking out and our gio benitez
7:13 am
what prosecutors say happened that night. >> reporter: this morning, eight penn state fraternity brothers facing serious charges just three months after a pledge died at their frat party. >> it's heartbreaking all around. there's no winners. >> reporter: the eight fraternity brothers all charged with the involuntary manslaughter and assault of 19-year-old timothy piazza. a beta theta pi pledge who prosecutors say was pressured to consume four to five drinks within two minutes. piazza falling down a staircase, one brother allegedly texting he fell 15 feet down a flight of stairs hair first going to need help. but prosecutors say nobody did help. >> of course it's a tragedy but, you know, that doesn't mean there was any intent involved in any of this. >> reporter: the charges come after investigators found surveillance video showing it all unfold. one student they say urged them to call 911 but was overruled and shoved into a wall. piazza tries getting up over and over again but keeps falling. it wasn't until the next morning that they finally called for
7:14 am
frat brothers had removed evidence of hazing and alcohol and had coordinated a story. >> this is the result of a feeling of entitlement, fragrant disobedience of the law and disregard for moral values. >> reporter: the university already permanently banning the fraternity saying hazing and dangerous drinking are not permitted. and this morning we know that another ten students are also facing other charges but no doubt those eight fraternity brothers are facing the most serious ones, they're expected in court again later this month. dan and paula. >> the cover-up just adds insult to injury for that family. our hearts go out to them. so, let's send things over to rookie for a look at the news this morning. >> hey, paula. >> bespectacled. dan's favorite look. >> adrienne, robert, good morning, everyone. we will begin with breaking news in massachusetts where a police officer was shot in the face at a brainfremaux tell six south of boston. officers went to the motel to
7:15 am
suspect. when they got there the man opened fire on them. the suspect was later found dead in his room at that motel after a standoff. the injured officer undergoing surgery overnight. he is expected to recover. in washington president trump's nominee for army secretary mark green withdrawing his name from consideration for that office after growing criticism about remarks he made about muslim, gays, lesbians and transgendered people. green a retired army flight surgeon and tennessee state senator says the attacks against him are false and misleading. new details released about the suicide note that aaron hernandez left for his fiancee before hanging himself in his massachusetts prison cell last month, the former new england patriots star writing, quote, i told you what was coming indirectly and telling her, share my story fully adding in a side note, you're rich. the letter is one of three found in his cell. details from the other two were not we leased. country music legend loretta lynn is recovering in a nashville, tennessee, hospital after
7:16 am
85th birthday said to be responsive and is expected to fully recover following her doctor's advice to rest and is postponing her upcoming shows. san francisco, a large sinkhole nearly swallowing up a big rig and stopping traffic nearly two hours. the driver said he had stopped the flatbed when it started rolling or slowly sinking on to its side. he was able to estate unharmed. investigators looking into what caused that 15-foot hole in the ground. eddie lacy doing spring cleaning, a lot, check this out. people in green bay, wisconsin, lining up around the block to buy everything from lacy's old packers gear, now former team. the video games, even his laundry detergent. the nfl star purging all that stuff because he's moving to seattle to play for the seahawks. >> they're not mad at him. >> no. >> packers fans are the best. >> a two-day sale was sold out before dinner.
