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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  May 10, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> democratic colleagues complaining about the removal of an f.b.i. director whom they themselves repeatedly and sharply criticized. >> the president wanted to stop or stifle this investigation. >> tonight the f.b.i. defending the move saying it has been on the president's mind since day one. why now? what is next? scott thuman is joining us for what he found out. scott? >> yeah, one of the big questions tonight. why the change of attitude toward comey? he lavished praise at it time over the former director for six months but the white house asked about it and said that was candidate trump. not president trump. there is a difference between the two. >> the white house besieged with demands from angry constituents and questions from the reporters. what are
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behind james comey's firing. >> he wasn't doing a good job. not doing a good job. >> he once praised comey having guts and doing the right thing on the clinton e-mail investigation. quandary that the director wrestled with. >> it makes me mildly nauseous we might have had an impact on the election. but it wouldn't change the decision. >> critics allege it is obstruction of justice since comey is leading the russian investigation and possibly retaliation that trump was angered when comey refuted trump's claim he had been wiretapped by president obama. attorney general sessions didn't respond to questions about the timing. >> why fire mr. comey now before the completion of the i.g. report? >> nevertheless it makes trump the first president since richard nixon to fire an official overseaing an investigation into him -- overseeing an investigation into him. what next? spokesperson sara sanders pressed about the
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independent special prosecutor to examine connections to russia. >> we don't think it's necessary. >> the appearance of it all firing the man in charge of the russian investigation. sarah sanders said there is nothing nefarious there that they were meetings already on the books. jonathan: andrew mccabe is not free from controverry himself. his resume is stellar. 20-year f.b.i. veteran who served as deputy direct for for more than a year. ethics concerns did arrive in 2015 over his wife's political career when she accepted $500 million for her unsuccessful state senate bid from terry mcauliffe's super p.a.c. governor mcauliffe is a long-time friend of hillary clinton. michelle: weeks ago the man who wrote the recommendation to fire comey wa
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in his decade of work he was famous for the construction investigations and being tight lipped about cases. >> we operate below the service. >> we elegislature only when necessary. >> he is leading the investigation in the russian meddling in the election. >> scott mentioned that the firing of komen came ahead of the oval office meeting. watch how the russian foreign minister responded to questions over the comey firing. >> you're kidding. you're kidding. jonathan: that was lavrov who later dismissed the reporter's question about the firing of comey being sarcastic. also played off any interference that russia played a role. he said it would be embarrassing for the super power like the united states. he said th
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this story. we are covering all of them. we go deeper in complex story on there is in-depth coverage on "world news tonight" with david muir coming your way at 6:30. michelle: the other big story of a historic night for d.c. sports. jonathan: out doesn't get bigger than this. three teams. capitals, wizards and the nationals are in big games tonight. none as big as game seven. win or go home for the caps. michelle: that is a tight one. we have big coverage from the stadium to roadways that begins with larry smith leading coverage from outside the verizon center. larry? larry: good evening. it's great to see you. let's face it. you can't win a stanley cup unless you win this game. caps-pens game seven. this is a pens team that knocked us out a year ago. let's get revenge tonight. if you're working double duty,
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that is teamwork is about! team coverage, people trying to get to get here now. brianne carter at in chinatown. what is the scene over there? >> this is a party atmosphere. we see more people rocking the red. more and more people riding the rails. they tell us the trains are packed. not only are the fans trying to get here but also to the ballpark. remember there is a safetrack going on along the green line. the work along the med line is canceled. redline closes at midnight. be mindful. they are also watching what is happening on the roads. jeff goldberg is live in mobiletrak7 with that. >> it's bumper to bumper. this is around south capital street.
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of us. behind us. we came from 395 in the pentagon row area. it took us 45 minutes to cross the 14th street bridge. you can expect traffic in all directions. back to you downtown. >> stay with us. in a few moments, ahrens is inside. she talked to players and kevin lewis is with the fans. we'll talk to both in a few minutes. go back inside to the studio. >> a nightmare scenario. a worker ten stories up. that is not the nightmare scenario. we have the story about the worker ten stories up in a little bit. jonathan: this is on video. three robbers with the same
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we have video of the robberies. doug: looking like the rain in the midwest is headed our way. we have period of rain tomorrow and maybe friday and saturday. i will tell you what to expect. the ten day forecast still to come at "abc7 news at 6:00".
