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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  May 8, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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transform your career with strayer university's mba program today. let's get it, america. >> now at noon, you are looking at brand-new pictures of the men accused of sexually assaulting a woman inside her condominium. john gonzalez has more on the attack that has left the community on edge. >> a sense of security has been shattered after this filing attack that appears to be completely random. it occurred
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10:00. a high-rise with hundreds of residents. police say that this is the suspect captured on different surveillance cameras around the building. he tried to get into the back door and waited here to the front entrance. he eventually piggybacked, waited for someone to go in and slipped in. he claims to be a maintenance worker. a number of people were suspicious. one woman in the 50's -- in her 50's opened the door. she was assaulted. >> i feel very sorry for the woman. answering the door for a maintenance worker seems normal. odd time of day, 9:45 a.m. you are not thinking somebody is here to bother me. >> the woman was hospitalized. if you look at the images police have
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like he tries to conceal his face. it looks like he is carrying an under armour backpack. if you were here, sus of a suspicious, arlington -- saw some think suspicious, arlington county police want to hear from you. >> we will continue to follow the search for the sexual assault suspect. ofpening right now, members law enforcement are honoring those who made the ultimate sacrifice to stop live from an emotional ceremony in northwest. >> you can see all of the law enforcement officers behind me right now. , marylandrom virginia and right here in the district of columbia. you will notice that right now in front of the headquarters, speaking at the
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mayor muriel bowser. annual the 38th washington area memorial service . alison starling is mcn the event -- emceeing the event. deputies, chiefs, corporals, and family members are here to honor five on enforcement members who died in the line of duty. we are talking about from arlington county. ashley guindon. from prince george's county,, and from hartford county, maryland. all five will be rendered here in what is sure to be an emotional ceremony. there are a number of roads shut down to accommodate this ceremony. indiana in the fifth and he streets are a
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3:00. to the weather, it has been a roller coaster ride. doug hill is here with a look at the forecast. doug: for the next several days it will stay on the cool side. if you are longing for warmer days, that will show up in our longer-range forecast. a spectacular view from maryland. 55 degrees. this is the average noon temperature. there asul day out well. it is widespread from the entire viewing area. with the strength of this strong son of that will boost us up several more degrees. 60 and mornington, 55 in leesburg and 60 degrees at reagan international airport. zero threat of
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rain, somewhere in a 61 and 62 for the metro area for this afternoon. a much different story, a very chilly start. there will be spots farther west in the valley areas where it may briefly get close to 32. tomorrow we will pull out of the chill in the morning. of low pressure areas will come zipping out of canada. we will see some increasing clouds wednesday and thursday but getting chances of rain may hold off until late friday or saturday. a little bit of it warm up coming your way in 10 minutes. >> 72 years ago, the allied forces accepted germany's surrender in europe in world war ii. sam sweeney is there live from the memorial.
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victory in europe day being celebrated 72 years ago today when the nazis officially surrendered. these reads were just laid in a ceremony here. these vets came to the world war ii memorial. they came from northern colorado. they are here for a couple of days. many of them gave in the war and gave money afterward. it is an honor to be here to see this. >> i never thought i would get to be here. i thought it was a great idea to have it. it has been a real thrill. in years past, a number of veterans have reached out and said, we remember went our generals and commanders told us that the nazis were surrendering. they are celebra
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today, the investigation into russia's interference in the 2016 election continues. meet with thell senate today. she is the one who warned the white house about michael flynn weeks before he was fired. she told him that flynn's communication's with the russian diplomat posed a security threat. gates was later fired herself. the fourth u.s. circuit court of appeals in richmond will hear arguments a decision that put art of that order on hold. the next monday the ninth circuit will hear arguments on another decision that the order from hawaii. starting today, drivers must pay to park in front of those
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top meters around the district. $ if you don't is the meters are reserved for people with disability parking tags or license plates. the are located around capital, the mall, the white house and as far away as sunday bottom. -- soggy bottom. >> i understand that courage means not simply doing what is politically expedient, but doing what they believe in their hearts is right. >> calling for courage. former president obama is taking aim at lawmakers. the gop health care bill hits the senate. a bloody scene in boston. two engaged doctors are brutally murdered. what we know about the killer and his possible connection to the victim. mtv's red carpet gets rained on.