7:17 am
of the proceeds to charity. even his -- think about this. his unfinished body wash sold for $1. >> see. >> how much did he get for the detergent? >> i don't know. we'll look into that. >> i hope not much. >> you would take unused body wash or deodorant. that's going in my carry-on bag. >> no. >> ron. >> one more point, i don't think if eddie lacy went to the vikings that stuff would sell so well. seattle is far away. show you what's going on now across missouri. st. louis county, this has been an ongoing story all week. good news even though these pictures are dramatic, the rivers for the most part are receding. the mississippi cresting now around cape girardeau. also in arkansas though the white river there, that is still rising at des arc. rising through this week. folks scrambling to save their
7:18 am
flood map, all the tributaries flowing into the mississippi river why things are still rising in spots. the good news is we're building a ridge in this area, nice little omega block kind of the shape of that greek letter, that means dry weather for the most part across the midsection in the flood zone but across the east coast and the southwest for that matter, kind of cool and n unsettled and a batch of rain heading right through churchill downs this morning so softening up that track and scattered showers today and tomorrow kind of unsettled. >> spotty showers in the afternoon. it is going to be a cool weekend coming up. current wind speed in the mid teens. that is going to make it feel even colder in the afternoon. as you head outside later today, make sure to take the jacket. again, we do have some passing showers with temperatures in the low 60's. fo
7:19 am
temperatures remain below average >> not perfect weather for the derby but get your pastels out. >> nice. you color coordinated. >> running for the roses. >> do your socks -- >> i have the racing socks on. >> don't pull a hamstring. >> we'll show those later. >> thank you. the fashion -- >> we need a sock -- >> our ratings -- now to a family reunion more than four decades in the maikel. >> erielle reshef has the emotional story of how they finally found one another. >> hi. >> reporter: it's a reunion decades in the making. full of raw emotion. donna and vanessa, two sisters embracing for the first time after a lifetime apart. >> i did question how someone could leave a baby that was just born on the side of
7:20 am
winter. >> known as foundlings adopted into loving families in separate states. abc affiliate station wjla in d.c. credited with bringing them together after sharing why song's story one year ago linking her with investigator angela trammell. >> it's rewarding to give them that gift of identity. >> you have a full sibling. i'm like this is a joke. >> reporter: trammell tracing wysong's parents and later tracking down her sister, vanessa. >> it's a lot to take in. >> it is. >> reporter: the women now in their 40s building on a sisterly bond they never knew existed. and since their reunion the sisters have decided to move their families to the same city. they've also learned they have a brother and have since reunited with their brother as well. so, big family reunion, an amazing story >> that's great. thank you for that. >> that's the beauty of family. it doesn't matter if you have seen one another for
7:21 am
just pick up. >> a connection. >> start fighting right away. >> good to see you. coming up a newly crowned beauty queen facing a fierce backlash. why critics claim her skin tone should have kept her from the title. >> looking back on princess diana's last days, the legendary interview that reportedly forced the queen's hand allowing diana to get that divorce. plus, it's national pet adoption weekend. we have some friends looking for a new home. what you need to know about adding a furry new member to your family which did a great move for any family. we'll be right back. "good morning america" is brought to you by pronamel toothpaste. protect your enamel against the effects of everyday acids. er of your tooth surface. the thing that's really important to dentists is to make sure that that enamel stays strong and resilient for a lifetime. the more that we can strengthen and re-harden that tooth surface, the whiter their patients' teeth are going to be. dentists are going to really want to recommend
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>> after some morning sunshine, we expect some scattered showers for the afternoon. we already see some passing showers around cumberland and hagerstown. even some lightning strikes in the higher elevations due to the -- due to the atmosphere. wind speed already in the teens for some spots.