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michelle: must see video of three daring robberies on video, all on friday in the district. this is from a pharmacy on new mexico avenue in northwest. in this video two men run to the front door to pharmacy counter where they jump over, knock over a clerk and grab cash. gone in a minute. this is at 2:45 in the afternoon. jonathan: almost the same time the same robbery. this is on video and armed men running through a pharmacy. they jump the counter and they grab the drugs and the cash and make a run for it. we are told they are putting out alert to pharmacies. >> this is third one. almost identical. two armed men and one is holding animate itic weapon. they hold up a convenience store. they jump the couper and take off. no arrests in the cases. >> southeast now. the search is on
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it was locked in the foundation. this is in the middle of the night. the gas station workers say they hopped out of a truck. tied a chain to the a.t.m. and tried to drive away with it but the a.f.m. broke. they pretty much got nothing. michelle: coming up, the rescue to save a worker. it just took nerves of steel. >> we are live outside for a big game seven tonight. caps-penguins. winner moves on and the loser goes on. we are rocking the red. that's coming up in a moment.
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jonathan: a daring rescue on camera in florida. a construction worker is carefully lowered to the ground. this took an hour and a half for the crews to complete the ten-story rescue. the man suffered some medical issue but they got him down safely. >> a family in glen burnie awarded $1.2 million after a dog was shot and killed by a police officer in 2014. jury found the officer was not attacked by the chesapeake dog and the sho
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owner's constitutional rights. jonathan: thatgic -- tragic one. a witness captured the moments after a van drove off the jetty and plunged in the water. nearby boaters swam to action trying to save the drive and the passenger but they say the water pressure was too strong to open the doors. the current quickly pulled that man under water. >> back now to the big story. you were giving me grief for not rocking the red. i am reserving the red for the next round because i'm that confident they will make it to the next round. jonathan: i'm still giving you grief. i do it every day. the nats versus the orioles. the wizards in game five in boston. oh. and two words to say it all. game seven when you talk about the caps. michelle: we love game seven. larry smith leading the coverage outside the verizon center. the caps and the penguins win or go home. jonathan: larry gives you grief, too.
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how big is this? 1998 is the last time the caps reached the conference finals. they can do it again. we are beginning to see the beginning of a sellout crowd. kevin is talking to fans inside. they are getting ready to rock the red! >> one thing is for sure. the businesses here will go home victorious. look at the crowd of people. almost all are rocking the red. to give you a sense of how much the game is helping. this was the wednesday lunch crowd at 1:00 in the afternoon. 20 customers eating and conversing in relative peace and quiet. at 6:15 now, we are nearly at the
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the vibe is different. around the corner the bar tenders use the lull to break for the anticipated rush. >> this is great for the businesses and restaurants and the bars. we keep it going a couple more weeks to june. this will be great for business. >> with all three of the games kicking off between 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. the best bet might come to the sports bar with the dozen of tv's. but you might want to call in advance to make sure there is room for you. larry, back t y
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thank you. a lot of bleary eyes. hopefully a caps win will move on to face ottawa in the eastern conference finals. stay tuned. there is more complete post game coverage tonight at 11:00. we will see you then. back to the studio. michelle: thank you. good news for atlanta drivers. the i-85 bridge that collapsed following a massive fire back in march is set to reopen next week. the crews have been working on repairs around the clock for 42 games. jonathan: a travel headache in virginia for the second straight weekend. expecting rain delaying the work on the interstate 95 southbound and dale city. the work has been pushed out until may 19-22. we have a
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after 40 years of giving great forecasts. making friends along the way. doug: i appreciate it. time to go. michelle: you don't want to talk about it. you are working through the summer. doug: no. we have tropical storms and hurricanes and all kind of fun weather stuff to deal with. september 15 is my last day. jonathan: have you started to look back over your career and the craziest moment, any of those things? doug: i have had some thoughts. inouncing today. getting e-mails from people. nice comments. it's like laying in the box. but you are still here. jonathan: no. doug: you hear what people will say here. jonathan: i will miss stuffed phil you bring in every year. michelle: we'll have to call you for that. jonathan: what you don't know is behind the scenes, camera, funny and super nice. michelle: sense of humor. jonathan: you can't meet a nicer, classier act than yourself. doug: nice of you to say. jonathan: don't want to stay longer?