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with angela softer. >> it is mostly midday construction that may tie you up on most of our interstates. a utility works on set up in alexandria. fort hunt road remains closed at this hour. be alert for the distraction. the detour in place. i want to send you to the traffic light camera. this is between university not to go bad on interstate 95. even though we have a southbound roving maintenance vehicle that will tie you up a little bit. we will be back with more news after
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>> a boston man accused of brutally murdering two doctors will face a judge today. police say that he killed the engaged anesthesiologist inside their luxury apartment on friday night. officers got in a gunbattle with him before taking him into custody. >> opened the door and right away, shots were fired. we have a guy here who just killed two people. >> police say that he wrote in message of retribution on one of their walls and cut up photos of the doctors. investigators believe he targeted the couple but so far they have not released a motive or said how they were connected. president trump is urging senate republicans to not
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debate over health care rages on. angry voters are pouring into town halls to question members of congress about the bill. passing therowly republican health care plan, representatives are on recess. they are facing angry constituents back home. >> everyone here deserve single-payer health care, now. >> across the country. >> health care is a human right. >> republican members of congress forced to defend their bill. >> the bill protects the pre-existing condition. >> no! for ae sally just voted disastrous health care repeal bill proposed by the american medical association. -- opposed by the american medical association. >> they claim republicans are out of touch with health care reality. >> people on medicaid -- they
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nobody has died because they don't have access to health care. [shouting] >> he later said that his answer was not very elegant. one of the biggest complaint some critics is that the republican bill could allow insurance companies to charge higher rates for people with pre-existing conditions. >> you cannot charge people more if they keep continuous coverage. >> the health-care debate heads to the senate. we are hearing from republicans who indicate they don't intend to follow in the house's footsteps. senator collins sing they will make their own piece of legislation. senator assuring voters they will not proceed without a full congressional score. >> stars were not the only once pouring onto the red carpet in hollywood. stfreak hail
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celebrities to run for cover. a spring cleanup rain quickly turned into a downpour. things cleared up in 10 minutes, but the red carpet was soaked. unusual in california. >> hopefully it was all waterproof mascara and stuff. they get all dressed up, the fans -- that is bad timing. >> i'm sure there was somebody nearby who could fix them up. >> they say it never rains in southern california, except when it does. >> we had our fair share of rain over the weekend. >> yesterday it brightened up a little bit. we're still chilly today. very chill temperatures. this is a time lapse from chesapeake beach. two ago.ust an hour or you will see the glint disappear on the images here when the sun gets higher. it is spectacular. unlimited visibility. a bit on t c
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in the sunshine, you can feel the warmth of the sun. like's no extra charge we to throw in this allergy report. it is so bad. we have the rain over the weekend, a bit of the rain that helped things grow more. the sunshine, and the wind. we are in the month that grasses at it's highest level of the year. during the balance of the month of may, the tree pollen level will drop. weeds usually stay in the low range until we get to late july. there is your allergy report. dr. doug at your service. 54 in charleston. mild temperatures around the mid-atlantic. you have to go far to the self defined anything warm.
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if you're traveling to baltimore, chilly temperatures during the game, and after the game, it may even drop into the upper 40's. tomorrow morning, many areas in the mid to upper 30's. garrett county, 31. s, a modestw day increase in temperatures. maybe our western viewing areas could pick up a brief shower thursday. it looks like the best chance of rain will come late friday into saturday. temperatures are chilly in the but only near 60 on saturday. this is anticipating a storm developing along the coast. turning partly sunny mid-sixties and by tuesday and wednesday, a little bit of hope.