7:28 am
below average, it is going to feel cool outside. nature to take the jacket if you are heading to the virginia cup today. passing showers today, nothing too widespread. we are 10 degrees below average for where we should be -- we are 10 degrees below where we should be for this time of year with our temperatures. sunshine returning on monday. temperatures still below average. tuesday morning, some spots could still be doing -- could be dealing with some frost at this time of year. in the later half of the week, some showers ret
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hey, welcome back to "gma" on a saturday. the health care bare backlash. president trump calling it a victory saying it's better than obamacare as critics take to the streets and social media to slam the vote. the bill has a long road ahead of it as it now heads to the senate. also right now, frozen food recall. all aunt jemima frozen pancake, frozen waffles and frozen french toast in the u.s. and mexico recalled over fears of listeria contamination. listeria, the recall does not include aunt jemima dry mixes or syrups and get your hats ready and your mint juleps too. derby day, 20 contenders are getting ready to run in the 143rd kentucky derby at churchill downs. this year's sweetheart is patch. a 3-year-old thoroughbred who
7:31 am
lost one of his eyes after an infection. his odds are 30-1 making him a crowd favorite but a long shot to win. you guys, i love his name was patch at birth and this happened, so -- >> really? >> art imitating life or maybe the other way around. >> preordained. >> i like that. >> prophecy. also coming up this half hour at 20th anniversary of the death of princess diana approaches there's a new documentary that traces her last 100 days, we're going to take a look back at theinterview that proved to be a turning point in her marriage. but first here the pageant winner facing a beauty backlash. >> the woman crowned miss black university of texas taking criticism for her biracial heritage and the color of her skin. and adrienne is here with the story for us. hi, adrienne. >> reporter: hello. yes, in the end this young lady was chosen to wear the crown but it did come with a lot of criticism. it was supposed to be a time of celebration. >> contestant number five,
7:32 am
at austin senior rachael malonson entering her first pageant and being crowned. >> when they announced my name, the first thing i honestly thought was wow. >> reporter: but for the new miss black u.t., her win was complicated by controversy. >> it's definitely been a mix of emotions. >> reporter: just hours after rachael received the title hosted by kappa alpha psi backlash came pouring in on social media. >> i felt i didn't have any privacy and i just started crying. >> reporter: the college senior catching major heat on twitter tweets reading she should not have won because of the color of her skin. one user writing, of course, they picked the lightest biracial girl to win. another saying, if you saw this girl out in like public somewhere and had to guess her race, the last thing you'd say is black. >> one moment i'm on cloud nine thinking, wow, all this hard work i put into was showindicated and the next minute i'm not black enough. >> reporter: the 22-year-old
7:33 am
began being questioned about her heritage at an early age. >> there is a way to have a larger conversation about race, about colorism, about blackness without attacking her. >> reporter: rachael says despite this controversy, she's grateful for the encouragement she's received. >> a lot of people who know me and those who don't even know me started having my back. it's turned into a beautiful thing that has reminded me i have the ability to impact people in a positive way. >> reporter: so, the guidelines for the pageant do include being of african-american heritage. the fraternity that hosted the scholarship pageant releasing a statement, i want to read a part. she not only does qualify on that basis but she is fully deserving of the title saying on the basis of her scroll last tick and they stand with rachael malonson. >> what a conversation. >> it's a big conversation and people are still tweeting about it. >> i can only imagine. >> it probably will carry on for quite some time.
7:34 am
over to rob. >> hey, man, let's go down south, florida, the dry season continues and in some spots it's on in central florida and we're talking about dry winds that drop things down south. critical and elevated fire danger today. red flag warnings also up for the southwest as a trough digs down out there across southern critical so winds gusting to 40 miles an hour. also going to bring a chance for showers and a thunderstorm to california. really for l.a., at least, the first chance of rain that you've seen in almost a month so big change in the weather pattern and talked about this omega block that will keep the cool air on both coasts. 62 in los angeles, 48 in pittsburgh. might even see a few snowflakes fly around the great lakes as that cooler air begins to move in but dry and warm across the midsection of the country and 86 for our friends in hawaii. not too
7:35 am