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it's all good. all right. get to weather. the bad news i am giving you is only temporary and then it gets better. no problem at national park. orioles game three of the beltway service. the first pitch and the temperature is 73. we have been watching the rain pat attorney the southwest -- pattern from the southwest. now this is changing and it will come over the top of us. period of rain in the day tomorrow, tomorrow night, friday, friday night, saturday. clearing out by sunday. future cast has the rain moving in. tomorrow in the mid-70's. tomorrow is only 61. period of rain in the day. friday in the day in the morning is fairly light rain but pickup to intensity and it could be heavy for friday. 59. that is t
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period of rain. it's end big the late afternoon and the everything. it will open a door to beautiful mother's day. by the time the rain ends 1.5 to 2.5 inches of rain around the area with jackpot in the mountains. over three inches. the rain is the story. in extended you see it does improve quickly next week. if you like warm weather check it out. after mother's day moves out it's comfortable and dry. then we warm up even more. maybe showers and storms by friday but the temperatures in the mid-80's. so we will go from below to above normal. that is way it works. jonathan: thank you. michelle: check in with erin hawksworth who is life at the verizon for game seven. clock is ticking for the caps-penguins. >> it got me thinking who is going to emerge as the biggest sports star tonight? will it be justin williams? the guy they call
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seven"? or alex ovechkin, the great eight. we have video of him arriving. we look ahead to game seven next.
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erin: someone is going to emerge as the hero tonight. the easy obvious choice is the guy they call "mr. game se
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he is 7-0 in game seven and he has seven goals. when the caps signed him in 2015, as a free agent it was a perfect match for this caps team that hasn't been able to advance to the conference final in the alex ovechkin era. >> i just appreciate it. you appreciate the opportunity to be in this game. we certainly do down 3-1. we are going to relish it. we are going to jump on it. try and dictate. >> whether it's a game seven or an elimination game or a game turned around. you can see the fire. things change with them. the way he prepares and talks in the room is different. he wants to go out there and score a couple of goals and change a game for us. great. we will take that. we are not relying solely on him. >> in case you haven't heard it's kind of a big sports night for washington. the wizards are in boston for a pivotal game five.
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out of the verizon center in game three and four. they have all the momentum on their side with the series tied at 2-2. >> we are close. you have to be able to win the game. tough place to play. just like our building is a tough place to play. if we want to advance we have to win a game up there. so, we are looking at this. as the first crack to do that. >> so tonight we finally get to see mr. game seven in a game seven for the capitals. really nobody has arrived yet. you can see some fans trickling in. i want to show you the towels. unleash the fury. which is ironic since there is mark andre flurry. but hopefully this is all good. the towels will be good when the puck drops at 7:30. back to you. jonathan: thank you. i predict caps and wizards win tonight. >> i sure hope so. >> all three.
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michelle: "world news tonight" with david muir up next. jonathan: thank you for being
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tonight, breaking developments. the fallout now after the firing of fbi director james comey. tonight, how comey learned himself -- seeing it on tv. president trump asked today, why did you fire comey? his answer. and why now? the white house now saying comey mishandled the e-mail investigation into hillary clinton, that comey overstepped his role in his scathing review of clinton. but many on capitol hill asking -- is the white house really concerned about clinton? or is this about russia? also tonight. vladimir putin, and his reaction. and the news that james comey had just asked for more money for the fbi investigation into russian meddling. also tonight, the afofficern trial. she opened fire on the driver of this suv who at one point had his hands in the air. what we learned today.


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