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middle of next week. higher, butadically 70 it by then, only three degrees above average. a lot of people have outdoor plans on mother's day so they are fixated on that sunday forecast. lindsey: amazon eco's smart -- amazon echo's smart speaker. it is now $150 for mother's day weekend. ach experts say it is just way to clear inventory in anticipation of a new video -- echo device for -- with a screen for built in chats and unlike shopping. amazon has a treat. the retail giant is opening a bookstore in georgetown. suzanne kennedy is at the site with howoc
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>> many of us buy books online or read them on our devices. amazon is going back to the written order business model. the 10,000 square foot store will be located at m street at the site of the old barney store . that is the same block where there used to be a barnes & noble. oregon andportland suburban boston. we talked to georgetown residents about amazon's plan. >> i think it is weird because, the proliferation of buying books online has pushed up traditional book sellers. we used to have a barnes & noble in town. now they are transitioning back to that physical space. we will see how it goes. >> there is a total of 13 amazon stores, open or in the
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no word on when the store will open. >> we will have much more ahead at noon. let's get a preview of what is coming at 11:00. hugenight at 11:00, salaries, security, chauffeur. the kind of perks reserved for celebrities, but in our case it is local politicians. how much these necessities are costing area taxpayers. the most expensive public servants.
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rrator: "the time is to do what is right. ralph northam. army doctor during the gulf war. volunteer director of a pediatric hospice. progressive democrat. in the senate, he passed the smoking ban in restaurants, stopped the transvaginal ultrasound anti-choice law, and stood up to the nra. as lieutenant governor, dr. northam is fighting to expand access to affordable healthcare. ralph northam believes in making progress every day. and he won't let donald trump stop us. lindsey: new charges in the tragic death of a penn
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we are hearing from one of his fraternity brothers who was there after he died from a hazing ritual. >> eight penn state fraternity brothers are charged with involuntary manslaughter and assault, three months after the death of timothy during a party. in february, prosecutor say the fraternity brothers made timothy and 13 other pledges participate in a hazing ritual called the got let. they had -- gauntlet. they had to consume. five drinks in four minutes. . >> they had to drink copious amount of alcohol quickly. >> prosecutor slid out details. surveillance videos captured eight hours of his increasing distress. he tried to get up but fell, over and over. four men were seen dragging his limp body upstairs. he died the next day from triadic brain injury. his blood-alcohol level, .40. five
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prosecutors say they were trying to. coordinate a story. but its a tragedy, doesn't mean there was any intent involved. >> the grand jury disagreed saying they were concealing evidence by deleting text messages and discussing erasing surveillance video. in one message, he said, just tell him what i told you guys, we found him behind the bar the next morning. one student present that night, who is not charged, shared history as well. -- shared his story as well. >> i'm questioning myself saying, do i know what i'm talking about? everybody is tellingly i am wrong. it is hard to think. >> his parent spoke out on their son'sdeath. >> this is the result of the feeling of entitlement, flagrant disobedience of the law, and disregard for moral values. >> still to come, a
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tart to the week. doug hill has a final check on the fore
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doug: this cool weather pattern will continue all week. increasing chances of rain by friday and saturday. lindsey: thank you for joining us.
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>> what's the recipe for success on this show? take one contestant, add three lifelines, stir in a million dollars, and toss it all in one big pressure cooker. get ready. it's time to play "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic musical flourish] ♪ [cheers and applause] welcome to the show! are you guys ready to play "millionaire" today? [cheers and applause] today's contestant's curiosity led him to this show. he wants nothing more than to see what our million-dollar question could be. from midvale, utah, please welcome steven fehr! [cheers and applause] steven, how you doing? >> good, good, good. [cheers and applause] >> so you're just dying to know what that million-dollar question is? >> yeah, i hope it's a "star wars" question. >> you hope it's a "star wars" question? >> i do. >> you're


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