we start off with some morning sunshine in the d.c. area. it is going to be a cool afternoon. the wind speed already starting to get into the mid teens. make sure >> this weather report is brought to you by geico. >> the geico gecko. >> well, it's a geico guinea pig. >> before we get to my friend i got a programming note. this little guy doesn't play basketball but this weekend is exciting, conference semifinal match-ups on abc. steph curry and warriors take on the utah jazz 8:30 p.m. eastern and don't miss lebron and the cavs face off in game four, match-up against toronto sunday, tomorrow at 330 and take another look at this cutie. this is almond. >> hi, almond. >> a guinea pig and gave it to the italian. i don't know why. we have the cats and dogs get all the love for adopting but you can adopt a beautiful guinea pig too. >> he's shaking. >> well, i'm not
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thing. >> he's giving you kisses. >> sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't. >> weekend download. more cute critters. >> you know your daughter maddie is going to see this -- >> did you just kiss the begin if i pig. >> why not. >> i have not heard -- >> like the blarney stone, the guinea pig. >> i know what we're doing in the commercial break. also coming up on "gma," princess diana's final days, the lengths she went to in order to give this explosive and pivotal interview, a preview of a new documentary this morning. "guardians" of the box office, volume two of the "guardians of the galaxy" kicking off the summer season with a bang. almond will still be here for "pop news" as well. >> hey. >> hi, almond. yo- wh- ah- he-
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she was called the people's princess and no member of britain's royal family may have been more beloved than princess diana. >> we all still miss her so much. the 20th anniversary of her death is this summer. now a new documentary looks back at her final 100 days including how she pulled off a bombshell interview. this excerpt reveals how what
7:41 am
convinced the queen her son's marriage was over once and for all. >> i was at the end of my tether. i was desperate. >> reporter: she arranged to have me smuggled into kensington palace for a secret interview. her staff were given a rare day off. >> if we had known about it we would have put a stop to it. >> the camera came up in boxes that looked like deliveries. she did her own makeup. it was planned to a tee. >> the prince of waste is described as a great thinker, a man with a tremendous range of interests. what did he think of your interests? >> well, i don't think i was allowed to have any. >> reporter: she admitted to having an affair with her riding instructor kappes james hewitt. >> did your relationship go beyond a close friendship? >> yes, it did. yes. >> reporter: were you unfaithful? >> yes, i adored him. yes, i was in love with him. >> reporter: she would never have done it, she said, if charles had broken off with camilla.
7:42 am
were, nothing provoked more consternation at the palace than her answer to my question about the royal suck session. >> do you think the prince of wales will ever be king? >> i would think that the top job as i call it would bring enormous limitations to him and i don't know whether he could adapt to that. >> at this stage you have to remember she is still a member of the royal family. she's the mother of the future king. >> reporter: for the queen, this was the last straw. >> a letter arrived from buckingham palace, dear diana, we have come to the conclusion that it is best for the country that you should divorce. this was a directive from the queen. >> wow, that is riveting and fascinating to hear the lengths they went to to keep this a covert operation, that interview. fascinating and you can tune in to the "the last 100 days of diana" hosted by martin bashir sunday, 9:00 eastern and that's right here on abc.
7:43 am
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♪ all right. take a look at some of our viewers' pets as we mark national adoption week. bring a little love into your home. joining us andrea arden with advice on how to do just that. we have some help here. who is making that news? >> joshua. he's so excited. >> joshua. >> he's shaking. >> rat terrier who apparently has been placed with paula and
7:47 am
hera, a 7-month-old -- adrienne and i have kittens. giuseppe and marcelo. brothers and goldfish by robert and a guinea pig named almond with ronald. okay. >> you've got almond. >> what is your advice for the first time pet owner. >> for somebody who it is their first pet a good option is a fish or a guinea pig, guinea pigs happen to be one of my favorite pets, super playful and friendly but relatively -- >> paula, is that one -- >> maybe. >> failure. failure. >> cruella de faris. >> what kind of advice do you have for families with kids who want to adopt a pet. >> one of the most important things to consider when you have kids is it's an animal with a temperament that's appropriate for the high activity level of children and great opportunity to go out if you're interested in a cat or dog
7:48 am
different animals which is important. test drive them, get to know them at petsmarts across the country. it's national adoption weekend as you mentioned before. >> what do you think is the -- what accounts for the fact this dog was so unhappy with paula but this cat is so happy. what do you think? >> let's try again. >> let's try again. >> fresh start. >> these kittens happen to be super chill and easy going but here's a good example. it is based on the temperament of the animal. a dog who is a little high energy, granted a puppy and cat who is are really laid back. so as much as we can make generalizations about types of animals appropriate for different people, it depends on -- >> i was just kidding. look at paula. what a success she is now. >> okay. the cats and dogs who join us this weekend, we should say, are available for adoption through the humane society of new york and i just always want to say that you should always no matter where you are think about adopting an animal. a gat
7:49 am
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♪ "good morning america" is brought to you by avocados from mexico. always there for cinco de mayo. time for "pop news." we have our napkins ready. at some point we'll hit the barbecue. >> we got to talk about "guardians of the galaxy volume 2." it opened in the u.s. >> dos. >> yeah, it's on track to -- >> she's doing some freelance marketing. >> cinco de mayo. we just had that yesterday. >> it's sies de mayo. forbes estimating the film could pass the $350 million mark at the global box offices. audiences loving the
7:54 am
bradley cooper. what's not to love. harry styles, his first solo tour selling out in a matter of seconds across 29 markets. granted let me remind people that he was doing these very intimate smaller venues, so it's kind of not a big deal but he did sell out meaning it was a big deal for you to get in on time. he will be back with another tour next year. so he didn't get in this time it's all right but his debut self-titled album set for release on may 12th so congratulations to harry styles. i don't think he's going anywhere any time soon. barbecue. >> look at this. >> welcome national barbecue month and virgil's right here in new york city and -- ? served with a dnr. >> no. >> we all washed our hands and -- >> yes, we did. >> and got our napkin, actually our towels. >> adrienne, this is -- i feel like i died and went to heaven. >> m
7:55 am
>> barbecue fun facts for you. american barbecue dates back to the colonial era. even president george washington enjoyed them and we've got to actually bring in virgil's executive chef glen. you're like the star of the show today. so tell us some advice for those who want to duplicate what we see here. >> sure, well, seasoning is very important for us, so we heavy season our food to make sure it tastes good and then we really slow smoke it so that the flavor and the texture is exactly -- ? how slow. >> how slow? 250, 240 degrees but for hours and hours. the brisket, 14ours, the pulled pork 14 hour, the ribs 5 1/2 to 6 hours. >> but you also have a surprise for us right now. it's adrienne's birthday. >> adrienne. >> we want to say happy birthday to adrienne. >> we brought you our peanut butter pie from virgil's. ♪ happy birthday to you -- >> whoa, whoa. >> that is great. happy birthday.
7:56 am
>> somebody mentioned to me so we had to bring you our peanut butter pie. >> god bless you for peanut pie and barbecue. >> i can't believe i just found out now it's your birthday. >> nobody told you? >> they can't trust you with a secret. >> a gift. >> we're back tomorrow with more "gma." happy birthday, adrienne. >> happy birthday. >> from abc 7 news this is a good morning washington update. >> a nice start. mixing in with the clouds. this was flooded with heavy rain. there was a confirmed tornado yesterday morning as the line of showers
7:57 am
you can see clear skies with a little bit of a mix of cloud .over spotty showers near winchester near the south of hagerstown. that will be the case all weekend. scattered showers today with an isolated shower tomorrow. it is cool for this time of year with wind speeds in the teens. that is making it feel quite cold. don't forget the jacket as you step out the door. if you are going to the virginia lower 60's. 10 degrees below where we should be. it is not looking like a complete washout, just a passing shower here and there. takingup, the capitals on the pittsburgh penguins. temperatures falling into the 50's. mostly cloudy skies with a few spotty showers into tonight. your extended forecast, temperature-wise below
7:58 am
monday into tuesday with highs in the 60's. sunshine will return for the later half of the week. the increase in cloud cover on wednesday, thursday, and friday. that is the next chance for wet weather. temperatures back to the upper 60's and lower 70's. mother's day is next to sunday. it is looking quite with a slight chance for shower with temperatures in the 70's. stronger is bl
7:59 am
without risking her bones. it's training her good cells... to fight the bad guys. stronger is less pain... new hope... more fight. it's doing everything in your power... and everything in ours. stronger, is changing even faster than they do. because we don't just want your kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger.
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